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Goong 2

January 15, 2013

I thought it would be fun to write a fanfic on what would happen if there were a Goong 2.  I started writing this just for fun.  I am not an expert or professional writer, so please be kind.  I don’t expect rave reviews or anything like that.  I just did this blog and would like to share my love for this Korean drama.  It is also known as Princess Hours (2006) starring Yoon Eun Hye as Chae Kyung (the Crown Princess) and Joo Ji Hoon as Lee Shin (the Crown Prince).  For both actors it was their very first debut as lead actors on a TV drama.  They both earned Best New Actor awards that year for the drama.  I thought they did an excellent job in portraying the characters.  I think the allure of the drama was mainly these two characters.  Although, they tried to tie it with the “adults” as well, the adult’s problems didn’t even interest me.  It was all about the Crown Prince and Crown Princess that made this drama magical for me. Goong is a very simple Cinderella story – Prince meets a “commoner” girl (Chae Kyung) in high school and both end up marrying each other due to obligations on both sides.  The Prince married for the Royal family.  Chae Kyung married due to her family’s financial hardships.  Of course, both did not like each other at the beginning of their relationship, but by the end of the drama,they fall in love.  In watching the drama, it’s the process on how they get to know each other and when they fell in love that made this romantic/comedy both funny, sad and cute all in one. Your welcome to add your comments and insights as to what you liked about the drama Goong too. Feel free to share your favorite photo, scene or love for this unforgettable drama. I want to also give credit where credit is due.  Thank you to all the people who made the nice pics of our Royal Couple.  Whether it comes from iMBC or an individual person’s photoshopped pic. Some of the pics are from Japanese fans, others from the forums for both Yoon Eun Hye and Joo Ji Hoon. Thanks for making them and letting me use them in my fanfic. Also, if you see an * it means that I got my information on wikipedia or I googled information to learn more about a certain subject. Enjoy!

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  1. ajeng kurniasari permalink

    i really enjoy your story, so real and atractive. can’t hardly wait next chapter. love it

  2. Nella permalink

    Love the stories so much!!! Can’t wait for the next chapters 😀

    • Thank you Nella for your nice comment. I work on this fanfic on my time off. Usualy here and there. I will try to get the next chapter done by the end of the month for sure. It’s always nice to hear positive things in life. I say…enjoy life!

  3. Julyssa permalink

    when will the next chapter be released?

    • Hi Julyssa,
      Thanks for your interest in my fanfic. I am still working on chapter 10. In fact I am upgrading my computer so that I can learn how to add music and video to make the story more entertaining. Wish me luck since I am not computer savvy. Hopefully in a few weeks.

  4. Julyssa permalink

    thank you so much. I hope you could upload it as soon as possible. I’m really interested in your fanfic as much as I am drawn to Goong manga and the drama itself. Please keep it up. I am very much excited and looking forward for the next chapter. Thank you for putting up this kind of story.

  5. julyssa permalink

    when can i read the next chapter? please do upload it. thank you.

    • There were some glitches with the new imac. I am still learning how to use it. Please be patient…I will try by the end of April for sure! Sorry, but still look out for it. Thank you. Gomawo.

      • Nella permalink

        Nice storyy!! Hope you will write for chapter 11 and so on. Hahahaha. Thank you..

  6. dasaputri permalink

    I love ur fanfic so much. Thank you.
    Oh ya, all of the casts are amazing. 🙂

  7. its really nice that someone write i wish that they will pursue the princess hour 2.

  8. i really love watching goong and i cant get over with it..such a nice couple and i am wishing also that they will be a couple in real life.t

  9. Helen Grace Claridad permalink

    i hope there will be season 3…………thank you for a very great story!

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