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Always In My Heart – Chapter 1

Always In My Heart – Chapter 1  

One Plus One Equals Three 


It had been four years since Lee Shin and Shin Chae Kyung married each other by choice on that cool, summer day in Macau.  Chae Kyung sat on a chair in her spacious bedroom looking at the wedding picture of Shin and her in Macau.  It was one of the happiest days for Shin and her and of course for Queen Tae Hoo Mama (Shin’s grandmother).  After Chae Kyung thought she was going to throw up from indegestion, Grandmother Queen immediately suspected that the Crown Prince and Crown Princess were expecting a little one.  It was a big surprise for Shin and Chae Kyung.  They thought how could such a thing as expecting a future heir to the throne happen so soon after just being married?

On their wedding night, Shin and Chae Kyung discussed how was it possible that the Crown Princess could absolutely be with child.  The only time they consummated their love for each other was that ridiculous night of constant hiccupping.  Yes, it only takes one time for a pregnancy to happen, but it was in the heat of the moment.

Shin would not leave her alone until she gave him the kiss that he had been waiting for so patiently.  Shin was thinking the last time he tried kissing Chae Kyung, she immediately got up and left him disappointed and irritated saying unenthusiastically, “Daehanmingug!” (Republic of Korea!) to himself, while Chae Kyung went back to her own room happy that they were together again as a couple.

“Look here, Bingung” Shin liked to call her Bingung as a sign of affection for his Crown Princess.  “I am not going to let you get off so easily!  I am going to get a kiss from you whether you like it or not.  Aish, that’s the least you can do for me after I came all this way to tell you my feelings of missing you…and” Before Shin could finish his sentence, Chae Kyung grabbed Shin’s face with both her hands on his cheeks and planted a soft kiss on his puckered lips.

“Now, that’s more like it.” grinned Shin. Shin kissed Chae Kyung back with more passion and force.  His kisses made her melt like butter in his arms.  Before she could say anything more, Shin was already naked under the covers.  He reassured her that he would be gentle and loving…and he was.


Looking back as to when Chae Kyung conceived, it could have been the night of constant hiccupping or on their wedding night.  In fact, it took about eight months since their wedding night in Macau that little Young-ah was born.  Young-ah’s birthweight was a bit under normal when he was born, so he could have been considered premature.  Young-ah was the most precious thing in Chae Kyung’s life besides Shin.  She felt she was the luckiest woman to have such a handsome, honest, loving and devoted husband and father to their child.

Chae Kyung went back to her memories on the day they returned from Macau.  After spending a short honeymoon in Macau, the Crown Prince and Crown Princess were able to return to the Palace with Queen Tae Hoo Mama and Lady Choi.  For Chae Kyung, it was so pleasant to be back in South Korea with Shin.  When Chae Kyung came back to the Palace grounds, she felt a sense of belonging and was excited to see everyone that she missed so dearly. Chae Kyung’s parents and brother, Chae Joon were all crying and hugging Chae Kyung as soon as she came out of the Royal limousine.

“Aigoo…we missed you so much Crown Princess.” said Chae Kyung’s father.  Did you eat well?  You look like you’ve lost some weight, so it’s a good thing I brought some of your favorite foods to eat.”

Chae Kyung was so delighted just to see both her families again that she couldn’t even think about food.  “Gomawo (Thank you), Appa, but I’m just so happy to be home and to see everyone again, we’ll eat after awhile, okay?”

Although, Shin’s parents had moved permanently to live in the Summer Palace enjoying a new life in the countryside, they made sure to come back to the Palace to greet the Crown Prince and Crown Princess back from Macau.  King Lee Hyeon (Shin’s father) and Queen Wang Hoo Mama (Shin’s mother) were so glad that Shin and Chae Kyung had truly fallen in love with each other and chose to be married by their own choice.  They also heard from Queen Tae Hoo Mama that she was positive that Chae Kyung was with child, that both the King and Queen wanted to bring special herbs and foods for Chae Kyung to eat to make sure she and the baby were well taken care of.

Chae Kyung bowed to her father-in-law and mother-in-law, but Shin’s mother wrapped her arms around Chae Kyung and hugged her tightly. She spoke kindly, “Please don’t forget to call me Omeoni and Shin’s father, Aboeji.  We are family now.  Arasoe?” (Okay?)  Chae Kyung replied with a big smile, “Arasoe. Omeoni.”

Queen Hye Myeong was also at the gathering to welcome the Crown Prince and Crown Princess.  Chae Kyung bowed to her sister-in-law with such great respect.  After thinking about why Shin didn’t become the King, Chae Kyung knew he had stepped down as the King for her more than for himself or his family.  By passing the throne to his sister, Shin and Chae Kyung would have the freedom to choose to continue following their dreams whatever they may be.  Shin wanted Chae Kyung to have a chance to breathe in the Palace so to speak and spread her wings.  Queen Hye Myeong took on a huge responsibility by becoming the new Queen of South Korea.

Queen Hye Myeong hugged Shin and then immediately hugged Chae Kyung and congratulated them both on returning home as a more devoted and loyal Crown Prince and Crown Princess.

“Chukahaeyo! (Congratulations) on your marriage by choice and for your future baby!” replied Queen Hye Myeong.  I heard from a little birdie that you are expecting a little Crown Prince or Princess?”

“Omo..omo! What did you just say?”  both Chae Kyung’s parents  shouted.

“Well, that is what I heard, but we’ll find out in a few months, right?” said Queen Hye Myeong giving Shin a mischievous smile.  “Shin, I knew you were in love with the Crown Princess even before you could even admit it.  What is wrong with men these days?  No wonder I am still single.  I guess I will be a lonely and single Queen for a long time.”

While the families sat in one of the spacious living rooms in the Palace having a nice time conversing with each other, the servants made sure to have the welcome home dinner ready within the hour.  They added Chae Kyung’s father’s meals to the dinner menu.  That evening everyone was sitting at one of the royal banquet tables and were having an enjoyable evening conversing and eating so many delicious foods.

Since Princess Hye Myeong became the Queen, Shin didn’t have as much responsibilities within the Palace as his sister had.  Shin was able to attend Korea National University of Arts majoring in Film, TV and Multimedia and he helped out with charities whenever it was possible. In fact, Chae Kyung attended Hansung University Design Campus to fulfill her dreams of becoming a fashion designer.   Another reason for attending college with Shin was to keep an eye on the fan girls who kept drooling over the Crown Prince.  Chae Kyung could trust Shin, but it was the fan girls that made her nervous and jealous at times.

Sure enough, within a few weeks, Chae Kyung was feeling nauseous and had early signs of pregnancy such as fatigue and tenderness of the breasts.  She also didn’t feel like eating and at times became moody for no reason.  The Royal family doctor asked for a sample of her urine and that was the final confirmation.

“It looks like you are positively pregnant, Bingung Mama.” said the doctor.  “From now on, you must be very careful on what you do and eat.  We will have a staff to prepare special foods for you and to keep an eye on your every whereabouts.  The Royal family cannot take any chances that you might miscarry the baby.”

“Omo…I don’t feel like eating anything right now and I’m always tired.”  Chae Kyung at first didn’t think she was pregnant, but because she did have some spotting of blood she thought that it was a period.

The doctor informed her that a little bit of spotting is called implantation bleeding.  That’s when the embryo is attaching itself to the uterus.  So, Chae Kyung wasn’t exactly sure when she may have become pregnant.  It didn’t matter now, she was just filled with joy knowing that her and Shin were going to have a baby.

That same evening, when the whole Palace found out that Chae Kyung was indeed with child, there was a special dinner prepared.  Shin came home as soon as possible from one of his formal obligations to a charity.  He was so ecstatic that he requested their dinner be served in their own dining room.  He wanted it to be a romantic dinner with just the two of them.

Poor Chae Kyung was already asleep before the food was even served.  All she wanted to do was sleep.  Food was the last thing on her mind.  Chae Kyung had her head beside her plate and was sleeping soundly.  Shin carried her to their King size bed and tucked her in so that she would be warm.  Shin crawled into bed next to her and kept looking at his beautiful Crown Princess.

Chae Kyung began to drool as she was in a deep sleep.  This made Shin shake his head back and forth as he laughed to himself and said out loud, “Only you  Bingung, can make me smile when I see the drool come out of your pretty little mouth.”

Over the next several months, Chae Kyung had to quit going to college because she was always nauseated or falling asleep in class.  This made her very sad because she enjoyed going to school to be a fashion designer, but she wasn’t able to concentrate and get her work done, as she would have liked to.

The Palace was relieved that the Crown Princess chose to stay at home.  They felt it would be in the best interests of the unborn baby as well as for Chae Kyung’s safety.  The Crown Princess decided to learn more about what to expect during her pregnancy and to get ready for the baby’s room.

Chae Kyung was actually excited about getting the baby’s room ready because this was her chance to bring in some of her own ideas in the color schemes and designs to use for the bedding and furniture.

One day as Chae Kyung was looking through magazines on baby furniture and baby themes for their future baby; she decided that Shin and her should go out shopping just to look together since they were soon to be parents.

The next day, they were sitting having breakfast in their dining room.  Whenever Chae Kyung wanted to be cute with her Crown Prince she would call him by his title.

“Saeja?” Chae Kyung said to Shin.

“Yes, Bingung Mama? replied Shin.  Shin liked to play along with her when she called him by his title.

“Let’s go shopping for the baby’s room.  I would like your opinion on the colors and theme for the baby’s room since it’s OUR first baby.” said Chae Kyung.

“Well, I was going to finish writing my paper on one of the most influential filmmakers in Korea, but I guess it can wait.” said Shin with little regret in his voice.  Are you sure you want to go out shopping?  It will be a hassle with having so many bodyguards following us and the crowds of people might become chaotic.  But, if you really want to go, then I will go out with you since you’ve been cooped up in the Palace.”

“Yay! Gaja! (Let’s go!) Right now! said Chae Kyung excitedly.


“ Aish…let me finish eating my breakfast first.” Shin was not in any hurry.  Besides, he dreaded going shopping more than anything in this world.  If he needed something, he would ask Secretary Kong to buy it for him.  He still remembers how Chae Kyung was angry with him for not buying a gift for her when he was away in Thailand.

The bodyguards drove the Royal Couple to the COEX Mall in Gangnam-gu.  The Crown Prince was very uneasy about going out with all the so-called “regular” folks.  He was afraid that their presence would cause a huge commotion as if they were Hallyu movie stars.

Chae Kyung was too excited to think about what could happen.  She was already six months pregnant and the public knew about the Crown Princess’ pregnancy.  The citizens of South Korea were just as excited about a new Crown Prince or Princess being born as much as  the Royal Couple.  The young Royal couple were so popular that they were in the newspapers and media almost on a daily basis.

As soon as they got out of the Royal limousine, the public immediately recognized them.  The bodyguards had their work cut out for them that day.  They brought 8 bodyguards to protect the Royal Couple, but that still didn’t seem like enough.  As the Crown Prince and Crown Princess walked into one baby store, the store’s manager rushed to them and bowed over and over saying, “Welcome to my store, Saeja and Bingung Mama!”

Everyone that noticed the Crown Prince and Crown Princess followed the two to see what they were doing.  The bodyguards asked that the public should give the Royal Couple their privacy, but of course nobody listened to them.  Everyone was interested in what the Royal Couple were going to choose for their baby.

When Chae Kyung asked Shin, “How about this crib?  Do you like it?  What about these blankets?  Do you like the colors?  Oh we don’t know if it’s going to be a boy or a girl.  Should I just choose yellow?”  Shin just kept saying, “Whatever you like Bingung.  You decide…I’m not good at choosing things like this.”

This only aggravated Chae Kyung.  It would be just like a man to not have any interests in what the baby’s room looked like.

“Fine!  I will make the decisions on how the baby’s room will look like.”  she said to Shin with a bit of anger in her voice.

So, Chae Kyung went about her business choosing this and that in the store while the store’s manager and his clerks helped Chae Kyung with material for draperies and pillows and the baby’s furniture.

Chae Kyung tried to get Shin to help choose some things for the baby.  “How about this cute little teddy bear, Shin goon?” What if the baby is a boy? replied Shin. The one Chae Kyung chose had a pink bow.  Shin chose the brown teddy bear instead, because he was really wishing for a boy, so he didn’t think the white one was a good choice.

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When Chae Kyung was done shopping, she asked the manager how much everything would cost.

The manager waved his hand saying,” Aneyo! (No) This is all for our future Crown Prince or Princess.  It’s for free.”

“What!  Are you kidding me?  We have the money, so just tell us how much.”  said Chae Kyung.

“Aneyo! (No!)  Please take it as our gift for the new baby.  We will get more business when everyone finds out all the things that you bought for the baby came from our store.  Everyone will want to buy the exact same things as what you have chosen, so please take it as our gifts.  We will get more in return.  Believe me, Bingung Mama you are doing us a huge service by coming to our store.

Chae Kyung couldn’t believe what she was hearing, but the manager kept on insisting and wouldn’t take any of their money.  Chae Kyung decided that she didn’t feel right taking their merchandise and not paying for it that she decided that she would finish doing the rest of her shopping on the Internet.  Besides, the poor bodyguards had a difficult time keeping everyone away from the Royal Couple.  It turned out to be a hassle to go out shopping.

“Let’s go Saeja.  I think it will be easier if I shop online rather than go through this again.” said Chae Kyung.

“I tried to warn you, but you wouldn’t listen to me.  That’s why I hate shopping.  I can’t go anywhere in peace.  I’m surprised that we didn’t get caught the last time we went out together.  But back then, we didn’t go out in the Royal limousine and we were dressed in more casual clothing.”


“Let’s go home now, Bingung.  I promise to be a little more involved in our baby’s life.  It’s just that shopping for the baby’s room or clothes doesn’t interest me.”  Mianhamnida. (I’m sorry).” said Shin with sincerity.

Chae Kyung understood Shin was like most normal men. Shopping is not something that most men like to do.  She dropped the subject and squeezed Shin’s hand and looked up at him with a big smile, “It’s okay, Shin goon, I love you anyways.  You were so kind to take the time to come with me and just having you beside me was nice.  Gaja! (Let’s go!) My feet feel like they’re beginning to swell anyways.”

Over the next several months, Shin went about his usual business of attending college and going to as many Royal duties as possible if Queen Hye Myeong was too busy with her own schedule.

Chae Kyung was busy planning the baby’s room and making sure her and the baby were healthy.  Chae Kyung loved designing the baby’s room to her specifications. Even though they had ultrasounds done to check on the baby’s growth and well-being, Shin and her wanted to be surprised on the day of the birth. Since, they didn’t know the sex of the baby, she kept the colors neutral.  They were in pastel colors of yellow, mint green and white. Chae Kyung also sewed the curtains, bedding and pillows.  She made a few baby gowns in yellow and green too.

Chae Kyung made sure to go for long walks around the Palace for exercise and she ate healthy foods.  Halmoeni Tae Hoo Mama  would sometimes walk with Chae Kyung for the company and exercise too.  Shin’s grandmother was so happy and anxious for the future arrival that she made sure that whatever Chae Kyung needed or wanted, her requests would be followed through.

One day, as Queen Halmeoni and Chae Kyung were walking around the Palace leisurely, the Queen asked Chae Kyung if there was anything that she really would like for the baby.

“I can grant you anything you wish for the baby as long as it is nothing too extreme, as this is my first great grandchild,” smiled Jeungjo Halmeoni Tae Hoo Mama (soon-to-be great-grandmother).

Chae Kyung actually had something on her mind since she found out she was pregnant.  When Yul told her that even if she were to have a child, as soon as the child became old enough, he/she would be taken and raised to become the next King/Queen of the Palace.  This made Chae Kyung very anxious, since she of course didn’t want to be separated from her baby.

“Is it true that our baby will be taken away from Shin and I and raised to become the next King or Queen?  I can’t bear to think of my child being taken away from us.  Please, Halmoeni…do not take our baby away from us.  I can’t imagine not having my baby with me.  I will just die from  a broken heart if that were to happen.”

“Don’t worry, Bingung Mama…I will make sure that your baby will always be with you and Shin.  I have seen how good it was for Shin to go to the public high school to learn about others outside of the Palace.  Your child will have the same upbringing as you.  You were raised with both parents at home and because I can see what a kind and warm-hearted person you are, then that is exactly what our future King or Queen will need to become too.  Besides, he/she will still have to study the Book of Filial Piety.  You do remember studying this very important book?”

Chae Kyung looked away from Queen Halmeoni’s face and and thought to herself, (“How can I forget that horrible book!  Shin would always ask me if I finished studying it!” )Yes, Halmeoni…I remember the book very well and then looked at the Queen with a fake smile on her face.


Chae Kyung and Queen Halmeoni had a nice walk and chat.  When they got back to the Queen’s Palace, they also had a refreshing drink of ice tea and some fruit from the Palace gardens.  The Queen was feeling tired, so Chae Kyung went back to her own Palace to let the Queen have a rest.

Chae Kyung was now eight months pregnant and that evening; Shin and her were to attend a musical that Shin worked on as part of his class assignment.  Shin kept insisting that Chae Kyung stay at home to rest because he knew the time for the baby’s arrival was becoming closer to the due date.

Chae Kyung told Shin “What are the chances of our baby being born one month early?”  “I feel absolutely fine.  I am not going to miss an event that you were a part of.  This is one of the most important events in your life, besides our soon to be baby’s birth!”

She would not listen to Shin’s requests anymore. She was adamant about going to his musical whether he liked it or not.  The Crown Princess looked radiant in her beautiful, black, Yves Saint Laurent evening gown with swarovski crystals even with her huge tummy protruding out.  Shin was very proud to escort his lovely wife with him. The Crown Prince wore a striped suit by Armani. They were a “match made in heaven” as the saying goes.

281309_505256212839724_1948732045_n   Joo-Ji-Hoon-193

Chae Kyung was excited for Shin that she couldn’t stop smiling from ear to ear. As photographers and the paparazzi were taking photos of the Crown Prince and Crown Princess, Chae Kyung couldn’t help giving her signature peace sign to all.

As they sat in their seats watching Shin’s musical, about halfway through, Chae Kyung started hiccupping for no reason.

“Why are you hiccupping?” replied Shin. You only hiccup when you are nervous.”

“Moleugess-eoyo. (I don’t know), I better go outside in the lobby and wait until it stops,” she said.  One of the bodyguards followed the Crown Princess to the lobby.  The Palace could not take any chances with the Crown Princess expecting another heir to the Royal family.

Chae Kyung went to the restroom to get a drink from the faucet and to check on her make-up.  All of a sudden it felt like a trickle of water came dripping down her leg as if she couldn’t hold her urine.  Immediately, she knew it was the amniotic fluid or water breaking that caused this sensation.

“Omo…this can’t be happening now!  I can’t have Shin leave right in the middle of his musical!”

Eottoke! (What do I do!),” Chae-Kyung was crying to herself in the restroom like a little schoolgirl.

“Awwwwhhhh!  Jeoldae andwaeyo! (No way!)” “Aniyo, aniyo (No, no), not now!”, she kept repeating to herself while holding her stomach as the contractions started coming.

She had no choice but to call Shin on his cell phone.  She was too embarrassed to tell the bodyguard outside the restroom door to help her.  If Shin didn’t answer his phone, then she would call the bodyguard to go get him.  But, Shin probably shut his phone off.  Chae Kyung tried it anyways.  Thank goodness, Shin had his phone on vibrate.  Shin saw that the phone call was from Chae Kyung.  Shin quickly got up out of his seat and ran to the lobby.  Shin’s bodyguard followed him outside instantly.

When Shin got to the lobby, he searched for the Crown Princess’ bodyguard, but couldn’t find him. Shin was frantically calling Chae Kyung’s cell phone while looking up and down the hallway for the women’s restroom.

“Where are you?  Did something happen?” gasped Shin.  He was scared and breathing heavily with worry.

“Waeyo?  Why is this happening now?  My water just broke.  I think I’m having the baby!” cried Chae Kyung.

“Where the he—are you?” screamed Shin.

Chae Kyung was whining like a little baby. “Shin goon, I’m in the women’s restroom.  I’m too embarrassed to come out.”

“Aish~!  I’ll be right there!” He found the bodyguard waiting patiently outside the women’s restroom.  He told one of the bodyguards to call 911.

One bodyguard immediately did as he was told.  He told the Crown Prince that he would wait outside the theatre to flag down the ambulance.  The other bodyguard waited outside the restroom for further instructions from the Crown Prince while Shin attended to his wife.

Shin ran into the women’s restroom and found Chae Kyung standing in a puddle of watery substance.

“Don’t panic!  The bodyguards are waiting outside the theatre for the ambulance.  Gaja! (Let’s go!)”  Shin tenderly helped Chae Kyung out of the restroom and as they were walking he reassured her that everything would be okay.

Shin spoke to Chae Kyung softly and lovingly.  “I’m here for you and I won’t leave  you.  Tonight we’re going to see our beautiful baby, so don’t worry.  Shin jokingly replied, “Yah! (Hey!)  Remember the last time you didn’t come out of the restroom?  I was able to solve your problem with the broken shoe heel.  Remember?  Now, I am going to help you deliver our baby, so your husband, the Crown Prince is here to save the day.  OK?”


Chae Kyung knew without a doubt in her heart that she could trust Shin.  He was always the calm one.  Shin was levelheaded and could think fast even under pressure.  She still remembers the day that he told everyone on National television that he loved her and asked the public to give her a chance as the new Crown Princess.  Even after she brought up the terrible word, “divorce.”


Shin was able to affect her and others to tears with his kind words.  Yes, Shin would protect her and love her no matter what may come their way.

As they walked out the theatre’s door, the ambulance drove up to the front of the theatre.  Shin told one of the bodyguards to go back inside the theatre to inform the person in charge of the event the circumstances for their early departure.  The second bodyguard would follow behind in the Royal vehicle.

As Chae Kyung and Shin were in the ambulance heading to Seoul University Hospital, Shin tenderly touched Chae Kyung’s cheek and forehead to make sure she was not running a fever.  All the way to the hospital, whenever Chae Kyung felt a contraction, she would squeeze his hand for support. When she screamed out in pain with each contraction, Shin screamed with her because she was squeezing his hand as if she was squeezing a lemon to make lemonade.  Shin tried to grin and bear the pain in his hand, because he knew it was probably much more painful for his wife.

While Chae Kyung was being admitted in the hospital, Shin called Secretary Kong (Shin’s right hand man) to let everyone in the Palace know that the Crown Princess was in the hospital having the baby.  Shin also called Chae Kyung’s parents, who immediately hung up the phone and said they were on their way to the hospital.  The Royal family would wait for Shin to call back to let everyone know all the details.  The Royal family would not be going to the hospital.  They would have to wait patiently for any news on the Crown Princess and the baby. That was the way it is if one was a Royal in the Palace.  Leaving the Palace was usually forbidden, unless it was for official visits or approved by the elders.

Chae Kyung was so frightened that she didn’t let Shin out of her sight.  She begged Shin not to leave her alone.

“Shin goon, I’m scared.  Don’t leave me…don’t let me do this alone.  Eottoke! (What do I do?)”  she cried between her words while the contractions kept coming harder and closer together.

Shin had to keep reassuring her that he would not leave her side.  “Don’t worry, my Bingung Mama.  I will never leave you.  I am here.  Give me your hand.  See…I am here and I will never, ever let you go.  Saranghae. (I love you)” He said this to his Princess over and over…”I’m here…I’m here.  I won’t let go of you, so don’t let go of me.”  Shin felt a tear roll down his cheek because he couldn’t bear his Princess having to go through so much pain.

“Owwwww!” One minute Chae Kyung was screaming in pain and then the next minute she was doing her breathing exercises. Her breaths were consistent huffing and puffing.

Shin would do them along with her until his cheeks were red.  They both looked like fishes puckering their lips.  In, out, in, out, huff, puff, huff, puff.

When Chae Kyung cried in pain, Shin cried out in pain with her.  He felt he couldn’t take it anymore than she could.

The doctor was in the room with them checking her and the baby’s vitals on the monitors.  He had checked her underneath the covers to see if the baby’s head was crowned.  The doctor’s face had a very concerned look.  He instantly told the Crown Prince that the Crown Princess would need to go in for surgery for a C-section.  He hated to give the bad news to the Crown Prince, but it was what needed to be done in order for both the mother and baby to come out of this situation with no complications.

“It seems that the baby is breech.  We will need to have the Crown Princess go into the surgery room and take the baby out with our own hands.”  the doctor said this so that the nurses attending could get everything ready.

“Waeyo? (Why?)  Doctor, please explain this in more detail.” Shin asked in a questioning look.

“The baby is not upside down and because the amniotic fluid came out, there’s not enough fluid to help maneuver the baby’s position so that he/she can come out head first.” explained the doctor.  We are getting the surgery room ready now.  We prefer that you do not come in.”

Shin couldn’t believe what he was hearing.  His wife and baby may be in danger.  He felt so helpless.  Shin leaned against the wall  as they wheeled his wife out to the surgery room.  As Chae Kyung was being taken away, Shin’s back was against the wall and he slid down to the ground and began to cry outside of Chae Kyung’s hospital room. In his mind, Shin was praying.  Please, dear God…take care of Chae Kyung and our baby.  I pray to you, please do not let her go through any more pain and let the baby come into this world strong and healthy. This is all I ask of you.


 At that moment, Chae Kyung’s parents came running up to Shin to find out how she was doing.  When they saw the tears in Shin’s eyes they started to cry too.  Shin tried to explain the situation as calmly as he could to her parents, but they were just as upset as he was.  They could only sit in the waiting room until the doctor came out of surgery.

The Crown Prince and Chae Kyung’s parents were so worried with fright for their daughter and the newborn baby.  They didn’t know what to say or do for each other.  Chae Kyung’s father patted Shin on the shoulder to help reassure Shin that things would be okay.  Shin patted his father in law’s hand back to let him know he was just glad that they were together as a family. Chae Kyung’s family always made him feel welcome and at ease.  He realized that Chae Kyung was so lucky to have such a loving family.

Chae Kyung’s mother told Shin, “Don’t worry Saeja.  Bingung Mama is stronger than an ox.  She has won so many wrestling matches at school, she is known as “The Warrior.”

This made Shin grin a little, but of course he was still worried for his Princess and newborn baby.  They waited patiently for about two long hours pacing back and forth, until the doctor came out to speak to the family.  He had a smile on his face, so that made everyone’s worries turn to relief.

“The Crown Princess and the baby Crown Prince are both well.” grinned the doctor.  “Saeja, you can go to see your Crown Princess in her room.  We’ll bring the baby in after we do a few more tests to make sure he is fine.”

Chae-Kyung’s parents whispered, “That’s a relief.  Then both her parents yelled, “Did he just say Crown Prince?  It’s a boy!  We have a grandson!  Chukahaeyo! (Congratulations!) We are now grandparents!  Yippee!”

Shin hugged his in-laws and then with a huge grin on his face, he clapped both hands together and then raised both his arms straight up in the air and screamed at the top of his lungs, “Daehanmingug!” (Republic of Korea!)

Shin raced back to Chae Kyung’s room with so much love and happiness in his heart. As he was running, he told God, “Gomasseumnida! (Thank you!)  I promise to be the greatest Prince, husband and father in all of Korea!”

Shin entered Chae Kyung’s room quietly and was relieved to see her beautiful face while she slept peacefully.  Shin walked up to her bed and leaned over her to kiss her forehead. Then he kissed her gently on her lips.  He couldn’t resist her cute poutty lips.  Shin noticed when Chae Kyung was upset, she would pout her lips.  Her expression reminded him of a little baby about to cry.  When she did that he would either pinch her cheek and say, “Kiyeopta.” Or he would quickly give her a kiss on those cute poutty lips.


Shin sat beside her bed and held her hand in his tenderly waiting for her to wake up from the anesthesia.  After about an hour, he felt her hands smoothing his hair as he ended up falling asleep with his head next to hers.

She was smiling and was staring at Shin’s tired looking eyes.

“Annyeong.” she whispered.  He smiled back at her, “Annyeong, Bingung Mama.  Saranghae. You did well.”

“I love you too, Shin goon, she smiled.  I couldn’t have done it without your help.  You are truly my Crown Prince.”

Just then, a nurse came in with the baby in his little hospital bassinet.  Shin immediately got up to see his newborn son.  The nurse held the baby in her arms and passed the little bundle to Shin.

Shin took a good look at his newborn son and was smiling proudly.  He brought the baby to Chae Kyung so that she could see their baby boy together.  He was sleeping soundly and looked so tiny in Shin’s arms.  Both Shin and Chae Kyung were so proud and elated to see this miracle that they had made together.  Chae Kyung had tears of joy in her eyes.  They both started crying tears of happiness.

“What should we name this little fellow?” asked Shin.

“Shin goon, he looks just like you!  I would like to call him Young-ah.  It has a nice ring to it.”  smirked Chae Kyung.  How about Lee Min Young?  Does that sound nice?  But, I will call him Young-ah for short.”

“OK, Bingung Mama, but when we have our second child, I get to choose the name.  “Geol? (Deal?)”

“What!  You’re already talking about a second baby after what I just went through?  Neo michyeosseo? (Are you crazy!)  Let me get used to this one first.” she replied with a bit of anger and shock in her voice.

Shin was laughing, “ Araeso, okay…I’m just saying when we have our next baby, I get to choose the name.  I didn’t say we would try for another baby tomorrow.  We’ll wait at least until Young-ah’s six months old.”

“What!  I don’t want to think of being pregnant again for at least another year.  Let’s just enjoy this one for awhile, okay?”

Shin was just beaming with pride and love for his beautiful wife and baby. “Araeso (I understand)…we’ll talk about it in another year.”

Shin went to get Chae Kyung’s parents from the waiting room, so that they could see that both their daughter and new grandson were both doing well.  As Chae Kyung and her parents were beaming with joy over Young-ah, Shin called Secretary Kong to give him all the details of Young-ah’s birth and that the Crown Princess was doing well too.

Since, Chae Kyung had a C-section, she was required to stay in the hospital for at least two days.  Shin went to visit her and Young-ah everyday.  He made sure that Secretary Kong rescheduled all his appointments so that he could be with his wife and son.  Shin also made sure to call all their friends from high school.  He told his friends that the Palace was planning a big celebration for Young-ah’s birth in a month. The Royal family would have a special party at the Palace for dignitaries, VVIP guests and special friends of the family.

Within a few days, Chae Kyung, Young-ah and Shin were back at the Palace.  Everyone came to see mother and baby as soon as they drove up.  Of course Queen Halmeoni, Shin parents, Chae Kyung’s parents and brother and most of the staff were at the car waiting to see the newborn baby Crown Prince.  Queen Hye Myeong was on official business overseas, so she would have to wait to see the baby.

As everyone was taking turns holding the baby, Secretary Kong got a phone call from one of Queen Hye Myeong’s bodyguards.  When he was talking on the phone, he immediately fell silent and sat on a nearby chair.  His face was white as a ghost.  He started to shed tears and kept saying, “Andaeyo, andaeyo…no,no…this can’t be happening.

He spoke to everyone in the room.  “There has been a terrible accident.  Queen Hye Myeong has been in a car accident in China.  She is in China’s Beijing hospital with severe injuries.  They will let us know as soon as she is out of surgery if she will be okay.”

“Saeja…you will have to fly to Beijing immediately to get more details and to cover for the Queen’s China schedule with their Trade Minister.”

Everyone was in shock and couldn’t believe what Secretary Kong had just said.  Everyone began to cry out of sorrow and fear for Queen Hye Myeong.  One minute everyone was happy to see a new addition to the Royal family and in the next minute, someone in the family could be taken away forever.  The mood turned to darkness in an instant.


To be continued….

  1. novchime permalink

    Nice, exciting and funny. It is not boring. The flow of events is fast enough to keep the interest of the readers. It also gives background information on some happenings. There is just the right amount of suspense to look forward to the next chapter. Congratulations!

    • Thanks Nov Chime. I am on vacation with my daughter. I will try to finish the next chapter in a couple of weeks. I’m glad you like it. I would like to add actual gigs and music. I need to learn how to.

  2. マークbyマークジェイコブス バッグ

  3. esigh permalink

    bingung, i am just now getting around to reading your fanfic. it’s great. i love it! just one question. how can shin still be crown prince when his sister was already crowned in his place? wouldn’t that make shin just an ordinary prince since ascendancy to the throne has moved to hyemeong’s line ? i thought that only the direct heir to the throne is taken away from the parents from birth, therefore sl and ck’s son wiouldn’t have to be separated from them since sl is not the crown prince anymore.

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