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Always In My Heart – Chapter 10

    Chapter 10

Love Is Family


As Shin and Kang In went walking back to the Palace’s security room to check on the Royal family, Shin realized that Kang In was right about not letting his family know about the alarming situation with the terrorist attempt.  If his family knew how much their lives were in danger, it would cause more harm than good.

Shin was still adamant about getting out of his military service somehow.  In the meantime, he didn’t want to scare everyone.  He was really upset that Young-ah’s second year birthday party was ruined because of the attack on the Royal family.

When Shin and Kang In walked into the security room, Chae Kyung ran crying into Shin’s arms.  She had terrible thoughts that Shin may have gotten hurt, so seeing him safe was a relief.  Poor Young-ah was crying because he sensed how all the women in the family were upset and crying with worry for Shin’s safety.

“Why did you have to leave your family and I?  You made your Omeoni, Halmeoni Tae Hoo Mama and I were so very worried.”  Chae Kyung spoke between sobs of tears.  She wanted to hit Shin so badly, but she was so happy to see Shin safe in her arms that she stopped herself from doing so.

Shin tried to reassure Chae Kyung and the rest of his family that the intruder was caught and had been taken away by the authorities. Because of the attack on the Royal family, many of the dignitaries and VVIP guests were sent home for their safety.  All the bodyguards made sure to escort the guests to their cars or to call for taxis for those who came without a car.

Kang In could sense Shin’s uneasiness and disappointment with how the festivities for Young-ah’s Dol turned out.  He made a suggestion to the family and friends who were still waiting in the security room.

“It’s still early in the day.  Let’s make the best of it for Young-ah’s Dol.  Who’s interested in finishing the party in the Royal family’s living room with opening presents and eating cake?” replied Kang In.

Hyo-Rin was so proud of her husband’s enthusiasm and suggestion.  “Yes, let’s continue the party for Young-ah.  It’s his second year birthday party after all.  I want to see his expression when he gets to taste the cake for the first time!” grinned Hyo-Rin.

All of Shin and Chae Kyung’s close friends and the Palace staff went to help transport the gifts, the cake and even the Toljabee tray.

Due to the commotion of the attack on the Royal family, the television crews were asked to stop filming and to let the citizens of South Korea know that the Royal family were all safe.  Secretary Kong promised to give the reporters a few pictures from the Palace photographer and a report on how the immediate family and close friends celebrated Young-ah’s Dol.

In the Royal living room, although Shin and Chae Kyung didn’t want to upset Young-ah, they decided to see if he would make a choice from the Toljabee tray.  If Young-ah became upset, they would forego the event.  To the Crown Prince and Crown Princess, it was just for entertainment purposes.  This time Shin placed Young-ah in front of the tray.

At first, Young-ah looked at the tray with wide eyes.  He looked up at his appa and then he looked at his eomma.  They both smiled at Young-ah and said at the same time, “Gwen chan ah.” (It’s okay.)

Young-ah smiled and giggled.  Then he immediately crawled and grabbed the spool of thread and brought it to his mouth for tasting.  Young-ah scrunched his nose and then pulled the spool of thread out of his mouth and made a face that said, “Yuck!”

Chae Kyung put her right hand to her heart with relief and said, “The thread is a great choice, Young-ah!”  Shin agreed with Chae Kyung and said, “A long life is the best!”  Shin held Young-ah over his shoulders as everyone cheered for Young-ah.

“Long live the baby Crown Prince, Young-ah!  Hip, hip hooray!”everyone cheered.

Everyone had smiles and especially the Royal family.  Shin and Chae Kyung looked like the picture perfect family with Young-ah in between his proud parents.

Chae Kyung and all the women wore their traditional hanboks for Young-ah’s party.   Yul even continued being the Master of Ceremonies by asking everyone to sing “Happy Birthday” while the cake was being brought in from the Palace chefs.  The baby Royal Prince, Ji Woo was not at the party at the time of the attack.  Ji Woo’s nanny told Yul beforehand that Ji Woo was taking a nap at the time of the terrible incident.  Luckily for Ji Woo, he was in a safe place with his bodyguards and nannies.  Now, Ji Woo was awake and sitting in his great grandmother’s lap.  He was enjoying the festivities with the rest of the family.


While everyone sang, “Happy Birthday to Young-ah,” the Royal photographer got ready to take pictures of Young-ah putting his hands in his own personal birthday cake made just for him.  All the other guests had slices of chocolate cake from a larger cake with teddy bears.  Young-ah liked teddy bears like his own father, Shin.

As Young-ah sat in front of his cake, he immediately put his hand in his cake and tasted the frosting.  Young-ah was thinking in his mind,”Now, this is more like it!  That other thing was awful tasting!”  Young-ah was all smiles with chocolate cake and chocolate frosting all over his face.  He was enjoying the flavor and the feel of the frosting in his hands and face. Everyone was so happy to see that Young-ah was enjoying his birthday.  Chae Kyung and Shin’s Omeoni had become much closer since Chae Kyung had to leave the Palace for Macau.  In fact, even Shin’s father also liked being called Aboji by both Shin and Chae Kyung.  The Royal family were truly becoming more relaxed and comfortable with each other.  Having a grandchild brought so much more joy and comfort into the Palace.

The grandparents from both sides of the family were enjoying seeing their first born grandson happy and very much alive.  The earlier scare from the smoke bomb made everyone realize how lucky they were to all be together laughing and smiling, instead of having a possible tragedy occur on such a joyous occasion.

After Young-ah was cleaned up, he was sat in front of gifts that were given from the friends and the Royal family who stayed to watch.  Many of the gifts given to Young-ah from the dignitaries and VVIP guests would probably be given to children’s orphanages since it would be impossible for the young Prince to be able to play with all the toys and wear all the clothing.  Any monetary gifts would be put into a trust fund for Young-ah to decide what to do with.  More than likely, he could decide which organizations or charities he would like to give to when he comes of age.

Hyo-Rin made sure to help Young-ah with opening the gifts and Secretary Choi wrote down the names of the people that had given the gifts so that they could send Personal Thank You notes using the Royal stationary and seal.

There were so many cute stuffed animals, toys and clothing that Young-ah was overwhelmed.  He was beginning to become fussy for his bottle and nap.  The young Prince had become attached to a special blanket that he received from his Jeungjo Halmeoni Tae Hoo Mama.  It was pale blue and made from sherling.  It was so soft that Young-ah loved to snuggle with it.  Like his father, Young-ah was also attached to Alfred, the white teddy bear that his father had received from his grandfather.  Chae Kyung never did throw it away.

Right after they got back from Macau when they got married, Shin demanded that Chae Kyung get rid of the pillow doll of himself.  He thought it was childish and he didn’t like looking at it in their bedroom.  Chae Kyung agreed to get rid of the Shin doll, but only if he got rid of Alfred, the teddy bear from his grandfather.


“Shin goon…I spent so much time to make this Shin doll!  Kreegu, (Also), You don’t know how many times it has helped me to get my frustrations out on you!  You were a big pain in the A** and such a jerk to me!” screamed Chae Kyung.

“Aish!”  Shin sneered at Chae Kyung.  “You were such a crybaby over everything!  If you get rid of the doll, then I will get rid of the teddy bear.  Geol? (Deal?)  Chae Kyung squinted her eyes on whether she could trust Shin and whether she should make the deal.  Having the doll was something she could talk to and vent her frustrations at.  If she didn’t have the doll, then what or who would she be able to talk to?  Shin was in love with her now that they confessed their love for each other.  She could hug Shin instead of the doll which was much better, but yet, she became attached to her doll.  She was a grown woman, so having the Shin doll did seem a bit childish.  Also, it did take up so much room on the chair in their bedroom.

“Araeso.  I will get rid of the Shin doll, but I get to keep Alfred.  I want to keep it since your grandfather gave it to you,” said Chae Kyung.

Shin just shrugged his shoulders and said, “Do whatever you want with it.  I don’t need that teddy bear.  I have you to talk to now.  I only kept him because I could talk to him when I needed some comfort, but now, I realize that I have friends and family that I can go to for help. Kurae? (Right?)”  Shin gave Chae Kyung a hug as he said this.  Chae Kyung was happy that Shin thought of her as someone that he could count on.

So, now…Young-ah was given the teddy bear when Shin left for his military service.  Young-ah loved bringing his teddy bear and blanket with him to bed.

Young-ah began to cry for his bottle and he started rubbing his eyes because he was becoming sleepy.  Chae Kyung’s friends Hee Soong wanted to help Chae Kyung by giving Young-ah his bottle.  It just so happened that all three babies were ready for a bottle and nap.  Hyo-Rin asked Chae Kyung if she could use a room to breast feed Suzy.

Ji Woo was only four months old, so he had bottles and naps every two to three hours.  Ji Woo’s nanny was going to give him his bottle, but Chae Kyung’s friend Soon Yeong asked if she could help Yul by feeding Ji Woo.  Soon Yeong still liked Yul from afar even though she knew he probably wasn’t interested in her.  Yul agreed to let Soon Yeong feed Ji Woo because she was always nice to him in high school and he knew she would be so happy if she could hold the baby Royal Prince.

Since all three babies were sound asleep, it gave the adults a chance to talk amongst each other.  Young-ah was taken back to his crib to sleep as well as Ji Woo to his own bedroom.  Little Suzy was placed in a playpen in another room in the Palace close by with one of the Palace bodyguards watching her while Kang In, Hyo-Rin, Hee Soong and Soon Yeong gathered with the Royal family.

Jeungjo Halmeoni Tae Hoo Mama wanted to let Shin and Chae Kyung know in front of everyone how much she was so proud of the young couple for being wonderful parents to Young-ah.

“Saeja and Bingung Mama, I would like you to know that you make me so proud.  Both of you are still very young, and yet I see that both of you have become such devoted and loving parents to Young-ah.  I see everyday how much you love and care for Young-ah and I just wanted to let you know that you should congratulate yourselves for being such wonderful parents.  Chukaehaeyo! (Congratulations!)”

Both Shin and Chae Kyung’s parents couldn’t agree more with Jeungjo Halmeoni Queen Tae Hoo Mama.  Both sets of parents to the Royal couple nodded in agreement with the Queen and at the same time they felt it was also a compliment to their own parenting.

Next, the Queen looked at Yul and said, “Also, Royal Prince Eui-Sung, I am especially proud of you for raising your little Ji Woo with such devotion and love all on your own.  I’m sure it has been very hard for you to do all your royal duties and still spend time with Ji Woo-shi.  (This is an endearment that the Royal family liked to call Ji Woo.)  We also try to spend as much time with Ji Woo-shi while you are gone.  He is a beautiful and calm baby.  His personality is just like yours from what I can remember when you lived in the Palace with your parents. I am hoping that you will give yourself some time to find a new wife and mother for Ji Woo.  I would feel much happier if you did.  I can understand that it will take some time, but please do not take too long to find someone.”  Queen Tae Hoo Mama said with sincerity.  Yul understood that his grandmother only wanted him to be happy, but he was still not ready to find someone to replace his lovely Eun-Hee.

Just then, Secretary Kong came into the living room to ask to speak to both the Crown Prince and Royal Prince.

“I have to take both Princes for an urgent meeting with the Police.  Do not be alarmed.  They just have some more questions to ask about the smoke bomb incident.  Please continue with you conversation.  It shouldn’t take long.”

Shin and Yul followed Secretary Kong to another room where the Police were waiting to speak with both Princes.

The Royal family was curious what the meeting was about that the two young Princes had to attend to, but they began reminiscing how Young-ah’s choice from the toljabee tray was fitting for what had happened earlier.  Everyone was so happy that he chose the thread.  It was as if it was a sign to let everyone know that the baby Crown Prince’s choice was a good omen.

As Shin and Yul sat opposite of the Police officers, they were told that the crazy man who had tried to scare the Royal family was able to grab one of the Police officer’s gun and shot himself in the head.  Before he did, he said, “This is for my family.”  The man was definitely a crazy lunatic.

“We don’t know who he is just yet, but we were wondering if either one of the Prince’s had anything out of the ordinary happen to them that could cause this man to do such a thing?” asked police officer Yeon.

Both Princes shook their heads in disbelief and said they didn’t know of anything out of the ordinary that had happened to them these past couple of months.

The other police officer named Chung explained, “We also just got word from NIS that the woman at the awards banquet was released shortly after the incident because there wasn’t any evidence that she was part of the plan to assassinate the Crown Prince.  The strangest thing though is the man who tried to kill the Crown Prince was found dead in his cell only two days ago.  It is believed that late in the evening when all the prisoners were supposedly in their cells, someone was able to walk up to the man and killed him with a homemade knife.  The only thing that the NIS was able to get from the man was his connection to having worked for Seoul Broadcasting Corporation many years ago for the Chinese division.  The man’s name is Cho Ji Sun.  He was known for having a gambling problem and the NIS believe that he had a huge gambling debt that he had to pay, so he was given the chance to repay his debt by assassinating the Crown Prince as repayment by the Chinese Mafia.  Now, we are wondering why would the Chinese Mafia need to have the Crown Prince killed?”

Shin was just as confused and replied, “Why would the Chinese Mafia need me to be gone?  I have no connections with the Chinese Mafia.”

Police officer Yeon asked Royal Prince Eui-Sung, “Does your father-in-law know this man?  Maybe, the man has nothing to do with your father-in-law.  All we know is that he did work for SBC. Then Police officer Yeon shook his head and said, “Don’t worry, Royal Prince Eui-Sung.  If we need to find out, we will personally call in your father-in-law.  Let us handle the investigation.”

“The disturbing thing is why would Cho Ji Sun need to be killed in prison?  Someone is trying to hide something?” thought police officer Chung.  “Anyway, we thought you should know what has been happening. It will be in the news that the crazy man that tried to hurt the Royal family has committed suicide.  We thought you should know before it is let out to the media.  Thank you for your cooperation and please try not to worry.  I know you are probably very worried about what is happening to the Royal family, but make sure your bodyguards are on high alert.  Someone definitely wants to hurt the Royal family.  Today’s incident was disturbing, but the Seoul government will also have police officers around the outside perimeter of the Palace for security.  I hope we can be of more service to you Saeja and Royal Prince Eui-Sung.”

“Have a good evening and we will keep in touch to let you know of any new developments.” replied officer Yeon.  Both officers and the Princes exchanged handshakes and bowed to each other.  Shin waited for the Policemen to leave with Secretary Kong before he spoke.

Shin glared at Yul and growled, “ I hope your father-in-law has nothing to do with this whole incident with trying to get rid of my family.”

Yul looked at Shin in shock.  Yul was mad and clenched his teeth as he seethed,”Why would you suggest that my father-in-law has anything to do with this?”

“You heard officer Chung say that the man who tried to kill me worked for your father-in-law’s company in the Chinese division.  I just think it’s strange that you came back to the Palace right after my noona got into the car accident.” glared Shin.

“How dare you think that Eun-Hee’s father would do such a thing!  What does he gain when his daughter is gone forever?”  Yul said angrily.

“He has a son-in-law who wants to be King.  I’m just thinking that there could be an ulterior motive to why someone wants my sister and I to be gone forever.” explained Shin.


With that last comment, Shin walked out of the room to be with his wife and family.  He left Yul seething mad for making such a serious accusation.

Meanwhile, during the meeting, everyone was starting to feel tired from the day and by the time Shin came back to the Royal living room, the only ones left talking were Kang In and Hyo-Rin keeping Chae Kyung company.

Chae Kyung immediately asked Shin, “What did the police officers tell you?  Did they find out why that man wants to hurt the Royal family?”

Shin tried to look calm and collected.  He smiled at everyone as he told his friends, family and Chae Kyung that the man was caught and would probably spend the rest of his life in prison.  He didn’t want to alarm his wife and family, so he made up a story.

Later, he would speak with Kang In on what his thoughts were about the situation with Yul’s father-in-law being connected with the incident in some way.  Shin told his friends that he was tired and would like to lay down to rest for a while.  Chae Kyung agreed and they both got up to help their friends load up the car with little Suzy.  They thanked their friends for all their help and were hoping to get together  on another day when both Kang In and Shin would be out of their military service.  Definitely in the summer and possibly during a winter break.

Back at Shin and Chae Kyung’s Palace, Chae Kyung wanted to know more about why the police had to speak with Shin and Yul.

“What else did the police have to say about what happened at Young-ah’s Dol?  Don’t lie to me, Shin.  I want to know the whole truth.”  Chae Kyung said.

“Don’t worry, Bingung.  The police are handling the situation.  You just need to take care of Young-ah and yourself.  I will speak with the Elders tomorrow to see if it’s possible for me to stay in the Palace and forego my military service.  I have only one year left.” said Shin.

“Jin cha? (really?) Chae Kyung said happily.  “Are you going to stay here with Young-ah and I?  Wae? (Why?)  Is there something your not telling me?”  Chae Kyung said looking suspiciously at Shin.

“Aniyo. (It’s nothing.)  Shin said waving his hand back and forth. “I just think at this time in my life, I should really be home with you and Young-ah.  Don’t you think?  Let’s not worry about it right now.  I’m tired from this whole day, let’s just relax and go to bed early.  I will have my meeting with the Elders when they are available.”  Shin tried to reassure Chae Kyung by rubbing her shoulders  while he was behind her and then he gave her a tight back hug just like he did from the past when all he wanted to do was give her an affectionate back hug.  Then he kissed her neck and led her to their bedroom.  Chae Kyung followed Shin without any complaints.  Chae Kyung had a sheepish grin on her face.


The next morning, Shin was able to get Secretary Kong to have a special meeting with the Elders and him to discuss how he could get a leave from his military service.  The Elders were at the round table waiting for Shin to arrive.

Shin bowed to the Elders before he was asked to sit down at the table with them.  He immediately went straight to the point, “Annyeonghaseyo (Hello).  I’m sure you heard of the attempt to harm the Royal family yesterday at Young-ah’s Dol.  I feel due to the dire situation with someone wanting to harm my family, I would like to discontinue my military service to work on finding out who is behind these terrorist attacks.”

The Elders all had frowns on their faces and the leader of the group spoke, “We understand your concern Jeonah, but there is no way possible for you to leave your military duty.  It is a requirement of all men in this country and especially for you.  You would be helping your family more if you went back to continue and finish your duty as planned.  We already spoke with the General in your Army division and asked them to have you serve in the Espionage Department.  You will never be able to go undercover as an officer, but at least you can research how to find those involved in the attempted assassination.  Don’t you think that would be more beneficial for both you and your family?”  explained the head elder.

“It sounds promising, but I still don’t feel comfortable leaving my wife, son and immediate family,” replied Shin.

“Jeonah, please do as you are told and finish your military duty.  We will have more security for you and your family.  Even when you go back to your camp, you will have someone always checking your food, your barracks and someone following you twenty-four hours a day.  We have already made our decision and you won’t be able to change it.  Mianhamnida (I’m sorry), this is what is expected of you.  Just remember, you only have one more year left to serve, then you can come back to your family for good.”

“Take these next two days to spend with your family as much as you can,” pleaded another elder who spoke with sincerity.

Shin was not happy, but he knew that once the Elders made their decisions, it was too hard to change their minds.  He got up from the table and said, “I expect to be a part of the Espionage group as soon as I arrive back at camp.  I will do whatever I can to find out who is behind these acts no matter what!”  Shin said angrily as he hit the table with his fist.  “If I find out that Royal Prince Eui-Sung is somehow connected with the assassinations, then he will be sent to prison for treason!”  Shin left the Elders in a huff and didn’t even say goodbye.  He was so upset with having to go back to the Army, but at least he could work on finding out if Yul or his father-in-law were behind the assassinations.

Shin didn’t want to admit it, but the Elders were right again.  He needed to just finish his army service and work in the Espionage Department to help figure out who was behind the assassinations.  He would have to make sure that Chae Kyung felt safe in the Palace without him.

When he walked back to his own Palace, he saw Yul walking with his father-in-law.  Shin hid behind one of the buildings to see if he could hear what they were discussing.

Yul asked his father-in-law calmly if he knew about the man who tried to assassinate Shin.  “The police said that the man that tried to assassinate Shin in China worked for your company.  His name is Cho Ji Sun.  Do you know this man by any chance, beoblyul abeoji? (father-in-law?)”

“Aniyo.(No.)  I never heard of that name before.  Why would he do such a thing?  I don’t understand why some people are just so crazy.”  Kang Dae shook his head in disbelief.

“I also can’t believe that you would have anything to do with the assassination attempts on the Royal family.  I think it’s just a coincidence that he worked for you.  Right?”  Yul said as he looked at his father-in-law’s expression as if he could sense whether his father-in-law was telling the truth.

Kang Dae just shrugged his shoulders and continued to deny that he knew anything about the man behind the assassination attempt.  He tried to change the subject by asking if he could see his grandson, Ji Woo-shi as he liked to call his grandson.  “

I actually came by to see how you and my grandson were doing.  Let’s go see the little one and walk around for some fresh air.  Shall we?” smiled Kang Dae.

Yul couldn’t believe that his father-in-law would try to hurt the Royal family.  He seemed to be so responsible and loving to his own family, especially Eun-Hee when she was alive.  Why would he have such a sinister plan as to hurt Yul’s family?  He already told his mother that he would become the next King by his own efforts.  Yul had learned his lesson that by cheating or being deceitful, it only brought bad karma.   Yul thought his own mother would have learned her lesson on Karma after becoming crippled from causing so much trouble to the Royal family.

Shin couldn’t believe Yul’s father-in-law.  He couldn’t trust Eun-Hee’s family after he overheard her telling Yul that she wanted to get married quickly.  He would try to look up as much information on Kim Kang Dae as soon as he was part of the Espionage Department.

When Shin arrived at the Palace, Chae Kyung had already taken Young-ah to see his Jeungjo Halmeoni Tae Hoo Mama and his Halmeoni Wang Hoo Mama.  Shin’s father was enjoying helping Queen Hye Myeong with her studies.  Shin’s sister was making big strides in remembering her past and relearning the Korean alphabet, to read and write.  She may make a full recovery, but it would take many more years for her to be where she used to be in her language and academics.  She had to relearn how to read and write in Korean as well as learn basic math skills.

When Shin walked into Jeungjo Halmeoni Tae Hoo Mama’s living room, Shin could hear all the women doting over Young-ah.  Young-ah was holding onto the side of the coffee table.  He was able to hold himself up with the help of the table, but he was also starting to learn how to walk.

Chae Kyung was on the other side of the room coaxing Young-ah to walk to her.  “Young-ah, come here Young-ah!  Come to your Eomma!” encouraged Chae Kyung.  Young-ah gave a huge smile and began to make his first steps to Chae Kyung.  “You can do it…aja…aja…fighting!” smiled Chae Kyung.


Shin was so surprised at seeing his son starting to walk.  He got down on his knees and started encouraging Young-ah too.  “That’s it, Young-ah…come to your appa!”

Shin and Chae Kyung were both talking to Young-ah to come to them.  “Come to your appa, Young-ah,” cooed Shin.

Shin then said to Chae Kyung, “Let’s see who he wants to go to more.”  Shin liked to be competitive.

Chae Kyung agreed to his competition.  “Game on! Come here, Young-ah…who gives you your bottle more?  You love your Eomma, don’t you Young-ah.  Come to your Eomma!” smiled Chae Kyung.

Young-ah just smiled and giggled and then he fell on the floor on his bottom.  He slowly pushed himself up again and then looked behind him at his Jeungjo Halmeoni Tae Hoo Mama and Halmeoni Wang Hoo Mama.  They both smiled at Young-ah and motioned with their hands as if to say, keep going…you can do it, Young-ah.

He started to walk forward again.  Shin and Chae Kyung were again fighting for Young-ah’s attention. Young-ah walked slowly, but steadily and then he ended up falling into Shin’s arms.

“That’s my Young-ah!” shouted Shin.  He lifted Young-ah in the air and swung him around in circles.  Young-ah just giggled and smiled at his appa.

“Yah!” screamed Chae Kyung.  “You moved your whole body in front of mine.  He was walking towards me and you just moved in front of me!  You cheated, Shin goon.”  Chae Kyung huffed and crossed her arms in front of her chest in anger.

Shin just ignored Chae Kyung and kept lifting Young-ah in the air.  “My Young-ah is the smartest baby in the whole world!  He loves his appa so much,” smiled Shin.

Then Shin asked Chae Kyung with a smile, “Do you want to hold Young-ah?”

“Ne! (Yes!), said Chae Kyung reaching her arms out to have Shin pass Young-ah to her.

“Then you’re going to have to try to grab him from me!” laughed Shin.  Shin was running around the room holding Young-ah as if he were a ball.  Young-ah was facing forward with one of Shin’s arms around Young-ah’s tummy and the other hand underneath his bottom.

Chae Kyung wanted to hold him, but Shin would dodge her as if Young-ah were a basketball.  If Chae Kyung tried to reach for him, Shin held Young-ah up high in the air or he would turn his back to her and run away.

Young-ah and Shin were laughing at how easy it was to escape from Chae Kyung’s reach.  Shin had so much fun teasing his wife.

“Yah!  He’s my son too!  Stop running around with him like that!  You’re going to make him throw up his milk!” yelled Chae Kyung.  Right after Chae Kyung had said that, Young-ah threw up curdled milk all over Shin’s shirt.  “Aigoo…” Shin said with a disgusted look on his face.

Chae Kyung just laughed and pointed at Shin, “You deserved that, Shin!  I tried to warn you.  Hahaha…”  Chae Kyung was holding her tummy from laughing so hard.

Jeungjo Halmeoni Tae Hoo Mama and Halmeoni Wang Hoo Mama were laughing at the two young parents playing around with their son.  Everyone was laughing and giggling at how silly Chae Kyung looked trying to run after Shin and at the same time they began to laugh at Shin when Young-ah threw up his milk on Shin’s shirt.

Later that evening, as Chae Kyung and Shin were giving Young-ah his bath before bedtime, Chae Kyung was curious on what had transpired during the meeting with the Elders.

“Shin goon, what happened during your meeting with the Elders.  Will you be able to stay home in the Palace with us?” asked Chae Kyung.

Shin was heartbroken that he would have to give Chae Kyung the bad news.  “I really wanted to be able to stay here with you and Young-ah, but it won’t be possible.  I have only one more year left.  Can you wait for me, Bingung?” Shin said.  “I promise I will come back to visit and I will make sure that there is more security within the Palace as well as outside of the Palace grounds.  While I am gone, the Elders worked out a deal where I will be able to learn how to look for the persons responsible for trying to hurt the Royal family,” explained Shin.

“Shin goon…I will always be worried about you if you’re not here with me,” pouted Chae Kyung.  “I would feel so much better knowing that you are here with us and not so far away.”

“I know, Bingung, but think about it from my point of view also.  I don’t like agreeing with the Elders, but again they have a good point.  If I stay in the Palace, I will have to do Royal duties, whereas if I am finishing my military service, I can focus all my attention on finding out who is responsible for the attacks.”  Shin spoke while covering Young-ah’s eyes so that Chae Kyung could wash Young-ah’s hair without getting soap and water in the baby’s eyes.

Young-ah was not aware of what his parents were talking about.  He was just happy to play in the water with his rubber ducky.

Chae Kyung dried Young-ah with a towel just as Lady Choi came walking in to remind the Crown Prince and Crown Princess that they had to get ready for an evening Charity Ball.

“Don’t worry Bingung Mama and Jeonah, I will finish taking care of Young-ah.  You both need to get ready for tonight’s party,” said Lady Choi as she went to take Young-ah from Chae Kyung’s arms.


That evening Shin and Chae Kyung had a charity ball that they were asked to attend months in advance.  They both were looking forward to going because it was for Seoul Children’s Hospital.  Chae Kyung spent most of her time and money for this particular hospital.  They both loved children very much, so it was a privilege to be a part of the special occasion.  The Crown Prince and Crown Princess were asked to help by presenting some awards to prominent doctors at the Seoul Children’s Hospital. Due to the bomb scare, there was much more security for the Royal couple.

After everyone ate their meals at the charity ball, The Crown Prince was asked to give a brief statement on how life was like for him in the Army, before him and his wife were to begin presenting the awards.  The Crown Prince looked so handsome in his uniform and the Crown Princess was just as beautiful in her evening gown standing next to her husband.

Shin felt this was a good time for him to thank everyone, but especially to his lovely wife.

Shin began by saying, “Welcome everyone to the Seventh Annual Charity Ball for Seoul Children’s Hospital.  I was asked to give a brief statement on what life is like for me in the Army.  Well, I am learning a lot about warfare tactics and I have become pretty good at shooting a rifle, but what I have really learned by serving my country, is that I couldn’t have done it without the love and support from my family, but especially from my beautiful and precious Bingung Mama and son Young-ah. My wife always wrote to me often and sent pictures and care packages to help me get through some lonely times.  I am serving in the Army for the love of my country, but I also serve to learn how to protect both my country and my own family.  Being with the Crown Princess and Young-ah every chance I get, like today, makes me so thankful for being here with them.  So my point is to love every one of your friends and family members and to pray for their health and happiness, but also to support and love the men who work so hard in protecting our country, The Republic of Korea.  Let’s also work together to save more lives by continuing to contribute your time and money to the Children’s Hospital.  Now, let’s begin by presenting the awards to the outstanding doctors and donors who have helped to save the lives of these precious children, who may someday be the future leaders of our country.  Gomsamnida.(Thank You).

Everyone clapped after the Crown Prince’s speech.  The champagne glasses were raised and everyone yelled, “Geonbae! (Cheers!)

After all the awards were presented, there was dancing for all the guests.  Shin and Chae Kyung’s dancing skills had improved immensely since their first dance together.  Since this was a charity ball, the Crown Prince and Crown Princess agreed that they would dance with the guests who gave donations to the hospital.  Chae Kyung had become quite good in all types of dances.  Many of the men asked to dance with the Crown Princess.  There were just as many women (young and old) wanting to dance with the handsome Crown Prince.

By late evening, the Crown Prince and Crown Princess were very tired, but they were also very happy to help the hospital for such a good cause.  They ended up leaving late into the evening.  As they drove home in their Royal limousine, Chae Kyung fell asleep on Shin’s shoulder and he fell asleep with his head resting on her head.  By the time they got back to the Palace, it was close to midnight.

Chae Kyung and Shin walked back to their Palace tired, but a bit rested after having a short nap in the car.  Chae Kyung was also a bit tipsy from having quite a few glasses of champagne.  She couldn’t resist drinking the delicious champagne.  She was staggering back to their bedroom, when Shin just decided to carry her to their bedroom.

“Yah!  Shin goon…I can walk myself to our bedroom,” Chae Kyung said with a drunken smile on her face.

“I don’t think so, Bingung.”  Shin carried Chae Kyung in his arms as he walked into their bedroom and laid her softly on the bed.

Shin laid on top of Chae Kyung and was peering into her eyes. He was about to kiss her, but Chae Kyung looked up at Shin’s handsome face and said, “Shin goon…you know…you look really attractive in your uniform, but I think you look just as good without it on too.”  Then Chae Kyung squeezed Shin’s cheeks and giggled.

“Aigoo…Chae Kyung your drunk,” said Shin.  He could smell the alchohol on her breath.

“Ani. (No.)”  Chae Kyung burped.  “Excuse me.  Where am I?”  Chae Kyung started looking all around their bedroom.  Then her head fell back on the pillow.  She closed her eyes and just smiled to herself.  She was already asleep.

“Let’s just go to bed, my princess,” smiled Shin.  He carefully took off Chae Kyung’s beautiful gown and laid it on the sofa.  Then he took the comforter and tucked her into bed.  She looked so happy and content.  She was already sleeping with her mouth open and she looked as if she was having a happy dream, probably about her Prince.

Shin just looked at his wife and shook his head back and forth in disbelief.  “Only my Bingung can make me love her so.”  Shin got undressed and went to bed beside her. Shin tenderly hugged his wife and fell right to sleep next to her.

The next morning, Chae Kyung woke up with a bit of a headache.  She noticed Shin wasn’t sleeping beside her, so she got up to take a shower.  When she came out of the shower, Shin was already sitting in an armchair.   Shin had gone to bring Young-ah back to their bedroom.  Young-ah was holding onto Shin’s leg and was about to walk around the room.

Chae Kyung had her hair up in a towel and another towel wrapped around her naked body.

“Good morning, Bingung” said Shin. “What shall we plan to do today?  It’s my last day before I have to go back to the Army camp tomorrow morning.”

Chae Kyung sat on the bed while Shin was still sitting in the chair keeping an eye on Young-ah trying to walk around their bedroom.  Young-ah was getting the hang of walking on his own now.

“I always hate the last day before you have to go,” pouted Chae Kyung.  “Let’s do something that we haven’t done before with Young-ah.  Let’s go to the amusement park!”  Chae Kyung said excitedly.

“No…it wouldn’t be a good idea after what happened at Young-ah’s Dol.  Let’s try to do something with the whole family before I have to go.  I spoke with Kang In this morning. He’s still on leave from his military service too.  He will be going back in a few days. How about we have a picnic on the Palace grounds and invite Kang In and Hyo-Rin?  We can invite everybody in the family and those who want to join us are welcome to come?” suggested Shin.

Having a picnic didn’t seem as exciting as going to the amusement park, but Chae Kyung understood how it could be quite dangerous to leave.  Besides, it would be so crazy and chaotic having so many bodyguards following them around the park just to go on a few rides.

“Araeso,” sighed Chae Kyung.  “Let’s have a family picnic then.  It is a beautiful spring day for eating outside on the terrace.  We can invite my parents and Chae Joon too!”  Chae Kyung’s mood turned to cheerfulness.

Shin was happy that Chae Kyung’s mood turned to being happy.  He motioned with his finger to Chae Kyung, “Iliwa! (Come here!) He looked at his wife drying her hair with the towel that was wrapped around it earlier.  Again, Shin grinned at Chae Kyung and said, “Iliwa!

Chae Kyung knew what Shin was thinking and she put her hands in front of her chest and said,”Andae! (No!)  Not in front of the baby!”  She quickly ran to her dressing room to find something casual to wear to the picnic.

Shin just smiled and yelled, “I’m going to have my alone time with you tonight!  I was really disappointed that you fell asleep last night, Ms. Airhead! Chae Kyung couldn’t hear Shin because she was in another room.  “I can’t believe you drank so much champagne.” Shin said shaking his head back and forth.

Not too long after putting Young-ah down for a nap, Shin spoke with Yul and asked if he would like to join them.  Yul was touched that Shin had invited him and Ji Woo.  Yul said that he had an important meeting with some prominent Korean executives who wanted to help him with China’s trade negotiations, so he would not be able to attend, but if it was okay with Shin, then he would have Ji Woo attend with his Nanny.  Shin had promised Yul that he would help with Ji Woo in anyway possible, so inviting him to family functions was important to Shin.

“Gomsamnida, Saeja (Thank you, Crown Prince) I appreciate that you are trying to keep your promise to watch over Ji Woo.  After you come back to the Palace and I have to do my military service, I really hope you will continue to watch over Ji Woo in my absence.  I am telling you the truth when I tell you that I don’t know who is behind the attacks on the Royal family.”  Yul said sincerely.

“Mianhae Yul.  After much thought, I know you are someone who is trustworthy and honest.  If you say, you don’t know anything about who is behind the attacks, then I believe you,”  said Shin.

It was a beautiful spring day for a picnic.  Chae Kyung’s parents came with all the foods that Chae Kyung liked to eat for lunch.  Chae Joon wasn’t able to make it to the picnic because he was at his wrestling match for his high school team.  They made sure to make rice pudding for Young-ah too.  He was already enjoying eating many solid foods.  He was a very good eater.  He wasn’t picky like his appa, the Crown Prince.

There was so much food that they asked their Court Ladies and bodyguards to take turns eating.  While the women chatted, Shin’s aboji (father) and Chae Kyung’s  aboji watched over the two little boys. Shin and Kang In went for a walk so that Shin could talk with him in private.

They went walking around the grounds of the Palace.  Shin was anxious to speak to Kang In.  He just blurted his thoughts to Kang In.  “Would you like to work with me on who might be responsible for making the assassination attempts on my noona’s life as well as mine?” said Shin.  “I can ask the Elders to have you transferred to my Army base so that we can work as a team to find out anything about the terrorists,” explained Shin.

Kang In was definitely interested in working with Shin and learning more about espionage work.  Kang In couldn’t believe what he was hearing at first.  Shin had to explain how the elders would probably work out a deal where Kang In could be transferred to Shin’s camp. Kang In knew after his military service was complete, he was expected to return to work in the family business. Kang In wanted to help his close friend by any means.  Shin was grateful to have such a loyal and dear friend.  He hugged Kang In and felt better about going back to finish his military service.

When the two men returned to the terrace, Chae Kyung’s father blew a whistle and announced that there would be some family games to be played.  Chae Kyung’s father Nam-Kil announced that the first would be a piggyback race between husbands and wives.  First to compete was Shin’s parents against Chae Kyung’s parents.  The winner of that race would compete for the finals against the winner from the race between the Crown Prince/Crown Princess and Kang In/Hyo-Rin.

When Chae Kyung’s parents raced against the Crown Prince’s parents, Shin’s parents started off quick, but then the King started slowing down because he had never carried the Queen on his back before.  Chae Kyung’s parents were able to pass the King and Queen as they went around the cone to win the race.

The race against the Crown Prince and Crown Princess and their friends Kang In and Hyo-Rin was a very close one.  Shin was quick on his feet, but so was Kang In.  Both couples were neck and neck, but as they came around the cone to head for the finish line, the cheaters that Chae Kyung was, grabbed Hyo-Rin’s arm and knocked her off of Kang In.

“Yah!”  yelled Hyo-Rin.  “The Crown Princess is a cheater!  She pushed me off so that we would lose the race,” argued Hyo-Rin.

Kang In was not happy either.  “The Crown Prince and Crown Princess should be disqualified,” demanded Kang In.

Chae Kyung’s father agreed.  “My daughter and son-in-law are big time cheaters.  Such poor sportsmanship.  “Your disqualified!” yelled Nam-Kil.  The race will be between Kang In/Hyo-Rin and my wife, Ye-Jin and I.  Chae Kyung, you can blow the whistle,” growled Chae Kyung’s father.

Chae Kyung and Shin were upset, but they knew they were in the wrong.  They had fun trying to cheat.

When Chae Kyung blew the whistle, Chae Kyung’s parents started off well, but they were no match against such a young couple as Kang In and Hyo-Rin.

Next, there was a race with the little ones and the parents holding the babies in their arms.  Shin held Young-ah, Kang In held Suzy and Chae Kyung held Ji Woo.  Shin and Kang In agreed to let Chae Kyung start 50 feet ahead of them.  When Chae Kyung’s father blew the whistle, Chae Kyung was very fast.  Shin was gaining speed as well as Kang In.  They couldn’t catch up to Chae Kyung because of the huge advantage.  Chae Kyung held Ji Woo in the air and gave him kisses for their big win.  Ji Woo was giggling with delight.

All three babies are 2 years old in Korean age.  They are considered one years old on the day of their birth and then when the New Year arrives, everyone adds another year to their age.  All three babies were born in 2007 and it was now April 2008, therefore all three are considered to be two years old.  In American age, Ji Woo would be 4 months, Suzy is eight months old and Young-ah is one years old. The babies were born four months apart.

Cute smiling baby in teddy bear outfitth   Ji Woo, Little Suzy & Young-ahfall2012_048-1024x682

Everyone was tired from all the running and so there was a break for refreshments and desserts.  All three babies were ready for their afternoon naps, which was ideal for the tired adults.  The babies were taken by their nannies except for Suzy.  Baby Suzy fell asleep in Hyo-Rin’s arms as she rocked her.

Meanwhile, everyone moved beneath the large trees to rest on blankets and the older adults sat in folding chairs.  The younger adults enjoyed lying on the blankets and feeling the cool spring breeze giving the effects of a fan.  Everyone enjoyed just relaxing, eating and talking about how busy everyone’s life was becoming with raising babies.

Shin’s father, the King asked the Crown Prince to go for a walk with him so that he could speak to him in private.  The King made it a point to let Shin know that he was very proud of his son.

“Saeja, I know that I haven’t told you, but you make me proud.  I can tell that you have grown up to be a loyal, kind and loving nampyeon (husband) and father (appa) to your wife and child.  That is something to be very proud of.  I on the other hand, have not been the best husband and father.  I am very sad about that, but I am changing for the better with each day,” nodded the King.

“Aniyo (No)…aboji(father), I understand the hardships that you had to face with becoming the King.  I only wish that you are happy and that you can be just as loyal, kind and loving to eomma as you are to Chae Kyung, Young-ah and I.  I know eomma loves you very much and has only wanted the best for you,” said Shin.

“Kurae,(your right).  At first, I didn’t realize what a wonderful wife I had.  I am so thankful that she has stayed by my side.  She has always been a dutiful wife and mother.  I have changed my way of thinking and we are much happier now.  Unfortunately, with my illness, I will always be a burden to your eomma.  I wish I could have done so much more for her.  I never realized how beautiful she really is inside and out.  In the past, I couldn’t stop thinking about my lost love, but now I realize that I was lucky to have your eomma beside me.  The other woman was not meant to be.  I’m sure you realize that Chae Kyung was your destiny.  I know in the beginning you weren’t happy with the marriage, but now look at how happy you and Chae Kyung are together.  I am also happy being with your eomma.  Now, I tell her every morning, Annyeong yeppeun yeoja (Hello pretty woman),” smiled the King.

“I’m so glad that you and eomma are happy together.” Shin smiled with happiness for his father.  “You both deserve to be happy.  I noticed that you are both more relaxed with each other.”

The King extended his hand to give Shin a handshake.  Shin took his father’s hand and then pulled him into his arms to give him a hug at the same time.  Shin’s father reciprocated and was dearly touched.

Later that evening, after everyone went to their own Palace’s, Shin and Chae Kyung made sure Young-ah was sleeping soundly in his crib wrapped in the blanket that his Jeungjo Halmeoni Tae Hoo Mama gave him and Alfred beside him.

Chae Kyung always hated their last night together before Shin had to leave for his military service.  She was always worried for Shin’s safety.  Shin reminded Chae Kyung that the military camps had the most sophisticated security systems in the country and the Palace used the same security systems so she had nothing to worry about.  He also would have his own personal bodyguard to check his food for poisoning, to check his barracks and to just keep an eye out for anything or anyone suspicious.

“Araeso (okay),” said Chae Kyung. “I always worry about my Saeja (Crown Prince).  Do you sleep and eat well?” pouted Chae Kyung.

Shin took Chae Kyung’s hand and led her to their bed.  He sat her on the edge of the bed and stood in front of her.

Shin moved his hands up and down his body.  “Do I look like I’m starving or not getting enough sleep?” laughed Shin.  Next, Shin pumped his forearms to show Chae Kyung his muscles from working out at camp.  “I am strong and at my prime!  Remember, Bingung Mama…you owe me some alone time!  You were so drunk the night before, that I couldn’t even make love to you.”

“Yah!  Is that all you can think about when your with me?  Sex? It’s a good thing I am taking precautions or else we would have had one baby right after another! “ yelled Chae Kyung.

“What are you talking about, Ms. Airhead?  Don’t act so innocent with me!  You know you like it just as much as I do,” argued Shin.

“Maja!(Your right!)  I can’t stop your advances.  You are just so good at what you do, Shin goon.  I should be so happy, huh?” teased Chae Kyung.  Chae Kyung was getting up from the bed to go to the restroom.

“Where are you going, Bingung?  You make me so frustrated sometimes,” huffed Shin.

“Yah! I’m just going to use the restroom” argued Chae Kyung.

“Aish…I’ll be waiting patiently for you in bed then.” Shin said while taking his clothes off.

When Chae Kyung returned to the bedroom, she wore a negligee and slipped into bed next to Shin.  Chae Kyung went to give Shin a kiss on his lips, but noticed his eyes were already closed.

Chae Kyung softly whispered, “Shin goon…are you asleep?”  Shin didn’t say anything.  “Yah, I put on this sexy negligee just for you,” she said to herself. “Yea, right…would you have fallen asleep so easily if you had plenty of sleep?”  Chae Kyung just smiled to herself and gave Shin a soft kiss on his lips.

Poor Shin was really tired from everything that had been going on just from his return to the Palace.  He was worried for his wife, Young-ah and his family.  He even was trying to work things out with his cousin, Yul.  He was able to get Kang In to join him at his army camp too.  Shin always felt at ease and happiest whenever he was home with Chae Kyung.

The next morning, Shin realized he fell asleep before anything happened, so he felt friskier in the morning and noticed Chae Kyung was sleeping in a sexy negligee.  He kissed her tenderly, so that she woke up smiling.

“Mianhae, Bingung.  Can I make it up to you this morning?” smiled Shin.

Chae Kyung just nodded her head and grinned at her Crown Prince lovingly.

Shin and Chae Kyung kissed each other passionately and spent a blissful morning together in bed.


Secretary Kong had to knock on the door to make sure the Crown Prince was ready to leave in the Royal limousine back to his Army camp.

“Silehamnida, Jeonah. (Excuse me, your highness.)  The limousine is ready to leave in a half hour.  Are you ready to go, Jeonah?”  Secretary Kong said anxiously.

Shin kissed Chae Kyung quickly and scrambled to take a quick shower.  He then came out of the shower to put his military clothes on.  Chae Kyung was giggling seeing Shin trying to get his things together within minutes.  Luckily, for Shin, Chae Kyung already packed his bags with clean shirts and underwear and his shaving bag the night before.

“Don’t worry, Shin goon.  I made sure to have everything ready for you so that you wouldn’t have to worry about packing this morning.

Shin grabbed his shoes and gave Chae Kyung another quick kiss goodbye.  “Saranghae, Bingung.  Write to me soon.  You know I always look forward to your letters and pictures.  Annyeong!”  Shin said as he ran out the door with his military bag and his hair still sopping wet.

Chae Kyung hugged her knees as she sat in bed by herself.  She was so sad to see Shin leave, but at the same time she knew she was the luckiest woman to have Shin in her life.


To be continued…

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    Nice chapter, Bingungmama. It was again warm and the royal couple with their son had a lot of time together. I enjoyed reading.

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    Congratulations. You are good in telling stories.

  2. Thanks Novchime. So you couldn’t wait, huh? It really doesn’t take long to read. I’ll see you later. Take care.

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