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Always In My Heart – Chapter 11

Chapter 11

The Green-Eyed Monster


While Shin was on his way back to finish his military duty, Yul’s mother, Hwa Yeong was being driven by her personal assistant, Song Jae Hyun to a secluded warehouse outside of Seoul.  Hwa Yeong had her nursemaid as well as Song Jae Hyun.  He was a strong and burly middle aged man whom Hwa Yeong hired as her assistant and personal bodyguard.  She could never be too careful because she knew she was not liked by the Royal family as well as from the citizens of South Korea. Since Yul admitted setting the fire at the Palace, it still hurt Hwa Yeong’s pride that she was deposed from the Palace.

Although, Yul was able to return to the Palace due to the Royal family’s need for someone to help with the Royal duties, Hwa Yeong was not welcome in the Palace.  Not being able to live in the Palace infuriated her.  Also, knowing that the original plan to assassinate Queen Hye Myeong and Shin had failed caused her to be bitter.

Jae Hyun had informed her that a very important man needed to meet with her to talk about business.  Hwa Yeong was told that she would be given as much as a million dollars if they worked out a deal.  Hwa Yeong could use the money since the Royal family barely gave her enough to live the lifestyle that she became accustomed to when she lived in the Palace.

Since the day of the car accident, Hwa Yeong had to accept becoming a disabled person.  She had learned how to use a remote controlled wheelchair.  She felt it gave her more freedom if she could control the wheelchair rather than having someone push her from behind. Jae Hyun had to carry Hwa Yeong in and out of the wheelchair since she was unable to walk for long distances.  She had feeling in her legs, but it took tremendous will power just to stand.  Sometimes, when her legs caused her pain, she had wished that she had died in the car accident.

  After Jae Hyun placed Hwa Yeong in her wheelchair, she told him, “I will call you on your cell phone to let you know when to come back to pick me up.  Go on and have yourself some breakfast or a cup of coffee while you are waiting for my call.”

“Miss Hwa Yeong, are you sure it is okay to leave you here?” asked  Jae Hyun.

“Yes, don’t worry.  Kinchanayo (I’m okay),” Hwa Yeong said trying to reassure Jae Hyun.

Jae Hyun drove the car out into traffic as Hwa Yeong moved slowly into the warehouse in a bad part of town.  As Hwa Yeong came through the door, she felt a slight chill in the air and entered the huge warehouse a bit frightened.

In the slightly lit room of the warehouse, Hwa Yeong could only see smoke coming from a lighted cigarette.  Then a voice she recognized immediately asked her to come closer.  Suddenly, a few more lights were turned on so that she could see it was who she thought it was.

Kim Kang Dae was smoking a cigarette and asked her to come closer so that they could see each other face to face.

“Come closer so that we can talk,” said Kang Dae.  “It’s been a long time since we’ve seen each other Hwa Yeong.  I see you are now using a remote controlled wheelchair.  I’m sorry that I didn’t talk with you much after Eun-Hee’s funeral.  My family and I were very distraught and we still are very heartbroken.  That’s why I’ve asked you to meet me.”

“I understand how you must feel, Kang Dae.  Remember, I lost my husband suddenly because of a car accident,” said Hwa Yeong.  Nobody can replace a loved one.  Time only heals our wounds, but I still remember the memories of my dear husband. Our attempts to kill Queen Hye Myeong and the Crown Prince, Lee Shin has failed,” Hwa Yeong said angrily.

“That’s exactly why I brought you here for this meeting.  We cannot speak through emails or phone.  I don’t want to leave any type of trails whereby the Police or NIS can trace our conversations.  That is also why my assistant, Hwang Soo contacted your assistant, Jae Hyun,” said Kang Dae.

“I also heard that they are putting the Crown Prince in their espionage department so that he can concentrate on finding out who is attempting to kill the Royal family.    Everything must be done in person and very discreetly,” explained Kang Dae.

“Then how are we going to make my son, Yul the next King and our grandson, Ji Woo the future King of the Republic of Korea?” she asked.  “I’m sure you heard that the Crown Prince has a full time bodyguard with him.  Also, being in the military is one of the most secured places to be staying in.”

“I heard all the details from Hwang Soo.  I was able to stop the NIS from finding out that I hired the man responsible for scaring the Royal family at Young-ah’s birthday celebration.  By giving a half million dollars in his family’s bank account, he was able to help his poor family financially before his untimely death,” said Kang Dae.  “We also had to kill the man who tried to assassinate the Crown Prince who was serving time in a Chinese prison.  The Chinese gang that I contacted knew someone in the same prison who was willing to kill that man for money also.”

“What about the Elder that you have bribed to sway the decisions of the other Elders?  Is he going to talk?  Will you have to kill him too?” asked Hwa Yeong.  “This is getting out of control, Kang Dae!” Hwa Yeong yelled in anger.

“I know!  I know!” shouted Kang Dae.  “Do you have any other ideas on how to kill the Crown Prince?” he asked.

“Well, instead of focusing our attention on the Crown Prince since he is protected twenty-four hours a day and he is in the military, which is one of the most secured places, “Why don’t we get the Crown Princess deposed out of the Palace again?” replied Hwa Yeong.  “We will try to make a big scandal, so that she will be considered a disgrace as the Crown Princess or future Queen.  This way, Yul will just fall into place as the future King without anymore blood on our hands,” smiled Hwa Yeong.

“That’s not a bad idea, Hwa Yeong,” said Kang Dae.  “You are very smart indeed!  That’s why I am willing to give you a million dollars if you can get my grandson to be the future King.  I can’t do anything more to help you.  I want to stay out of this from now on.  I am afraid the Crown Prince will find out through his detective work that I am involved in this scheme, so I am leaving the rest up to you.  I hope the trail ends without him knowing that I was a part of it.  I can’t afford to get caught and end up in jail.  My family has been through enough sadness.”

“So, what kind of scandal do we plan for the Crown Princess that will get her deposed?” asked Kang Dae.  “It has to be so scandalous that both her and the Crown Prince will be deposed together out of the Palace by the citizens of this country.”

After a few minutes, Hwa Yeong spoke.  “I know!” Hwa Yeong said while snapping her fingers at the same time.  “We must make it look like she is having an affair.  This way, she will look inferior in the citizens eyes as well as Shin’s.  If Shin finds out that Chae Kyung is having an affair, he will definitely leave her and then there is no future King or Queen!”  Hwa Yeong said happily.

“Didn’t the Crown Princess get deposed the first time from the scandal of a possible affair?” asked Kang Dae.  “Wasn’t it Yul that caused the scandal the first time?

“Yul knows that he cannot be with Chae Kyung.  He told me he promised Eun-Hee before she died that he would do everything in his power to make sure that he became the next King and that their son, Ji Woo would become the next in line.  I think I will be able to find someone willing to get paid lots of money to pretend to be in love with the Crown Princess.”  Suddenly, Hwa Yeong laughed hysterically like the evil witch that she was.

Shin returned to his military camp by early afternoon driven in the Royal limousine by his own personal bodyguard, Pyeong Seung Jo.  Shin personally hired Seung Jo when he found out he was the bodyguard that saved Young-ah and his family from the smoke bomb.   Shin felt that Seung Jo was quick in his thinking and quite loyal.    Seung Jo was as tall as Shin and quite good looking too.  He looked like a business executive or an Asian James Bond.  The only flaw that Seung Jo had was at times he was clumsy.  He was known to trip over his own two feet.

Jung-Suk-Won-4 jung_suk_won

As soon as Seung Jo stopped the car, Shin immediately went to his barracks to unpack.  Seung Jo was to sleep in the same barracks as Shin.  All the men had their own locker and a small bed to sleep on.  There were about twelve men in each barrack.  Even though Seung Jo had already done his military duty, he had to live as a soldier.  Seung Jo enjoyed working out, so he had no problems with the physical training.  Many of the soldiers were envious of Seung Jo’s physique.   He was Shin’s shadow, which  Shin didn’t like very much, but he had no choice in the matter.    Seung Jo’s main job was to check the premises around the buildings and then he had to also check the food and the barracks everyday to make sure there was nothing out of the ordinary or anything that may look suspicious.  Seung Jo was trained in Tae Kwon Do and he was the top in his class in his National Intelligence Service (NIS) training.  Shin definitely hired the right man to watch over him.

When Shin started unpacking his bag, he came across something that was hidden with his things.  Shin pulled out the brown stuffed bear that Chae Kyung had originally bought for the baby at the COEX Mall.  Shin told Chae Kyung to buy the brown bear because he wanted a boy.


Shin just smiled to himself.  Seung Jo saw Shin looking at the bear. Shin immediately looked at Seung Jo sternly while shaking his finger at him and said, “Don’t you dare say anything to me or the other men in the barracks about my bear or I will have you demoted.  Arasoe? (Okay?)”

Seung Jo just nodded his head in agreement and then he turned around so that Shin couldn’t see him laughing to himself as he walked away.

Shin looked carefully around him to make sure no one saw him with the bear.  He had to hide the bear in his locker so that the other men wouldn’t laugh at him.  If they did, he would just tell them that his wife, the Crown Princess and his son, the baby Crown Prince were sending their love to him.  It would also be a reminder to him of how much he loved them too.

There was also a handwritten note from Chae Kyung.

My Dearest Shin Goon,

You were so kind to give Alfred to Young-ah after he was born.  He seems so attached to Alfred that I thought you could use a new friend.  He is a dear friend of Alfred’s.  I hope Albert will be a good friend to you in your time of need.  Also, think of me and Young-ah whenever you see Albert.  We will always be thinking of you.  Take care of yourself and make sure to eat well.


Chae Kyung

P.S.  The next time I see you, and if I give you a *wink* it will be my signal to you to make our exit from the grownups. XOXO

Shin smiled with happiness in his heart and he started feeling his heart ache from missing Chae Kyung and Young-ah.  When Shin was finished putting everything away, he ran out of the barracks to talk with General Hyun about his new assignment to work as a trainee in the espionage department in another part of the camp.

When Shin arrived at General Hyun’s office, Seung Jo was right behind him.  General Hyun was aware of Shin’s new training and was immediately called into his office.  Seung Jo was asked to join the Crown Prince.

Both Shin and Seung Jo saluted General Hyun when they walked through the door and into his office.

“Anjaeyo, Saeja and Pyeong Seung Jo,” said General Hyun.  “I’m glad to meet you Seung Jo.  I heard many good things about you.  You will be joining the Crown Prince in his training.  You will not have to do the course work, but you will help him with the detective work, since you have also been through the training yourself not too long ago.  You will be a great asset to the department and to the Crown Prince.”

“Gomsamnida, General Hyun,” both Shin and Seung Jo said while bowing at the same time.

“I also heard that your friend Hwang Kang In will be joining you in the espionage department.  I understand that it is imperative to find out who is behind the assassination and terrorist attempts on the Royal family, so I am willing to let you and Seung Jo be a part of the team.  Your friend Kang In is also lucky to be joining the both of you.  Only the elite and most trustworthy individuals are allowed to work in the department.  Well, you both will start training tomorrow so just relax for this evening.  Here are more detailed instructions and your schedules.  Do either of you have any questions?” asked General Hyun.

“Aniyo.” both Shin and Seung Jo said at the same time.

“Then have a good day and good luck with your training.  I hope you find the people involved in these horrible acts on your family.  They deserve to be punished to the extent of the law,” grumbled General Hyun.

Shin and Seung Jo stood up from their chairs and saluted the General before leaving.  Seung Jo tripped on his feet as he was walking and pushed Shin on his back.    Shin almost fell over, but regained his balance.  General Hyun just laughed as the two men went walking out of his office.

As soon as the two men were out of the building and into the bright sunlight, Shin yelled at Seung Jo, “Yah!  You don’t have to stand so close to me!  You need to keep some distance from me.  Arachi? (Got it?)”

Seung Jo spoke with great confidence, “ I will Jeohna! I promise, I will track down the persons responsible for the terrorist acts on the Royal family.  Trust me, Jeohna, I WILL find them and I will personally kick their **** before handing them over to the Police!” Seung Jo did a high kick that almost ended up hitting Shin, but Shin was able to move his head in time.  Shin looked at Seung Jo sternly again and said, “If you had kicked me in the face, I would have kicked you right out of this military base!  How dare you almost hit me,” snapped Shin.  “You seem just as clumsy as my wife, the Crown Princess.”

Seung Jo bowed deeply to Shin and said, “I’m sorry, Jeonah.  Please forgive me.  It won’t happen again.  I sometimes get too excited, especially when it comes to fighting.  I like using my Tae Kwon Do skills on enemies that sometimes I forget to wait till I get inside the gym to workout.  Shin just peered at Seung Jo with a look that said, “Yea, right.”

Back at the Palace, Chae Kyung went to pick up Young-ah and then they both walked up to Yul’s Palace, which used to be Shin and Chae Kyung’s home.

Chae Kyung wanted Young-ah and Ji Woo to become close since they were second cousins.  Chae Kyung and Shin already spoke with Yul on this matter.  He agreed that both boys needed to become familiar with each other and to bond with each other since Ji Woo’s birth.

Yul was sitting on one of the benches outside on the terrace holding Ji Woo in his arms when Chae Kyung came walking towards them holding Young-ah’s hand.  Young-ah was still learning how to walk so Chae Kyung needed to hold his hand.

“Annyeong, Yul Goon! Hello baby Ji Woo-ssi!” smiled Chae Kyung as she waved to the both of them.


“Hello, Bingung Mama,” said Yul while using Ji Woo’s hand to wave hello to their guests.

“Wow!” Chae Kyung was amazed how Shin and Chae Kyung’s first home looked absolutely amazing.  “This place looks so different from when Shin and I lived here.  I guess it’s because Eun-Hee put her style and tastes to decorate your home.  It’s very charming and yet has a modern feel to it also.  Eun-Hee went to English boarding schools and her tastes had a British feel to it with lots of florals and toile wallpaper.

“Yul was pleased with how Eun-Hee decorated their home since it also reminded him of his years of living in England.  He didn’t feel it was necessary to change it after her death.  It made him feel as though she was still with him when he walked around their Palace.

Ji Woo was barely four months old so a play date wasn’t possible, but the two little ones would smile at each other just the same.  Young-ah liked to touch Ji Woo’s face and tried to give little Ji Woo wet kisses.

Chae Kyung encouraged Young-ah by saying, “Bobo (kiss).  Give your eomma a bobo.  Now, give Ji Woo a bobo too.  Omo, Young-ah you are so cute when you give bobo’s to everyone,” smiled Chae Kyung.

 Young-ah – 1 years old

Yul was so happy to see the two boys together.  He was also happy to see Chae Kyung having an enjoyable time.  He missed seeing and talking with Chae Kyung.  He didn’t realize he still had feelings for Chae Kyung, but when he saw Chae Kyung’s bright smile, he couldn’t help but feel delighted.  He tried to hide his feelings from her for obvious reasons.  He couldn’t afford to get himself or the Crown Princess in trouble again because of his feelings for her.

Yul had a meeting with the Elders a few days ago and they asked him to escort the Crown Princess to the official opening of a new exhibit at Seoul National University Museum of Art (SNUMoA)*.  Although they didn’t want rumors to spread that Yul and the Crown Princess would be attending together, they didn’t think it would hurt their popularity if they went as representatives of the Royal family.

At first, Yul didn’t think it would be a good idea, but when he saw Chae Kyung, he thought to himself, Why not?  We will be going as representatives of the Royal family.  That’s all, nothing more.

On a whim, Yul decided to ask Chae Kyung.  “Did you get the invitation to attend the opening of the new exhibit at Seoul National University Museum of Art?  Would it be all right with you if we went together as representatives of the Royal family?” asked Yul.  “Actually, it was the Elders idea for me to escort you since we were both invited to attend,” explained Yul.  “It’s not a date or anything.” Yul said while waving his hand back and forth to emphasize that it’s not what you think.

Chae Kyung backed away from Yul and was surprised that he said the word, “date.”  “Oh, Yul goon, I don’t think it would be a good idea if you are thinking of it as a date,” said Chae Kyung.

“No!  Don’t misunderstand me.  The Elders suggested it.  Not me.  If you don’t want to go together, then I understand.  It’s just that we are both attending, so we can just go together as representatives of the Royal family and that’s all,” Yul said nervously.  Yul didn’t know why he was feeling so nervous.  Usually, he was very calm around Chae Kyung.

Chae Kyung slugged Yul in the arm and said, “I’m just joking with you, Yul goon.  I would be happy to go with you.  It would be nice to get out of the Palace for an evening,” laughed Chae Kyung.  “I hope you won’t get egged like Shin did when we went to the opening of the exhibit on Matisse.”

Yul smiled at Chae Kyung’s remark which made him feel more at ease when she was her playful self.

Not too long after Chae Kyung left Yul and Ji Woo, Yul received a phone call from his mother Hwa Yeong.

“Hello, Yul!  I’m calling to see how you and Ji Woo are doing.  Is everything going well?” asked Hwa Yeong.  “Will you be attending the the new exhibit at Seoul National University Museum of Art tomorrow evening?”

“As a matter of fact, I will be going with the Crown Princess.  Don’t worry about Ji Woo.  He has both his nannies taking care of him while I am away.”

There was anger in Hwa Yeong’s voice when she spoke.  “Yul, you shouldn’t be going with the Crown Princess.  I don’t want anymore scandals between the two of you.  Do you hear me?”

“Don’t worry eomma.  The Elders were the ones who suggested that we both attend together.  We are just going as representatives of the Royal family.  We our performing our civic duty,” explained Yul.

“Yul, just be careful around that clumsy girl.  She is a disgrace to the Royal family,” growled Hwa Yeong and then she ended the conversation by  hanging up the phone on Yul.

Yul just looked at the phone in his hand and shook his head.  He couldn’t believe how rude his mother could be sometimes.

Hwa Yeong’s statement that the Crown Princess was a disgrace to the Royal family was far from the truth.  Many of the female citizens of Korea were very proud of Chae Kyung.  In fact, she was becoming very popular among the young working mothers in South Korea.  They saw her as a role model.  They respected the Crown Princess for continuing her education in college, her charity work and her devotion to being a loving mother to Young-ah.  They especially loved her fashion sense.  The Crown Princess’ fashion was the talk of the town among men and women.  The men saw her as very pretty and had a charming personality.  The women liked how the Crown Princess had grace and was intuitive in her choice of  fashion.  She also wore casual wear whenever she was out with Young-ah.  Working mothers knew that dressing casually made sense.

The evening of the exhibition at Seoul National University Museum of Art (SNUMoA) was filled with many important dignitaries and VVIP guests.  The Crown Princess and the Royal Prince were driven together in one of the royal limousines.  There were a few news reporters at the event. As the Crown Princess and Royal Prince came out of the limousine, people from the crowd were screaming with excitement.


The Crown Princess wore a sequined dress that showed her nice curves and long legs.  She looked radiant and  beautiful.  The Royal Prince wore a sharp dark gray suit and a matching tie.  He looked very handsome next to the Crown Princess.  It was hard not to notice how stunning they both looked together.


Chae Kyung and Yul met the officials of the museum and spoke with others who were involved in setting up the exhibit. Reporters were invited and took pictures of the two together, but Chae Kyung tried to distance herself from Yul so that the reporters knew that they came as representatives of the Royal family and not as a couple.

As Chae Kyung walked around the museum to gaze at the beautiful paintings, she was offered something to drink and eat from the many waiters and waitresses.  Chae Kyung chose to drink only a glass of champagne.  She thanked the waiter and started to look at another area of the museum.

Chae Kyung was given a personal tour of the exhibit by one of the curators of the museum.  Unfortunately, Chae Kyung wasn’t watching where she was going as she had her full attention on the curator and she ended up bumping into a businessman who’s company gave donations to the museum as a benefactor.

“Omo!  Mianhamnida! (I’m sorry!)  Chae Kyung kept on bowing as she apologized for not looking where she was going.  Then, she tried to use a handkercheif given to her by the curator to wipe away the stain from the man’s suit.

The man smiled and bowed at Chae Kyung and said, “Kinchanaeyo (It’s okay), Bingung Mama.”

“Please, give me your name and an address where I can send you some money for the suit,” cried Chae Kyung.  “I’m so sorry.  Chae Kyung put her hand to cover her mouth. “I am so embarrassed.  If you’d like I will send my bodyguard to take you home so that you can put on a new suit and come back to the museum.”

“That’s not a bad idea, Bingung Mama.  Except, you shouldn’t be without your bodyguard, so why don’t you drive back with me to my place and I can change my suit while you are waiting?” smiled the man.

Chae Kyung’s bodyguard immediately came between the Crown Princess and the stranger.  Chae Kyung looked at the man with a questioning look and she became speechless as to what to say to his request.  Then, Chae Kyung said quietly to the stranger, “I’m sorry for what I did, but I am not going to go back to your place whatsoever.  You seem like a nice man, but I think you can go by yourself.”

Luckily, Yul saw the whole incident and heard the conversation.  Although, Yul and Chae Kyung went their separate ways while going through the museum, Yul made sure to keep an eye on the Crown Princess.

“Bingung Mama, we should stay here at the exhibit.  I will send my bodyguard to take the man back home.  I’m sure you understand that the Crown Princess is not allowed to leave with a stranger.”  replied Yul.

The man was not happy, but he knew that he wouldn’t be able to get his way.  He just smiled and bowed at both Chae Kyung and then at Yul.  “Do not worry about me.  I will take a taxi and leave quietly.  Have an enjoyable evening Bingung Mama and Royal Prince Eui-Sung,” said the stranger.  The man left knowing that he had failed at his attempt to bring the Crown Princess to his trap.  It wasn’t going to be as easy as he had thought.

After about an hour of looking at the paintings, Yul told the museum curator that they had to leave.  They both wanted to be home in time to put both the younger Crown Prince and Royal Prince to bed.

The reporters had a field day with writing about the mishap at the museum.  The Crown Princess and Royal Prince Eui-Sung made the front pages of the newspapers with the title, The Crown Princess Has A Mishap, but Royal Prince Eui-Sung Saves The Day!

  The next morning, Chae Kyung and Yul were called in by Shin’s father the King (Paehya).  Chae Kyung was so nervous because she knew she was in trouble.  Chae Kyung walked into the King’s office with her head down.  Yul walked in behind Chae Kyung with a smile and confidence.

“Mianhamnida, Aboji,” said Chae Kyung as she bowed her head to her father-in-law the King.

“Good morning, Paehya,” said Yul.

The King first smiled at Chae Kyung because he loved her dearly and he knew she was sorry.  Chae Kyung was young and seemed to be naive at times.  The King cleared his throat and said, “Bingung…you are lucky that Yul was with you to stop that man from trying to lure you to his place.”

“Abeoji!  I would never, ever go with that man to his place!” screamed Chae Kyung.  “Why would you think that?”

“You probably wouldn’t have, but you are so kind that sometimes, I think that you would do anything if it would make someone else happy.” sighed the King.  “It was a good thing that Yul was there to help you in that awkward situation from becoming a scandal.”

“Paeyha, if it’s okay with you, whenever there is a Royal invitation that both Bingung Mama and I must attend, will you allow me to escort the Crown Princess?  I think it would be good for the both of us to go together.

The King wanted Chae Kyung to have someone escort her to her Royal duties, but he knew it wouldn’t look good if it was with another man, even if that man was her cousin-in-law, the Royal Prince.  Reporters would try to make it look as though the two were a couple.  Although, no one outside of the Palace knew that Yul fell in love with the Crown Princess, the King couldn’t be too sure that someone would try to leak it to the press or that the reporters would try to start a scandal in order to sell newspapers.

“Jeohna, Royal Prince Eui-Sung.  I know you want to protect Bingung Mama, but it wouldn’t be a good idea for the two of you to go to events together anymore  I think the reporters will try to start a scandal with the two of you.  I know the both of you feel more like friends, rather than cousin-in-laws to each other, but we can’t let this happen again.”

Both Chae Kyung and Yul knew the King was right about how people might take it the wrong way if they showed up together at different events together all the time.  Both nodded in agreement to the King.  Chae Kyung sighed to herself, because she liked being with Yul as her friend and protector while Shin was gone.

The King suggested to Yul that he take Queen Hye Myeong as an escort when he needed one.  Queen Hye Myeong’s title was never taken away after the accident because the family felt that she would prevail and return to take over, but in the meantime, the King was still considered in charge and both Shin and Yul would help the King by attending public affairs.  Queen Hye Myeong was progressing tremendously in all aspects of her life.  She still can’t remember much from her own past, but she has learned quickly with language and daily life skills.

Chae Kyung agreed to continue her charity work at the children’s hospital in Seoul and to help at the local art school for children.  Due to her studies in fashion, Chae Kyung had been invited to attend many local fashion shows and for one of her university projects, she has been preparing to put on a fashion show with other students.

Shin had immersed himself in finding out as much as he could on who was involved in the attempted assassinations and terrorist acts on his family.  Kang In joined Shin in the espionage department not too long after Shin arrived back at his military camp.

The espionage team working on finding out who was behind the terrorist attacks on the Royal family was given the operation code name: The King of Spades. To some people, the spades in a deck of cards represents death.*  Shin, Kang In, Seung Jo and six other team members worked furiously using their computers to look up Kang Dae’s bank accounts for unusual deposits or withdrawals.  If there was a substantial amount of money taken out, they wanted to know where or who received the money.  They studied  phone conversations in China and in England to check if any calls were made to Chinese warlords or gangsters or to the individual who tried to assassinate the Crown Prince.  The team looked at the persons involved in the assassination attempts that may have worked for Kang Dae.

Days, weeks and months were spent on just researching all the money records and phone calls made to China and England.  Seung Jo worked on finding information on Kang Dae’s past and his family background.  Kang In’s job was to look at Shin’s Aunt, Hwa Yeong.  Shin focused his attention on Yul’s life history once he moved to England with his aunt. No rocks would be left unturned if Shin could help it.

When Shin came back to the Palace to spend time with Chae Kyung, Young-ah and his family, he still couldn’t relax knowing that they were getting closer to finding out about Kang Dae and Hwa Yeong.  He couldn’t find any corruption with Yul, but he still didn’t trust him.  Shin was upset with both Chae Kyung and Yul for going out together as though they were a couple for the Art exhibit event.  Seeing the two together in the newspapers made Shin very jealous even though he knew Chae Kyung was devoted to him, he still couldn’t accept seeing them together.  In fact, Shin personally worked on Yul’s past history.  Shin had speculated something about Yul and so he wanted to be the one to do the research.

On one of the visits to the Palace, Chae Kyung could sense that Shin’s mind was not on being with her or his family.  He would be on his computer in his office looking up information and making phone calls.

Chae Kyung came into Shin’s office and sat in one of the chairs beside him. “Shin goon, I was wondering if we could go visit Kang In and Hyo-Rin for a playdate with Young-ah and Suzy?  Wouldn’t that be nice?

“I’m sorry, Bingung…I have a lot of work that I need to do.  Can you go by yourself?  Besides, I see Kang In everyday at our military camp.  You go on ahead,” sighed Shin.  “I promise, I’ll go with you next time.  Okay?”  Shin said sadly knowing that he was hurting Chae Kyung’s feelings.  Shin promised Chae Kyung that he would have dinner with her and Young-ah in the evening instead.

Chae Kyung walked out of Shin’s office with her head down and moped all the way to Young-ah’s room.  She felt as though Shin loved working in the espionage department more than being with her or his own son.  Young-ah was going to be two years old in a few months.  Shin would be able to come home from his military duty around the time of Young-ah’s second birthday.  At first, she was so excited knowing that Shin would be permanently home with them, but at the same time she knew that he would continue to work hard in finding out who was responsible for trying to kill his family.  It was as though Shin became obsessed over this whole, King of Spades operation.  That was the only thing that Shin told Chae Kyung.  He would only say that he was working on the King of Spades.

Chae Kyung sensed that Shin’s father the King seemed to be under the weather recently.  She was escorted by her father-in-law to the Seoul Opera House for a special performance by a famous Korean Opera singer, but by the time intermission arrived, he asked Chae Kyung if it would be all right to leave early.

“Bingung Mama, I am feeling quite tired all of a sudden.  Would it be all right with you if we left early?” asked the King.

Chae Kyung didn’t object to his request and was very concerned for her father-in-law.

“Paehya, if you are not feeling well, let us leave immediately.  I was almost falling asleep myself.

The King just smiled to himself.  He knew that Chae Kyung probably didn’t like listening to Opera as much as he did, but he was really not feeling well.  He felt one of his dizzy spells was going to happen if he didn’t lie down.

Suddenly as the thought occurred to him, he fell instantly to the floor. His bodyguards immediately ran to help the King.  Another bodyguard called 911 on his cell phone.

Chae Kyung was scared for her father-in-law.  She sat beside him and put his head on her lap until the ambulance arrived.  Chae Kyung called out, “Aboji!  Please don’t die, Aboji!”  Poor Chae Kyung felt so helpless next to her  father-in-law.

The King was in the hospital being observed and going through tests to make sure that he was okay.  Unfortunately, the test results on his CAT-SCAN showed that the King had a tumor in his brain.  The tumor was in an area that would be too difficult to operate on.  The doctors had to tell  the King the horrible news.  They predicted that on any given day, either he would have a seizure or die in his sleep.  They recommended that the King make sure to have his will and testament in place and to say his last goodbyes to his family members.  It was a very heartbreaking statement to hear, but the King knew that it was going to happen someday.  He felt his dizzy spells happening more often and he slept more and at longer intervals than before.  It was important to the King that he spoke in person with Shin and Yul together to decide the future of the Monarchy.  He requested that Secretary Kong get in touch with General Hyun to let Shin visit him in the hospital.

Shin and Seung Jo drove nonstop back to Seoul as soon as they got the message from General Hyun that Shin should visit his father in the hospital.  When Shin arrived at Seoul University Hospital, Yul was already with his Uncle, the King talking about his continued work on trade agreements with China.

Shin said hello to Yul and then sat beside his father on the opposite side of Yul.  The King was so glad to see both Shin and Yul together.  He spoke quietly to them due to his weakness, “ I have something very important to say to the both of you.  I was told by the doctors that I wouldn’t have much time left to live and so I wanted to let the both of you know who I will announce to be the next King.  Kreegoo, (And) I have a confession to make to the both of you.  I ask that you forgive me, but I will understand if neither of you will.”

Shin immediately held his father’s hand and with tears in his eyes said, “Abeoji, don’t worry about me.  Just get better for everyone wants you to continue to be the King.

The King hesitated to say what was on his mind.  He felt so much anguish for having kept his secret for so long.

“I would like Shin to be the next King.  Yul…you can be next in line if Shin doesn’t want the responsibility or if he feels that you will be the better King.  I only ask that Shin be the King because he is the oldest and I feel as tradition goes, the oldest son should be King.”

Yul looked at his Uncle with confusion in his eyes.  “What do you mean oldest son?  My father was the oldest son, so shouldn’t I get to be the next in line?”

“Listen Yul, you are my son, but Shin is older than you by three months,” replied the King.

Yul looked at Shin and then at his Uncle  in shock.  “Don’t joke with me, Paehya!” shouted Yul with anger.  “Are you saying that Shin and I are half brothers?”

“I’m sorry.  I know this is a shock to the both of you, but I can’t keep it a secret any longer.  Yes, you are half brothers.  Your mother, Hwa Yeong and I were together as a couple, but when she found out that my older brother, Lee Soo was going to be King, she left me for your father.  I continued our affair even after she married my brother, Lee Soo.  Mianhamnida. (I’m sorry).  Once we found out that Hwa Yeong was pregnant, we both agreed to keep it a secret.  We didn’t want to hurt my brother or your eomma, Shin.  If the affair became known, it would have caused so much anguish for everyone in the Royal family.  My own father, the King at the time and Tae Hoo Mama would have been devastated.  Let alone, your father, Yul.  Hwa Yeong loved your father dearly and we both decided to let everyone think that you were Soo’s son.  No one knows, not even your own eomma, Shin.  But, I suspect, that she may have an idea that Yul is my son.  We do look alike, but many children are known to look like other family members.

Yul was in shock.  He couldn’t say another word.  He stormed out of the hospital room and left Shin with his father, the King.  He didn’t know what to say or think.  He needed time to let the shocking news sink in his mind.


To be continued…

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    I love it. Like a lot!

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    thanks…waiting for the next it..

  3. novchime permalink

    Oh very nice again, Bingungmama! You made us eager to read the next chapter again. What a revelation at the end…. the two as brothers!. I also like the funny sections, like Chae Kyung and Seung Jo (the body guard) being clumsy, and Shin Goon having a bear in his luggage. I admire how you get all the ideas on the fanfic. Keep it up! I am already waiting for the next chapter, but take your time so you can think better. Regards….

  4. I’m glad you liked this chapter. I think If there was a Goong 2, the PD gave the drama enough clues that they might have made Shin and Yul half brothers. At least I got that impression from watching the original drama.

  5. O.O! That’s a big shock bigungmama… I didn’t suspect that while watching the drama… Anyway… good job ^_^
    Looking forward for the next chapter…

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