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Always In My Heart – Chapter 12

Chapter 12

The New King And Queen


Yul was shocked.  He couldn’t say another word.  He left Shin with their father, the King.  He didn’t know what to say or think.  He needed time to understand what he had just heard. Yul rushed out of the hospital with his bodyguards following behind him.

Shin excused himself from his father to speak with Yul.  He knew it was important to make sure that Yul did not tell anyone about their father’s scandal.  As soon as Shin walked out of his father’s hospital room, Seung Jo followed Shin out of the hospital too.

As Yul was walking towards one of the Royal limousines, Shin called out to Yul to stop.  “Jamkkanman! (Wait a minute!)  We need to talk, Yul!”

Yul just ignored Shin and kept walking towards the car.

Shin told Seung Jo to stop Yul from getting away.  Seung Jo ran to grab Yul by the arm, but then one of Yul’s bodyguards stepped in to stop Seung Jo.  Seung Jo punched that bodyguard in the stomach so hard that he fell to the ground holding his stomach in pain.  Next, the other bodyguard grabbed Seung Jo from behind, but he was able to turn him around and get him in a choke hold.

Yul yelled at the men, “Geuman!  (Stop it!)  Stop fighting!  I will talk with you in the car, Shin. There’s no need for violence.”  Seung Jo opened the car door for Yul and Shin and then closed it behind them.  Yul’s bodyguards were rubbing their sore muscles while Seung Jo stood guard by the car with his arms crossed and his legs spread apart in a confident stance.

Yul was furious. “So Shin, what can you possibly say that will make me feel any better?  Did you want me to congratulate you on your becoming the next King?  Well, you can forget about that!  Did you want me to hug you because I found out that we are now brothers?  Do you think I am so happy to know that your father is really my father too, but he refused to let me know about it until his near death?” screamed Yul.  “What can you possibly say to me that will make me feel good about my life at this moment?”

“I know it’s a shock to you and I was also shocked to find out about it myself about five months ago, but I can understand why my father didn’t want anyone to know.  It would’ve hurt so many family members.  Besides,I’m certain your mother agreed to keep it a secret also.  This is what they both wanted to save the Monarchy.”

“What? You knew that we were brothers for over five months?  Your father made it sound like he was telling you his secret for the first time,” said Yul.  Yul couldn’t say, “our father.’  He couldn’t believe that his uncle was really his father too.

Shin tried to explain, “Your right, he doesn’t know that I already kn0w about his secret.  You know that I have been working in the espionage department at my Army camp.  I had a suspicion that you may have been my brother because of the affair that I found out about from the sordid letters between my father and your mother.  Do you remember those letters I gave you?

“Yes, but I thought that was in the past before she met my father,” said Yul.

Shin continued to try to explain to Yul.  “Well you do look a lot like our father, I wanted to make sure about the paternity, so I got both a hair and blood sample of my father’s by asking Secretary Kong for help.  Secretary Kong pulled a piece of my father’s hair from his hairbrush.  The blood sample was from his last doctor’s visit.  I was able to get your hair and blood sample by having Seung Jo bump into you.”

“I thought he was a bit too clumsy,” said Yul.

“Maja (Your right), Seung Jo is very clumsy indeed,” said Shin.

“So the time when he grabbed my hair because he was about to fall down was on purpose?” asked Yul.

Shin nodded yes.

“Also, the time when he stabbed me with the steak knife because I needed one for dinner, was that a set up to stab me too?” asked Yul.

Shin nodded yes again.  “We made sure that you were the only one who didn’t have your steak knife so he offered to get one for you,” replied Shin. “Then he used his handkerchief to get some of your blood.”

“What about the time when he elbow jabbed me in my nose and gave me a nosebleed?  Was that on purpose too?” asked Yul.

Shin shook his head no.  “That time it was an accident,” smiled Shin.

Yul frowned at Shin.  “I didn’t think anything about those incidents because I saw Seung Jo bumping into you so many times.  I figured it was all because of his clumsiness.”

“I am asking you not to disclose our father’s secret to anyone.  It will definitely cause the Monarchy’s existence to be questioned by the citizens.  I really don’t want to be King, but at this time, I have no choice.  My military duty will be over in two months.  You still need to serve your time in the military when I come back to the Palace,” said Shin.

“What if I want to be King?  Are you willing to give up the throne?” asked Yul.

“I never wanted to be King, but I am going to fulfill my father’s wish and be instated as the next King either before or after his death.  It’s up to the Elders to decide when I should be King.  I am willing to step down, but I have certain conditions that you must abide by if you want to be the King.”

“What if I don’t agree to your conditions?” growled Yul.

“Then you will have to fight me to become the King.” Shin said calmly.

Shin felt that he had the trump card in this game of who will become King.  Shin explained that the espionage team’s code name for their research was called “King of Spades.”  The team found hotel reservations in Kang Dae and Hwa Yeong’s names while Yul was a child.  There were records of phone conversations around the time of Queen Hye Myeong and Shin’s assassination attempt between the two.  Having to explain why they met each other in private or spoke on the phone couldn’t prove that they were involved in assassinating the Royal family, but it would not look good in the eyes of Kang Dae’s family to hear that their father was having an affair.  The team found large sums of money taken out of the Chinese bank accounts for Seoul Broadcasting Corporation being placed in accounts known to belong to the Chinese Mafia.  Trying to prove why the money was given to them would be difficult to explain to the police and NIS.  Shin was telling Yul that if he didn’t want any scandals to come out about his own mother and father-in-law, then he should be quiet about their own father’s scandal.

“Look Yul, I am willing to step down from being the King once you are done with your military duty.  I really don’t want to be the King, but I have to keep the Monarchy in existence.  All I ask that you do is to tell both your mother and father-in-law to stop their attempts on hurting the Royal family.   Also, if our father’s scandal gets leaked to the press then I will assume that it is either you or your mother who wants to hurt the Monarchy.  Neither Halmeoni Tae Hoo Mama or my eomma need to know about the scandal.  In due time, we will tell them, but not just yet.  I’m sure you want what is best for the whole Royal family.  I will try to be a loyal, honorable and caring King to the people.  I will take care of Ji Woo as if he was my own son while you are gone.  I love him just as much as my own son right now.  You may not know it, but I know my father loved you dearly.  I would see him paying attention to you while you were little and while you were at the Palace before you were deposed.  I was jealous of your relationship with my father if you can believe that,” explained Shin.  Shin had his head down as he remembered his feelings of sadness and jealousy thinking that his father cared for Yul more.


“Shin, I know you are an honorable man and I just need time to figure out everything you have just told me,” said Yul.  “If you have all this information on my mother and my father-in-law, why didn’t you turn them in?  I know you don’t like my mother after what she has done to your family.”

“As I said, I want what is best for the Royal family just like our father does.  What good would it have done to have your mother and father-in-law put away?  Why would I need to start a horrible scandal about our family?  Please tell your mother to back off on her desire to have you become the next King.  Don’t worry, in due time, you will get what you want.  As long as your mother and Kang Dae don’t try to overthrow me, I will not pursue an indictment on the two.  Let them know of that soon because I know they are still trying to cause harm to the family in some way,” requested Shin.  “Let me know within a few days or else I may have to start the legal process.”

“I will let you know soon.  I know you mean well, but I need some time to think.”  Yul sighed.  As Shin opened the door to get out, Yul grabbed Shin by his arm to stop him and said, Thank you for explaining things to me.”  Yul had his hand out as a gesture for a handshake. “Thank you, hyung,” grinned Yul.

Shin reciprocated and shook Yul’s hand and smiled back.  “Your welcome, little brother.”

“Can I speak with Seung Jo for a minute, Shin?” asked Yul.

Shin told Seung Jo that Yul wanted to speak with him.  As Seung Jo leaned into the car to listen to what the Royal Prince wanted to say to him, Yul punched Seung Jo in  the face.  “That’s for hurting me all those times on purpose!” growled Yul.

Poor Seung Jo couldn’t do anything but rub his sore cheek.  Shin was laughing and told him that he deserved it.

“Yah!  You told me to do those things, Jeohna,” said Seung Jo as he was still rubbing his face.

Shin went back inside the hospital to be by his father’s side.  He reassured his father that he had a good conversation with Yul.  Shin thought to himself, Yul will be okay with me being the King.  Shin was sure of it.  He knew that Yul wouldn’t want to cause his mother, Hwa Yeong, Kang Dae or any of the other Royal family members to be hurt emotionally by the scandal.  Shin loved his father even more for having kept his secret to himself to save the Royal family from shame.  Living with that kind of pain and anguish was probably what caused his father to have vertigo and the brain tumor. To carry the secret and not be able to tell Yul that he was his biological father was likely a great hardship.  He probably wanted to see Yul, but when his aunt and Yul moved to England, he wasn’t able to see Yul anymore.  Shin wouldn’t know what he would do if he couldn’t see Young-ah anymore.  He could understand his father’s pain and sadness because Shin felt heartache whenever he couldn’t see Young-ah while he was working on his military duty.


By the next evening, Yul spoke to Shin and agreed to let him become King.  He knew that what their father, the King did was for the entire Royal family.  He wouldn’t want to cause a scandal that could jeopardize the Monarchy, so he was fine with Shin becoming the King.    He told Shin that he spoke with his mother and father-in-law together and told them that if they caused any harm to anyone in the Royal family that he would personally make sure to indict them.  Causing harm to a Royal, if convicted is death by a firing squad.  Yul’s mother and Kang Dae agreed that they wouldn’t cause anymore problems.  They knew that they were lucky to get away with murder.  Neither wanted the public to know about their past affair or their attempts to hurt the Royal family.  Kang Dae wanted to keep his position as President of SBC and he was not willing to give up his power and riches.  Hwa Yeong did not want to look worse in the eyes of others for her indiscretions.

Shin agreed to wait for Yul to come back from his military duty before giving up the throne.  After Yul returned to the Palace, Shin would gladly let Yul become the next King.  He only asked that Yul allow everyone to live in the Palace as one family.  That way everyone could help each other with public duties and he could also help Yul with Royal duties outside of the country if he needed Shin.  He also told Yul not to tell anyone about their agreement or else the citizens may not like that he is only being a temporary King.  Yul was not to tell any one of their agreement, even their own father or Chae Kyung.  As long as Yul didn’t have any scandals of his own and had a problem free military career, then Shin would have no qualms in stepping down as the King.

The following day, Shin went back to his military duty and his father was sent home to the Palace to live until his death.  The King was relieved that both his sons were happy with his decision.  Yul came to visit his father as much as he could.  He brought Ji Woo with him to visit.  Shin’s mother Wang Hoo Mama knew in her heart that Yul was her husband’s son, but she still loved the King and she was proud of him for overlooking his own desires to keep the scandal a secret.  He gave up his first love and his son to keep the Monarchy alive.  Besides, they were both happy now with their own family and their grandson, Young-ah.  They truly were in a happy place in their lives now, it’s just sad that it took so long to get there.

By the end of April, Shin arrived home at the Palace for good from his military duty.  His bodyguard Seung Jo came back with him as well as one of his best friends in the Army, Min Joon. Min Joon was introduced to the Royal family as a guest. Min Joon would be staying at the Palace for a few weeks before he had to leave to be trained by the government on becoming an NIS agent himself.  Shin was telling Min Joon that if he wanted, he could come to work as an official bodyguard at the Palace when he was done.

Shin was so happy and relieved to be back home with his family, especially with Chae Kyung and Young-ah.  There was so much to talk about that Shin kept talking and talking with everyone in the Royal living room.  Chae Kyung started getting anxious because it seemed since Shin was involved in the espionage team, Shin hardly paid any attention to her.  For the last ten months while he was working on “The King of Spades,” he ignored Chae Kyung half the time.  Chae Kyung was hoping that Shin remembered her secret code for “alone time” but Shin would just smile at her and then kept talking.

Chae Kyung couldn’t stand it any longer. “Yah! Shin goon we need to talk!” she yelled.

Everyone in the room looked at the Crown Princess in shock.  Even Yul was stunned at Chae Kyung.

“What is it Bingung Mama?” asked Shin.

“Chae Kyung was embarrassed and frustrated at the same time.  She missed how Shin would ask to leave after just a few minutes of talking with the family when he came back home.  Now, it was as if she was of no interest to him anymore.

“Aniyo (nothing),” pouted Chae Kyung.

“Oh…okay…so what was I talking about?” asked Shin.

Chae Kyung sat patiently by Shin while he talked about Min Joon’s sharp shooting and then retold the story about their paintball skirmish.


Later that evening after Chae Kyung and Shin gave Young-ah his bath, they both tucked him in his bed.  Shin read Young-ah a story, while Chae Kyung brushed Young-ah’s hair out of his eyes. Young-ah was so happy to have both his parents with him again.  Young-ah fell right to sleep.  Both parents gave Young-ah a goodnight kiss and walked out of his room to their own bedroom.

When they arrived in their room, Shin sat in one of the armchairs, while Chae Kyung brushed her hair at the vanity table.

Shin spoke first to Chae Kyung and said, “Yah, Ms. Airhead are you mad at me or something?  Museun iliya? (What’s wrong?)” said Shin.  “You won’t look at me and you look so sad.”

Chae Kyung was on the verge of tears, “Shin goon, do you love me?”

Shin was stunned to hear Chae Kyung saying that.  He turned Chae Kyung around so that he could look straight into her eyes.   “Why would you say that?”

Ever since you have been working in that espionage team, you hardly pay any attention to me.  Even when you came home on your days off from your military duty, you hardly spent any time with Young-ah or I.  Even today you didn’t notice me winking at you.  Are you bored with me?”  Chae Kyung was sniffling.  “Do you still love me?”

Shin sighed at his wife and held her in his arms.  “Mianhae (I’m sorry) bingung…I have been selfish.  I spent so much of my time trying to find out who was involved in hurting the Royal family, that I ended up hurting you the most.  Don’t worry, Bingung my espionage work is done.  I will be spending all my free time with you now.  Can you forgive me?” pleaded Shin.

“Well, you know I will only love you Shin goon.  Even in another 25 million years from now, I will only love you,” Chae Kyung cried while telling Shin her confession.

“Nado (Me too),” said Shin. “I will only love you in another 25 million years or more. He went to lift Chae Kyung’s face to his and kissed her tenderly on her lips and then Shin kissed her passionately.  Chae Kyung reciprocated with her whole heart.

After their kiss, Shin smiled and said, “Yah, Bingung…how about we try to have another baby, now that I am home for good?”

“Are you sure?” said Chae Kyung.  “You won’t be too busy to spend time with another child?”

“Listen, Bingung…the future King of this country should have at least five or more children to make sure the Monarchy continues,” Shin said pointing to himself with his thumb.”

“What?  Are you saying that you are going to be the King?” Chae Kyung was not ready to hear this even though she knew her father-in-law was very ill.  She didn’t think it was going to be so soon.

“Let’s not worry about that right now.  I have to make up for lost time, Bingung.  Come over here so we can get started on the future Royal family,” laughed Shin.

Chae Kyung just giggled and followed Shin to their bed.


The family decided to have a duo party for Shin’s welcome home and Young-ah’s second birthday party. (Three years old in Korean age.)

As a surprise for all the family members, Shin had prepared way ahead of time a built in pool to be made and a playground for the children to play at in the Palace grounds.  He knew that being Royals meant that it was safer for Young-ah and Ji Woo to stay within the Palace walls.

The staff prepared a beautiful atmosphere with balloons, decorations, delicious foods and a cake that said, Welcome Home Jeohna and Happy Birthday Young-ah.  It was a perfect spring day for a party outdoors.  The party was exclusive to only close family and friends.

There would also be a barbecue with all kind of meats and many side dishes.  Chae Kyung’s father had made plans to bring all of Chae Kyung’s and Young-ah’s favorite foods.

All the bodyguards were required to watch over the guests.  Shin gave Seung Jo the special assignment as the designated lifeguard by the pool.  Shin knew that he could trust Seung Jo to watch over the children and guests.  Seung Jo was very loyal and protective of the people Shin loved.

Seung Jo didn’t mind having to be the lifeguard.  He enjoyed swimming and showing off his physique. Seung Jo may have been strong physically, but around women, he was clumsy and weak.


                                               Seung Jo and Min Joon

 Shin and Chae Kyung invited their friends from high school including Hyo-Rin and little Suzy.  Kang In was absent from the party because he still had to finish his military duty.  He would be done with his service by the time Christmas arrived.

When Queen Hye Myeong sat at the table with Min Joon, she couldn’t help smiling over his cute looks.  Min Joon was equally attracted to Queen Hye Myeong.  Both the Queen and Min Joon talked all day with each other and enjoyed eating lunch together.

Chae Kyung and her friends, including Hyo-Rin laid by the pool in lounge chairs.  All of her girlfriends couldn’t help staring at Seung Jo’s muscles.

“Oh My God, Jesus Christ Superstar!” screamed Chae Kyung. “I didn’t know that Seung Jo had such an amazing body underneath that dark suit!”  All the women were swooning over Seung Jo.


Shin sneeked up from behind to where Chae Kyung was sitting and whispered in her ear, “I heard that, Ms. Airhead!  I’ll deal with you later for saying that.”

“Aish!  You scared me, Shin goon,” cried Chae Kyung.  Then she made a worried face because she knew Shin would scold her in private for her remark.

Shin went into the pool holding Young-ah and Yul went in holding Ji Woo.  The children wore floats on each of their arms for extra safety precautions.  Chae Joon, Chae Kyung’s brother offered to take Suzy in the pool with him.  Hyo-Rin was grateful and made sure to put floats on Suzy too.  All the men and children were having an enjoyable time in the pool, especially Seung Jo.  Even though he didn’t need to be in the pool, he was swimming around and splashing with the babies.

At first, Shin was a bit annoyed with Seung Jo for playing on the job, but then he  realized that he deserved to have fun and relax too.

Chae Kyung was talking to her friends about how it would be a good idea to try to set up Lady Choi with Seung Jo.

“Yah!  Where is Court Lady Choi?  I bet if she got her eyes on Seung Jo, she would want to meet him as a potential husband,” said Chae Kyung.  She went to look around to see if she could get Lady Choi to join the party.

Shin’s grandmother, mother and father were sitting at a table with Chae Kyung’s parents.  Yul’s mother Hwa Yeong was invited as well as Kang Dae and his family.  Shin was trying his best to accept Yul’s family into the Palace, but he couldn’t be 100% trusting of the two.  He let Seung Jo know that he must always keep an eye out for those two.  They couldn’t be trusted just yet.  All the older adults enjoyed watching the younger adults and children having fun. Seeing their grandchildren laughing in the pool was entertaining and cute.  Even Jeungjo Halmeoni Tae Hoo Mama couldn’t keep her eyes off of Seung Jo’s physique.

“Omo…Shin has a very good looking young man as his bodyguard.  I think he may need his own personal bodyguard to ward off all the women who want to touch him,” she said laughing.  Everyone at the table started giggling at Tae Hoo Mama’s comment.

Chae Kyung found Court Lady Choi reading a book in her own personal bedroom for the palace staff.  Chae Kyung walked up to her assistant and friend.

“Annyeong, Lady Choi.  Why aren’t you outside joining us for the party?  Is something wrong?” asked Chae Kyung.


Court Lady Choi just shook her head, “No.”  “I guess I am feeling a bit lonely these days.  Both my parents have been gone since I was in college.  I have no brothers or sisters.  I am feeling sorry for myself because I see how you have your family and especially you have the Crown Prince back home and your lovely son, Young-ah.  I’m sorry Bingung Mama.  I should be so happy to have a place to live and a wonderful job.” She sighed.  “I don’t mean to sound ungrateful.”

“Don’t worry.  I understand how you feel when you don’t have anyone to talk to in this huge Palace.  That’s why I came looking for you.  Have you met Shin’s bodyguard, Seung Jo?  He’s outside watching over the babies.  I think he would be a good husband for you.  Let’s go outside to meet him, shall we?” smiled Chae Kyung.

Court Lady Choi was glad that Chae Kyung spoke with her.  She really just wanted someone to understand how she felt lonely sometimes.  She agreed to meet Seung Jo.  From afar, she noticed his good looks, but she was too shy to say anything.

Chae Kyung and Court Lady Choi walked by the poolside to say hello to Seung Jo.  Chae Kyung held both arms up in the air and waved them back and forth to get his attention.  Seung Jo looked at the Crown Princess and then pointed to himself as if to say, “Are you talking to me?”

Chae Kyung nodded her head, “Yes.”  Then she motioned with her hand to say, “Come here.”

Seung Jo swam to the Crown Princess and then jumped out of the pool effortlessly using his arm muscles to hop out.  He stood up and smiled at the two beautiful women in front of him.

“Ne,(Yes) Bingung Mama.  What can I do for you?” said Seung Jo as he bowed.

“I want to introduce to you my Court Lady and Young-ah’s Primary Nanny, Miss Choi,” said Chae Kyung.

Then Seung Jo bowed to Lady Choi and he extended his hand to offer her a handshake.

Lady Choi smiled and went to shake Seung Jo’s hand.  Seung Jo was mesmerized by Lady Choi’s beauty that he kept shaking her hand and staring at her smiling.

Lady Choi just giggled and said, “I’m glad to meet you.  Can I have my hand back?”

‘Oh, of course.  Let me go grab a towel and get us something to drink, okay?”   said Seung Jo.

Seung Jo went to go around the two women, but he was so nervous that he ended up tripping over his feet and pushed Chae Kyung into the pool.  Before, Chae Kyung fell into the pool, she grabbed onto Lady Choi’s arm and pulled her into the pool with her.  Both women made a big splash into the pool.  Chae Kyung came up screaming, “ I can’t swim!”

Shin saw Chae Kyung falling in just before she made the splash.  He handed Young-ah over to Yul and swam to save his wife.  Seung Jo jumped in the pool, but swam to save Lady Choi.

All the guests and family members were watching in fear and worry for Lady Choi and Chae Kyung.

Seung Jo was able to carry Lady Choi out of the pool by going up the pool’s stairs.  Lady Choi was unconscious, so Seung Jo had to do mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on her.  Within a few minutes, Lady Choi was spouting out water and breathing on her own.

Seung Jo kept saying, “Mianhaeyo (I’m sorry)…kinchanaeyo? (Are you okay?)

Lady Choi smiled at Seung Jo and said, Kinchana. (I’m okay) Lady Choi was smiling  from ear to ear because she knew they had touched lips.  She felt flushed and embarrassed.

Seung Jo smiled back knowing that he had also touched her soft lips. Both Seung Jo and Lady Choi had their hands in front of their mouths in embarrassment.

Shin followed behind a few minutes after Seung Jo carrying Chae Kyung out of the pool.  He placed Chae Kyung down with a towel behind her head.   Seung Jo ran to help the Crown Prince.  “Jeohna, I know CPR.  I will help resuscitate the Crown Princess.”

Shin angrily pushed Seung Jo aside and said, “You’re not going to kiss my wife.  I know how to do CPR too.  I was a boy scout when I was young.  Pikeiyo. (Move aside.)”

Shin performed mouth-to-mouth on Chae Kyung.  After about two minutes, she started to spit out water and was gasping for air.  Shin grabbed Chae Kyung tightly in his arms and cried, “Bingung, you scared me.  I thought I almost lost you.  Kinchana?”

Chae Kyung couldn’t say much.  She was just trying to gasp for air. In between her breathing she said, “Kinchana. (I’m okay.)  Don’t worry Shin goon, I’m okay.”

Seung Jo kept bowing to the Crown Prince and apologizing profusely, “I’m sorry Jeohna.  I’m sorry, Bingung Mama.”

“I should just fire you, Seung Jo!” yelled Shin.

“Don’t you dare, Shin goon.  It was an accident.  He didn’t mean to push me,” snapped Chae Kyung.  “If you dare to fire him, I will…I will…”  Chae Kyung just knew that Seung Jo had to stay in the Palace for Lady Choi.  “I will…just don’t fire him!” yelled Chae Kyung.

Shin was surprised that Chae Kyung was so adamant on keeping Seung Jo as his bodyguard that he was a bit jealous.

“Please, Shin goon, let’s not cause a bigger scene.  I need to rest,” she sighed.

“Okay, just rest on one of the lounge chairs.  I will have Lady Kwak keep an eye on you.  I will be here if you need me.  Yul and I need to talk with our guests now,” said Shin.

Chae Kyung was just relieved that Shin wasn’t going to fire Seung Jo.  She knew deep down in her heart that Lady Choi and Seung Jo had made a connection.  She smiled to herself while she sat by the pool watching Young-ah and Ji Woo having fun with Suzy. Chae Kyung’s parents went into the pool to help Chae Joon watch over the children.

Chae Kyung’s parents were acting silly and trying to teach the little ones how to swim.

After everyone ate their lunch, the toddlers wanted to go to the new playground.  Shin and Yul were busy talking with many of the guests, so Chae Kyung, Chae Joon and her friends went to the playground with the babies.  Seung Jo was required to go with six other body guards to watch over the Royal family and guests.  Lady Choi came along to help with the babies.  She also wanted to get to know Seung Jo.

The toddlers went down the slide all together making a train.  Suzy held onto Young-ah’s waist from behind and Ji Woo held Suzy’s waist from behind.  When all three children got to the bottom of the slide, unfortunately they all piled on top of Young-ah.  All three children were crying.  The adults including the guards, all ran to the aid of the babies.

“Waaaahhhh!!!” cried the children.  Chae Kyung held Young-ah to console him.  Hyo-Rin held little Suzy and poor Ji Woo was by himself.  Chae Kyung immediately put Young-ah down and went to hold and comfort Ji Woo.

“Eomma!” cried Young-ah.  “I want my eomma!”

Ji Woo cried, “I want my appa!  Nae abeojineun eodiyo?  (Where is my appa?)”

Seung Jo held Young-ah and tried to console the young Prince.  Young-ah stretched his arms out asking to be held by Chae Kyung.

“Eomma!” cried Young-ah.

Ji Woo pouted, “I wish I had an eomma.  Why can’t you be my mother, Auntie Bingung Mama?” cried Ji Woo.

“Omo…Ji Woo-sshi.  I will always love you as if you were my very own son.  You don’t have to call me eomma.  Your Auntie Bingung loves you more than you could ever know.  Please don’t cry.”  Chae Kyung gave Ji Woo a kiss on his quivering lips.  “Someday your appa will find a mother for you.  Don’t cry Ji Woo-sshi.  Kinchana?”

After a minute, Ji Woo pouted, “Kinchana.”

Young-ah ran to Chae Kyung and grabbed one of her legs.  Chae Kyung kneeled down so that she could talk to both of the boys.  “Listen, Young-ah and Ji Woo-sshi, I love you both the same.  Don’t forget that you are cousins so you need to be good to each other.  I will give you both kisses.”  Chae Kyung kissed both boys and then started tickling them.

Young-ah and Ji Woo started laughing and then they held each other’s hands and ran to play in the sandbox.  Little Suzy ran after the boys and said, “I love you both too!”  She then kissed each boy on the cheek.  Young-ah and Ji Woo smiled and all three children hugged each other.

Everyone smiled and said, “Ahhh, how cute they are!”

Seung Jo hugged himself and said, “They’re so cute!  I want to have a baby!”

Chae Kyung smiled to herself and then elbowed Lady Choi and said, “I told you he is a good candidate for a husband.


Suzy, Ji Woo and Young-ah

Shin’s father the King asked the Elders to make Shin the new King.  Shin would be twenty-two years old in less than a month.  He was hoping that the crowning of the new King could happen right after Shin’s birthday.  The Elders agreed that Shin should be the King since Yul would be gone for his military duty by the end of June.

When the announcement was made to the public that Shin would become the new King, most of the citizens were happy with the decision.  They had heard that Shin’s father was very ill and that he wanted to see his son become the King before his death.  Most people were saddened to hear of the Paeyha’s illness, but they understood and respected the King’s wishes.

It was a beautiful spring day in May for the swearing in of the new King and Queen.  Shin and Chae Kyung wore traditional ceremonial clothing as Shin was taking the oath as the new King of the Republic of Korea.

Chae Kyung couldn’t believe that the day had come for Shin to become the new King.  She knew that someday he might become the King, but she really hadn’t thought much about it.  Probably because deep down in heart, she was hoping that Queen Hye Myeong would go back to being the Queen.  She was feeling selfish for wanting to lead a normal life outside of the Palace.  The Crown Princess only had three weeks to study for the ceremony.  Lady Choi had helped her day and night to get ready.

Chae Kyung was reminiscing how scared she was when she married Shin in front of all the people and cameras.  Kang Dae’s company, Seoul Broadcasting Corporation were given the rights to telecast the event worldwide.  Shin’s aunt, Hwa Yeong and Kim Kang Dae were on good terms with Shin.  They knew that Yul and Ji Woo were going to be taken care of till the end.  They finally realized that they could trust Shin and the Royal family to watch over them.  That’s really all that mattered the most to the grandparents of Ji Woo.

Yul was happy that Shin was becoming the new King because he was confident that Shin would be a noble and honest King.  Shin was used to Palace life.  On the other hand, Yul was worried for Chae Kyung because he knew that she would have a difficult time being confined and restricted with all the regulations in the Palace.  He was hoping that Shin could change some of those regulations once he became King.  If not Shin, then Yul would, once he became the King.  He truly wanted Chae Kyung to be comfortable with living in the Palace.

f_vvvm_ca60dc7Ji Hoon I am king

The first part of the ceremony were the prayers at the Palace temple and the accession ceremony given by the Elders and his father.  Next, Shin would change into  the traditional royalty clothing for the parade with his Queen, Chae Kyung.  Last, the new King and Queen wore modern attire for their reception at the Palace for dignitaries and government officials.


The new King and Queen of the Republic of Korea had a quick interview with reporters before greeting their guests in their modern attire.  Chae Kyung liked to do her signature peace sign for the cameras.  There were so many changes of outfits for Shin and Chae Kyung, but especially for Shin, that the Palace was swarming with hairdressers, designers, photographers, reporters, makeup artists and all the staff.  Chae Kyung hired her friend, Hee Soong to help her with her makeup.

At the press conference, the reporters, photographers and TV cameras were all assembled in one of the Palace rooms.  Secretary Kong announced, “ Introducing the King and Queen of the Republic of Korea.”

The first question the reporters asked was how Shin’s father, the previous King was feeling.  They wanted an update on his fathers health.

“My father knows that his death could happen at any time, so he wanted to make sure that I became the successor to the throne during his reign.  Of course, I would have liked my father to continue to be the King, but his health does not allow him to be at his best mentally and physically.  We would like our humble father to rest and enjoy what is left of his time here with us.  Shin stopped his speech because he was becoming emotional and teary eyed. Chae Kyung immediately wrapped her arm around Shin’s arm and stood close by him.  “My wife, the Queen and I will do our best to be a loyal and honest Royal couple for the people of our country,” replied Shin.

As the cameras were flashing, another reporter asked, “What are your new titles?  How do we address you as?  Your Royal Highness?

Our Royal titles will be Paeyha (King) Lee Shin and my wife’s title is Shin Hoo Mama (Queen) or Bingung Mama (Royal Highness) for short.  My whole family is used to calling her Bingung as an endearment, so we will keep her name the same.  Of course her title will be the Queen of the Republic of Korea.  Our son’s title is the same, Saeja Lee Young Min (the Crown Prince) or Young-ah as his friends and family call him.  (* I don’t know if this is correct, but I think the women take their maiden name and then add Hoo Mama at the end).

“What about Queen Hye Myeong?  Does she get to keep her title?” asked another reporter.

“She will have to go back to being referred to as Princess Hye Myeong,” said Shin.  “Her health is excellent, but now that I am King, the title of Queen of course must go to my wife.  Princess Hye Myeong is happy with my father’s decision.” Shin smiled because he knew his sister was truly happy.

Someone immediately shouted, “Then what about Royal Prince Eui-Sung?  Is he happy that you are King?”

“We did have a long talk about who will be the next King and he agrees with my father’s decision.  Prince Eui-Sung will be leaving soon for his military duty, so therefore, he cannot fulfill the Royal duties as a King,” explained Shin.  “He trusts me to do my best as this country’s new King.  I will continue to work on bridging communications with other countries in discovering how beautiful and resourceful our country is.” Shin said.

Secretary Kong came out to say that the interview was over, but there would be many other chances for interviews in the future.

“Please allow for the King and Queen to meet their guests at the reception.  Some of the photographers can join the festivities.  Gomsamhnida.”  Secretary Kong bowed after his statement.

Once Shin became the King, his schedule became increasingly filled with duties and engagements.  Yul helped as much as he could before he had to leave for his military duty in the Navy.  Chae Kyung was becoming worried for Shin because her and Young-ah didn’t get to see him very much.

Chae Kyung was also worried because it had been over two months since Shin and her decided to get pregnant.  She thought by now she would have been with child.  She decided to see a doctor to make sure that her falling off the horse had nothing to do with her not getting pregnant.

The doctor gave her a full physical and reassured her that she was fine physically to bear children.  She decided to have a confidential talk with her friend Hyo-Rin.  She invited Hyo-Rin to come to the Palace for lunch and the children would get to play in the new playground that Shin had installed while the bodyguards and nannies watched the children.

“How are things with you Hyo-Rin?  Is Kang In coming home for a visit anytime soon?” asked Chae Kyung.

Hyo-Rin was definitely anxious for Kang In’s return.  “I’m holding up well.  We are enjoying visiting Kang In’s parents and I have been busy with teaching Suzy ballet.  Once Kang In returns, I am planning to open up a ballet school,” smiled Hyo-Rin.  “How about you, Chae Kyung?  Kinchana?”

“I have something very important to ask you.  This is only between you and I.  Shin and I are trying to have another baby,” whispered Chae Kyung.

“That’s wonderful news, Chae Kyung.  So what is the problem?  Why are you whispering?” asked Hyo-Rin.

“Well, I went to the doctor’s to make sure that I’m okay to have babies since I miscarried the last time I was pregnant.  He says, I’m okay.  So, I’m wondering what could be the problem?  Shin and I have been having sex almost everyday to have a baby,” smiled Chae Kyung.

“What!!!  Everyday your having sex?” screamed Hyo-Rin.

“Yah!!! Don’t announce it to the whole world to hear!” Chae Kyung growled.

“Maybe something’s wrong with Shin.  He’s going to need to go to the doctors,” laughed Hyo-Rin.

“Why are you laughing, Hyo-Rin?’  Chae Kyung was confused.

“I can’t picture Shin going to the doctors for this problem,” grinned Hyo-Rin.

“Your right, Hyo-Rin.  How do I tell him,” Chae Kyung was pouting now.

“This is going to be interesting.  Let me know what happens,” smiled Hyo-Rin.

Chae Kyung was concerned on how she was going to tell Shin that she couldn’t get pregnant.

To be continued…


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