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Always In My Heart – Chapter 15

Double the Fun

Chapter 15


As soon as Shin arrived at the hospital, he saw Chae Kyung being wheeled into the delivery room.  Dr. Moon didn’t want to take any chances with the babies.  They would try to have Chae Kyung deliver the babies naturally, but just in case, there were doctors on stand by for a cesarean.

No more than a minute later, Seung Jo popped his head into the delivery room.

“Paeyha, I just received a text from Kang In.  He will be arriving with his wife, Hyo-Rin to have their baby right now!  It looks like the both of you are going to have babies on the same day,” smiled Seung Jo.

A few minutes later, Shin and Chae Kyung were in the delivery room when Dr. Moon came in to check on how far along Chae Kyung was dilated.

“Paeyha, Bingung Mama is not too far along, so we will be able to give her some pain pills or an epidural if she really needs one,” replied Dr. Moon.  ‘The vitals for both mother and babies looks good right now,” he said.  Chae Kyung was actually only a few weeks early, but being pregnant with twins caused her stomach to be extremely huge for her small body frame.

“What is the difference between pain pills and an epidural,” asked Shin?

“Pain pills are just a general pain reliever whereas an epidural will help relieve pain directly to the back and the stomach area without causing any harm to mother and child.  It will quickly relieve the pain, but the side effect is an inability to feel whether the mother is pushing hard enough during delivery,” explained Dr. Moon.

“If Bingung Mama is having too much pain, then let’s go with an epidural,” said Shin.

“Then we will need to give it to the Queen before she becomes too far along.  Once she is dilated over six centimeters, then we cannot give it to her.  She will be too far along,” replied Dr. Moon.

“Bingung, do you think you can handle the pain?” asked Shin.  “Or will you need to have a pain reliever?”

Just then Chae Kyung started feeling a contraction coming.  She held onto her stomach with her left hand and then she grabbed Shin’s tie with her other hand.

“Oh My God, Jesus Christ Superstar!” yelled Chae Kyung.  “I don’t think I can handle this pain any longer.  Give me the **** epidural!” she screamed.

Shin was choking from Chae Kyung grabbing onto his tie.  Shin could barely scream out loud, “Give Bingung Mama the **** epidural before I choke to death!” he yelled as he was trying to get Chae Kyung’s fingers loose from his tie.

Dr. Moon ran frantically out the door to get the shot ready for the Queen before she had another contraction.  Poor Paeyha was going to get a beating if Bingung Mama didn’t get some relief soon.

In the room across from Shin and Chae Kyung’s, Kang In and Hyo-Rin were having their own issues with pain.

“Yah, Kang In!” screamed Hyo-Rin.  “You weren’t here when I had Suzy, so you had better stay with me so you can see and feel the pain that I am going through to have our baby!”

“Don’t worry, Hyo-Rin.  I will not leave you.  I’ll be here to help you with the baby,” said Kang In with sincerity.

“Come here and hold my hand,” winced Hyo-Rin as she was starting to feel another contraction coming.

Kang In was afraid, but he did what he was told.  As he held Hyo-Rin’s hand he could feel her grip getting tighter and tighter as she started to scream in pain as another contraction started coming.  Kang In gritted his teeth and bore the pain in his hand.  Hyo-Rin was breathing in and out as her contractions were becoming quite strong.

Unfortunately for Hyo-Rin, she was already close to having the baby.  There was no use in giving her any pain relievers.  Dr. Sang was assigned to deliver her baby and had to give her the news.

“Mrs. Hwang…the good news is that you are ready to have the baby.  The bad news is that it is too late to give you any type of pain relievers until after the baby comes.  We are going to wheel you into the delivery room area now,” explained Dr. Sang.

Hyo-Rin was sweating profusely from the pain and her nervousness.

“Just do whatever you can to get the baby out of my stomach!” screamed Hyo-Rin.

“Okay, don’t worry,” Dr. Sang spoke calmly.  “Nurse, get the delivery room ready.  And get somebody to help you with taking Mrs. Hwang’s bed to the room, right now.”

Chae Kyung was resting comfortably as the epidural started to take effect.  Shin was much more nervous than Chae Kyung.  He told his wife that he needed to see if Chae Kyung’s parent arrived at the hospital and to let them know how she was doing.  Chae Kyung was not in as much pain, so she agreed that he should see her parents and to get a cup of coffee as it was going to take a few hours or more before the babies would arrive.

As Shin walked out of the room, he saw Kang In walking alongside Hyo-Rin’s gurney as it was being pushed into one of the delivery rooms.  He noticed Kang In’s face looking terrified.  Shin smiled to himself thinking that this was exactly how he looked when Chae Kyung was going through labor pains with Young-ah.

Shin arrived at the waiting room to see Chae Kyung’s parents sitting patiently.  Shin was surprised to see Yul and Chae Kyung’s friend and Young-ah’s preschool teacher, Kim Soon Yeung.  He said hello and hugged his in-laws.  He shook Yul’s hand and bowed to Soon Yeung for coming to the hospital.

“How is our daughter, Chae Kyung doing?” asked Nam-Kil.  “Have the twins arrived yet?”

“Aniyo.  Not yet,” smiled Shin.  She is resting for a bit.  “It may take awhile, so please be patient.”

Yul wanted to let Shin know that Soon Yeung and him were actually having dinner when they heard from his bodyguard that Chae Kyung was being sent to the hospital.  Both decided that they wanted to be at the hospital to wait with Chae Kyung’s parents.  They wanted to be of any help if possible.

Shin asked Yul if he could go back to the Palace and make sure that Young-ah was tucked in bed and wasn’t afraid because neither one of his parents would be home to say goodnight to him.  Young-ah always had Chae Kyung at least kiss him goodnight since he was born.

“Let Young-ah know that his eomma and appa are thinking of him and to not worry.  Tell Young-ah that his appa will be home tomorrow to let him know how his new siblings are,” smiled Shin.

“Okay, Shin.  That sounds like a good idea.  I will leave now as it is already getting late,” Yul said.  “Gaja. (Let’s go)”  Yul held Soon Yeung’s hand as they walked out of the hospital.

Shin was thinking to himself that there was definitely something between Yul and Soon Yeung, but he didn’t have time to think about that.  He excused himself from his in-laws to go back to see how his wife was doing.

Hyo-Rin was in pain, but she was very strong and she was not afraid.  She remembered giving birth to Suzy and how after she was born, all the pain had vanished.  She was thankful just to have someone beside her.  This time having her husband, Kang In made it even more special.  Kang In was being very good about giving her ice chips and taking a towel to wipe the sweat off her face.

“Okay, Mrs. Hwang I see that baby’s head is crowned.  Just a few more pushes and your baby will be here,” said Dr. Sang.  “Okay, hana, dul, set (one, two, three…)”

Hyo-Rin closed her eyes and pushed with all her might.  Kang In helped her by holding her hand.  Kang In could see from the mirror behind Dr. Sang that the baby’s head was slowing coming out.  He told Hyo-Rin excitedly, “The baby is coming!  I can see the head and it has a lot of hair!  The baby is not bald!  Not like Suzy was when she was born.”

Dr. Sang encouraged Hyo-Rin to push again.  “The baby is almost out!  One more time, Mrs. Hwang.  Hana, dul, set!” he yelled.

Hyo-Rin closed her eyes again and pushed with all her strength.  This time the baby quickly popped out of Hyo-Rin into Dr. Sang’s arms.  He thought he was almost going to drop the baby because it was so slippery.

“Chukahaeyo (Congratulations), Mr. And Mrs. Hwang, you have a beautiful baby girl!” smiled Dr. Sang.


“She’s beautiful, Hyo-Rin!” cried Kang In.  “Just like you and Suzy!”

“She has a lot of black hair like you, Kang In,” smiled Hyo-Rin.  “Are you sad that we didn’t have a boy?” she asked.

“Not at all.  I love our little Suzy and I will love this new little one too.  I will love being Daddy’s girls,” Kang In was beaming.

“We need to take the baby to do all the prenatal tests.  We’ll take Mrs. Hwang back to her hospital room in awhile.  “Mr. Hwang, you can take a break and get a cup of coffee while we take care of mother and baby for right now,” said Dr. Sang.

Kang In agreed with Dr. Sang and kissed Hyo-Rin on the forehead before he departed.  It really didn’t take that long from the time they arrived at the hospital till the time of the baby’s birth.  He would need to call his mother-in-law to let her know of the good news.  Mrs. Min was babysitting Suzy at home while they were at the hospital.

Meanwhile, Shin was still waiting for Chae Kyung to be dilated enough for the doctor to come back into the delivery room.  Chae Kyung was feeling tired and drained from all the contractions.  Shin kept feeding Chae Kyung ice chips and he sat beside her while she took a rest.  Shin told Chae Kyung that he forgot to get a cup of coffee, so he would be back as soon as he did so.

When he walked out of the room, he saw Seung Jo.  He asked Seung Jo if heard anything about Kang In and Hyo-Rin’s baby.

“Did Kang In and Hyo-Rin have their baby yet?” asked Shin.

“Ne, (Yes) just about a half hour ago.  I saw Kang In on my way to the restroom.  He said they had a baby girl.  They decided to name their new daughter, Jin Ae,” said Seung Jo.

“Oh, that’s nice.  I will have to congratulate them after we have our babies.  Right now, I need to stay by Bingung Mama’s bedside.  Seung Jo, can you get me a cup of coffee, please?  Just knock before you bring in the coffee.  I am going back in now,” said Shin.

“No problem, Paehya.  I will be right back,” smiled Seung Jo.

When Seung Jo came to give Shin his coffee, Shin told Seung Jo to ask another bodyguard to take his place.  He should go home and rest and then come back the next morning as it could take a long time before the babies arrived.  It was already ten o’clock in the evening.  Seung Jo agreed, but he said he would be coming back before dawn.

Shin told Chae Kyung that Kang In and Hyo-Rin had a baby girl not too long ago.  She was so happy to hear the good news about her dear friends.

“Shin goon, I would be so happy if we had a girl too.  Dr. Moon said that it is more likely that we will have fraternal twins than identical twins.  Whether it will be one of each, I’m not sure.  Although, my grandfather was an identical twin, we could end up with identical twins too.  I can’t wait!  Tell Dr. Moon that I’m ready to get these babies out!”  Chae Kyung was becoming very anxious.

“Here comes another contraction!  Call Dr. Moon, to see if one of the baby’s head is crowned.  I feel like it’s time!” screamed Chae Kyung.

Dr. Moon came into the room to check how Chae Kyung was doing and as he looked, he immediately yelled,”Bingung Mama you’re not kidding when you say you’re ready to give birth!  I see the head is already crowned!  On the count of three, push!  Hana, dul, set!”

Shin wasn’t even ready himself.  He held Chae Kyung’s hand and helped push Chae Kyung’s back because she was getting tired from pushing.  Within a few minutes, Dr. Moon held up their newborn son.

“Chukahaeyo, Paeyha and Bingung Mama…you have a new baby Crown Prince!” smiled Dr. Moon.  “I know what the second baby is from seeing all of your ultrasounds/sonograms.  Don’t worry, I will keep it a secret until you see the baby.  Now, get ready for baby number two.

Chae Kyung and Shin were beaming with joy as the nurses immediately whisked the baby away to make sure he was healthy and well.  The baby was a bit underweight, but that is to be expected when giving birth to twins, especially when they are born a couple of weeks early.

“I wonder what the second one will be,” sighed Chae Kyung.  “I will be so happy if it’s a girl.  I always wanted to have a little girl to sew clothes for and to have tea parties with,” Chae Kyung was smiling as she said this.

Shin wiped the sweat from Chae Kyung’s forehead and kissed her tenderly on top of her head.  “Saranghae, Bingung Mama.  Charatae. (Good job).  You did well.  I hope we have a little girl too.  If she is as beautiful and silly as you are, then I will have so much fun and I won’t ever be bored having the both of you in my life,” smiled Shin.

All of a sudden, Chae Kyung was starting to feel irritable and was becoming angry.  “You should be so happy that you have a wife who is willing to have your children.  And to have to feel as uncomfortable as I do and to feel like a beached whale for the past four months!  You better be thankful that you have me!  You have no idea how difficult it is to be pregnant and to go through such a painful labor.  Aish!!!  Here it comes again!  Dr. Moon I feel like I need to push!” screamed Chae Kyung.  “Get ready for another one, Dr. Moon!”

Shin had never heard Chae Kyung scream as loud as she did or get as angry as she was.  He became very quiet and compliant.

“Araeso, Bingung Mama.  I’m here to help you.  Don’t worry, I’ll just get you some more ice chips and be right back,” Shin was becoming very scared by Chae Kyung’s ranting.

“Yah! You’re not going anywhere, Shin goon.  This is it…I had it!  Get this baby out of me!  I’m tired and I want to go to sleep.  Dr. Moon, help get this baby out of me!” screamed Chae Kyung.  “When I had Young-ah, I was in surgery and when I woke up, I had a beautiful baby boy.  This time, I am feeing all this pain and I have to do it twice!  This is so much harder than I had expected!” cried Chae Kyung.

“Bingung Mama, stay focused and calm.  Let’s do this, right now!  Hana, dul, set!”  Dr. Moon was serious.  “You can do it!  Fighting!” Dr. Moon was giving Chae Kyung  much needed encouragement.

Chae Kyung closed her eyes tightly and pushed as hard as she could.  Shin again helped her by pushing her from behind.

Suddenly, they heard Dr. Moon yelling for the nurse, “Nurse Chang!  Come here quickly!  Help me hold the baby.”

Chae Kyung was breathing deeply as she laid on the bed to rest from pushing all night long.

“What is it Dr. Moon?” said Shin with great concern.

“The umbilical cord is wrapped around the baby,” Dr. Moon was calm.

“What!” Shin was panicked.  “What are you saying?”

“Don’t worry, Paeyha.  It’s not around her neck.  It’s just around her body.  I just need assistance on getting it undone.  There… now let’s cut the cord and then we’ll have you get checked to make sure everything is fine.

“Did you say “her”?” both Chae Kyung and Shin said at the same time.

“Yes, Paeyha and Bingung Mama, you are the proud parents of a baby Crown Prince and baby Crown Princess,” beamed Dr. Moon.  “As soon as both babies are checked from head to toe, we’ll wash them and bring them  back to your room immediately, okay?” smiled Dr. Moon.  “Both of you should take a rest for right now,” he said.

Shin and Chae Kyung both gave a big sigh of relief and said, “Gomasseumnida, Dr. Moon!”

Chae Kyung and Shin couldn’t believe that they had one baby of each sex.  They felt so much joy and happiness in their hearts.  Shin kissed Chae Kyung over and over.  “Saranghae, Bingung Mama.  You have made me the happiest man on this earth!  I can’t believe we have a boy and a girl!  I feel like my grandfather and father are looking down on us from the heavens above. The young parents were so happy that the whole ordeal of labor was over.  Shin sat beside Chae Kyung and put his head beside hers.  They both were so tired from the labor that they wanted to fall asleep right then and there.  Both babies were born just before midnight.

After about an hour later, Nurse Chang came into Chae Kyung’s room to bring the twins in for inspection by their parents.  Shin had already brought back his in-laws into the room so that they could see the twins also.  Chae Kyung and her parents were so eager to see what the babies looked like.  Nurse Chang held the baby boy and gave him to Shin.  She then took the baby girl and gave her to Chae Kyung to hold.  There were tears of joy on everyone’s faces as Shin and Chae Kyung proudly showed their newest family members to her parents.

“Omo…omo,” both Chae Kyung’s parents cooed.  “They are both so cute.  Our new granddaughter looks like Chae Kyung when she was an agi (baby) and our new grandson looks like Chae Joon when he was born.  So, what are you going to name your new babies?” asked Ye-Jin (Chae Kyung’s mother).

“Well, Chae Kyung said that I would get to name our next child, so I already thought of names for both sexes.  For our second Crown Prince, how about Lee Min Ki?” asked Shin.  “His name means brightness and energy and vigor.  I also like the name, Lee Min Jee for our baby Crown Princess.  Min Jee means brightness and wisdom.  She will bring brightness and wisdom to our family.  What do you think, Bingung?”  Shin smiled at Chae Kyung while holding their son.

“Oh, Shin goon…you are very good with names.  I like both of their names,” said Chae Kyung.  Min Jee and Min Ki sound like cute names, but Min Ki almost sounds like Monkey.  Maybe, our little baby boy will end up being our little monkey with all kinds of energy to keep us on our toes,” laughed Chae Kyung.”

“Just like his mother,” said Nam-Kil.  “Chae Kyung, you definitely have a lot of energy.”

“She still does,” said Shin.  “She is always keeping busy with Young-ah, school and her charity work.”

“Well, now with twins, I don’t think I will have as much energy, Shin goon,” sighed Chae Kyung.  I am already tired from giving birth to them.”

“Araeso.  Let’s put the babies back in the nursery so you can get some rest, Bingung,” said Shin.  “Okay, sieomeoni (mother-in-law) and sihabeoji (father-in-law), we should let Bingung Mama have some time to sleep.  We can see the babies again later,” said Shin as he put Min Ki in his bassinet.

Chae Kyung’s parents nodded in agreement and said they would be back the next morning bright and early to see their daughter and newborn grandchildren.

Shin carefully took Min Jee from Chae Kyung’s arms as she was already falling asleep with the baby in her arms.  Shin put Min Jee in her bassinet and then called Nurse Chang to take the babies back to the nursery.  Shin then kissed his wife goodnight as he was very tired from helping Chae Kyung with the labor also.  Chae Kyung was already fast asleep and was smiling as she was probably dreaming of her new little ones.

Shin was driven home by another bodyguard from the Palace.  Shin fell asleep in the car and was so happy as the proud father of his newborn twins and for having Chae Kyung in his life.  He felt very blessed and couldn’t wait to tell his family at the Palace the good news.

When he arrived in the Palace, Jeungjo Halmeoni Tae Hoo Mama and his own eomma couldn’t sleep as soon as they had heard from the hospital about the twins being born.  They were both awake waiting to hear the whole story about the twins birth from Shin.  Shin told his grandmother and mother how Chae Kyung was determined to have the babies on the same day as Hyo-Rin’s new baby girl too.  They were surprised to hear that Hyo-Rin had her baby on the same day.  Shin showed a picture from his phone of the twins.  Both great grandmother  Tae Hoo Mama and grandmother Hwang  Hoo Mama were so happy for Shin and Chae Kyung.

“You must be so tired, Paeyha.  You go on to bed and we will hear more about our new Royal babies later.  Goodnight son,” said Shin’s mother.  Both grandmother and mother gave Shin a hug and said their goodbyes.

Shin fell right to sleep. After having a good night’s rest, Shin woke up to shower and felt so excited to tell Young-ah about his new siblings.  He went to Young-ah’s room and saw him already dressed and playing in his room.

“Young-ah!  How’s my son?  Did you sleep well?” said Shin.

“Appa, your home!  Did eomma have the babies?  So, what do we have.  Two brothers or two sisters or one of each?” asked Young-ah.

“You have a new baby brother and…and…,”  Shin was teasing Young-ah.

“And what is the other one, appa?” Young-ah was so anxious.

“And…you have a new baby sister too!” smiled Shin.

“Yay!  That’s what I wished for!  A little brother and little sister are going to be so much fun!”  Young-ah said jumping up and down with excitement.  “When do I get to see them?”

“They should be coming home after a few days, I hope,” said Shin.

“Awwww…I want to see them right now,”  pouted Young-ah.

“Look, Young-ah.  I’ll show you a picture I took of the babies so you can see what they look like right now,”  Shin brought out his phone and showed the picture to Young-ah.

“Oh appa, they are so cute and tiny.  I can’t wait to see them in person!  “I’m just glad that I am a big brother now,” Young-ah said proudly.  “Do I have to wait for many days before I can see eomma?” cried Young-ah.  “I missed saying goodnight to you and eomma.  Uncle Yul came to tuck me into bed, but that’s not the same,” he whimpered.

“I know, I asked your Uncle Yul to make sure you were okay.  Sorry, we couldn’t be there to tuck you in bed,” said Shin.  “Don’t worry, Young-ah.  I am home now, so I will make sure to tuck you into bed until eomma comes home with the babies,” he said.  “Now, I must get ready to go see your eomma and the babies at the hospital.  Let’s have breakfast together and then I will have to leave, okay?”

“Okay, appa.  I’m hungry.  Kaja! (Let’s go!),”  Young-ah was just happy to have his father with him.  They walked hand in hand to the Palace dining room to have breakfast.

After less than a week, Chae Kyung came home with the twins.  Everyone from  the Palace waited anxiously to see the newborn twins.  The newspapers and media were so excited for their King and Queen.  The Royal public relations department  gave an exclusive photo of the twins for the press, but asked all reporters to wait for a formal interview and photo opportunities when the babies were going to celebrate their Baek-il day (100 days after birth). *Another birthday celebration is Baek-il (100th-day celebration). During this celebration, the family worships Samshin. They make her offerings of rice and soup for having cared for the infant and the mother, and for having helped them live through a difficult period. They give thanks to Samshin and also pray for jae-ak (wealth), longevity, and cho-bok (traditional word for “luck”).[6] After the prayer the family, relatives and friends celebrate with rice cakes, wine, and other delicacies such as red and black bean cakes sweetened with sugar or honey. In order to protect the child, red bean rice cakes are placed at the four compass points of the house. This not only brought protection, but was also believed to bring good fortune and happiness.[7] It is widely believed that if 100 people share the rice cakes the child will live a long life, so the family would also send rice cakes to neighbors and others. Those who receive rice cakes return the dishes with lengths of thread (expressing the hope for longevity), rice and money (symbolizing future wealth).[8]

Shin and Chae Kyung were very busy as usual.  Shin was busy with his Royal duties and Chae Kyung was too busy with the twins to go back to her regular duties as the Queen.  She wasn’t able to get enough sleep between the constant feedings and diaper changes for the babies.  Even though she wasn’t required to change their diapers, Chae Kyung wanted to be as involved as much as possible.  It was easier when Young-ah took a bottle instead of her breasts.  The twins had no problems with breast feedings.  Chae Kyung felt so drained after each feeding.

“Yah!  These babies are sucking the life out of me literally,” sighed Chae Kyung.  “I am not getting enough sleep, Shin goon.  Either I have one of them on my breast or I have the breast pump because I am producing so much milk!” exclaimed Chae Kyung.  “Because my breasts are always so full, I feel like I’m going to burst!” cried Chae Kyung.

“I’m okay with how your breasts look,” laughed Shin.  “They really look nice and plump to me.”

Chae Kyung tried to slug Shin in the arm.  “Yah!  Don’t try to make fun of me, right now!  I’m not in a good mood and in one month, we have to celebrate the twins Baek-il with all the press arriving.  They will be asking us so many questions and taking so many pictures.  I feel so depressed,” Chae Kyung was now crying tears of frustration.

Dr. Moon said that if it becomes too difficult to breast feed the babies, then you should just gradually take them away from breast milk and to formula,” said Shin.

“I know, but I really wanted to have the babies on breast milk because I know it’s better for them, but I can’t take it any longer.  I think it will be best if they take formula from now on,” Chae Kyung was disappointed with herself, but she knew she couldn’t get anything done if she continued to breast feed the babies.  She felt that she was the only one that the babies could count on for feedings.

“Okay, Bingung, from now on have Court Lady Choi and Court Lady Kwak help you get the babies off of breast milk and onto the formula.  I don’t want to see you become depressed over this matter.  It’s not worth it.  Look at Young-ah, he is just fine and he had formula from the day he was born,” Shin said.  “Come here, Bingung…everything will be fine.  The babies are healthy and so you don’t need to worry about that.”  Shin gave his wife a loving hug and kiss.  Suddenly, he felt his shirt becoming wet with Chae Kyung’s milk seeping through her shirt onto his.

“I see what you mean, Bingung.  You are overproducing a lot of milk,” Shin was sympathetic to his wife’s needs.  Shin kept hugging Chae Kyung while she cried in his arms.  He could understand how she probably felt that she was chained to the babies.  She needed to get out and see her friend, Hyo-Rin.  They met only twice since they both had their babies.  “I don’t want to see you sad, Bingung.  Let’s get the babies on formula so others can help with the feedings.”

It took awhile for the babies to get used to the formula, but once they did, Chae Kyung was able to get more sleep and she could start planning to help Young-ah once he started Kindergarten in a few months.  She was also anxious to go back to continuing her charity work.  Chae Kyung knew she wouldn’t be able to go back to school to finish her fashion degree, but since she seemed to know a lot about fashion and the latest styles, many of Korea’s top designers requested the Queen to attend their fashion  shows.  Chae Kyung was the happiest when she was outside of the Palace seeing and helping others.

On the day of the twins baek-il, the press was excited to see the whole Royal family including the twins.  The King and Queen gave a candid photo of the babies to the press.

Two cute asian babies pictures

Min Ki and Min Jee

Shin, Chae Kyung, Young-ah and the baby twins were all dressed in formal attire.


After the reporters got to have their interview and photos, the Royal family asked to be excused so that they could celebrate with their family and friends on the twins’ baek-il celebration in the Palace.

All of the Royal family members, Chae Kung’s immediate family and their close friends were at the party to celebrate.  Kang In was a guest with his wife, Hyo-Rin with their two daughters.  Kang In made sure to have many of the bodyguards on hand to watch over the festivities.  Seung Jo  and Min Joon were at the party to watch over the Royal family.

Yul and Soon Yeung sat at a table with all of their high school friends including Kang In and Hyo-Rin.  This time Chae Kyung’s dear friend, Kang Hyun came to the party with Shin’s friend, Jang Keung.  Jang Keung was done with his military service and decided to work at his father’s phone manufacturing company.  Kang Hyun and Jang Keung were actually starting to date each other.  Kang Hyun made it clear to Jang Keung that she wasn’t making any promises to be his girlfriend just yet.  Jang Keung didn’t mind.  He was just happy to be dating Kang Hyun.  Kang Hyun was still working on her doctorate at Seoul National University as a brain surgeon, so she didn’t want to be tied down just yet.


Everyone was happy to see each other again after so many years.  Everyone was also surprised to see Yul and Soon Yeung becoming more than just friends.  Yul held Soon Yeung’s hand as he went around to introduce her to the other family members.

Yul’s mother was very concerned as well as Eun-Hee’s father, Kang Dae.  They weren’t ready for Yul to be seen with another women, especially one that came from a middle-class family and not from a prominent one.

“Eomma(mom), Sieomeoni (mother-in-law) and Siabeoji (father-in-law), I’d like to introduce to you Ji Woo’s preschool teacher and my girlfriend, Kim Soon Yeung,” said Yul.

Soon Yeung bowed to her elders and extended her hand to shake Yul’s father-in-law’s hand, but he didn’t reciprocate.  All three elders stared at Soon Yeung giving her the impression that they were not happy with meeting her.

“Hmmm,” huffed Kang Dae.  “Yul, when did you even start seeing this women?  You just got home from your military duty in March.”

It’s already been three months, Siabeoji.  I thought you would be happy for me and Ji Woo,”  Yul was a bit disappointed in his father-in-law’s response.  He could understand his mother being upset with him, but he thought his in-laws would be on his side.

“Well, I will be going now.  I want to introduce Soon Yeung to Halmeoni Tae Hoo Mama and Gomo(Aunt) Wang Hoo Mama,” Yul said as he bid his goodbyes to them.  Soon Yeung also bowed before leaving.

Both Halmeoni Tae Hoo Mama and Hwang Hoo Mama were happy to meet Soon Yeung.  They remembered seeing her at Young-ah’s Baek-il and Dol (first birthday).  She seemed very shy, but they could tell that she was kind hearted and would be a nice mother to Ji Woo.  They were happy to see Yul finding someone to love him and his son, Ji Woo.  They knew Ji Woo was very fond of Soon Yeung.

In another room of the Palace, Kang Dae and Hwa Yeong spoke privately.

“I thought Shin was going to step down as the King and ask Yul to take over,” Kang Dae spoke with anger to Hwa Yeong.  “Yul has completed his military service and it has been over three months since Yul has returned to the Palace.  What is taking him so long to give the throne Yul?”

Hwa Yeong could only think about what Yul had told them.  “Maybe, he wants Yul to be married before becoming the King.  Is that why Yul has already found a girlfriend?” she asked.  “I don’t think she is a suitable Queen, but as long as Yul becomes the next King, then I don’t care who he is married to.”

“That woman doesn’t even compare to my Eun-Hee,” said Kang Dae.  “But, I am not going to wait any longer.  If Shin doesn’t step down in another month, then I will take care of the King myself.”

“What do you mean, Kang Dae?”  questioned Hwa Yeong.  “Your not thinking of causing another scandal or trouble are you?”

“Don’t worry, Hwa Yeong, I will make sure that Yul becomes the next King,”  Kang Dae said under his breath.  “Leave it up to me.”

That evening after the twins’ Baek-il celebration, Shin and Chae Kyung were resting in their bedroom with their eyes closed when they could hear the twins crying down the hallway.

“Omo…Shin goon we should get the babies and rock them to sleep.  Court Lady Choi and Court Lady Kwak were taking care of the twins while we were taking care of our guests.  Besides, I haven’t had a chance to see our babies as much these past few days preparing for the party,” said Chae Kyung.

“Araeso,” said Shin.  He and Chae Kyung walked down the hallway to the twins’ bedroom.  For now, the two babies shared a room, but once they turned a year, Shin wanted them to have separate bedrooms.

Court Lady Kwak already had heard the twins and was getting their bottles ready.

“If you warm their bottles for us Lady Kwak, we’ll feed them and put them to bed,” said Chae Kyung.

“Ne, Bingung Mama,” said Lady Kwak and she bowed to the King and Queen before she left the room.

“What’s the matter baby Min Jee and baby Min Ki?” cooed Shin.  He handed Min Ki to Chae Kyung, and then he went to hold Min Jee in his arms.

“How’s my little Princess, Min Jee?” Shin said as he was giving her kisses on her rosy, chubby cheeks.  Min Jee stopped crying as soon as Shin held her in his arms.  She immediately smiled at her appa.  “Look at how cute you are?” smiled Shin.

“I know, I know…”said Chae Kyung.  You just l-ooo-vvv-eee Min Jee to bits,” giggled Chae Kyung.  “But, look at how cute our little baby Prince Min Ki is,” smiled Chae Kyung.  Look, how his cheeks are much more bigger and rosier than Min Jee’s,” laughed Chae Kyung.  I think you are eating a lot more than our little Princess.  That’s okay, Min Ki…you’re a growing boy!”

“He eats a lot like you do, Ms. Airhead,” laughed Shin.

“Yah!  How can you make fun of the woman who gave birth to these two beautiful babies?  I will not tolerate you calling me Ms. Airhead in front of the children,” Chae Kyung said angrily.

“Araeso, Bingung Mama.  Mianhae.  I apoligize.  I promise not to call you Ms. Airhead, ever again.  Cross my heart,” said Shin as he said this he made an X sign over his heart.

“That’s better!” Chae Kyung said as she nuzzled her nose into Min Ki’s neck.  Min Ki started giggling uncontrollably because he became ticklish from Chae Kyung’s nuzzling.

Shin started doing the same thing to Min Jee, but he was blowing on her skin so that it made farting noises.  Min Jee couldn’t stop laughing from Shin’s touch.

Shin and Chae Kyung were having so much fun playing with the babies.

Suddenly, they heard the door open and Young-ah came in asking, “What are you two doing to the babies?  I want to play with them too,”  Young-ah was feeling a bit left out.

“Oh, look who’s here!” said Chae Kyung.

“Come here Young-ah.  You can help feed the babies their bottles and then we’ll tuck you into bed,” said Shin.

As soon as Lady Kwak came in with the twins’ bottles, Shin fed Min Jee and Young-ah helped Chae Kyung feed Min Ki.  Both babies fell right to sleep.

Both babies were placed in their separate cribs after they were burped.  Then Shin and Chae Kyung each held one of Young-ah’s hands as they walked Young-ah back to his own bedroom.

When Shin and Chae Kyung put Young-ah to bed, they both looked at each other and then Shin said, “Shall we give our Young-ah the same torture treatment?”

“What do you mean by torture treatment?” asked Young-ah.

Before, they said anything else, Shin started tickling Young-ah under his arms and Chae Kyung started using her mouth to blow farting noises on Young-ah’s tummy.

“Ahhhhhh!!!  Andae!  Andae!” screamed Young-ah.  “I give up, don’t torture me anymore!”

“Araeso,” said Chae Kyung.

“But, I didn’t say I would stop,” said Shin.  And he started to continue tickling Young-ah under his armpits.

“Andae!” cried Young-ah.  He was laughing so hard that tears were coming out of his eyes.


Shin and Chae Kyung waited for Young-ah to stop laughing and then they said it was time for bed.  They tucked him under his covers and kissed him goodnight.

“Sleep well, my Prince,” smiled Chae Kyung.

“Goodnight, Young-ah,” said Shin.

Young-ah was so happy to have such loving parents.  He was so happy to have both his mother and father with him.  He knew that Ji Woo had it harder than him.  He saw how Ji Woo missed his father while Yul was in the Navy.  He also saw how Ji Woo would seem jealous when his eomma paid attention to Young-ah and not to him.  He felt sorry for Ji Woo.  He was hoping that Ji Woo was right about their teacher Kim Soon Yeung.  “I will say a prayer for Ji Woo so that Ms. Kim could be his new mother.  Is that okay, eomma and appa?” asked Young-ah.

“That will be very nice for Ji Woo,” said Chae Kyung.  I know Ms. Kim is a very special friend of mine and she would be the perfect eomma for Ji Woo,” smiled Chae Kyung.

“Okay, then I will say a prayer for Ji Woo and Uncle Yul,” Young-ah closed his eyes and clasped his hands together.  Then he started praying in his head.

Shin and Chae Kyung left Young-ah to say his prayers as they turned off the light and closed the door.

Shin and Chae Kyung went back to their own bedroom to fall asleep in each others arms.  They were tired from the baek-il and they were also happy to be blessed with such a beautiful family.  In their minds, they couldn’t have been happier than how they felt that evening.

Shin was considering asking Yul to become King if Yul and Soon Yeung became man and wife.  If Soon Yeung agreed to be Yul’s Queen, then Shin would agree to step down after Yul and Soon Yeung adapted to Palace life.  He was going to set up a meeting with Yul, when he got a call from Kang Dae the day before.  Kang Dae was interested in making a documentary on the Royal family for his television station, so he needed Shin’s permission to do so.


At first, Shin wasn’t sure about talking with Kang Dae after Kang Dae’s attempt to hurt the Royal family, but he wanted to hear what Kang Dae had to say.  Shin’s new bodyguard, Hyun Bin was told to wait outside the door.

Min Joon was walking by when he saw Shin talking with Kang Dae in the hallway leading to Shin’s office.  Min Joon didn’t trust Kang Dae in the least after working with Shin and Kang In during their military service with Operation King of Spades.

He told Hyun Bin that he would take over his watch.  He asked Hyun Bin to bring Seung Jo if possible to the King’s office.  Min Joon was sure that something was not right.

In Shin’s office, Shin asked Kang Dae to have a seat.

“Anjae juseyo (Please have a seat),” Shin said while pointing to one of the armchairs in his office.  Shin sat across from Kang Dae.

Kang Dae came straight to the point.  “I’m not here to talk about a documentary on the Royal family.  I came here to find out whether you are going to step down and let Yul become the next King.  He told me that you were willing to do this, but so far since Yul’s return, I haven’t seen any steps made to make this happen.  Are you going against your word as you promised, Paeyha?”  Kang Dae said this with conviction.

Shin started to get up from his armchair and was walking towards his desk.

“Stop right where you are, Paeyha!  I know there is an alarm underneath the desk, so don’t you dare think about taking another step unless you want to be killed,” yelled Kang Dae as he pulled out a gun from his suit jacket.

Shin stopped and put his hands in his pockets.  “I don’t know how you think your going to succeed.  I have a bodyguard right outside my door and many more within the Palace as I’m sure you know,” said Shin calmly.

“I don’t care about my life.  Once I shoot you dead, I’ll kill myself or let one of your guards kill me.  As long as you are dead, then Yul will become the next King whether you like it or not!” screamed Kang Dae.  “Now, get your hands out of your pocket and hold them up in the air, where I can see them!”

Shin held up his hands in the air and looked straight into Kang Dae’s eyes with a stern look on his face.  “I think you better just put your gun down.  No one wants to die today, especially me.  I have a wife and three beautiful children.  You have your family and Ji Woo to think about,” said Shin.

“That’s why I am doing this.  I am willing to sacrifice my life for my grandson and my long lost daughter Eun-Hee,”  Kang Dae was serious.  “Say hello to your grandfather and father for me,” sneered Kang Dae.

Before Shin could even say a word, Shin fell to the ground.

Chae Kyung was playing with the twins when she heard a gunshot within the Palace.  Actually, everyone within a close range of Shin’s office heard the gunshot.  All the bodyguards within the Palace immediately went to grab for their designated person that they were assigned to watch over.  Seung Jo ran to grab Young-ah from his bedroom.  He called three other bodyguards to grab Bingung Mama and to grab each one of the twins.  All the bodyguards made sure to take their designated Royal to the security room.  Chae Kyung was waiting in the room when she saw Jeungjo Halmeoni Tae Hoo Mama, Hwang Hoo Mama and Princess Hye-Myeong all confused and distraught as she was.

“Where is Shin goon?” cried Chae Kyung as she held Young-ah close to her heart.  The twins were being held by Court Lady Choi and Court Lady Kwak.

“Where is Shin goon?” screamed Chae Kyung.  “Seung Jo, please answer me,”  Chae Kyung was sobbing uncontrollably as Seung Jo ignored the Queen and ran out of the security room to help his Paeyha.


Credit: Yoko Yamaguchi

To be continued…

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    • Thank you all for your nice comments. I am working on the last chapter and final chapter. Your curious aren’t you? I will try not to let you wait for too long. Gomawo.

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