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Always In My Heart – Chapter 16 -Final Chapter A Thousand Years

Chapter 16

 A Thousand Years


Kang Dae came straight to the point.  “I’m not here to talk about a documentary on the Royal family.  I came here to find out whether you are going to step down and let Yul become the next King.  He told me that you were willing to do this, but so far since Yul’s return, I haven’t seen any steps to make this happen.  Are you going against your word as you promised, Paehya?”  Kang Dae said this with conviction.

Shin started to get up from his armchair and was walking towards his desk.

“Stop right where you are, Paeyha!  I know there is an alarm underneath the desk, so don’t you dare think about taking another step unless you want to be killed,” yelled Kang Dae as he pulled out a gun from his suit jacket.

Shin stopped and put his hands in his pockets.  “I don’t know how you think your going to succeed.  I have a bodyguard right outside my door and many more within the Palace as I’m sure you know,” said Shin calmly.

“I don’t care about my life.  Once I shoot you dead, I’ll kill myself or let one of your guards kill me.  As long as you are dead, then Yul will become the next King whether you like it or not!” screamed Kang Dae.  “Now, get your hands out of your pockets and hold them up in the air, where I can see them!”

Shin held up his hands in the air and looked straight into Kang Dae’s eyes with a stern look on his face.  “I think you better just put your gun down.  No one wants to die today, especially me.  I have a wife and three beautiful children.  You have your family and Ji Woo to think about,” said Shin.

“That’s why I am doing this.  I am willing to sacrifice my life for my grandson and my long lost daughter Eun-Hee,”  Kang Dae was serious.  “Say hello to your grandfather and father for me,” sneered Kang Dae.

Without Kang Dae realizing it, when Shin had his hands in his pocket, he had pressed a small gadget shaped like a keyless entry for a car in his pocket.  This gadget was an alarm for such an emergency.  The alarm will set off in the security room to get the security guards to focus on the monitors within the Palace.  It also acts as a tracking device to let the security guards find the exact location on where the gadget is located.  As soon as the alarm went off, the security guards set off an alarm on all the bodyguards phones.  This alarm alerted the bodyguards to take care of their designated Royal and to be on high alert.

  Kang Dae heard Min Joon opening the door to Shin’s office and the alarm going off on Min Joon’s phone.  Before Shin could even say a word, Shin fell to the ground.

Chae Kyung was playing with the twins when she heard a gunshot within the Palace.  Actually, everyone within a close range of Shin’s office heard the gunshot.  All the bodyguards in the Palace immediately went to protect their designated person that they were assigned to watch over.  Seung Jo ran to grab Young-ah from his bedroom.  He called three other bodyguards to escort Bingung Mama and to carry each one of the twins.  All the bodyguards knew to take their designated Royal to the security room.  Chae Kyung was waiting in the room when she saw Jeungjo Halmeoni Tae Hoo Mama, Omeoni Hwang Hoo Mama and Princess Hye-Myeong all confused and distraught as they were walking in with their bodyguard’s escorting them.  Ji Woo had already arrived with Kim Na Na and his bodyguard.

“Where is Shin goon?” cried Chae Kyung as she held Young-ah close to her heart.  The twins were being held by Court Lady Choi and Court Lady Kwak.  Court Lady Park came running in with Secretary Kong behind her.  Kang In was already in the security room when he asked another security guard to find Shin’s location.

“Where is Shin goon?” screamed Chae Kyung.  “Seung Jo, please answer me,”  Chae Kyung was sobbing uncontrollably as Seung Jo ignored the Queen and ran out of the security room to help his Paeyha.

Before anyone heard the gunshot, Shin had seen Min Joon quietly opening the door to his office.  Shin felt he should take the chance to jump behind the armchair closest to him.  Kang Dae was shaken from Shin’s sudden movement so he shot at Shin.  One shot rang out and Min Joon rushed into Shin’s office with his gun already pointed at Kang Dae.

“Drop your gun, Kang Dae!” yelled Min Joon.


Kang Dae turned around with a sinister grin on his face.  I think I shot your Paeyha, but if not, just go ahead and kill me.  I don’t really care.  I need to finish the job, so I’m going to turn around and shoot at him again.  If you kill me, so be it,” said Kang Dae with an evil grin on his face.

Kang Dae turned around hoping to take another shot at Shin.  Min Joon immediately shot Kang Dae in the middle of his back.  Kang Dae fell to the ground with his gun only inches away from his fall.  He started to crawl towards his gun, but before he could could grab for it, Min Joon stepped on Kang Dae’s hand and picked up the gun.  It was at that moment when all the extra bodyguards including Seung Jo rushed into Shin’s office.  Min Joon kept an eye on Kang Dae while he told one of the other bodyguards to call for an ambulance and the police.

Seung Jo rushed to Shin to see if his Paeyha was alive and well.

“Paeyha,” cried Seung Jo with tears streaming down his face.

“Gwen chan haeyo? (Are you alright?)

Shin was lying on the ground with a gunshot wound to his shoulder.  The bullet had become lodged in his left upper shoulder.  He was using his right hand  to try and stop the bleeding by using pressure.

“Gwen chana. (I’m okay),” Shin grimaced. “Is Min Joon okay?  How about Kang Dae?  Did Min Joon kill him?” asked Shin with great concern.  But before Seung Jo could answer Shin’s questions, Shin fell unconscious from the shock.

Seung Jo was crying and yelling, “Paeyha!  Paeyha!  Please don’t die!”

The horrible thing is that everyone in the security room could see on the monitors what was happening.  Chae Kyung immediately saw the monitor showing Shin lying unconscious on the floor of his office.

Chae Kyung was crying to get out of the security room so that she could be with Shin.  Just by looking at the monitor, no one could tell whether Shin was alive or dead.

“Let me out of here!” screamed Chae Kyung.  “I need to be with Paeyha.  I need to be with Shin goon!  Halmeoni and Omeoni, please watch over the children while I go to be by Shin’s side.”

Before either one could answer Chae Kyung, she rushed out of the security room with two bodyguards following right behind her.  Kang Dae was taken by ambulance to the hospital.  He was already unconscious.  Shin was taken in another ambulance with Seung Jo and Chae Kyung sitting in the back.  Chae Kyung was crying while holding Shin’s hand in hers as they drove to the hospital.  She was afraid for Shin’s life.  Kang In followed behind the ambulance in one of the Royal cars.

Chae Kyung kept holding Shin’s hand all the way to the operating room.  The doctors had to pry her hands from Shin’s hand in order to begin operating on his shoulder.  She was so distraught that Seung Jo and Kang In had a hard time trying to console her.  Kang In immediately called, Hyo-Rin to come to the hospital to help Chae Kyung cope with the tragedy that she was facing.

When Hyo-Rin arrived at the hospital, she immediately hugged Chae Kyung and they cried in each other’s arms.

Chae Kyung told Hyo-Rin through her tears, “I’m so scared for Shin goon. He lost  a lot of blood from the gunshot. I can’t stop crying, Hyo-Rin.  When I see Shin suffering, then I feel like I’m in pain also.  Sometimes, I wish that we were never the King and Queen of this country.  I just want to live a simple life in the city outside of the Palace.  Do you think that this is too much to ask for?” cried Chae Kyung.


Hyo-Rin knew that living a life in the Palace was living a life in a fishbowl and the expectations on how a Queen should behave were always scrutinized, but she also felt that Chae Kyung was doing an exceptional job for being such a young Queen.  Most of the newspapers wrote glowing remarks about their Queen because she was so “down to earth” so to speak and the citizens could relate to her, especially the young women in their country.  She was the equivalent to Princess Diana of England.  They looked up to how Chae Kyung was a devoted wife, mother and daughter-in-law in the Palace.  They loved how she was graceful, humble and loving to people of all ages and backgrounds.  It didn’t matter if someone was rich or poor, young or old, male or female.  Queen Shin Hoo Mama was someone that the citizens of the Republic of Korea were proud of.

Hyo-Rin tried to explain this to Chae Kyung and that she shouldn’t be upset.  Shin was going to be fine.  After finding out what Kang Dae had done to Shin, it was unlikely for Yul to become the next King.  It was a shameful act and the people of their country would not tolerate Yul’s father-in-law’s cowardly act whatsoever.  Even if Kang Dae had succeeded, it would have been unlikely for Yul to become the King.

Hyo-Rin sat by Chae Kyung making sure to get her something to drink to help calm her nerves.  It was about two hours before Shin’s doctor came to speak with Chae Kyung.  The doctor walked up to Chae Kyung with a smile on his face, so this helped Chae Kyung to feel relieved.

“Bingung Mama, Paeyha is resting in his room.  We were able to get the bullet out of his shoulder. He was lucky that the bullet didn’t hit a nerve.  He also lost quite a bit of blood so he was given more blood.  He may have some shoulder problems or he may not.  Time will tell. He will have to recuperate for a few months and have physical therapy to get his shoulder back in shape.  He is a young, strong man, so he will heal.  The doctor bowed to the Queen and said he was sorry, but he had to leave quickly to help with another emergency.

Chae Kyung bowed in return and thanked the doctor over and over, “Gomaseumnida, Gomaseumnida, Doctor Jung.”

Chae Kyung told Kang In and Hyo-Rin to go home to be with their children.  She would stay with Shin until he woke up and then Seung Jo would take her home as soon as she felt ready to leave Shin’s side.

Both Kang In and Hyo-Rin hugged Chae Kyung good bye and said they could come back tomorrow to visit Shin.

She waved and thanked her friends as they walked down the hallway.

When Chae Kyung entered Shin’s hospital room, he was asleep.  Chae Kyung sat by his bedside and held Shin’s hand in her own.  A small tear fell down her cheek and she wanted to crawl in bed next to him, just like the time they spent the night on her small twin size bed.  She ended up falling asleep with her head on his chest.


When Shin woke up he felt her head resting on him and he smiled to himself.  He felt happy knowing that Chae Kyung was with him.  Having her beside him made him feel so loved and he was relieved that he could count on her to be beside him even through such a traumatic experience.  Unfortunately, he was beginning to feel cramping in his arms. He couldn’t raise his left arm because of the pain from the surgery.  His right arm had fallen asleep because Chae Kyung was resting on it for so long.

“Omo, Chae Kyung.  Wake up Sleeping Beauty.  I can’t move my arms or legs,” Shin whispered softly to his wife.

Chae Kyung opened her eyes slowly and saw Shin smiling at her.

“Mianhae, Shin goon,”  Chae Kyung was so happy to see Shin smiling at her.  She immediately got up and sat in a chair next to his bed.  She started rubbing his arms to get the blood flowing in them again.

“Ow!  That actually hurts, but keep rubbing me.  I think I’m getting feeling back in my arms again,” laughed Shin.

“Shin goon, I was so worried for you.  Don’t you dare leave me and our family.  I was scared to death when I saw you lying on the floor with blood coming out of your shoulder.  I can’t believe that Yul’s father-in-law is that desperate to have Yul become the King.  If it’s okay with you, I would like for you to hand over the crown to Yul so that we can live happily outside of the Palace,” pleaded Chae Kyung.

“Mianhae (I’m sorry), Bingung,” Shin said in a very relaxed tone.  “That will never happen.  After what Kang Dae tried to do to me, there is no way that I am going to let Yul become the King.  Even if I wanted Yul to become the King, the citizens would probably laugh and call me a coward for giving up the throne.  They probably would rather dissolve the Monarchy rather than make Yul their new King. Yul would not be respected because of what Kang Dae did.  Besides, if we left, then where would my grandmother, mother and sister go?  No, Bingung.  Let’s not discuss this right now.  I just need to get better and then we’ll see what happens next.  It may well be that after what Kang Dae did, the citizens of our country may want all of us to leave the Palace.  They might even think that our whole family is undeserving of being Royals of their country.” Shin asked Chae Kyung to drop the subject.

Chae Kyung agreed with Shin not to discuss it any further because she didn’t want to upset him.

“Go home Bingung and tuck our babies in bed.  They are probably worried about where you are, especially Young-ah,” sighed Shin.  “Let Young-ah know that appa will be home within a few days.  Now, I feel like life is too short to worry about the little things.  I will probably get to go home soon.  Please go home and give kisses to our babies.”   Shin gave Chae Kyung a big smile to let her know that he was okay.

Chae Kyung kissed Shin sweetly on his lips and waved goodbye.  “Okay, Shin goon.  I’ll be back bright and early,” smiled Chae Kyung.


As Chae Kyung walked out of the door, she saw Seung Jo waiting just outside of Shin’s hospital room.

“Can I see Paeyha before we go?” asked Seung Jo as he bowed to his Queen.

“Of course, Seung Jo!”  smiled Chae Kyung.  “Thank you for all your help.  I appreciate everything that you do for Paeyha.”  Chae Kyung gave Seung Jo a big hug before he went through the door.

Seung Jo smiled shyly at his Queen and then he walked inside of Shin’s room.  As soon as Seung Jo saw Shin, he bowed deeply to him.  “How are you Paeyha?” asked Seung Jo.  “I just wanted to make sure that you were fine before I take Bingung Mama home.”

“I’m fine.  Thank you Seung Jo for all that you do for my family and I.  Let Min Joon know that I will grant anything that the both of you would like as a gesture of my gratitude.  Especially, Min Joon, since he saved my life,” Shin said with deep appreciation.

“Oh no, Paeyha,” Seung Jo said while waving his hand back and forth.  “This is our job and we are glad to do anything for our King.  Don’t even think about it, Paeyha.”

Shin thanked Seung Jo again and told him that he and Min Joon had as long as they wanted to think of a request from Shin. He then asked whether Kang Dae made it through his own surgery.

“Kim Kang Dae’s spinal cord was shattered by Min Joon’s bullet, therefore he is paralyzed from the waist down,” explained Seung Jo.  “He will have to use a wheelchair, but at least he is alive.  If you command it, he can be executed by a firing squad or live in prison as an invalid for the rest of his life, depending on what you decide, Paeyha.  I will let you get your rest now.  Rest easy, Paeyha.  There are two bodyguards watching your door twenty-four hours. ”  Seung Jo gave Shin another deep bow before leaving.

Seung Jo drove Chae Kyung home in silence.  Chae Kyung was so tired from the whole ordeal that she immediately fell asleep soundly in the car.  When they arrived back at the Palace, Seung Jo had to wake up the Queen.

It wasn’t too late in the evening.  Chae Kyung was able to comfort Young-ah before everyone would be sitting down to have dinner.  Kang In had already called the Palace to let everyone know of Shin’s condition after the operation.  Everyone in the Palace was relieved to know that Shin was going to come through with very little damage to his shoulder.

Yul was absent from the dinner table.  He felt so ashamed for what had happened that day that he felt it would be best to eat in his own Palace with Ji Woo.  He had the difficult task of trying to explain how Ji Woo’s grandfather had tried to kill his Uncle Shin.  Father and son were sitting at the dining table trying to have their dinner.

“Ji Woo, this isn’t going to be easy to tell you, but I wanted you to hear it from me rather than from other people,” Yul spoke sadly.

“Yes, Appa,” Ji Woo said listening to Yul’s every word with respect for his father.

“Your Halaboeji (grandfather) Kang Dae tried to kill your Samchon (Uncle) Shin with a gun this morning,” he said.

“Is that why we were all taken to the security room?  I was so scared for Gomo (Aunt) Bingung Mama and Young-ah.  Poor Young-ah has been crying all day from worry for his appa.  I heard from Jeungjo Halmeoni that Samchon is alive and well.  Is that true?” said Ji Woo while picking at his food rather than eating it.

Yul got up from his chair to be beside Ji Woo.  He kneeled beside his son and held his son’s hand to comfort him as he spoke.  “Yes, Ji Woo, thank goodness, your Uncle Shin did not die.  Unfortunately, I was at a meeting with the Elders when it happened.  I’m just glad that everyone survived.  Because your grandfather tried to kill your Uncle, one of the bodyguards had to shoot Halabeoji.  Don’t worry,  Halabeoji is alive.”
“Oh no!  Poor Halaboeji!  Why would Halaboeji want to kill Samchon?” Ji Woo was on the verge of tears.

“I’m sorry, Ji Woo, but your Halaboeji thought that if Samchon was dead then I could become the next King,” Yul said with remorse.

“Does he want you to be the King that badly?  Do you want to be the King that much, Appa?” Ji Woo said with a bit of shock in his voice.

“Well, truthfully…I thought about becoming the King someday.  What your grandfather Kang Dae did was horrible.  I would never hurt anyone in my family just to become the King.  After what has happened, I would rather live with you outside of the Palace.  Yul was preparing Ji Woo for the possibility of being deposed after what had happened that day.  I think it would be much nicer if your Appa and Ji Woo started a new life outside of the Palace.  What do you think, Ji Woo?” asked Yul.

“Well…I love living with everyone in my family in this big Palace, but what I want most of all is for you to find a new wife and for me to have an omma.  I really wish that Ms. Kim, my preschool teacher could be my omma.  She is so nice and I know she cares for  you too.  She always asks me how you are.  Did you know that she likes you, Appa?” said Ji Woo with a grin.

“Ne (Yes).”  smiled Yul.  Gregeu (And)…I like her too.  How did you know that we liked each other?” laughed Yul.

“I can see it in your eyes and the way you both smile at each other when you come to pick me up from school,” said Ji Woo with excitement.

“Wow!  I didn’t realize my son is so observant.  I guess you caught me Ji Woo,” smiled Yul as he messed Ji Woo’s hair as a gesture of affection.

Father and son were both smiling after having their talk and they tried to finish their dinner.

Early the next morning, Chae Kyung and Seung Jo went back to the hospital to visit Shin.  Seung Jo waited outside of his hospital room.  Chae Kyung walked in to see Shin already up and having his breakfast in bed.  Shin smiled at Chae Kyung as soon as she walked through the door.

“Annyeong, Paeyha,”  Chae Kyung said with aegyo (cuteness). Then she gave Shin a big hug and kissed him tenderly.

“Hello…Bingung.  Hmmm…I can’t wait to get out of this hospital so that I can have some time alone with you,” winked Shin.  Chae Kyung felt embarassed, but she really couldn’t wait for Shin to come home either.  She felt that she could take care of him better if he were home beside her.

“I don’t think you’re going to be able to do much with only one arm working,” she smiled.

“Let me try and see what happens,” grinned Shin.

Just then there was a knock on the door.  Seung Jo peeked his head in and spoke.

“Paeyha, Royal Prince Eui-Sung would like to speak to you privately,” he said. “Alone.”

“Araeso.  Bingung, why don’t you get something to eat for yourself in the cafeteria with Seung Jo, okay?” Shin said.

“Araeso.  I was in so much of a rush to get here that I didn’t eat breakfast.  Neither did Seung Jo.  We’ll be right back,” smiled Chae Kyung.

Yul and Chae Kyung bowed to each other and said their hellos before they each went their separate ways.

Before saying anything, Yul sat on the floor on his knees to bow deeply to Shin.  “Shin, I came to formally apologize for my father-in-law’s actions.  I am asking you a very big favor.  Please  forgive my father-in-law and spare his life.  I know he probably doesn’t deserve it, but he is Ji Woo’s only Halabeoji.  I will understand, if you send him to prison, but I beg of you to let him live for Ji Woo’s sake,” pleaded Yul as he gave another deep bow while sitting on the floor of the hospital room.

Shin had tried to stop Yul from sitting on the floor and bowing to him, but Yul would not listen to him.

“Please, get up Yul and sit in a chair. I have thought about it before going to sleep last night.  I have already decided that Kang Dae will not be executed. Hajima (But), he will have to serve time in prison.  If he behaves himself in prison, then he will probably only have to serve no more than ten years. Maybe less,” replied Shin.  “Does that sound reasonable to you?” asked Shin.

Yul stood up from the floor to speak to Shin. “Yes, I think that is a very reasonable offer,” said Yul with disbelief.

“You do know, that because of what happened, you will never be considered to be the next King.  I don’t think the citizens of this country will accept you after what has happened.  This incident may actually jeopardize the existence of the whole Monarchy as it is.  I really was going to step down as the King as soon as you found a wife to be your Queen, but I didn’t get a chance to talk to you about your future plans,” Shin said.

“I understand.” Yul said.  “I should have spoken to you as well.  I’m sorry, Shin that this had to happen to you.  I really am, truly sorry,” Yul said with regret.

“Gwen chana (It’s okay), Yul.  I think I was always fated to live in the Palace.  I would gladly be the King for the rest of my life as long as I knew that Chae Kyung would stay beside me.  As long as I have her in my life, then I can deal with being the King.”  Shin said this with a smile to himself.

Suddenly, they heard a knock on the door, and Chae Kyung asked if she could come in to join them.

She and Seung Jo brought in coffees for everyone.  Yul asked to excuse himself.  Before he left, he also apologized to Chae Kyung for his father-in-law’s unthinkable act on Shin.

“Please, Chae Kyung, don’t discriminate against Ji Woo for his grandfather’s horrible actions on Shin.  I hope you will be understanding and still think of Ji Woo as a devoted and loving cousin,” Yul bowed to Chae Kyung after saying this.

“Yul goon, don’t you dare think that I could ever blame Ji Woo for someone else’s actions.  I know Ji Woo is a respectful and loving little boy who I could never stop loving,” she said with her whole heart.

“I know he loves the both of you very much.  I just wanted to make sure that you felt the same way,” he said.

“Of course, we do.  Ji Woo is like another son to us.  I will always love him no matter what.  “I like how he calls Shin and I his Uncle and Aunt.  Shin nodded in agreement.

“Well, I need to be going.  Yul again bowed to both Shin and Chae Kyung before leaving.

“What was that all about?” asked Chae Kyung with a bewildered look on her face.  “Is Yul, okay?  I never even thought that it was his or Ji Woo’s fault for what Kang Dae did to you.  I know Yul is a good man and Ji Woo is the same as his father.”

“You’re right, Bingung.  Yul and Ji Woo are not responsible for Kang Dae’s actions.  Kang Dae is a very troubled man.  Revenge is never the solution to a problem. I am just glad that everyone is alive and well.  Let’s try to forget about Kang Dae.  I want to know about our own family.  How are the children?  Are they eating lots and doing anything special lately?” asked Shin.

Chae Kyung let Shin know that Young-ah was very scared at first, but knowing that his appa is alive and well, he is doing as good as expected for going through such an ordeal.

“He can’t wait to have his appa home and neither can I.  So when are you able to leave, Shin goon?” she asked.

“Soon, Bingung.  I am doing pretty good.  Probably by tomorrow,” he said.

Chae Kyung and Shin both smiled happily at each other.

Shin was released from the hospital the next morning.  The family and staff were informed that Shin would be arriving soon.  Chae Kyung went to the hospital to help bring Shin home.  As the limousine drove up to the front of the Palace, Young-ah came running to the car.  He ran immediately to his appa as soon as Shin stepped out of the car.


“Appa!” cried Young-ah as he ran into Shin’s arms.  “I missed you so much! Gwen chanayo? (Are you okay?)”

Shin felt bad that he couldn’t scoop Young-ah up into his arms because of his injured shoulder, but he bent down to give Young-ah a tight hug and kiss.

“Gwen chana, Young-ah.  Saranghae,” smiled Shin.

“I love you too, Appa.”  he said while hugging his father tightly.

The family and staff were so happy to see their Paeyha strong and well.  As soon as everyone was done greeting their Paeyha, they had to get ready for the special press conference at the Palace.  Shin had already made arrangements to have reporters from different TV stations and newspapers to arrive  by early afternoon.  He wanted to let the citizens know that he was alive and well.  He also wanted to make it clear on his decision with Kang Dae’s punishment for his attempted assassination on his life.  Yul wanted to be a part of the press conference and told Shin that he needed to apologize for his father-in-laws actions to the public.  Shin agreed that Yul could join him at the press conference.

That afternoon at the press conference, it was so crowded with television cameras and reporters.  Laptops were open so that reporters were ready to type out their stories.  Microphones were abundant on the table where both Shin and Yul would be sitting.  All bodyguards were on hand and on high alert in case of any outbursts from the press.

Shin and Yul came walking in from behind a door and immediately bowed deeply to the cameras and reporters, then they sat down in their chairs.  Secretary Kong said that the press conference would not be long due to Paeyha’s injury. He also explained that the King should actually be resting, but felt that the issue of what had just happened was very important to the King to clear up any misunderstandings.

“We will start with a question from the gentleman in the back row,” said Secretary Kong.

“Paeyha, I am glad to see that you are alive and well.  We heard that Kim Kang Dae survived a gunshot wound to his spine and is now considered a paraplegic.  Are you planning to have him executed because of treason?” the reporter asked.

“First, I want to thank all the people of this country for their prayers and well wishes for my speedy recovery.  On the issue regarding Kim Kang Dae, since he is Prince Eui-Sung’s father-in-law and Ji Woo’s grandfather, I don’t feel it is necessary to have him executed, but he will serve time in prison.  After serving his time, I hope that he will turn his life around and continue to work successfully in his company that he worked so hard for,” replied Shin.

Yul held his hand up and interjected, “ I want to make a formal apology right now.  I have already apologized to my cousin, the King and I am apologizing right now to all the citizens of our country for my father-in-law’s unthinkable actions.”  Yul spoke calmly and with sorrow in his voice, “I never thought he would do such a horrible act and I never, ever would condone his actions.  Therefore, because of what has happened, I am telling everyone in front of me that I am abdicating from the Royal family. I have decided that I do not deserve to live in the Palace and I definitely do not deserve to be your King if something should ever happen to Paeyha Shin.  Please, support and look after King Shin from now on.  That’s all I wanted to say, so please excuse me,”  Yul spoke confidently and got up to leave the press conference.

“Wait!  Jamkkanman! (Wait a minute!) Royal Prince Eui-Sung!  Where will you be going?  Why do you think you have to leave?” yelled so many different reporters.  There was chaos in the room, and the bodyguards had to try to get the reporters to calm down and to stop them from following the Royal Prince as he walked out the back door.

Shin was also shocked to hear Yul’s confession of abdication.  He never expected or wanted Yul to leave the Palace.  He thought that they both agreed that the Royal family should all live in the Palace whomever became the King.

One of the reporters could tell that Shin was just as shocked as they were.

“Paeyha Shin, did you know that Royal Prince Eui-Sung was going to abdicate his crown?” asked one of the reporters.

“No, I did not,” Shin said slowly.  “I think we need to end our press conference at this moment.  I mainly came to let everyone know that I am doing well and to not worry about who will be the King.  I intend to continue working as our country’s King.  So please, do not worry about the Royal family.  The Royal family will release more news through our public relations department,”  Shin quickly got up and left out the same door as Yul to find out what just happened.

Again, the bodyguards had to block the doorway from the reporters following their King and to calm down everyone from yelling and screaming.

Shin ran to catch up with Yul.  Shin had to grab Yul’s arm to get him to stop and pull him around so that he could speak to him.

“What just happened in there?  Why do you feel that you have to abdicate.  You never told me that this is what you wanted?  What’s going on Yul?”  Shin was in total disbelief and wanted his questions answered.

“I’ve already made up my mind.  I’m a grown man.  I don’t have to go to you to tell you what I intend to do with my life.  I’ve already told the Elders of my decision and they agreed that it probably would be in the best interests for the Monarchy.  I’ve decided to marry Soon Yeung if she accepts my proposal.  So, if you don’t mind I promised to take Ji Woo and Soon Yeung to the zoo and then I have a special surprise for Soon Yeung later.

“You could have told me that you were planning to leave,”  Shin said with a bit of anger in his voice.  “I can’t believe that you are leaving the Royal family.  I thought you were the one who wanted everyone to live together as a big, happy family under one roof so to speak.”

“I’m sorry, Shin.  I’ve already decided that this is the right decision for Ji Woo, Soon Yeung and myself.  I can’t let Soon Yeung and Ji Woo live a Palace lifestyle.  I think we will all be happier and have more freedom if we lived outside of the Palace.”  Yul spoke calmly and was not upset or angry with Shin.  He was hoping that Ji Woo and Soon Yeung would only agree with him.

That same day, Yul took Ji Woo and Soon Yeung to the zoo as he promised.  His bodyguards were with them as to be expected after what had happened that day.  No one can be too sure if there wasn’t going to be someone retaliating on the Royal family for Kang Dae’s attempted assassination on the King.

Yul made sure to ask the bodyguards to stay as far away as possible without making it look conspicuous to the people around them.

Yul, Soon Yeung and Ji Woo looked as though they were already a family of three enjoying a beautiful day at the zoo.  Ji Woo held his father’s hand in his right hand and Soon Yeung’s hand in his left hand.  Ji Woo felt as though this is what it felt like to have a real mother and father.  They spent the afternoon looking at all the exotic animals.  Ji Woo’s told Yul that he wanted to see the elephants, lions, tigers and especially the monkeys.  Watching the monkeys made everyone laugh from seeing their funny expressions and jumping from tree to tree with their long arms swinging from branch to branch.

After spending most of the afternoon at the zoo, Yul prepared a nice dinner at a very secluded and private restaurant.  Everyone was enjoying their meal and reminiscing about what they had seen at the zoo.  There was so much joy and laughter, that Yul was enjoying seeing the smiles on Ji Woo and Soon Yeung’s faces.

Right after the dishes were cleared from the dining table, the chef came out to present a cake.  The staff at the restaurant sang the “Happy Birthday” song.

“What is this?” Soon Yeung said with a confused look on her face.  “It’s not my birthday and I know it’s not Ji Woo’s birthday.  Is it your birthday, Prince Eui-Sung?   I‘m sorry, I meant to say Yul.”  Yul already had to remind Soon Yeung many times to call him by his given name rather than Prince Eui-Sung.

“No, It’s not my birthday, but Ji Woo and I would like to present a gift to you,” Yul nodded to Ji Woo as his cue to present the gift to Soon Yeung.

Ji Woo got up from his chair and went to Soon Yeung’s left side to present a small box.  It was definitely a ring box from what anyone could tell just by looking at it.  At the same time Yul got up from his chair and knelt down on one knee on Soon Yeung’s right side and said, “Ji Woo and I would like to know if you would be so kind as to marry the both of us.  We do come together as a package deal.  Will you marry us Soon Yeung?”  Yul spoke with his hand held out holding a bouquet of flowers that were handed to him by one of the bodyguards.

Soon Yeung was so surprised seeing Ji Woo to the left of her and Yul to the right of her handing her a ring box and flowers at the same time.  She started to have tears well up in her eyes.

“Please don’t cry, Ms. Kim,” cried Ji Woo.  “Don’t you want to be my Omma?  I really, really want you to be my Omma!”  Ji Woo started to get tears in his eyes too.

Soon Yeung took a deep breath and immediately reached out her arms to hug Ji Woo.  “Of course, I want to be your Omma!  I would love to be your Omma and I would really love to be your father’s wife!  Yes!  Yes!  I will marry the both of you,” she cried with tears streaming down her face.

Both Ji Woo and Yul grinned from ear to ear and all three hugged each other.  Ji Woo was so excited and happy.  Soon Yeung opened the ring box and was beaming with happiness at the beautiful ring that Yul had picked out just for her.  Yul placed the ring on Soon Yeung’s ring finger on her left hand.  Soon Yeung kissed Yul on his cheek because she was too shy to kiss Yul on his lips in front of Ji Woo.  She gave Ji Woo a kiss on his cheek too.

After eating cake and sharing the cake with the bodyguards and restaurant staff, Ji Woo was sent home in the Royal limousine with both bodyguards, while Yul and Soon Yeung went back to her apartment in a taxi.  Yul promised to call his bodyguard when he needed to be picked up.

Yul and Soon Yeung talked all evening about his plans to leave the Palace.  He felt it would be best for all three of them tstarted their lives outside of the Palace walls.  He was willing to leave the Royal family for Soon Yeung and Ji Woo.  He knew that with the attempted assassination on Shin by his father-in-law, his future on becoming the next King were slim.  He also didn’t want Ji Woo’s life to be surrounded by scandals and talk about his grandfather’s cowardly act.

Soon Yeung was actually grateful that she wouldn’t have to live in the Palace.  She enjoyed teaching preschool and really didn’t want to become a Princess.  She saw how hard it was for Chae Kyung at times and knew that life in the Palace was not all fun and games.  She respected Yul’s decision to work on his own.  Yul had started college in England with a degree in business, so he decided that he could continue going to Seoul University with the monies that he already had as the Prince.  Yul was interested in starting a business promoting Korean artists.  He wanted to open his own art gallery.

 Yul and Soon Yeung were married by the end of August.  It was a private ceremony on Jejudo Island.  They used the Royal family’s Vacation Palace on Jejudo to have their nuptials.  The whole Royal family and the invited guests were able to stay for a nice weekend getaway.  The whole gang from high school came to their wedding.  Kang Hyun and Jang Kyeong came to the wedding together.  Ryu Hwan had broken up with his girlfriend a while back and was single again.  Hee Soong worked as a makeup artist for SM Entertainment.  She was bragging that she was secretly dating an idol singer, but she couldn’t say who it was exactly for fear that he would get hate mail from his fans and netizens.  Kang In and Hyo-Rin were happily married as ever.  Of course, Shin and Chae Kyung were just as happily married too.


The wedding party consisted of Shin as the Best Man,  Chae Kyung was the Matron of Honor. Kang Hyun and Hee Soong were bridesmaids and Seung Jo and Kang In were groomsmen.  And of course, Ji Woo was the ring bearer.  The wedding was so beautiful and every one had an enjoyable time.


Yul’s mother, Hwa-Yeong was not happy at first about Yul marrying Soon Yeung, but after seeing how much Ji Woo loved her and Soon Yeung’s love for Ji Woo, Hwa-Yeong gave in for the sake of her only son and grandson.  She was thankful that she stopped becoming greedy over Yul’s possibility on becoming the King.  She finally realized that it probably was never meant to be after seeing Kang Dae end up in prison and in a wheelchair like she once was.

At the reception, Shin and Kang In were having so many drinks from the bar that they were becoming very loud.  Both Chae Kyung and Hyo-Rin were becoming embarrassed by their husbnd’s behavior at the party.  The children were sent to their rooms before they saw what was happening with their fathers.  Shin started singing off key and Kang In was joining Shin by singing and dancing awkwardly.  Luckily, Seung Jo knew not to drink so that he could keep an eye on his Paeyha.  Also, the wedding was a secret wedding, so there were no reporters or cameras, except for the wedding photographer.  Both Chae Kyung and Hyo-Rin were embarrassed for their husbands, but they couldn’t do anything about their behavior.

Later that evening when Shin and Chae Kyung were in their bedroom.  Chae Kyung started to help Shin undress so that he could sleep off his drunken stupor.  Shin was only in his undershirt and boxers when he started mumbling to himself.

“I can’t believe that Yul is going to leave the Palace.  We were getting along so well living together as a family.  I thought we could become closer since we are actually brothers,” sighed Shin.

“What did you just say?” Chae Kyung asked stunned.  “Did you just say that you are brothers?”

“Ummm…” Shin let it slip from his mouth without really thinking clearly.

“Oh yea…I was going to tell you, but I really didn’t know when the right time would have been.  Yes, technically, Yul is my half-brother.  I am older by just four months.”

“What?” Chae Kyung was shocked.  “How long have the two of you known this?”

“Well, I knew from the time I started working on “The King of Spades” team.  It’s been almost two years now,” Shin was getting a headache from trying to remember exactly when it all began.  “I actually told Yul the news about us being half-brothers five months later.”  Shin let out a big burp.

Chae Kyung waved her hand to move the alcohol smell from her face.

“I thought we are supposed to be honest with each other.  Are you telling me that you don’t trust me with any of your family secrets?  Does Halmeoni and Omeoni know about Yul?” she asked with disbelief.

“Yes, they both know.  They understand that my father’s affair was a one time thing and that it just needs to be kept a family secret for the sake of the Monarchy,” replied Shin.  By now, Shin was lying on top of the bed falling asleep.

“Are you telling me that I am the only one who doesn’t know about this secret?  Do you not trust me at all, Shin?”  Chae Kyung’s pride was being hurt now.

“It’s not that I don’t trust you.  You just didn’t need to be told about it.  I didn’t want you to have to worry about such matters,” he said.

“No…I think…you don’t think I could keep it a family secret.  I really feel as though you don’t trust me with anything important within this family.”  Chae Kyung felt very hurt all of a sudden.   I need to just leave this room and think about what is going on right now.”

“Chae Kyung, you can’t leave without a bodyguard!  Get back here, Chae Kyung!  I’m not done talking with you!” yelled Shin.  The moment that Chae Kyung opened the door, both Min Joon and Seung Jo were at their bedroom door getting ready to knock on it.  Shin yelled for Seung Jo to follow Chae Kyung closely as soon as she walked out of their room past the two of them.

Seung Jo told Min Joon to go ahead of him and that he would be right back as soon as he could get Shin Hoo Mama back to her room.

Chae Kyung started running to Kang In and Hyo-Rin’s room with Seung Jo following right behind her.

When she arrived at their front door, she  knocked on it loudly and Kang In came to the door just as drunk as Shin was.

Kang In bowed to Chae Kyung and said, “Annyeong haesaeyo Bingung Mama!  What can I do for you, Your Highness?” smiled Kang In.

“Can I speak to Hyo-Rin privately, please?” asked Chae Kyung desperately and with tears in her eyes.

Hyo-Rin heard Chae Kyung’s cries and came to the door immediately.  She pulled Chae Kyung into the room.  “What’s wrong Chae Kyung?  Did you and Shin have a fight?”  “Kang In!  You go with Seung Jo and sober up in Shin’s room while I talk with Chae Kyung,” scolded Hyo-Rin.

Kang In gave a drunken salute to Hyo-Rin and started walking towards Shin’s room.  Seung Jo knew that Min Joon was busy talking with Shin, so he told Kang In to wait and sit in the hallway with him.  He told Kang In that he was going to fix it so that he could go back to bed with his wife and to be patient while he worked something out.  Seung Jo sat next to Kang In and was shaking his head back and forth thinking about how terribly drunk Kang In and his Paeyha were.  He would have to wait until Min Joon came back to let him know how everything turned out.

Back in Shin and Chae Kyung’s room, Min Joon sat across from Shin to speak with him on a personal matter.

“Paeyha, can I speak to you about a private matter or should I come back another time?”  Min Joon asked timidly.

Shin sat up on the edge of the bed to talk with Min Joon.

“I’m not drunk, Min Joon.  Just call me Shin.  We’re good friends.  Only when we are with other people, then you can call me by my title.  What can I do for you?” he asked while rubbing his head.

“Well, Seung Jo told me that I could ask a favor from you since I did save your life.  Is this true?  Normally, I wouldn’t ask a favor from you, but I think it’s a very important one that only you can grant me.” he said shyly.

“Of course!  I remember telling Seung Jo that both you and him could ask a favor from me because the both of you came to my rescue after Kang Dae’s attempted assasination. Go ahead, tell me what you would like from me.”  Shin burped again.  “Excuse me, Min Joon.  Mianhae.”

“Oh, that’s okay, Shin,” he said while rubbing his hands together because he was so nervous.  Min Joon wasn’t sure if he should be asking Shin a favor, but he felt this was his only chance.

“Since, you are…basically the man of the Palace…ummm….I was wondering….” Min Joon was very nervous that he was stammering while speaking.

“For God’s sake!  Just spit it out, will you?  I have a headache and Bingung Mama is driving me crazy, right now!” Shin said angrily.

“I want to marry your sister, Princess Hye-Myeong.  I need your approval first before I ask for her hand in marriage.”  Min Joon said quickly.

“WHAT?”  screamed Shin.  “Is that what you were worried about telling me?”

Min Joon nodded his head yes.

“Oh My God! Jesus Christ Super Star!  Yes! Yes! Yes!  Go ahead and marry my lovely sister.  You are a good man and she deserves to be happy.  I was wondering when you were going to ask her to marry you,” smiled Shin.  “You have my blessings, but once you are married to her, you will have the title of Royal Prince Min Joon.  Are you okay with becoming a part of the Royal family?  Do you think you can handle the Royal duties of a Prince? Unfortunately, you won’t be able to work in the Royal Palace as part of the Security division.  At least you will be prepared to protect your wife.”  Shin was very happy indeed.  And so was Min Joon.

“Thank you Paeyha, I mean Shin or do I call you my brother-in-law?  Thank you with all my heart!  I’m going to ask her right now!”  Min Joon bowed profusely and was about to get up, but Shin stopped him.

Jamkkanman! (Wait a minute!) I’ll let you marry my sister, but only if you get Bingung Mama to come back to me, by tonight!”  Shin said this while almost falling off the bed.  He still seemed to be quite drunk from what Min Joon could tell.

“Don’t worry, Paeyha.  I will get her back to you in no time,” Min Joon saluted Shin as he left the room.  He immediately called Seung Jo’s cell phone to find out where the two of them were.

“Yobaesaeyo? (Hello?)” said Seung Jo.  Ne (Yes), I am waiting outside the door of Kang In and Hyo-Rin’s room.  Baelee! (Hurry!)  I want to know if Paeyha’s in a good mood, so that I can ask him for Court Lady Choi’s hand in marriage.  Did he approve of you and Princess Hye-Myeong?  What?  He said that you can marry Princess Hye-Myeong?  That’s great!

As soon as Min Joon saw Seung Jo sitting in the hallway outside of Kang In’s room, Min Joon told Seung Jo to go ask Shin for Court Lady Choi’s hand in marriage.  He would wait outside with Kang In until Seung Jo came back.  Afterwards, the both of them would have to get Bingung Mama to go back to their Paeyha if they wanted to marry their girlfriends.

When Seung Jo knocked on Paeyha’s door, Shin yelled, “Come in Min Joon!  You better have Bingung Mama with you!”

When Shin saw that it was Seung Jo, he had a bewildered look on his face.

“Where’s Min Joon and Bingung Mama?” he said.

“Paeyha, Bingung Mama is speaking with Hyo-Rin right now,” said Seung Jo.

“Aish…bring back Bingung Mama to me.  I already know that you are interested in marrying Court Lady Choi.  Am I right?” Shin said while rubbing his head because of his headache.

“How did you know, Paeyha?” said Seung Jo.

“I see how you act so clumsy when Court Lady Choi walks by or how you smile every time you see her from a distance,” smiled Shin.  “Get me an aspirin and bring back Bingung Mama to me and then you can ask Court Lady Choi for her hand in marriage.”  Shin waved his hand as if he were shooing away a fly.

“Ne! (Yes!) Paeyha, I will bring you an aspirin and then I’ll bring back Bingung Mama.  Don’t worry, I’ll be right back!”  Seung Jo walked out of the room and then pulled his arm down while making a fist with his hand and said,”Yes!”

While Min Joon and Seung Jo were talking with Shin for his approval on marrying their girlfriends, Hyo-Rin and Chae Kyung had their own discussion on why Chae Kyung was so unhappy.

“Why are you crying, Chae Kyung?” said Hyo-Rin as she patted her friend on her back.

“Where are your girls, Hyo-Rin?” asked Chae Kyung.

“Don’t worry, the girls are in another room behind that door.  They are both sound asleep.  They had so much fun with Young-ah and Ji Woo that they went right to sleep after having their dinner,” Hyo-Rin reassured Chae Kyung.

“I can’t believe that Shin doesn’t trust me to keep a family secret,” she cried. “I can’t tell you or else he’ll say that I just blabbed it to you.”

“Gwen chana. (It’s okay), you don’t have to tell me what it is,” said Hyo-Rin.

“I thought we agreed that our marriage was going to be built on trust and honesty, but it’s all a lie, because Shin doesn’t trust me still,” she said through tears.

“Shin may have his reasons, but I am on your side, Chae Kyung.  There should never be any secrets between husband and wife.  Let Shin sleep on it because I know he is too drunk to think clearly.  Give him a chance to explain when he is sober.  You can sleep here with me tonight.  I told Seung Jo to take Kang In to your room to sleep with Shin so that both our husbands can think about their ridiculous behavior from tonight.  They were both so embarrassing to look at,” laughed Hyo-Rin.

“I know!” laughed Chae Kyung.  “I thought they were going to kiss each other at one point.”

“Men can be so pabo (foolish) sometimes.”  said Hyo-Rin.

Seung Jo ran back to Kang In and Hyo-Rin’s room.  Kang In was lying asleep on the floor, while Min Joon waited for Seung Jo.

“First, we need to get Paeyha an aspirin.  Let’s ask Hyo-Rin if she has one and then we can bring the aspirin and Bingung Mama back together to Paeyha,” said Seung Jo.

Seung Jo knocked on the door and Hyo-Rin answered it right away.

“Excuse me, Ms. Hyo-Rin, but Paeyha has a terrible headache and he needs an aspirin. He would also like Bingung Mama to come back to help take care of his headache.  He’s really not feeling well,” Seung Jo pouted as he was talking.

Hyo-Rin closed the door and then came back with an aspirin bottle.

When she opened the door she said to Seung Jo, “Give this to Shin and tell him that he can sleep with my husband Kang In until tomorrow morning.  Your Paeyha, Shin needs to think about his wife more carefully as someone very precious and my own husband needs to learn when to stop drinking so that he doesn’t make a fool of himself!”  Then she slammed the door on Seung Jo’s face.

Seung Jo looked at Min Joon with a sad face.

“I think we’d better just listen to Ms. Hyo-Rin and take Kang In back to Paeyha’s room.  If there’s one thing I learned from my mother, it’s don’t mess with a woman when she’s in a bad mood,” he said.

Seung Jo and Min Joon took turns carrying Kang In back to Shin’s room across the premises.  When they got to Shin’s room it was still unlocked.  They brought Kang In  into the room and found their Paeyha already asleep on the bed.  Min Joon dropped Kang In on the bed next to Shin.  Both Seung Jo and Min Joon shook their heads in disgust at the two drunken men.  Next, they both looked at each other and gave a big sigh of disappointment because their plans to get permission to marry their girlfriends from Shin were a bust.

“It looks like we’re not going to get to ask our girlfriends to marry us,” moped Seung Jo.

“We’ll try again, tomorrow morning.  Hopefully, Paeyha won’t remember what just happened this evening and we can ask him for the favor on another night,” Min Joon sighed.

Both men went to their own rooms to sleep.  It was a night that neither men would forget.  As the two men were walking to their rooms, they made a promise to each other.

“Man, I am not going to ever get as drunk as Kang In or Paeyha did.  Stop me, before I ever act that drunken crazy, okay?” said Seung Jo to Min Joon.  Yagsog? (Promise?)

“I promise,” said Min Joon.  “And you do the same for me too, okay?  Yagsog?

“I promise,” said Seung Jo and both men did a pinky promise with each other.

The next morning, Chae Kyung woke up very early and went outside to walk along the beach.  She was still wearing her bridesmaid dress.  She walked aimlessly to think about how she would approach Shin.  She felt sad that Shin couldn’t trust her with a family secret that everyone else knew about.  She started to wonder if she should even be the Queen if she couldn’t have the trust of her husband, the King.

She knew she would always love Shin no matter what, but she wasn’t sure if Shin loved her as much as she did.  She thought about how much they both went through to finally realize that they loved each other.  There was the bickering at the beginning and the distrust in each other’s feelings for each other.  She loved him from afar and couldn’t forget about him even when he was in Thailand or right across the room from her.  It took them a long time for them to trust each other, and now she felt like that trust was lost again.  It was as if they went all the way back to the beginning of their relationship.

“Why can’t he trust me?  Does he even love me,” she thought.


 When Shin woke up that morning, Kang In was already gone.  Shin asked Seung Jo where Bingung Mama was and he told his Paeyha that he didn’t have to worry.  Min Joon was watching his Queen.  Min Joon called Seung Jo on his cellphone to let him know that Shin Hoo Mama was taking a walk along the beach.

Shin decided that he needed to take a shower because he reeked of alcohol.  He took some more aspirin and also went to the beach to find Chae Kyung. He remembered telling Chae Kyung that Yul was actually his half-brother and Chae Kyung had become very hurt and upset with him because she thought that he couldn’t trust her with this family secret.  He felt like such a fool for not telling Chae Kyung from the beginning about Yul.  It didn’t seem like something that would make her change her feelings for Yul or Ji Woo.  She would have treated both of them the same, so it would have been really nice for her to know that Shin and her were truly Ji Woo’s Uncle and Aunt by blood and not just cousins.  He just let it slip his mind and didn’t think about it ever again.


Both Chae Kyung and Shin had their heads down thinking about what to do, when all of a sudden, Shin looked up and saw Chae Kyung walking alone not too far from where he was.  At first, he didn’t know what to say to get her attention, but then he decided to just call out her name.

“Yah!  Chae Kyung!  We need to talk,” shouted Shin.

Chae Kyung immediately looked up when she heard Shin’s voice.  She started walking slowly towards him.

As they got closer to each other, Shin asked, “Why didn’t you come back to me when I was feeling so sick and lonely?  I thought we agreed that we would never leave each other without giving each other at least a kiss goodbye.  I didn’t get a kiss goodbye. Did you forget?”

Chae Kyung looked at Shin with her eyes squinted because of the morning sun.  She didn’t yell or scream, she just spoke softly, “I didn’t think you deserved a kiss goodbye, Shin goon.  What happened to trust and honesty in our marriage?  Did you forget that we agreed that we would always be honest and trust each other?”

“Geurae. (You’re right.) Mianhae, Bingung.  I should have told you about Yul, because you are my wife.  I should always love and trust you.  Halmeoni and Omeoni were told right before Yul left for his military service, but when we did tell them, they said they already knew about it,” said Shin as he started walking closer to Chae Kyung.

Chae Kyung and Shin were already facing each other no more than about two feet from each other.

Chae Kyung spoke straight to the point, “Do you love me Shin goon?”

“What do you think, Bingung?” Shin replied back.  “I love you more than you will ever know.  I would leave the Palace, if you ask me to.  Right now, do you want to leave with me and the children?  Should we live a life outside of the Palace like Yul and Soon Yeung?  I’ll go wherever you want to go because I love you that much.”

“What about your Halmeoni, Omeoni and Eonni?”

“They’ll be fine.  I think Halmeoni can be the reigning Queen or even my Omma. I don’t really care anymore.  I just care about my wife and children.  I only want to be beside my wife.  Do you remember you said that you didn’t care that I was the Crown Prince and that your heart probably ached so much because you loved me?” whispered Shin with his head down.  “My heart aches because I love you so much and I only need you beside me to be happy.  Does you heart ache for me as mine does for you?” he asked while trying to look into her eyes for confirmation.

At first, Chae Kyung didn’t say anything. She had her head down and she was crying.  “My heart is hurting so much right now that I think it’s going to break. It hurt me so much knowing that you felt that you couldn’t trust me, but I can’t stop loving you.”  Then she looked up at Shin and said,”Let’s both agree that we will be honest, trustworthy and love each other till the end of time,” while giving him a weak smile at the same time.  “We don’t have to leave the Palace as long as we love each other.”

Shin smiled back at Chae Kyung and said, “I swear that I will be honest, trustworthy and love you till the end of time.”

Chae Kyung wanted to remind Shin by saying, “When I see you in another 2,500 years from now, don’t forget that you will meet me.  I will fall in love with you and I will never let you go.  Just remember to look for the girl who is unique and special.  I’ll be the girl with a great fashion sense, a cute smile and is a pretty good dancer, although she can be a bit clumsy at times.

Shin gave Chae Kyung a big smile and without saying a word, he pulled her towards him like so many other times in their relationship.  He was a man of few words.  He gave his wife the most passionate kiss they had ever had in a long time.

At that same moment, Kang In and Hyo-Rin saw Shin and Chae Kyung on the beach.  They both had reconciled also and decided that seeing Shin and Chae Kyung kiss wasn’t such a bad idea for the both of them too.

“I think I can kiss better than Shin.  Come here Hyo-Rin and let me show you how a real man kisses his wife,” joked Kang In.

After they kissed, Hyo-Rin was surprised and said,”Not bad…not bad at all, Kang In.”


Shin remembered his conversation with Seung Jo and Min Joon and agreed that both men could marry.  Min Joon was accepted into the Royal family with no problems with the Elders or the citizens of the Republic of South Korea.  Princess Hye-Myeong and Min Joon were now known as Royal Prince Min Joon and Royal Princess Hye-Myeong.  They were married on Jejudo Island at the Royal family vacation home in October of that same year.


Seung Jo and Court Lady Choi also known as Sang Gung, were married the following month at the Palace.  They were given their own little house on the Palace’s grounds.  Seung Jo and Sang Gung still worked for the Royal family.  It didn’t take long for Sang Gung to become pregnant.  She gave birth the following August and was allowed to be a stay at home mother to their baby boy, Seo Jung while Seung Jo continued to be Shin’s personal bodyguard.

Yul and Soon Yeung found a nice house just outside of Seoul.  Yul began college life at Seoul University, while Soon Yeung continued to teach at the private preschool.  Soon Yeung was also pregnant right after marrying Yul.  Their baby girl arrived in June the following year.  Soon Yeung stayed home with the baby and was so happy to be a loving mother to Ji Woo and baby Sun Hwa.  She was devoted to Yul and the children.  Once the baby arrived, Hwa-Yeong became a nice mother-in-law and grandmother.  Having babies did that to families.  Babies seemed to bring families closer together.

Ji Woo, Young-ah and Suzy continued to attend the private school that Soon Yeung used to work for.  All three children were good friends and had fun being in the same Kindergarten classroom.

minho-yoogeun4-630x451263891_133245976754652_7321915_n 542690_453576528044847_696051250_n

                                                               Ji Woo, Suzy and Young-ah

As for Shin and Chae Kyung, one evening while Shin was gone on a business trip for the Tourism for the Republic of South Korea, Chae Kyung decided that she would do her own over the counter pregnancy test, since she had missed her period.  They had originally planned to have the three children, but Shin insisted that he may want to have more children.  Chae Kyung was happy with having three children.  She never missed taking her daily pill, but for whatever reason, she was that one percent that ended up getting pregnant anyways.


That evening when Shin got home.  Chae Kyung helped Shin get out of his suit and drew him a nice warm bath.  And then after his bath, Shin crawled into bed next to his wife and was just starting to fall asleep when Chae Kyung said, “Guess what, Shin goon?”

“I’m tired, Bingung…I have to get up early to go to another meeting with Secretary Kong.  Can we talk tomorrow morning?” he said as he started to roll over.

“Omo… I have to tell you something that is very important.  Remember, we always have to be honest and to speak to each other when things are bothering us,”  Chae Kyung said in a serious tone.

“Aigoo…what is it now?  Did Min Ki start crying about having to sleep in his own room again?” asked Shin.

“Ani (No).”

“Is Min Jee crying because she misses seeing her appa?”  Shin said sleepily.  He was beginning to doze off.

“Ani (No).”

“Did Young-ah and Ji Woo get in another fight over who was going to marry Suzy first?”  Shin barely finished his sentence.

“Ani (No).  Kunde, (But,) I think your lovely wife is going to have another baby eight months from now and I hope it’s not going to be twins again,”  Chae Kyung spoke very calmly.

Just then Shin shot up out of bed and turned on the light on his nightstand.

“What did you just say?  Are you really pregnant, Chae Kyung?  Remember, you said you didn’t want to have anymore babies.  What happened?”  Shin was confused.

“Shin goon, do I really have to explain how I got pregnant?”  Chae Kyung was joking with her husband.

“I thought you were using birth control,” he said.

Chae Kyung sighed, “I am, but I still ended up getting pregnant.  I will stop taking them from this day forward.  Tomorrow, I will confirm my pregnancy with Dr. Moon.  I’m pretty sure that I’m pregnant because I am feeling nauseous off and on throughout day.  My breasts feel swollen and I get tired easily.  So yes, I think I’m pregnant, Shin goon.”

“Are you happy, Bingung?  Because, I’m happy as long as you’re happy,” smiled Shin.  “I bet I got you pregnant on that day when Young-ah spent the night at Ji Woo’s and Min Joon and eonni watched the twins for us so that we could go out to dinner for your birthday and spend all night making love.  That’s the night!  I know it!”  Shin was so excited.

“Yah!  Shin goon why must you always try to figure out the exact day and time that you got me pregnant.  Just be glad that I’m pregnant with our future Royal baby!  What is it with you always having to tell me when you impregnated me?”  Chae Kyung was beginning to get annoyed.

“Araeso, araeso, mianhae. (Fine, fine, I’m sorry).  Saranghae, Bingung,” smiled Shin.  Then Shin turned off the light and started to kiss and hug Chae Kyung under the covers.

“Oh, now you’re awake, Paeyha,” laughed Chae Kyung.

“Aish!  I’m still in my prime, Bingung.  Let’s just have some fun tonight, shall we?  And if Dr. Moon says, you’re not pregnant.  You will be after tonight,”  Shin said in his deep sexy voice.

“OMGJCSS!  How is it that I can’t stop myself from your advances towards me?” giggled Chae Kyung.

“That’s because I know how to make you happy.  Now, be quiet and enjoy our time together,”  Shin said.

Shin definitely knew how to push all the right buttons to make Chae Kyung smile.

1b48e304f4858ef07a89474               547629_394297864011125_228549922_n

   Ji Woo                                                                          Suzy and Young-ah


                                         Min Jee and Min Ki


Shin goon, Min Ah (new baby girl), Min Jee and Min Ki

And they lived Happily Ever After…

The End

  1. OMO!!! Sooooooooooooooo very beatiful story… Thanks Bingungmama!!!
    I really love this chapter >.< !!!

    • Thank you Andy. I really did have fun writing this fanfic. Unfortunately, this is the ending. Maybe, when I get the time, I can continue the story as Season 3.

  2. novchime permalink

    Oh very nice ending. Whenever I read, I see JJH and YEH infront of me. I hope they end up the same way. Thanks for the very nice story. Cheers!

  3. Andy Schwandett permalink

    i hope it does have a season three…. Anyways… Great work bingungmama ^_^

  4. soo nice…
    i love it.
    thaks for sharing it..

  5. mahtab permalink

    amazing . i really love your story

    please unnie .keep writing fanfics about them.thanks

  6. Bingungmama, do you have any other fanfic? T^T i really miss reading your stories…

  7. You’ve made me so happy with your kind words. I have been busy with work. I really would like to write again, but coming up with a story is not easy. Please be patient. I have a few ideas, but need to do research and find the time. I’ll let you know as soon as I get an idea. Thank you for your interest.

  8. ^_^ Wah! Really? i’m gonna wait for it… I understand anyway 🙂 working and writing at the same time isn’t easy…

  9. Oh, one more thing…. Aja! Fighting Bingungmama ^.^ !

  10. Thank you Andy! 😉 I will work hard to come up with a new story, just for you. *hugs*

  11. Aigoo,it’s so very beautiful story my friend can you make another story’s same characters,please 🙂

    • Thank you Vanessa. I will try to make another story, bit I’m not so sure on a going 3. I’ll keep you posted. Gomawo.

  12. dapurbased permalink

    Really love ur story.

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    I hope the producers make your stories into Princess Hours (Goong) 2!

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    • Thank you for liking it! I really hope there is a Goong 2 also. Not necessarily my story. I just want to see Ju Ji Hoon and Yoon Eun Hye reprise their characters again. That would be so exciting and fun! I know it would be a great romantic comedy.

  14. Thank you for your nice comment.

  15. Ely permalink

    worth the effort, hope you continue this,,at one point i was really disturb you have to kill off shins father, its too sad and even make them halfbrothers with yul not sitting well for me, just too weird anyway that was quite a story for shin and chae kyung to have twins, i go gaga. Thanks for this hope it continues

    • I know it was sad to have Shin’s father pass away, but it made it more believable since in watching the original Goong, he was very ill and it seemed strange to me that he still had kept the picture of him and Yul’s mother. It made for good drama, at least for me. Thanks for commenting.

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