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Always in my Heart – Chapter 2

Chapter 2

I Miss You (Bogoshipseo)


After hearing about Queen Hye Myeong’s car accident in China, Shin and his parents were preparing to get ready to fly to Beijing in the Royal family’s private jet.  Within a few hours, they heard from Queen Hye Myeong’s personal secretary that the Queen had survived the car accident, but she had suffered a head injury. The doctors could not give a prognosis until she woke up from her coma.  She was breathing on her own and her brain waves looked good.  It was just a matter of waiting.  Until she woke up on her own, the family would have to wait.

Shin’s parents wanted to be by their daughter’s bedside.  They asked Shin to continue meeting with the Trade Minister of China on behalf of Queen Hye Myeong.  South Korea and China were making big strides in expanding free trade between both countries.  Having the Royal family show their support in this endeavor was important for their country.  Of course, Shin agreed to take over his sister’s duties in their time of need.  His stay would last between three to five days.

There was little time for Shin to say goodbye to his young wife and newborn son.  Chae Kyung was crying from worry for Queen Hye Myeong, but she was also sad to see her husband leaving her and baby Young-ah behind after giving birth just three days ago.  Chae Kyung was in the baby’s room looking at Young-ah sleeping soundly in his crib when Shin walked up from behind to give his wife a back hug.  He had a small tear in his eye as he spoke to his wife.  “Don’t worry, my Bingung.  I will bring noona back safely and we can start our life together as a family. He softly kissed Chae Kyung’s head and turned her around to give her a passionate kiss goodbye.  Then he bent down to give his newborn son, Young-ah a kiss on his tiny little head too.

“I’m so sorry to hear about eonni (older sister – Queen Hye Myeong). Young-ah and I will be waiting patiently for your safe return. I will be praying for everyone to come back safely, especially for eonni.”  Chae Kyung didn’t want to let go of Shin’s hand, but she knew he was responsible for the Royal family now.

In less than an hour, Chae Kyung was sadly waving goodbye to her husband and in-laws as they drove off to head to the airport.  Although, Chae Kyung had many Court Ladies to help her with the baby, she felt much better having her parents with her.  Shin was also relieved that her parents were there to help her with the baby.  Chae Kyung’s parents decided to stay with her until Shin came back from China.

At the airport, Secretary Kong had already had the Crown Princes’ bags packed and his itinerary for his visit with the Trade Minister.  Shin’s parents were trying to sleep on the plane since they knew they would probably not get much sleep when they arrived at the hospital.  Shin kept going over the paperwork and his schedules.  This brought back old memories of him being in the airplane going to Thailand without Chae Kyung.

He already missed his Crown Princess and Young-ah.  He immediately grabbed the airplane’s phone to call Chae Kyung just to hear her sweet voice and to say that he loved her so much.

“Bingung, it’s me…I just wanted to call to say …bogoshipo. (I miss you) Bingung.  Saranghae (I love you) and I love Young-ah very much.  I already miss the both of you so much.  Na bogo shipussuh? (Do you miss me?)”


It was silent on the other end of the phone and then Shin could hear Chae Kyung sniffling as she was trying to hold back her tears.  She missed Shin more than she could say.

“Are you crying?  Why are you being a crybaby?” Shin smiled to himself.

“Ne kurae! (Yes, that’s right!) What are you going to do about it?  I can’t help it if I miss you more!” cried Chae Kyung.

“Awwww…my poor Bingung.  I will get back as soon as I can and I promise I will make it up to you.  Aren’t I getting better at expressing my feelings towards you?  You helped me to be more open with my feelings.  Gomawo…Bingung.  Saranghae!  Give a kiss to Young-ah for me.  I have to prepare for my visit with the Trade Minister.  Annyeong.”

“Annyeong…my Prince.  I will give you the biggest hug and kiss when you come back.  Araseo? (Okay?) she said.

Shin was smiling from ear to ear from just hearing his wife’s voice.  “I expect more than a kiss and hug!  I am expecting some alone time, do you understand?  We’ll just let the grandparents watch Young-ah for a while.  Araeso?”

Chae Kyung made a pout with her lips and said, “Araeso.”  Then she said with a bit of anger in her voice, “Call me everyday Shin goon or else!”

“Or else what!” snapped Shin.  Sometimes it irritated him when Chae Kyung nagged him.

“Or else I won’t give you the alone time you want!  You always make me worry.  You never called me before to let me know how you are.” Chae Kyung was thinking about the time he went to Thailand without her.  She was so worried and sad when Shin didn’t return her calls.


“Well, I’m a changed man.  Someone keeps nagging me about how I need to talk and express myself more, so don’t worry.  I’ll call you every night before you go to bed.  Are you happy now?”  Shin spoke with a bit of irritation in his voice.

“Yes…I’m very happy as long as you’re with me, Shin goon.” Chae Kyung smiled sheepishly to herself.  “Annyeong!” And then she made a kissing sound in the phone to let Shin know that she was sending him kisses.

“Annyeong…my Princess.” sighed Shin.

After hanging up on the phone with Chae Kyung, Shin smiled to himself and felt much happiness in his heart.  He also began thinking about his noona. She was lying in a hospital bed unconscious and no one knew when she would wake up.  It could be a few days or months or even years.  He knew he would have to take over her duties as a stand in King, but for how long?  He was almost done with his first year of college at Korea National University of Arts. He was very happy going to college to pursue his dream as a film director, but now it would have to be put on hold until indefinitely.

Also, Shin was looking forward to being a devoted father and husband.  The thought of not being able to spend as much time with his wife and newborn son gave him a heavy heart.  He remembered the days when his own father, the King hardly spent any time with him at all.  He was much closer to his mother, but even she couldn’t spend much time with him because of all the classes he had to take in becoming a Crown Prince.  Is this what he would want for Young-ah?  He couldn’t think of not being with Chae Kyung and baby Young-ah.  He was already feeling sad just thinking about it.

Back at the Palace, when Chae Kyung hung up the phone, she felt sad too, but hearing Young-ah’s crying made her stop feeling sorry for herself.  She immediately went to his room to pick him up.

Chae Kyung walked happily to her baby with joy in her heart.  “Oh Young-ah, why are you crying?  Are you like your Eomma (mom) who cries all the time when she is sad?  Is your diaper wet?  Do you need some food?  Let’s look at your diaper first.”

“Omo…aigoo!  Chae Kyung could smell his dirty diaper even before she picked him up.  “Eomma!!!  Young-ah made a mess of his diaper!  Please help me change it.”  Chae Kyung was talking out loud to herself as if Young-ha could understand what she was saying. “Eottoke? (What do I do?)  The nurses and the Court ladies have been changing your diaper all this time.  I think I’d better learn how to do it myself too.”

“Eomma!!!” screamed Chae Kyung urgently.  Come here quick!  Baelee! (Hurry!) Chae Kyung was speaking softly and kindly to Young-ah as she was taking off his diaper to put a new one on.  “Your own Eomma needs to learn how to change diapers, so be a good baby and don’t move around so much.  Araeso?”

As Chae Kyung took the diaper off of Young-ah, her mother came rushing in to help her.  Just then, Young-ha ended up spraying Chae Kyung in her face with his urine.

“Awwwww!!!  Boolyah! (What the heck!)  Young-ah!  How could you?  You naughty little boy.  Wae? (Why?)  Why did you do this to your own Eomma?” Chae Kyung was scrunching her nose from the smell and closing her eyes from the urine.

Chae Kyung’s mother saw what happened and just starting laughing out loud. She was holding her stomach from laughing so hard.

“Eomma! That’s not funny!  You need to help me here.”  Chae Kyung was using one of Young-ha’s burping towels to wipe the urine off her face.

“Omo…Chae Kyung, next time you need to cover Young-ah with the diaper before taking it completely off.  Also, it would help if the room were warm and not cold.  The cold air sometimes causes a baby boy to suddenly go to the bathroom.  Hahaha…that looked so funny when it happened.  I wish I could have taken a picture and sent it to Shin.”

“Eomma, you’re not helping me at all.  Here you finish changing Young-ah’s diaper while I wash my face.”  Chae Kyung walked to the restroom with a disgusted look on her face.

After the fiasco with the diaper changing, Chae Kyung held Young-ah in her arms and sat in the comfy rocking chair that Shin and her received as a gift from the mall.  She fed her adorable baby a warm bottle of milk.  She was a bit disappointed in herself that she couldn’t breast feed Young-ah.  No matter how hard she tried to feed him, he wouldn’t latch on to her for his feedings.  Chae Kyung finally gave up, because Young-ah was crying so much from hunger.  Chae Kyung’s mother told her that Chae Joon was just like Young-ah.  He didn’t want her breast milk either.  “Some babies are like that,” she told Chae Kyung.  “On the other hand, you didn’t want to give up breast feeding until it seemed like you were in preschool.  Aigoo! (Oh my gosh!)”


Chae Kyung was not listening to her mother.  She just kept on rocking and feeding baby Young-ah his milk.  “Oh, how he looked so much like Shin,” Chae Kyung thought to herself.

“You are going to melt all the girls hearts when you go to preschool.  You look just like your handsome Appa.  What am I going to do with you?  Shall I keep you all for myself?  You better not be as stubborn as your father. I’m going to have to be strict with you if you act that way.”  But the more that Chae Kyung looked at Young-ah, the more she realized that it probably would never happen.  How could she say no to such a cute and adorable baby?  Young-ah was asleep within minutes and Chae Kyung felt so much love for her baby.  She was already thinking of Shin again.  Oh how much she wanted him beside her watching their beautiful son sleeping so soundly.

Meanwhile, when the plane landed at Beijing airport, the Royal family were immediately whisked to the hospital where Queen Hye Myeong was in a deep sleep.  Shin let his parents go first into the room and then he went in afterwards.

Shin was teary eyed when he saw his noona lying so still as if she were dead.  Her head was bandaged and there were some scratches on her face from the accident. He was so thankful that she was alive, but the doctors were not sure how extensive her head injury was.  The Elders were already talking about having Shin become the King.  Depending on how severe Queen Hye Myeong’s head injury was, the Elders didn’t think she should continue to be the Queen.  Since Shin was next in line to be the King, they wanted him to seriously consider taking the position. Shin never thought that he would have to become King, especially after his noona had become Queen less than a year ago.  How will Chae Kyung feel if he were to become the King?  Would she be able to handle the pressures of being the Queen?  Also, he wasn’t so sure that he wanted Young-ah to be the next Crown Prince.  He really couldn’t worry himself over these issues right now.  It was important that his sister get completely well and that he fulfilled his duties until his noona could come back as the Queen.

He held his noona’s hand for sometime before his parents came in and told him that he should go to the hotel and rest before tomorrow’s important meeting with the Trade Minister.  Shin agreed and took a taxi to the hotel.

The next morning, as Shin was getting ready to go to the Trade Minister’s office, he received a call asking for his presence to attend one of China’s Awards Banquet for Businesses in World Trade.  This was an important event on his schedule, so he agreed to go.  Mr. Wei the coordinator of the banquet also asked that Shin escort one of China’s famous movie stars to the banquet.  Shin refused saying that he was married with a newborn son at home.  This did not please the event coordinator and he said that it was a small favor to ask.

“Don’t worry about any news media as far as tabloids go.  This event is for businesses and is not something that paparazzi would even take notice of.  Please, do us the honor of attending, but we would also like for you to go with an escort and not go by yourself.”

“No, I cannot attend if you ask me again to escort Ms. Chen. I am happily married and I do not want it to seem that I am available or seem interested in another woman.  I don’t feel it’s necessary that I go with another woman, especially since I’m married and just recently had my firstborn son.”  Shin hung up the hotel phone in anger.

For the next two days, Shin was in meetings with the Trade Minister, which turned out to be a success for both countries. In the evenings, Shin would visit his noona in the hospital.  Queen Hye Myeong was still in a coma.  On his third day in Beijing, he received a call from Mr. Wei again asking for the Crown Prince.

“Hello, Crown Prince Lee Shin? This is Mr. Wei asking for your presence at our Awards Banquet again.  Do not worry about escorting Ms. Chen.  She has agreed to go with someone else and therefore we hope that you will still attend this evening’s event.  A limousine will be waiting at the front of the hotel at 6:00.

Since Shin didn’t have to escort the young woman, he felt it would be fine to attend the Awards Banquet.  Shin decided he needed to shower and get ready.  Somehow, he was thinking it was unusual for Mr. Wei to ask him to escort a beautiful actress to the Awards Banquet when she could have gone with an important CEO businessman.  Secretary Kong reassured the Crown Prince that there shouldn’t be any problems with going.  Two of Shin’s bodyguards would be escorting him to the banquet for his protection.


That evening Shin sat at his table listening to the speeches and awards being given.  Earlier, before he sat down, he was asked to present one of the awards for Businessman of the Year.  As he went up to announce the winner, Ms. Chen suddenly appeared from the other side of the stage and said that she would be helping the Crown Prince with presenting the award.  Shin spoke fluent Chinese from years of studying, but he wasn’t about to make a scene in front of all the people.  Of course, photographers were taking pictures and when she grabbed Shins arm to bring him closer to her, one of Shin’s bodyguards had a bad feeling about the situation.  He grabbed the Crown Prince from behind as if he was giving the Prince a back hug and then he pushed him to the ground while shielding him at the same time.  There was a gunshot, but it hit the bodyguard’s back instead of the Prince.

Everyone in the reception room began to panic.  Women were screaming and running, while the men either helped their partners or ran out of the room concerned for their own lives.  There were security guards at the banquet and they were able to apprehend the shooter.

The Crown Prince was in shock and was hurting from being tackled to the ground, but he was not injured seriously.  Fortunately, for Shin’s bodyguard, he was wearing a bulletproof vest, so he was bruised, but very much alive.  Shin made sure that his bodyguard was taken to the closest hospital to be checked anyways for possible internal injuries.

The Beijing Police held some of the guests as eyewitnesses and they made sure to grab Ms. Chen because she became a suspect.  Both Ms. Chen and the shooter seemed to be involved in some type of conspiracy to assassinate the Crown Prince. They refused to say whom they were affiliated with and what their purpose was to eliminate the Crown Prince.

What happened to Shin made him very suspicious as to why his own sister was in a car accident.  He asked the Beijing Police to find out if his sister’s car accident was also an attempted assassination.

As soon as Shin got back to the hotel, he called Chae Kyung on her cell phone.  He would have to warn her that she might see him in the news about the attempted assassination on him.  He was not looking forward to telling Chae Kyung the news because he knew she would be worried about him.

“Yobesaeyo?  Is this my Bingung Mama? Shin tried speaking calmly.

“Ne. (Yes).  Is this my handsome Seja Jeonah? said Chae Kyung with aegyo (baby talk) in her voice.

“How are you and Young-ah doing?” replied Shin. He was so happy to be alive and he almost felt like crying, because he missed Chae Kyung and his son, but he stayed calm and cool for Chae Kyung’s sake.

“Young-ah is fast asleep.  I gave him a bath and fed him his bottle, so he is as happy as a baby should be.  How are eonni and our parents?  Are you okay?  Are you eating well? When are you coming home?” Chae Kyung had so many questions.

“Jamkkanman! (Wait a minute!) I have a lot to tell you.  First, I just wanted to say, Bingung Mama, saranghae.”

“I love you too, Shin goon.  What’s wrong?  You sound kind of upset on the phone.

“Noona is still in a coma, but she is moving in her sleep, so I think she is trying to wake up.  We talk to her everyday, hoping that she can hear us. We are just waiting for her to wake up from a very deep sleep.  My parents are making sure that she receives the best care possible and are doing fine under the circumstances.  I, on the other hand am missing you and Young-ah terribly.  I can’t wait to come home to my family.  Shin was thinking, saying “my family” had a nice ring to it.  I have my own family now to look after.  Shin was really thankful that he was alive and was talking to his wife.  “I miss you so much Bingung.  I wish I could fly home right now to you and Young-ah.  I’m hoping things will be completed within the next couple of days. The important thing is that I’m okay and that you and the baby are well too.  I don’t want to scare you, but you might hear on the news that there was an attempted assassination on me.”

“What!?” screamed Chae Kyung.  Gwen chan ah? (Are you okay?)  Are you really okay?  Chae Kyung started crying.

“I’m okay.  Don’t worry my Bingung.” smiled Shin.  He could just imagine poor Chae Kyung crying with her big crocodile tears.

“I think noona’s car accident was by the same people who tried to kill me.  The Beijing Police will be looking into it, but I think our country will also be doing their own investigation after what happened to me this evening. Please try not to worry.  I love you and Young-ah very much and will be back as soon as I can.”  Shin felt sorry for his wife because he knew she wouldn’t stop worrying about him until he was home beside her.

This made Chae Kyung start to cry even more. “Shin!  I’ll just die if you don’t come home to Young-ah and I.”   Chae Kyung was shaking while talking to Shin.  She couldn’t imagine Shin being gone from her and Young-ah.

Shin tried to reassure his wife. “Bingung, don’t talk like that.  I will try to come home as soon as possible.  I have to stay here to make sure the trade agreement is going through and to help my parents watch over noona.  I will be with you as soon as everything is settled here, then I can come back.  Araeso?”

“Alketssumnida (I understand). I love you so much Seja.”  whimpered Chae Kyung.

“Annyeong, my love.  Jal Ja Naekkum Kkwar (Goodnight and dream of me).  Saranghae.” Shin said with a sad sigh as he hung up the phone.

After Shin hung up, Chae Kyung dropped to the floor and cried uncontrollably.  She felt so scared and lonely.  Just like the time when Shin told her that she betrayed him.  But, this feeling was even worse because at least she could still see him around the Palace.  Shin was so far away.  She just wanted to see his face and make sure he was okay.


Because of the attempted assassination on the Crown Prince, the family felt it would be best if Shin went home to Chae Kyung and baby Young-ah.  The next morning, Secretary Kong arranged for Shin to fly back home in the Royal plane by that evening.  Shin made sure to visit his noona before boarding his flight home.  Shin’s sister was still in her coma, but it had only been four days since her car accident.  The doctors were optimistic about her waking up since she starting moving in her sleep.

“Your father and I will stay with your sister until she wakes up.  We’ll fly back home in the Royal airplane, as soon as she is able to.  We want you to fly home now so that you can be home with Bingung Mama and baby Young-ah,” said Queen Wang Hoo Mama.  Shin’s parents knew that it would be safer for Shin to be back at the Palace and the young parents needed to be together with their newborn son.

“But what if it takes months or even years for Noona to wake up?” said Shin.

“Don’t worry, we can’t and will not leave our daughter here all alone.  If she can be moved, then we will bring her back home.  For now, we will wait and see, at least for a few weeks.

Shin was on the Royal plane within the hour and was heading back to South Korea.  As soon as he arrived at the airport, the Royal limousine was waiting for him.  Secretary Kong had everything planned smoothly with no hitches.  When Shin arrived back at the Palace, he immediately went to look at Young-ah sleeping soundly in his crib. He gave his son a kiss on his forehead and then crept quietly to his bedroom.

Chae Kyung was sound asleep with her mouth open as usual.  She went to bed early because Young-ah kept her very busy and tired from early morning feedings.  Chae Kyung took care of Young-ah for most of the time.  She told her mother that taking care of Young-ah helped her to keep her thoughts more on the baby and not as much on Shin.

Shin crept quietly into their bedroom.  He took off his clothes and slowly went under the covers. Chae Kyung was sleeping on her side of the bed, but she was laying sideways.  It was as if she was looking at Shin, but her eyes were closed.  Shin couldn’t help himself.  He first kissed Chae Kyung on her forehead, then he kissed the tip of her nose and then he planted a light kiss on her soft pouty lips.

Chae Kyung stirred for a moment and then when she felt someone’s hand touch her chest, she immediately woke up.

“Nugueyo? (Who’s there?), yelled Chae Kyung as she pulled the blankets closer to her body.

Shin just laughed and tried to hug Chae Kyung tightly around her waist.

“Shin goon!  Is that you! Omo…when did you get here?  Chae Kyung sat up in bed and turned on the bedside table lamp.  Let me see your handsome face.  Is it really you?”

“Who did you think it was?  Who else would be touching you in our bed? Get over here, Bingung! Can’t you tell when your husband is so happy to see you that he just wants to kiss you and hug you and then make love to you? It’s our time to be together…alone!”  Shin was so happy to be home with his wife that he couldn’t stop smiling.

Chae Kyung hugged Shin so tightly that he almost couldn’t breathe.  Chae Kyung was crying so much, saying over and over, “I missed you so much.  Don’t ever leave me again.  I can’t take the separation.  Please, Shin goon…don’t ever leave me and Young-ah again.”  Chae Kyung couldn’t stop crying because she was so scared of losing Shin after he said that someone tried to assassinate him.

Shin held Chae Kyung in his arms and kept kissing her while she cried.  “Don’t worry, my Bingung…I won’t leave you or Young-ah again. “

“You have to pinkie promise me.” cried Chae Kyung.

“ Yagsog. (I promise).  Here give me your pinkie.”  Shin and Chae Kyung did a pinkie promise before falling asleep in each other’s arms.


The next morning, when Shin woke up, Chae Kyung was not in their bed.  He was so tired from the night before that he didn’t hear his wife get up.

A few minutes later, Chae Kyung walked in with Young-ha in her arms.  Shin immediately sat up in bed and asked Chae Kyung to bring the baby to him.  Chae Kyung put Young-ha between Shin and her.  They both were looking at their baby boy with so much joy and love.  Young-ah was lying on the huge bed staring at both his parents with a cute toothless grin.  He was just too cute for words.

“Kiyoe! (So cute!)” said Chae Kyung.

“Just like his Eomma.” said Shin.

“Ani (No).  I think he looks just like you Shin goon.” smiled Chae Kyung.  “I think he looks just like you, but I’m hoping he will have the awesome personality of his mother’s.”

“Yah! (Hey!)  I am cute and I have an awesome personality too!  Are you kidding me?  Aish…but I still think he looks like you…so cute.  Just like his Eomma.”  As he said this he pinched Chae Kyung’s cheek.

“Stop that…ah pa! (that hurts!)”  said Chae Kyung while trying to push Shin’s hand away from her face.

Suddenly, Young-ah started crying from Shin and Chae Kyung shouting at each other.

“Omo…my poor baby.  Appa scared you didn’t he?  Bad Appa.”  cooed Chae Kyung as she picked up Young-ha close to her.

“What are you talking about?  You scared him more than I did.  Here, let me hold him.  I didn’t get to hold my son for so long.”  Shin reached out his arms to grab Young-ah.

Chae Kyung just smiled and handed the baby gently over to Shin.  They were very young, new parents and she knew they would have a lot to learn in raising their son, but she knew they loved him more than anything in the world.  Their baby was so fortunate to have them as his parents.  Young-ah was indeed a very lucky baby to have been born to a Royal family.

After playing with the baby for a while, Chae Kyung had Shin give Young-ah his bottle while she took a shower.  Shin was happy to spend some time with the baby.  He was truly enjoying being a father.  He felt so much love and happiness at that moment that he couldn’t think of anything else that was as more precious than his wife and son.

Secretary Kong knocked on the door of the Royal couple’s bedroom.  Normally, Secretary Kong would wait until they came out of their bedroom, but it must have been very urgent.  Court Lady Park and Court Lady Kwak were with him.  Court Lady Park told the Crown Prince that she would continue feeding Young-ah in the baby’s room, while Secretary Kong spoke to Shin.  Court Lady Kwak went to the Royal couple’s bathroom to let Chae Kyung know that they were there to help her with the baby.  Shin was a bit upset, but he knew that Secretary Kong would not have bothered him if it weren’t important.  Shin gently handed Young-ah to Court Lady Park.  Court Lady Park was a bit embarrassed seeing the Crown Prince obviously was naked in bed, but she only did what she was told to do. She immediately left the room with a smile on her face.

Shin asked Secretary Kong to turn around so that he could put on some clothes.  Shin grabbed his robe from the closet and sat down in one of the chairs in the bedroom.  Secretary Kong brought out the newspapers to tell Shin that the papers were quite impressed that the Crown Prince was working hard with China in bringing more trade between the two countries, but because of the assassination attempt, the trade agreements didn’t get completely done.  There was still no word on why or who wanted to kill the Crown Prince.  It definitely seemed that someone didn’t want the trade agreements to go through.  Queen Hye Myeong’s car accident was probably an assassination attempt to stop her with meeting with the Trade Minister too.  The critical question was, who wanted to hurt the Royal family and why?

Hopefully, either China or their own country would find out more information on the terrorist group.

Secretary Kong had to also bring up the issue of who should be the person in command since Queen Hye Myeong was not able to fulfill her duties.  The so-called Elders liked to make the Royal members their puppets as far as Shin was concerned.  Shin said he would take Queen Hye Myeong’s place only as a temporary ruler.  He did not want to become King if he could help it.  It was too much pressure and responsibilities for Shin to be away from his young wife and newborn son.  Shin felt he was still very young to become a King.  He was going to be twenty years old the following month, which was May.

South Korea had a democratic President.  The Royal family was just for show just like the Royals in England and some other countries with Royalty.  He was hoping that the Royal family would no longer be needed as the country’s puppets, but as long as the people wanted them to be representatives of their country, then he felt he was obligated to fulfill the role as their Crown Prince or regrettably as their future King.

When Shin and Chae Kyung were eating their breakfast that morning, Shin relayed the information that he received from Secretary Kong.  Chae Kyung was not happy about the newspapers. She knew from experience how the papers could be relentless in making trouble for the Royal family.  What worried Chae Kyung more than the newspapers was Shin becoming the King.  Although, she said he looked good as the Crown Prince, she realized that the responsibilities of becoming the King would take Shin away from her and Young-ah from a “normal” family life.  Being a Royal was a serious undertaking, especially as the King and Queen.  It was stressful and took a lot of time away from family and friends.  Chae Kyung loved being with her family and friends more than anything.  Going to dinner parties, special events that Royalty was required to attend and meetings with dignitaries were all so boring and tedious. The one and only rewarding part of being a Royal was the charity work.  Chae Kyung loved to help others and was satisfied when she felt that she was making a difference in people’s lives.  All the other responsibilities made her feel like a doll that smiled at everyone and wore pretty dresses to impress others.  She loved fashion, but usually Shin’s mother or grandmother would decide what outfits were to be worn for the different occasions.  She rarely got to choose what she wanted to wear.

Chae Kyung told Shin that she would accept whatever he decided to do as far as becoming the King.  It was his life and his choice; at least she hoped so.  She would support whatever decisions Shin made.

“Be honest with me Bingung.  Would you want me to be King?  Could you handle being Queen of this country of ours?  Can you expect to help Young-ah become the next Crown Prince?” Shin asked with a serious tone in his voice.

Chae Kyung was not good at hiding her feelings. “Uhhhmm…well… whatever you decide to do, I will be beside you 100%.  I know it is a huge responsibility, but I love you and will always be your supporter as your future Queen.”  She was nervous while saying this to Shin.

“Well, the Elders are asking that I become the King if noona is too ill to fulfill her responsibilities for a long time.  They don’t want it to go back and forth if she has complications from the accident.  Well, let’s not worry about it until she comes back home.  We’ll know more about her condition as the days go by.” Shin was trying to ease the thought of his becoming King should it happen.

“Oh…Bingung, I almost forgot to give you a gift for you and Young-ah from the Trade Minister of China.  He sent this beautiful jade and gold necklace for you.  Mr. Wong said that jade is believed to bring love, loyalty, friendship and good fortune.  For Young-ah he gave five gold coins strung through the square holes with a red ribbon.  He said that the square hole represents heaven and earth and that if you keep these coins it will bring prosperity. *


“How nice of him to think of  Young-ha and I.” smiled Chae Kyung as she held the gifts in her hands.  So, what did you bring for me and Young-ha?”  Chae Kyung was trying to give Shin a hard time because she never expected anything from him.

“Well…I was very busy, you know.” sighed Shin and he had a look of disappointment.”

“Gwen chan ah (I’m okay).  I know you worked hard everyday you were there.”  Chae Kyung couldn’t help but feel a bit hurt because she remembered the time Shin said she should thank Secretary Kong for buying that beautiful crown necklace.  And then that same beautiful necklace broke right before Shin was accused of setting the fire at the Palace.  It was Yul’s evil mother who set Shin up. 

“Mianhae (I’m sorry), Bingung.”  Then Shin said coyly,  “ Hmm…what’s this in my pocket? Oh…look here!  How did this get in my pocket?  It must have been the time that I actually went walking with both my bodyguards and went into this very expensive jewelry store and thought…gee, if I don’t buy something for my Bingung Mama, I might get a look of disappointment like I did just awhile ago.  But… that didn’t happen because I would find this necklace just for you!”  Shin said with a big smile.  “Tricked you!” It was not the exact same necklace as the one Secretary Kong got, but it was even more beautiful because Shin had picked it out and bought it for her.  It was a crown made with diamonds and emeralds.  Shin’s birthstone is emeralds and Young-ha’s birthstone is diamonds, so it had a more personal touch because of that.

“Come here so I can put this on you right now.  “Wow!  You look so beautiful.  I am so lucky to have such a beautiful wife.  Do you like it?” smiled Shin.

Chae Kyung was so happy because Shin had never bought her anything before.  She was quite surprised that Shin purchased the necklace on his own. It was such a wonderful surprise.  “Ippeune! (It’s pretty!) Thank you Seja.” Chae Kyung turned around and wrapped her arms around Shin and they kissed just like the first time they kissed each other when they both confessed their love for each other.


“Your welcome, my princess.  Shin was satisfied and had a huge grin on his face.  “After eating breakfast, shall we take a walk with Young-ah around the Palace?  I didn’t know what to get for Young-ah, so I bought him a stuffed Panda Bear and a little hat that looks like he’s a baby Panda.  The hat has panda ears on it with panda eyes and a panda nose on top.  He’ll look so cute in it, don’t you think?” laughed Shin.

“Of course!  Our Young-ah is the cutest baby that I’ve ever seen.  I guess I’m biased though.” Smiled Chae Kyung.

Shin was holding Young-ah in his arms with Chae Kyung beside him enjoying the Spring’s fresh air.  Young-ah looked so cute with his Panda hat on.  He was sleeping soundly in Shin’s arms.

As Shin and Chae Kyung were continuing their walk around the Palace, they noticed someone walking towards them.  From far away they couldn’t tell who it was, but as they walked closer and closer to the young man, Chae Kyung realized it was Lee Yul.

Shin was not happy to see Yul walking towards him and Chae Kyung.  He felt like making an about face, but that would be so obvious and childish.  Shin still could not forgive Yul’s mother, his own aunt, for her selfish desires to hurt his family and especially for hurting his innocent and precious wife.  He was also mad at Yul, but at the same time he knew that without Yul’s confession to starting the fire, Shin might have been a dethroned Crown Prince with a criminal record.

“Annyeonghasaeyo, Seja and Bingung Mama.  Yul said this while bowing at the same time.  “I heard that you’ve had a baby boy.  May I see the young Prince?  Yul seemed quite pleased to see the both of them.

“Of course, Yul goon.” said Chae Kyung.  Chae Kyung also felt a bit uncomfortable since she knew Shin was not happy to see Yul.  He never liked his cousin since he found out that he was trying to take Chae Kyung away from him and his scheme to become the Crown Prince.

“Oh…kiyopta (so cute).  He looks like Shin,” replied Yul.

“I know…doesn’t he?  I think so too. Smiled Chae Kyung.

“Why are you here?  Does Halmeoni Queen Tae Hoo Mama know you are here? said Shin with a straight face.

“Yes, Halmeoni Tae Hoo Mama asked to see me first, then I will be going to meet the Elders.  I was asked to come to the Palace by the Elders.  I’m surprised you didn’t hear about it.  Well, I will be going now.

The Elders were a group of men who made important decisions on who the Royal family were to meet and which functions to attend. They were like advisors to the Royal family on the country’s political issues.  The Royal family had to follow their decisions whether the family liked it or not.

Just as Yul walked away, Shin’s cell phone was ringing.  It was Secretary Kong.

“Yobesaeyo? (Hello?) Yes…I understand.  I will be there. Shin hung up his phone and looked annoyed.

“What is it?” asked Chae Kyung.

“ I am going to the same meeting as Yul with the Elders in a couple of hours.  Let’s go back to the Palace.  I need to wear a suit.”  Shin was not happy about meeting with the Elders.  They didn’t seem to like him as well as Yul.

Chae Kyung didn’t like seeing Shin upset, especially when it came to Yul.  She knew Shin would be angry with Yul if he came back to the Palace.  Shin hated Yul for what he did to his family and not to mention his jealousy whenever Yul spoke or looked at Chae Kyung.


Back at the Palace, in a private meeting room, the Elders, Shin and Yul were seated at an enormous table.  There were ten Elders looking very serious in their traditional Korean clothing.  Shin and Yul wore designer suits.  The Elders were always about tradition and following the “rules”.

“We know that Queen Hye Myeong is very ill at this time and Shin is taking her place in all her royal duties, but we feel that it would be best if the both of you helped out at this time.  The Crown Prince has a newborn that we’re sure he would like to spend time with.  Also, we feel that the Royal Prince Eui Sung could be of help to the Palace with some of the duties.  We found out that Yul was not the culprit in the fire incident.  The Royal Prince’s mother, Queen Hwa Yeong is banished from the Palace, but not Royal Prince Eui Sung.

We would like for the two of you to have a press conference to let the citizens of Korea know that you’ll be working as a team.   It will show that the Royal family is united again.  We want to show everyone that the Royal family can work together in harmony. Do you understand that this is important to keep the Royal family together?

“What if I don’t agree to your request?” replied Shin.

“Do you really want to act this way!?” yelled one of the Elders hitting his hand on the table.

Shin spoke calmly, but was clenching his teeth as he spoke, “Do you really want me to work with this jerk, who tried to put me in jail and had my wife deposed because of his foolish so called, “love” for my wife?”

“Don’t worry, Shin…I don’t love your wife anymore.  I have a fiancée that I will be marrying in a couple of months.  So, I found love with someone more precious than your Bingung Mama!” snapped Yul with anger in his voice.


To be continued…

  1. novchime permalink

    Finished this tonight. It is nice, interesting and funny (same as what I wrote yesterday, I think). I hope they will film your story with the original characters. The pictures compliment the story. You have been very resourceful.

    • Thanks novchime. I had a wonderful 4 day vacation with my daughter hiking at Zion National Park in Utah. I’m home now, so I will try to finish Chapter 10 before you get to that chapter. Lol. Take care.

  2. novchime permalink

    I just looked at the website of ZNP and it is beautiful. Pity we just passed by that park when we did a roundtrip back in 2009. Anyway, did you cross the river and not fall (lol)? Take care also.

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