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Always In My Heart – Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Forgive and Forget


Shin was fuming after what Yul said about finding someone more precious than his own wife.  Yul’s statement was an insult to Shin.  He would have punched Yul in the face, but knew better with the Elders being present. Later, Shin thought to himself, his jerk of a cousin, can finally leave Chae Kyung alone if he has a fiancée.  How could Yul even consider coming back to the Palace after what his mother and he did to Shin’s family?  Yul probably still wants to be King.

The Elder’s wanted to have Shin and Yul give a Press Conference to let the citizens see that the Royal Family was willing to work together and could get along well even after what had happened between them. They wanted the two cousins to show that they were mature young men who could work together until Queen Hye Myeong’s return to the throne. They said that Shin had to show maturity and forgiveness as a possible future King.  The citizens of Korea would see that he truly is a forgiving and honorable man if he did this.  Also, at the same time, Yul could show his remorse for what had happened and introduce his fiancée to everyone.  The Press Conference would be held within a few days, so that the young men could work on their speeches to the public. Shin agreed to work with Yul only up until his noona, Queen Hye Myeong came back to reign as the Queen.

Also, the Elders asked that Shin give a list of friends he would like to invite to his 20th birthday party (coming of age) and Young-ah’s Samchil celebration to Secretary Kong within a week. Samchil is celebrated 21 days after the birth of the baby. Rice, miyeok soup (seaweed soup) and baekseolgi (rice cake) are served to the guests. * It worked out perfectly to celebrate Shin’s birthday and Young-ah’s Samchil day on the same day. The Elders would have their own list of dignitaries and VIP guests that would attend.  Shin’s birthday party and Young-ha’s Samchil day would be held a week after the Press Conference.

At the end of the meeting the Elders bowed to each of the Princes and both Shin and Yul bowed in return to the Elders.

Shin and Yul walked out of the meeting thinking that neither wanted to actually forgive each other for the past.  Shin was still angry with Yul for trying to steal Chae Kyung’s heart and his aunt’s greediness for power.  Yul saw Shin as being an arrogant and selfish human being, only concerned about his own feelings and not of Chae Kyung’s or anyone else’s for that matter.

“So, it seems that you will get to be a part of the Royal family after all.  I really thought you were gone for good.”  Shin was really spiteful when he said this to Yul. “I was really hoping that I could live happily ever after with my Princess without having to see you again!  Oh well, I think I can manage to be civil as long as we only work together on Palace duties.  Don’t expect me to be involved with you on a personal level.”

“If it’s a fight you want to have with me, then I’m ready to fight.  I don’t think you’re suitable to be the King, since you’re so self-centered. You just wait and see.  The Elders will see that I am best suited to be the next King.”  Yul said this to Shin with conviction.  Shin just walked away ignoring Yul.

Back at the Palace, Shin walked into Young-ah’s room to see Chae Kyung was giving their son a bath.  Shin helped Chae Kyung by holding the baby while she gently scrubbed the baby with a washcloth.  Chae Kyung wanted to know how the meeting with the Elders went.  They talked while giving Young-ah his bath.

“So, what did the Elders talk to you and Yul about?” asked Chae Kyung.  Is Yul coming back to live at the Palace?

Talking about the meeting only made Shin annoyed.  He spoke with little emotion.  “The Elders would like Yul and I to have a Press Conference in two days to show unity within the Royal family.  We will work together in all the Royal duties until Noona can come back to work as the Queen.  I only agreed, because they made a good point.  If Yul takes over some of the duties, then I can spend time with you and Young-ah more.  Also, if we work together, it will show that I have matured.  I have to show that I can be a forgiving Royal in case I am considered to be the next King.  Also, as you know families may have fights, but we still are a “family” so we should  help each other in times of need.”  Then Shin looked at Chae Kyung with a smile, “Isn’t that what you told me before you left the Palace?  Yul is still family and we need to be there for our family.  Sometimes, Ms. Airhead, you do surprise me with some of your words of wisdom.”

“Yah!” yelled Chae Kyung.  I am not as babo (dumb) as you think.”  Chae Kyung gently washed Young-ah’s hair and then asked Shin to grab a towel to dry the baby.  Young-ah smelled so fresh and clean.  She took the baby and dried him on his changing table.

As Chae Kyung was putting on a new diaper on Young-ah, she asked Shin if he could really get along with Yul.

“Well…I feel that I have no choice in the matter.  I have to be here for Noona.  By letting Yul help out with the Royal duties, it seems like a good idea and I especially want to spend more time with you and the baby.  Wouldn’t you like me to be here more with you and Young-ah?”

“Kureom! (Of course!) I’m so glad that you are trying to get along with your cousin, Yul.  Although, I know what his mother did was wrong, I think Yul is really a kind-hearted person.  His mother was controlling him and the situation.  Yul’s mother is the evil one.”

Shin didn’t like to think about his evil aunt, Hwa Yeong, so he changed the subject. “Ah, by the way, the Elders would like for me to give a list of names of our friends to Secretary Kong to invite them to my birthday and Young-ah’s Samchil celebration.  Who should we invite?” asked Shin.

“We definitely need to invite our high school friends,” replied Chae Kyung as she was getting the last of Young-ah’s clothes on his tiny body.  Let’s see…there are Kang Hyun, Hee Soong and Soon Young.  And don’t forget your friends, Kang In, Jang Kyeong and Ryu Hwan.  I wonder what they are all doing now?  This will be a lot of fun seeing our friends again.  It’s been so long since we’ve last seen them.”

“Cha (Now)…look at our cute baby Crown Prince.  All ready for his bottle and then his nap.  Shin goon can you ask Lady Park for a warm bottle, please.”

Chae Kyung started rocking Young-ah in her arms as he was beginning to fuss for his bottle.  When Shin came back, Shin asked if he could feed Young-ah.  Chae Kyung was so happy seeing Shin wanting to being involved in Young-ah’s life.  He was such a devoted and loving father to their baby.

As Shin was feeding and rocking the baby in a comfy chair, he also told Chae Kyung that Yul would be introducing his fiancée at the Press Conference.

“Omo…I wonder who she is and what she looks like,” said Chae Kyung.  “Didn’t he say they were getting married in a few months?  So much is happening all of a sudden in the Palace.  I don’t want to see Yul’s omoeni, Hwa Yeong.  She gives me the shivers.  As long as she doesn’t  live in the Palace, I am okay with having Yul and his fiancé living here.  His omoeni is too scary!”

That evening, Shin was working on his speech for the Press Conference.  Secretary Kong helped him with some ideas for his speech.  Chae Kyung was working on a list of friends and family that she thought Shin and her would like to be invited for Shin’s party and Young-ah’s Samchil celebration. She wanted to make sure to give the list to Secretary Kong in a timely manner.

Later that evening, Shin and Chae Kyung decided to have a nice quiet dinner and to watch some television in their bedroom.  Shin was very interested in keeping up to date on the World news.  Chae Kyung was definitely in a much friskier mood, but Shin kept on watching the television.


This made Chae Kyung feel disappointed, so she sat beside him and opened up a fashion magazine to read instead.  After about five minutes, Chae Kyung closed the magazine and said, “Museun iliya? (What’s wrong?) Shin goon.  Is something the matter?

Shin turned the television off and looked directly at Chae Kyung.  “Oh…I was thinking, what if Noona doesn’t wake up from her coma?  Would you want me to be King or let Yul be the King?  I want your honest opinion.”

“Well…I love you more than anything else in my life besides Young-ah. If you become the next King, then I will become your Queen and wife.  If you decide to leave the Palace as a commoner, then I am still your Queen and wife. I just don’t live in a Palace.  Either way, I am yours forever.  I promised to never leave you and I will abide by whatever decisions you make.  Saranghae (I love you).”  Chae Kyung gently kissed Shin on his lips and then gave him a sweet smile and wink.

Shin couldn’t resist the charms of his wife.  He held his wife in his arms as he softly spoke to her, “Do you remember your Study Planner from when you stayed in Macau?  Mianhae (sorry)…but I found your planner a few months ago and I read the list of your dreams or wishes you wrote down. I read how you would always love me even though we were not together at the time and I am thankful for that. I read that you wished for my father to be healthy and my mother to be strong in order to help my father. You wished for your brother to get good grades so he could get into college.  You wished for your parents to never have to be in financial hardship, which has come true from oemeni’s success in the insurance business.  You wished good things for everyone.  The thing you wished for yourself was to become a designer and travel once in awhile.  So…I think I would like to make your wish come true.  Once Noona is well or even if she never wakes up from her coma, I will choose to abdicate from the Royal family and live as a commoner with you beside me as long as you are willing.  And since you just told me that you were okay with leaving the Palace, then that is what I intend to do.”  Shin was very serious when he spoke.

“Jin jja? (Really?)” Chae Kyung couldn’t believe what she had just heard.  She turned her head to look into Shin’s eyes as if he would be more honest if she was staring at him. “You really want to leave the Palace for good?  Are you sure? Wae? (Why?) Onje? (When?)”

“I’m not planning to leave until I know how Noona is.  I will wait at least until I know the medical condition of Noona’s head injury.  But…mainly because I love you and Young-ah.  And maybe I am being selfish too because I don’t want to be a puppet to the Elders. It may seem that I am deserting my family, but now you and Young-ah are my family.  I have to think about the three of us separate from the Royal family.  Sometimes, the decisions I make will not be right, but I know I can’t let you give up on your dream because of me.  You need to at least get a chance to fulfill your dream.  And I have a dream too.  I still want to be a director in films.  This will be my only chance to fulfill my dream too.  So…will you be okay with leaving the Palace with me?

“Wow.  That’s a lot to think about right now.  Can we sleep on it?” Chae Kyung was stunned to hear Shin confess to wanting to abdicate from the Royal family.

“Will you still love me if I leave the Palace?” said Shin looking at Chae Kyung’s expression as if he could tell by looking at her face.

“Of course!  I said I would always love you whether or not you are the King.  I think we will be okay as long as we are together.”

“I love you, Bingung.  You do believe in me don’t you?” Shin said with affection.

Chae Kyung spoke with her whole heart. “I love you more than you will ever know.  I promise to love you till the day I die.  Remember when you told me that we would meet again in twenty-five thousand years?  When I see you again, I will fall in love with you all over again, so you had better not forget about me!”

“How could I ever forget the most brilliant of stars?  I am yours now and forever, Bingung”. Shin pressed his finger on the top of Chae Kyung’s forehead and teasingly said, “And don’t YOU ever forget that!” and then he pushed her head back with his finger.

“Yah! (Hey!) Do you think you can just push me around?” yelled Chae Kyung.

“I just did.” smirked Shin.  Chae Kyung was ready to punch Shin on his arm, but he grabbed Chae Kyung by her wrists and had her lying down on the bed. Chae Kyung’s arms were above her head so she couldn’t move.  Shin was on top of her staring intently in her eyes. Shin brought his lips close to Chae Kyung’s lips.  Chae Kyung was anticipating Shin’s passionate kiss, but then he started tickling his wife under her armpits.

“Yah!!!” screamed Chae Kyung.  Andae! (Don’t!) Stop that!  Chae Kyung was screaming and laughing at the same time while Shin was having fun seeing his wife squirm and laughing so hard.  When Shin stopped tickling her, Chae Kyung had tears in her eyes from laughing so much; Shin grabbed her wrists again and pushed Chae Kyung back on the bed with her arms above her head as before.  They were both breathing hard from laughing so much.

“Yah!  Shin goon when I get the chance, you had better be prepared for my revenge!” Chae Kyung said this while smiling at Shin.

“I hope your revenge will be as exciting as this.” Shin started to softly kiss Chae Kyung on her lips, and then her cheek, then her neck, and then he went down the middle of her chest, and down the middle of her stomach.  Chae Kyung was breathing very excitedly.  Maybe, she would have to rethink about having a revenge on Shin.

It was the day of the Press Conference.  The Palace was setting up one of the main rooms for all the photographers and reporters.  Shin and Chae Kyung were getting dressed and although the reporters were hoping to get a glimpse of the baby Crown Prince, the Palace Public Relations department already told the reporters not to expect to see the baby until his Samchil day.

Yul was waiting in another room with his fiancée.   Shin and Chae Kyung walked into the room to greet each other before the Press Conference. (Since this is my fanfic, I decided to choose Lee Jang Woo as the Royal Prince, Lee Eui Sung and Oh Yeon Seo as Kim Eun-Hee soon to be Royal Princess.)


Shin and Chae Kyung walked up to the couple. “Annyeonghaesaeyo. (Hello) I am the Crown Prince and this is my wife the Crown Princess, replied Shin.  Both couples bowed to each other.

Yul introduced his fiancée.  “Hello Saeja and Bingung Mama, this is my fiancée, Kim Eun-Hee.”  Both couples felt a bit uncomfortable, but they were amicable to each other.

Eun-Hee came from a chaebol (wealthy conglomerate) family.  Eun-Hee’s family owned one of several television broadcasting and radio stations in South Korea that also were expanding into other Asian countries.  In fact, one of their reporters was at the Press Conference to film for the television station.

Secretary Kong escorted the Royals to the front of the stage where they sat in chairs while the Crown Prince stood at the podium to give his speech.

Shin began by thanking the reporters for coming to the Press Conference.  He explained about the situation with Queen Hye Myeong. The Queen was still unconscious, but showed signs that she was going to wake up from her coma soon.  The CAT scans showed no sign of brain damage and her brain waves looked promising.

Shin continued his speech, “As the next in line to the Royal family, I have decided it would be best to work together as a family with Royal Prince Eui Sung.  We will equally share the responsibilities of the Royal duties until either Queen Hye Myeong comes back as your Queen or if it is necessary to choose one of us as the next King.  At this time, we will show solidarity to our country and work together as a team.  Thank you for all your support for the Royal family and especially for all the get well wishes for Queen Hye Myeong.  Also, Bingung Mama and I would like to thank all of the citizens and people all around the world for the gifts and well wishes on the birth of our newborn son, Crown Prince Lee Young Min.  I will let Royal Prince Eui Sung speak and then if there are any questions afterwards, I will answer them at that time.

The Royal Prince Eui Sung walked up to the podium and greeted the reporters also.  He began his speech by saying, “I am very sorry for disappointing the citizens of Korea for causing the terrible fire at the Palace.  It was very immature of me to blame the Crown Prince for my reckless actions.  I am happy that the Crown Prince and I have decided to let the past be the past and work towards the future of our country.  I believe that we can work well together in bringing our country at the highest level in business, education and politics.  We will continue to work with other countries in expanding trade and opening up opportunities for growth.  Now, I would like to introduce my fiancée, Kim Eun-Hee.  Many may already know that she is the daughter to the President of SBC (Seoul Broadcasting Corporation), Kim Kang-Dae.  Please welcome her as the future Royal Princess of our country.  Yul stretched his hand out so that Eun-Hee would come up to the podium and introduce herself also.

Everyone was clapping for both young Prince’s and their wives or soon to be wife for Yul.  The Crown Prince and Crown Princess stood up next to Yul and his fiancée so that the photographers could take pictures of both couples together.  Next, came all the reporters with their hands up and their laptops open ready to type down their notes.

One reporter asked the Crown Prince, “Was it that easy for you to forgive Royal Prince Eui Sung for trying to cause so much damage to your reputation as the Crown Prince?”

Shin smiled at the reporters and said, “Truthfully, it was not easy at first, but as my wife the Crown Princess taught me; family should always be there for each other.  Everyone makes mistakes.  We are all human, so it is better to forgive and to work on building a trust again.  I have the faith that we can work together to resolve our problems, as any family should.”

Another reporter asked the Royal Prince, “So, when are you and Ms. Kim Eun-Hee going to get married and how did you meet her?”

Yul looked at Eun-Hee with a smile and then spoke to the audience, “I don’t think I have all day to talk about how I met my fiancé, but let’s just say that I fell in love with her on first sight.  We plan to get married in a couple of months at the Palace.  Next question please.”

One reporter had a question for the Crown Princess.  “Why didn’t you bring the baby Crown Prince to this Press Conference? Everyone is so anxious to see the new Royal family member.  We only have that one picture released of his birth.  How is the baby Crown Prince doing?”

Chae Kyung and Shin were both blushing with pride.  Chae Kyung answered the reporters question; “We choose to keep him away from the limelight as much as possible.  He is after all so little and mainly just sleeps and eats, so there’s not much as far as any breaking news, but I wanted to let everyone know that the Crown Prince and I are very thankful for all the gifts and well wishes for his health and for a prosperous life.  He is of course our pride and joy.  He is already growing stronger with each day. We will be having a party for the Crown Prince and Young-ah’s Samchil on the same day. At that time, we will let a few photographers and reporters come to watch the festivities and take pictures, but only for a short while.”

Some of the reporters were yelling, “You call the baby Crown Prince Young-ah?  Aawwww… how cute!”

Suddenly, Secretary Kong came out on the stage to stop the reporters continue with their questions.  “I’m sorry to cut our Press Conference so short, but an important matter came to my attention that both Prince’s need to attend to.  Please forgive us, as you all well know, the Crown Prince and the baby Crown Prince Young-ah will have a celebration soon, so we can take more questions at that time.  Please excuse us. Gomsahamnida (Thank you) for coming.

Shin and Yul were wondering why the Press Conference had to be cut so short.  Secretary Kong brought the Princes, the Crown Princess and Eun-Hee to another room to speak to all of them privately.  He told everyone that they should sit down on the large sofas in the room. “Anja-juseyo” (Please sit down).

“I received a call from the Crown Prince’s father, King Lee Hyeon.  He said that Queen Hye Myeong is awake from her coma.  She seems to be fine physically, but due to her head injury, she has retrograde amnesia. *  She cannot remember anything in her past that happened before the accident.  She didn’t recognize her parents or why she was in the hospital.  She was becoming angry with the doctors because she couldn’t even remember her own name.  She will stay in the hospital for a few days for observation and then she will fly back home to see the Palace’s doctors.”  Secretary Kong continued to explain that she wouldn’t be able to come back as the Queen.  “She will never be fully recovered.  It will take a few years just to remember how to do simple things and  trying to remember the family will take time.  I’m so sorry to tell you this Jeonah(Your Royal Highness) and Royal Prince Eui Sung.”

Shin was devastated.  So was Prince Eui Sung.  Chae Kyung and Eun-Hee were crying uncontrollably.  Eun-Hee held Yul in her arms as they both continued to cry over the terrible news.

Shin slowly stood up and walked out of the room in a daze.  Chae Kyung tried to grab his arm so that they could walk together, but Shin just pushed Chae Kyung’s arm away.  He was walking slowly with Chae Kyung following quietly behind him.  Chae Kyung had tears streaming down her face, but she knew Shin’s personality.  When he was upset, he liked to be alone.  So, she just followed him all the way back to their own Palace making sure to stay a few feet behind him.

When they got to their Palace, Shin walked into Young-ah’s room and quietly picked up his son and sat in the rocking chair.   He held Young-ah close to his chest and rocked his son back and forth. Little Young-ah was in a deep sleep.  When he saw his son in his arms, he couldn’t stop crying, he just held Young-ah and cried hysterically. Chae Kyung followed Shin, but she watched him behind the doorway of Young-ah’s room.  She felt that Young-ah would be better at consoling Shin at this time instead of her.  She also cried quietly to herself as she watched Shin’s heartache for his sister.


When Queen Hye Myeong arrived home from the hospital, the staff made sure to make things as comfortable for the young Queen as much as possible.  She had nurses and doctors keep an eye on her for 24 hours a day.  She wanted to leave the Palace, because she didn’t know who or where she was.  A psychologist was called in to help her with understanding that she was in a car accident that caused a brain injury.  Once, she understood that, she could start her recovery.  The doctors spoke to the family that she would have more downs than ups, but she will slowly begin to make new memories of the Royal family.  She will recover, but not to expect anything too soon.  It would probably take months for some type of normalcy to be seen with the Queen’s personality.

The Elders wanted Shin and Yul to continue working together for the Royal family.  Shin’s birthday party and Young-ah’s Samchil would be held as expected.  Preparations were already made and invitations were sent out days ago.

Shin, Chae Kyung and Young-ah went to visit Queen Hye Myeong everyday so that she could begin having memories of them.  They made sure to have at least one meal with her to make sure she was eating well too.  Queen Hye Myeong started enjoying having them visit her and was upset if she didn’t see them.

“What is your name again?” she said to Shin.  “Oh you have a beautiful wife and baby.  What is your wife and son’s name again?  Can I hold your son?  He looks just like you.  So cute!”

It broke Shin’s heart to see his sister like this, but he was so glad that she was alive.  He had to endure the questions knowing that she was almost taken away from the family forever.  He always smiled at her and answered her questions.  He could live with that as long as he had his sister.

Yul and Eun-Hee also went to visit Queen Hye Myeong, but at different times than Shin.  Yul knew it would upset Shin to see him with his sister since they still didn’t get along.  Everyone was making sure to make good memories for the Queen so that she could recover faster.

On the day of Shin’s birthday and Young-ah’s Samchil, Shin would let the citizens know of Queen Hye Myeong’s health.  The Elders felt the citizens should know the truth and that the cousins would continue to share the responsibilities as if nothing had happened.

The party was to be held in the same room as the one where Shin and Chae Kyung had their wedding reception for all the other dignitaries from other countries.   Shin and Chae Kyung looked so happy together.  Their personalities and mood was so much better compared to their wedding reception over a year ago.


There were at least three hundred dignitaries, VVIP guests, family members and friends at the party.  As promised, the reporters, photographers and one television station were given access to the party, but only for the first hour.  Of course, Eun-Hee’s family’s SBC Company had the rights to film.  Somehow, Shin was feeling suspicious as to why Yul was getting married to Eun-Hee.  Was it her connections to a television conglomerate?  Or did she want to marry Yul so that she could become part of the Royal family?  Or maybe it was for both reasons?   He would have to look into it later.  Right now, he was feeling proud to share the limelight with his beautiful wife and infant son.

Shin started the party by having to give the sad news first about Queen Hye Myeong. Shin tried his best to speak calmly without breaking down as he spoke.

“I would like to thank everyone for coming to my birthday party and Crown Prince Young-ah’s Samchil. First, I need to let all my guests and the citizens of Korea know about Queen Hye Myeong’s health.  Approximately, one week ago, Queen Hye Myeong woke up from her coma, but I am sad to say that due to a severe head injury, she cannot remember things from her past.  She is under 24-hour care through the Palace doctors and is receiving psychological therapy to help her with her memories.  I know everyone is in deep shock, but I see it as a blessing that she is still with us.  I hope that everyone will keep her in your prayers and that she will make a full recovery. At this time the Royal Prince Eui Sung and I will continue to take responsibilities on all issues concerning the Royal family.”

“On a happier note, I feel I am the luckiest man to have such a beautiful wife and healthy son.  Now, let me introduce to you the loves of my life, the Crown Princess Lee Chae Kyung and Crown Prince Lee Young Min, or Young-ah as we like to call him.”

Everyone was clapping for the Crown Prince and Crown Princess and their adorable baby boy.  Shin and Chae Kyung decided to have the baby in a simple gown wearing his panda hat.  He was just too cute for words.


The reporters wanted to ask more questions about Queen Hye Myeong’s condition, but Secretary Kong said it would be best to wait till the doctor’s could gather more information.  For the time being, the Royal family wanted everyone to make the celebration a time of happiness for the Crown Prince and his family.  They wanted the reporters, photographers and film crew to just act as if they were part of the party and not to ask personal questions, but just to take in the festivities.

The room had round tables so that guest could sit down to eat and chat.  Jeungjo Halmeoni (great grandmother) Tae Hoo Mama , Shin’s parents, Chae Kyung’s parents and some of Chae Kyung’s relatives sat at one table.  Everyone took turns holding baby Young-ah.  All the family members were happy for the Crown Prince and Crown Princess.

“Look at how happy Saeja and Bingung Mama are.  I just knew that Bingung Mama was pregnant with Young-ah.  I have a sixth sense about those things,” laughed Jeungjo Halmeoni Tae Hoo Mama.

“Aigoo…Let me hold this little rascal for a bit,” said Chae Kyung’s father.

Since the Royal family table was watching the baby, this allowed Shin and Chae Kyung to mingle with their guests.  They didn’t have to worry because there were numerous bodyguards and the Palace had the best technology in security.

The buffet had both Korean and foreign foods.  As expected, rice, seaweed soup and rice cakes were also part of the buffet to celebrate Young-ah’s Samchil.

At another table, all of Shin’s and Chae Kyung’s high school friends sat having a good time reminiscing about their high school days and also updating their friends on what they were doing.

The biggest surprise that made Shin happy and Chae Kyung relieved was when they heard that Kang In and Hyo-Rin ended up getting married just three months after their own wedding in Macau.

The day that they found out about Kang In and Hyo Rin’s engagement was when they received the wedding invitation in the mail.  Chae Kyung was so relieved because then she felt that Hyo-Rin had finally forgotten about Shin and was able to move on.


As soon as they received the wedding invitation from Kang In and Hyo-Rin, Shin called his friend to find out how they ended up becoming engaged.

Everyone had already graduated from high school.  Jang Kyeong couldn’t decide on a major and went straight into the military.  He enjoyed being in the Repubic of Korea Marine Corps (ROKMC) that he decided to make it his career. Ryu Hwan loved working in film and photography, so he went to Korea National University of Arts as Shin did, majoring in cinema photography.

As for Kang In, because he comes from a chaebol family, his father had already guaranteed him a CEO position in the family’s business. The family’s business made cell phone parts for another major corporation in the manufacturing of cell phones.  Kang In told Shin that he still kept in touch with Hyo-Rin even though she was overseas studying ballet in Russia.

This is what Kang In told Shin over the phone on how he became Hyo-Rin’s fiancée.  One day, out of the blue, Hyo-Rin called Kang In to ask him to pick her up at the Incheon airport.  When Kang In met Hyo-Rin outside of the airport gates, she had all her bags as though she was moving back home.  When he asked her what had happened with her ballet career, she bowed her head down as if in shame and said that she had injured her foot during practice.  She would not be returning to the ballet school.  Her career was pretty much over due to her injury.

In shock Kang In asked, “What will you do now that your dreams of becoming a ballet dancer is over?”

But then with a smile on her face, Hyo-Rin replied with confidence in her voice, “I am young.  My life is not over because of this.  I already have decided to become a ballet teacher whether it is in a school or to have my own dance studio.”

Kang In told Shin after getting reacquainted with Hyo-Rin, it was just like old times but better.  They went on several dates and then Kang In asked Hyo-Rin to marry him while having dinner at an exclusive restaurant.  While Hyo-Rin was sitting in her chair, Kang In knelt down on one knee in front of her and handed her a small black ring box.  When Hyo-Rin opened the box, inside was a brilliant 3-carat princess cut diamond ring.

Kang In promised her that she would never have to work if she didn’t want to. If she wanted to open her own dance studio or be a ballet teacher, he would make sure her dreams came true.

Kang In was sincere when he told her, “I know you liked Shin in the past, but you will always be my Princess and I will be your Prince.  So please make me the happiest man on this earth.  Please say yes.”

Hyo-Rin knew that Kang In loved her deeply and he was always there for her in times of need.  They had become very close since she returned to Korea, so she accepted his marriage proposal, but she had one condition.

Hyo-Rin wanted to make sure that Kang In knew that she wasn’t accepting his proposal because of his wealth.  She told Kang In, “I am marrying you because I truly have fallen in love with you.  You have always been beside me through thick and thin.  Even when I was still trying to get Shin back, you were there for me.  I knew you cared for me, but I couldn’t see it back then, but now I do.  You’ve become my best friend and that is one of the reasons why I have fallen in love with you, but if I ever feel that I am a burden to you or if I think you have fallen out of love for me, then I will leave this marriage.  If you accept me as I am, then I will love you for always.  Saranghae, Kang In.”

Kang In was so elated that her condition of  being a burden or of him falling out of love  with her was never going to happen in his eyes.

“You won’t be sorry, Hyo-Rin. I will be the best husband and father.”  He hugged Hyo-Rin so tightly, that she was gasping for air and laughing at the same time.

As Kang In was hugging her tightly, he whispered in her ear, “ You will never regret marrying me, Hyo-Rin.  I will love you forever and ever. I mean it from the bottom of my heart. Saranghae. Hyo-Rin. ”


Now that Shin and Chae Kyung can see that Kang In and Hyo-Rin were happily married, they both felt as if the past was just a bad dream.  In fact, Hyo-Rin was six months pregnant.  She was due to have her baby in August.

All of Chae Kyung’s friends were at the same table too.  Kang Hyun was studying premed at Seoul National University.  She was interested in becoming a neurosurgeon because she was fascinated on how the brain worked.  She wished she could learn more about what had happened to Queen Hye Myeong. She felt that she could learn a lot from observing and studying Queen Hye Myeong’s medical condition.  She promised Chae Kyung that she would study hard so that she could find a cure or help somehow with the Queen’s condition. Hee Soong still loved looking in mirrors, so she was studying at a technical school to become a make up artist for the Hallyu stars and Kpop idols.  Soon Young was studying at a Women’s College to become a preschool teacher.

Chae Kyung hugged all her friends as she walked up to the table.  Hee Soong and Soon Young were just as silly as ever.

“Yah!  Chae Kyung where is the baby?  We want to see your cute little Crown Prince Young-ah!” screamed both girls jumping up and down with excitement.

Shin just rolled his eyes when he saw how crazy they looked giggling and acting so childish.

Chae Kyung brought Young-ah from the Royal family table to visit her friends at their table.  She cradled Young-ah in her arms so that her friends could see him.

“Omo…he looks just like Shin!  Mianhe (I’m sorry).  I mean the Crown Prince,” said Hee Soong.

“I hope he has your personality Chae Kyung,” said Soon Young.

“I know, kurae? (right?) agreed Chae Kyung.

Shin gave an annoyed look at all three women as they were talking to each other.

Kang Hyun just smiled and shook her head too and said, “You two are so babo(foolish).  If the baby has Chae Kyung’s personality, then he won’t be very smart.  Chae Kyung never had common sense.”

“Yah!  How can you say that about your best friend?  Young-ah don’t listen to your auntie.  Your Eomma is very sensible when it comes to fashion, very loyal and quite artistic.  Alassji! (Got it!).

Young-ah started fussing and whimpering.  He was ready for his bottle and a nap.  Shin offered to get a bottle from Lady Park or Lady Kwak.  He went to go look for them in another room of the Palace.

As Shin was walking down the hallway, he noticed Yul and Eun-Hee talking quietly in another room.  He didn’t mean to be nosy, but he heard Eun-Hee speak sharply at Yul.

“We better move our wedding date to next month instead of July.  I am four weeks pregnant and I don’t want to be showing when I am in my wedding dress,” sneered Eun-Hee.  “Besides, if people think that you only married me because I got pregnant…well, that wouldn’t look good for either one of us.”

Shin looked shocked after hearing this news.  He was beginning to feel sorry for Yul.  The marriage was not because he loved this woman, but because he had to.


To be continued…

  1. novchime permalink

    I like this chapter also! You are really good in making and giving stories. The bed scene was funny and you know how when to stop! And it seems that you did your research on Korean tradition. Very good! Keep it up.

    P.S. You do not have to rush the chapter you are working on…. Take your time. Ideas come best when you are not stressed (almost rhymed)..

    • Hi Novchime,
      Thanks for you nice comment. I think your right about taking my time to write the next chapter. I really have to think hard which direction I want to go with the whole assassination attempt on the Royal family. I still have glitches on the new imac that I bought. I will be going to classes for awhile to learn how to use it properly. Zion was very beautiful. We went at the right time because the weather was perfect. It wasn’t too hot or too cold…it was just right! Loved it! I have something exciting to say to you on fb. Also, I’m going to post it on the Soompi thread for JJH and YEH. Talk to you soon.

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