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Always In My Heart – Chapter 4

Chapter 4

The Monarchy is Growing Stronger


     Young-ah was beginning to cry loudly for his milk, so Chae Kyung excused herself from her friends to look for Shin to see what was taking him so long.  She saw Shin standing in the hallway looking as though he was listening to someone’s conversation with his ear to the door.

         Shin immediately turned around to see Chae Kyung approaching him because he heard Young-ah’s crying.  He put his finger to his lips to let Chae Kyung know to be quiet.  Instead, he decided to run to her and had her follow him back the way they came.

“What’s wrong?  Who were you listening to behind the door?” asked Chae Kyung.

“Not now…let’s just find Lady Park for a bottle for Young-ah.  Actually, we need to get back to our guests.   Let Lady Park or Lady Kwak feed Young-ah and put him down for his nap.  I’ll meet you at the party as soon as you find her.  Araeso? (Okay?)” said Shin.  He gave Chae Kyung a quick kiss on her lips and then he kissed Young-ah on his little forehead.

Chae Kyung was curious as to whom Shin was listening to, but she had to find Lady Park quickly for Young-ah was crying hysterically from hunger.

“Omo, my poor baby.  Gaja!  Let’s go find Lady Park or Lady Kwak for your bottle.  Chae Kyung was able to find Lady Kwak in the kitchen.  She was already making a bottle for Young-ah because she knew the times that he was usually hungry.

“Gomasseumnida. (Thank you) Lady Kwak for taking care of Young-ah.  I have to go meet Shin back at the party.  I will make sure to give him his next feeding.”  Chae Kyung kissed Young-ah goodbye and then went looking for Shin.

Shin was talking with many of the dignitaries from other countries that were able to come to the party.  One of China’s politicians came to personally wish the Crown Prince a happy birthday, but also, to apologize for the attempted assassination on his life.  They still did not know whether Queen Hye Myeong’s car accident was also an attempt on her life.  No one was claiming responsibility for what had happened to the Royal family.

Shin was just thankful that he and his sister were still alive although, she was not the same when she came back home.  Shin felt that the truth would eventually come out.  There was no mistake that someone wanted to harm the Royal family.  He vowed to himself that his country’s CIA, known as the NIS (National Intelligence Service) would find out the truth to who was behind this evil act or he would hire his own detectives.

When Chae Kyung saw Shin, she walked up to him so that she could show her support by being by his side.  Chae Kyung was very shy and not confident with meeting people, especially VVIP guests, but she was learning to adjust with every event that she attended.

After everyone had dinner, instead of opening presents, the Crown Prince had requested guests to send a donation in his or Young-ah’s name to any of the Children’s orphanages in South Korea.  As a thank you to his guests, the Crown Prince said he would perform a song on the piano.


Shin decided to perform, “To Me” for his Crown Princess.  When Shin was finished playing, everyone clapped for Shin’s performance. Shin then stood up next to the piano and took a quick bow.

Next, he suddenly walked to where Chae Kyung was sitting with her friends.  Before Chae Kyung could say anything, Shin bowed in front of his wife and extended his hand and said, “Shall we dance?”

Chae Kyung was embarrassed, but this time she wasn’t afraid to dance in front of  their guests. In fact, Shin and her started taking dancing classes together so that Chae Kyung wouldn’t be so awkward with her dancing skills like the first time they danced at their wedding reception.


All of her friends at the table were pushing her to go with Shin.  They all encouraged her by saying, “Go for it!  Aja! Aja! Fighting!”  Hyo-Rin  felt happy for the Royal couple.  She could see that Shin had fallen deeply in love with Chae Kyung.  He definitely was much more open with his feelings and smiled a lot more.

While the Royal couple danced to the song, the photographers were taking pictures of the happy couple.  Everyone was in awe on how lovely Shin and Chae Kyung looked dancing with each other.  They had improved immensely with their dancing.  It helped that they both practiced with each other as much as they could when they weren’t busy with other classes.

Shin and Chae Kyung looked lovingly into each other’s eyes. They both felt like they were the only ones in the room.  Chae Kyung couldn’t believe how lucky her life was now that she was happily married and a young mother to the cutest baby that she had ever seen.

“Happy birthday Shin goon!  I hope you are enjoying your special day,” said Chae Kyung.

“Well…I think I will enjoy my evening even more when we are alone tonight.” winked Shin.

“Yah!”  Why does it always have to be about sex?  You know it’s only been a month since I had Young-ah.  We need to wait a few more weeks,” huffed Chae Kyung.

“How many times do I have to tell you that I am at my prime?  smiled Shin.

Chae Kyung just shook her head and said, “Is that what all men only think about their whole lives?  Are the three main things in life: food, booze and women?”

“Kureyo! (Your right!)  How did you know?” laughed Shin.

“Aigoo…I see it all the time on TV.  The guy is always out with his friends eating and drinking and thinking about whom they can pick up at the bar.  But, you are the best husband because you never did that with me.  At least, I never saw you go out with your friends to goof around and pick up women.” smiled Chae Kyung.

“Why should I?  I have the most beautiful and loving wife.  Wae? (Why?”) Should I go out tonight with my friends to have some fun? laughed Shin.  “I’m sure my friends would like that.”

Chae Kyung wanted to smack Shin in the arm, but she just made a face that said, “Don’t you dare think about it!”

After the song finished, everyone clapped for the Royal Couple’s dancing.  They in turn bowed to the crowd to thank them for applauding.  As soon as they were done with their dance, the pianist played other songs for the guests to dance to.

The evening ended with everyone singing, “Happy Birthday” while Shin blew out the candles on the cake.  After serving the cake, then there were fireworks out on the terrace.  This time, Chae Kyung didn’t lose her shoe.  Instead, she surprised Shin with a large portrait of all three of them together as a family.


Everyone was awestruck over how beautiful the Crown Princess, the Crown Prince and the baby Crown Prince looked in the portrait.  The Royal couple took a very attractive photograph even if they were wearing casual clothing.  The Crown Prince was the most happiest to receive such a personal gift.  It wasn’t because of the portrait itself, but rather  because of the two most important people in the picture.  He thanked God many times for bringing Chae Kyung into his life and also for their beautiful son that was brought into this world.

The evening was a big success and everyone went home with smiles on their faces.  Shin and Chae Kyung’s friends all agreed that they would probably see each other again soon.  They definitely would see each other at Yul and Eun-Hee’s wedding.

After everyone left, Chae Kyung went to see if Young-ah was awake.  She liked to do as much as she could with her baby because she was planning to go back to college after the summer to finish her degree in fashion.  She figured that Shin was thinking of doing the same thing once fall semester started.  Going back to school meant that she wouldn’t have as much time with Young-ah or with Shin for that matter.

When she went into the baby’s room, Lady Choi was actually in the room changing Young-ah’s diaper.

“Lady Choi…what are you doing here?  Where is Lady Park or Lady Kwak?”  asked Chae Kyung.

“Oh, I thought I would give them a break.  Besides, I wanted to see the cute Crown Prince,” smiled Lady Choi.

“Nado al-a (I know).  You want to learn how to change diapers and how to feed the baby in case you ever have one of your own, right?” Chae Kyung smiled and nudged Lady Choi with her elbow.

“Maybe.  Now, that I am allowed to get married, I may end up finding someone to marry me,” grinned Lady Choi.

“I will find someone who is suitable for you.  This is going to be fun being a matchmaker.” Chae Kyung said with excitement.

“I think I should be very worried for myself,” Lady Choi said to Chae Kyung.

Just then Shin walked in and asked if Young-ah had his bottle yet.  He took Chae Kyung by the hand and asked Lady Choi if she could feed Young-ah.

“Would you mind feeding the baby Crown Prince while Bingung Mama and I call it a night.  I think we’re both very tired from tonight’s festivities.  It would be so nice if we could go right to bed.  Is that okay with you, Lady Choi?” asked Shin with a big smile on his face as if to say, “I want some alone time with my wife.”

“Of course, Jeonah.  I wanted to feed Young-ah his bottle anyways.” Lady Choi shooed the Crown Prince and Crown Princess out of the room.

“Gwen chan ah? (Are you okay?) said Chae Kyung to Lady Choi.

“Ne, gwen chan ah yo (Yes, I’m okay.)  Goodnight Jeonah and Bingung Mama,” said Lady Choi with a grin and then she bowed to them as they were leaving.

Back in Shin and Chae Kyung’s master bedroom and adjoining bathroom, Shin drew a warm bubble bath for the two of them to relax in.  Chae Kyung was actually quite tired from all the talking and dancing that they did that day.  Shin was enjoying just spending time with his wife.  It seemed that Chae Kyung was either busy with the baby or Royal duties or their many classes that they still took to keep up with current events and the filial duties.

Shin was joking with Chae Kyung by reminding her about the time that she saw him naked first without his knowledge.  To this day Chae Kyung denies that she saw anything.

“You know you saw me naked at Yul’s birthday party.  Why won’t you admit it?  Why can’t you tell me that you were just too curious and had to look?  That’s okay if you did, because I would have peeked at you,” laughed Shin.

“Yah! (Hey!)  If I said I didn’t see anything, then I didn’t!  Can’t you just drop it?”  Chae Kyung was annoyed by Shin’s teasing.

Shin knew it annoyed her, so every once in awhile he liked to tease her just to get her upset.


After their bath, Chae Kyung said she would give Shin a nice massage, but before Shin could even get into bed with his wife, she was already asleep under the covers.  The bath relaxed Chae Kyung so much that she went right to sleep.

“Aigoo…I was really hoping for a special night together for my birthday.  Shin said this to himself, while shaking his head back and forth as if to say, I should have known this was going to happen. “Oh well…maybe next time.  Sleep tight, Bingung.”  Shin pulled the blankets around Chae Kyung so that she was warm.  It was a very nice, but tiring evening.  He knew Chae Kyung was especially tired from taking care of Young-ah.  Young-ah had feedings every two hours and Chae Kyung tried to take care of his bath in the evenings too.  He was very proud of Chae Kyung for being such a devoted mother and wife at such a young age.

Secretary Kong mentioned to Shin that he had to meet with the Elders about a concern they had about his future.  He was still trying to work on trade negotiations with China.  He also was wondering what to do about leaving the Palace with his family.  Shin had a lot on his mind, but he tried to focus on the most important responsibility on his list of duties.  He was reading a book on China’s politics when he fell fast asleep within minutes next to Chae Kyung.


The next morning, the Royal couple got up early so that they could give Young-ah another one of his bottle-feedings.

“Aigoo…this little guy really eats a lot for such a little thing.” said Shin.

“We have to feed him often because he has such a tiny stomach.  Since his tummy is so little, he needs to fill it up more often,” explained Chae Kyung. “Well, I guess we are actually lucky to have Lady Park and Lady Kwak to help us when we need them to fill in.  Once we both go back to school, they will be taking care of Young-ah more,” Chae Kyung said with sadness in her voice.

The only reason that Shin and Chae Kyung were able to attend college is because he worked out a deal with the Elders. When Shin gave up the title of becoming the King to his sister, Hye Myeong, the Elders agreed that he could transfer the title, but only if he continued to help with some of the duties while living in the Palace.  They would allow for Shin and Chae Kyung to attend college, but they would still have to help out as much as possible with entertaining guests or going to meet people in the public that Queen Hye Myeong would not be able to attend to due to other obligations.  It was a deal that worked out well for both the young couple and Queen Hye Myeong.

Later that afternoon, Chae Kyung, Shin and Young-ah made their daily visit to see Queen Hye Myeong.  With everyday, she was getting better with remembering their names and relearning how to do daily tasks that most people take for granted like brushing one’s teeth, taking a bath and how to use feeding utensils.  Shin’s parents decided to move back into the Palace to help their daughter with relearning and to give her support when she needed it.  Jeungjo Halmeoni (Great-Grandmother) Tae Hoo Mama    also visited during the day, especially when Shin and Chae Kyung brought her great grandson for visits.  She enjoyed holding the baby and talking with Shin and Chae Kyung about school, work and the baby.  Jeungjo Halmeoni (Great-Grandmother) Tae Hoo Mama was feeling very happy these days.  Her dreams of having the Royal family grow in numbers were coming true.  Seeing Shin and Chae Kyung with their little one and now with Yul and Eun-Hee getting married soon, everyone was living in the Palace again.  She was so overjoyed with happiness.

Within a few days, Shin and Chae Kyung received Yul and Eun-Hee’s wedding invitation from Secretary Kong.  The wedding was planned for early June.  Shin didn’t think it was necessary to tell anyone what he had overheard about Eun-Hee being pregnant.  What good or difference would it make to tell anyone about their secret?  He had just hoped that Yul and Eun-Hee would be happy about having a baby, just as he and Chae Kyung were thrilled about Young-ah.

Within a couple of weeks, the Court Ladies, bodyguards and all the employees of the Palace were once again running around like busy bees getting ready for Royal Prince Eui Sung and soon to be Royal Princess Eun-Hee’s wedding and reception at the Palace.  The Royal Prince Eui Sung and Royal Princess Eun-Hee didn’t want to have a parade.  They chose to have their wedding reception right after the traditional Korean Royal wedding.


Again, Eun-Hee’s family’s television station, SBC got the contract to tape the wedding for local TV stations and some of the other Asian countries that they had affiliations with.

The Royal wedding was beautiful and had no problems whatsoever, just like Shin and Chae Kyung’s traditional wedding over a year ago.  Eun-Hee’s parents and her other two sisters were there to share in the festivities.  Her grandparents had passed away many years ago on her father’s side.  On her mother’s side, she had only her grandmother.  Eun-Hee was the youngest daughter of three girls. Her father had wanted his daughters to marry men who had worked in the SBC Company and he chose men who were dedicated to work for him.  He expected all his daughters to be devoted housewives to their husbands with no responsibilities in the workforce, except to take care of the children and home, like their own mother.

When Mr. Kim, Eun-Hee’s father found out that Yul was the Royal Prince, he made sure that Eun-Hee would be the next Royal Princess.  He had connections with one of the Elders in the Palace.  He gave a substantial amount of money to get the one Elder to convince the others to bring Yul back to the Palace.

Also, Mr. Kim Kang Dae actually knew Yul’s mother from working in England for a few years.  He met Yul’s mother, Lee Hwa Yeong while on business.  They had an affair while he was living there.  Neither he nor Hwa Yeong wanted to marry, because Hwa Yeong was scheming to come back to the Palace with Yul and Mr. Kim didn’t want to have a scandal with his wife’s family.  His wife’s family were the actual owners of SBC.  He didn’t want to give up his title as President of the company.  His wife, Eun Mi was the rightful heir to the company.  Kang Dae came to work for the company as a young man straight out of college.  He was a hard worker, but he also was immoral.  He worked his way up by sometimes backstabbing others.  When he met Eun Mi at a company party, he fell in love with her beauty, but he also wanted to be part of her chaebol family.

Of course his family didn’t know of the affair with Yul’s mother.  When he found out that Hwa Yeong and Yul were banished from the Palace, he was able to convince Hwa Yeong to have their children meet each other while both were attending college in England.  He told Hwa Yeong that he had connections and would be able to get Prince Eui Sung (Yul) back to the Palace as the next King as long as his daughter and Yul were to be married.  Hwa Yeong believed in Kim Kang Dae’s scheme and agreed to have Yul meet Eun-Hee.  Kang Dae had other plans for wanting his daughter Eun-Hee and Yul to be married.  Having connections to the Royal family meant more money and power in his eyes.  Kang Dae was a man who only thought of those two things: money and power.

Yul was in a bit of a depression when he left Korea to come back to England with his mother.  Over time he agreed to go to college. One day, his mother introduced him to Eun-Hee at a dinner party that Mr. Kim had for the England office employees.

Yul was struck by Eun-Hee’s beauty and her confidence.  She reminded him of Chae Kyung’s friendliness too.  Eun-Hee didn’t know anyone at the party and when she saw handsome Yul, she immediately was drawn to him also.  They talked all night about life in Korea and how much they missed some of the sights and people.  Yul never mentioned that he was the Royal Prince because he was still ashamed about what he did to Shin and Chae Kyung.

When both Hwa Yeong and Kang Dae saw the young couple going out on dates more often, they felt their plan was working on its own.  They only needed to get the Elders to agree to let Yul come back to the Palace.

Mr. Kim also worked out a deal with the Chinese mafia to cause Queen Hye Myeong’s car accident.  When that didn’t work and he heard that Shin was going to China to continue his sister’s work on trade negotiations with China, he gave more money to the Chinese mafia to kill Shin too.

It seemed everything had pretty much worked out as planned.  Now it was up to Yul to show the Elders that he would be the most suitable to be King.  Mr. Kim could probably work out another deal with the Elder he had connections with but, first, he wanted to see how things worked out for Yul and Eun-Hee when they start to live in the Palace.  If things didn’t work to their advantage, then he would step in again to have the Royal couple be the next in line for the throne.

At the wedding reception, there were at least 400 families, friends and VVIP guests from other countries.  Unfortunately for Shin and Chae Kyung, Yul’s mother Hwa Yeong (she no longer has a title), was at her son’s wedding.  It felt very awkward to see her in the Palace with all of Shin’s family present.  She sat at the main table with the bride and groom.  Eun-Hee’s parents and grandfather were seated at that table also.

Although Queen Hye Myeong cannot fulfill her duties as the Queen, she still has her title until one of the Princes’ is chosen to become the next King.  Queen Hye Myeong was still not ready to be seen at such a big event with reporters and photographers, so Lady Choi made sure to stay with her and keep her company.

Shin and Chae Kyung’s friends sat at a table with them.  Although, it wasn’t that long ago when they saw each other at Shin’s birthday party and Young-ah’s Samchil Day, they were enjoying catching up on the old days.  Kang In and Hyo-Rin looked happy as ever.  Hyo-Rin was now seven months pregnant, and she looked stunning in her dress even with a protruding stomach.  They talked to Shin and Chae Kyung on how it was when Chae Kyung had to deliver the baby.

Chae Kyung didn’t want to frighten Hyo-Rin, but she told her how painful it was to give birth.

“Oh my God, Jesus Christ Superstar!” Chae Kyung said with wide eyes, “I couldn’t believe how painful it was to give birth to Young-ah!  And I didn’t even have him come out of me naturally.  I had to have a Cesarean.  The recovery from the Cesarean is painful all on its own. I can’t imagine how it would have felt to have his big head coming out of me!” said Chae Kyung.

“Yah!  You’re going to scare Hyo-Rin even before she even has her baby.” Shin said this to Chae Kyung with a stern look on his face.  “You actually hurt me more by squeezing my hand so tight!  I thought I was going to lose my fingers!”

“Aigoo…now you’re telling me this?  And I thought you were a man!  Now, I know why women are the ones who have the baby.  Men can’t even take the pain of having their hand squeezed?  Boolyah! (What the heck!)

Shin gave Chae Kyung a mean look as if to say, How dare you make fun of me in front of my friends.”

Kang In and Hyo-Rin were laughing at Chae Kyung and Shin having they’re little spat in front of them.

Kang In tried to calm the two down. “Yah…yah…don’t worry about it.  Hyo-Rin and I will be just fine.  We have been taking our pregnancy classes together to get ready for the birth and we are pretty good with the breathing exercises.  Right Hyo-Rin?” said Kang In smiling sweetly at his wife.

“Yes…we will be just fine.  As long as there are no complications, the baby and I will be fine.” Hyo-Rin smiled at her husband and patted his hand with hers.

Shin and Chae Kyung were thinking in their heads the same thing.  Yeah right!  Wait till you have your baby.  You’ll see how difficult it really is.

After everyone had his or her dinner, there was dancing.  Yul and Eun-Hee had the first dance.  Yul looked handsome in his Royal Prince uniform and Eun-Hee wore a beautiful white wedding gown with a diamond tiara on top of her head.  She truly looked like a Princess.  Shin couldn’t even tell that Eun-Hee was pregnant at all.  She would have been only eight weeks pregnant anyways, so she wasn’t showing signs of pregnancy, except for her not wanting to eat.  People may have thought it was just her being nervous about the wedding.

Yul and Eun-Hee’s wedding turned out to be a success with no problems during the ceremony and at the reception either.  The next day, Yul and Eun-Hee had planned a honeymoon in Paris, France.  On their return from their honeymoon, Yul and Eun-Hee had no choice but to live in Shin and Chae Kyung’s original Palace when they first got married. There was no reason to spend the money to build a new Palace just for the Royal Prince and Princess. The Palace that Shin had wanted when he first married Chae Kyung had finally been finished by the time Young-ah was born.


It didn’t take long for Yul and Eun-Hee to settle in at the Palace.  They made sure to visit Queen Hye Meong as much as they could and spend time with Great-Grandmother Queen Halmoeni Tae Hoo Mama also.  The Royal Family decided that they should at least dine together as a whole family for one meal each week and that meant it was usually for Sunday dinners, unless Shin or Yul had to attend an evening function as part of their Royal duties.

The summer months brought very hot days. Shin and Chae Kyung felt that when they married each other in Macau in August, that day would be the day that they considered their actual wedding date.  Shin wanted to surprise Chae Kyung on a weekend getaway with just the two of them to celebrate their first wedding anniversary in early July.  Shin and Chae Kyung were both planning to go back to college to finish their studies in the fall; so going on a second honeymoon during the summer would be ideal for the Royal couple.

Since, they weren’t able to see the sunrise the time they went to spend the night at the summer Palace, Shin thought this time would be much better with the warmer days ahead.  He already planned to have Lady Choi, Lady Park and Lady Kwak watch over Young-ah.  Even Chae Kyung’s parents were planning to stay at the Palace to spend time with their newborn grandson.

Shin told Chae Kyung that the Elders agreed that they could go away early for a weekend getaway to celebrate their first year wedding anniversary.  Chae Kyung was so excited, but at the same time she was worried about leaving Young-ah for two nights and three days.  Shin told her that he already bought the plane tickets for Jeju Island and that they were going to stay in a five star hotel.

Chae Kyung was pouting when she spoke to Shin.

“Are you sure we should leave Young-ah with my parents and the Palace staff?  I’m always going to worry about the baby.  He’s so little…I’m going to miss him so much.”

“Listen, Bingung…this is to celebrate our first wedding anniversary.  Once the summer is over, we will both be busy with work, school and the baby.  This is our only chance to spend some time together having fun at the beach, eating out at a  nice seafood restaurant, sleeping in without having to feed the baby and on top of that no bodyguards. So do this for me…let’s go see the sunrise that we didn’t get to see the last time.  Araeso? (Okay?)

Chae Kyung was hesitating to answer.

Shin then held both of Chae Kyung’s hands in his and looked at her with pleading eyes.

“Will you do this for your husband who wants to just spend a few nights away with the most beautiful woman that he will treasure for always and forever?  Please?  I’m begging you…you won’t regret the time we spend together.”  Shin actually looked very sad and gave his own pouting face to Chae Kyung.

Chae Kyung still hesitated, but then she said with a pout, “Araeso.  I’m only going because I love you so much and I don’t like seeing you sad.  So, when do we have to leave?”

Shin raised both his arms in the air and said, “All right!  We leave Friday afternoon and we’ll be back in time for Sunday dinner with the family and you can give Young-ah his bath in the evening.”

Chae Kyung just smiled at how cute Shin looked when he was happy.


That Friday morning, Chae Kyung and Shin went to Young-ah’s bedroom to give him goodbye kisses.

“Omo…Young-ah you’re growing up so fast before my eyes.  Your appa and eomma will be gone for a few days, but don’t you cry for us.  We’ll be back  before you realize it.  When your eomma and appa come home to greet you, we will give you so many kisses.  Araeso?  Here’s one last popo (kiss) for you.  And then Chae Kyung handed Young-ah to her mother as she left the room. Shin gave Young-ah a goodbye kiss and then ran to catch up with Chae Kyung.  She was sniffling as she walked out the door and down the hallway to the front of the Palace.

Chae Kyung was starting to have big tears come down her cheeks just thinking about leaving Young-ah behind, but she knew Shin was excited to spend some time with just the two of them.  Having the baby did take up a lot of her time away from Shin, but of course she couldn’t help that.

Shin and Chae Kyung said goodbye to Queen Hye Myeong and all the other relatives and staff at the front entrance of the Palace.  Even Yul and Eun-Hee waved goodbye to the Crown Prince and Crown Princess where the Royal limousine was waiting to take them to the airport.

Shin tried to ease Chae Kyung’s fear of leaving the baby.  “Don’t worry Bingung.  Young-ah has a lot of people who love him and they will take good care of him while we are gone.  He has the best nannies and so many loving relatives.”  Shin held Chae Kyung’s hand through the whole plane trip to Jeju Island.

When the plane landed on Jeju Island and Shin and Chae Kyung stepped off the airplane, Chae Kyung instantly smelled the fresh sea air.  The scent was intoxicating to her senses.  She couldn’t wait to see the ocean.  The last time she came to Jeju Island was with Grandmother Queen Tae Hoo Mama and Shin.  At that time, her and Shin were not getting along and it didn’t leave a good memory with her.  She actually remembered feeling very sorry for Shin because he seemed to still be in love with Hyo-Rin, yet she was also sad because she had already fallen in love with Shin, but he didn’t seem to know it.


Hopefully, going back to Jeju Island was a chance for the both of them to create good memories thought Chae Kyung.

Shin had rented a car and they both took off straight for the hotel.  Shin had told Chae Kyung that he planned all the activities for their getaway weekend.  Shin wanted their first night to be romantic.  He planned a nice relaxing dinner at a Seafood restaurant by the ocean.  He said after eating a nice dinner and spending the night in, they might be too tired to wake up to see the Sunrise tomorrow, so they will go on Sunday morning instead.

As soon as they arrived at the hotel, Chae Kyung said she was going to call to let everyone know that they landed safely and to find out how Young-ah was doing.

“Yobeseoyo? (Hello?) This is Bingung Mama.  I’m calling to let you know that Taeja and I made it safely to the hotel.  How is our aga? (baby).  Naega neomubogo sip-eoyo! (I miss him so much!) cried Chae Kyung.  Lady Choi let Chae Kyung know that Young-ah was happy and taking his nap at the moment.

“Don’t worry your Highness, Young-ah is happy and healthy.  He has been enjoying the company of so many family members carrying him and playing with him.  You have nothing to worry about.  Enjoy your second honeymoon and we’ll see you on Sunday. Bye!  And Lady Choi just hung up the phone without Chae Kyung being able say another word in edgewise.

Chae Kyung already missed seeing Young-ah’s cute face.  She had pictures on her cell phone that she would look at when she missed seeing him.  She wanted to cry, but Shin was in the next room putting some of their things away in the closet.

‘Yah! Chae Kyung, come and help me put your things away.  I don’t want you to be sad this whole weekend.”

Shin sat in a chair across from where Chae Kyung was sitting on the edge of the King size bed. Her head was down and she was thinking about Young-ah being alone in his crib.  Then Shin spoke with a concerned and caring voice, “Do you want to go back home?  If you’re really going to be this sad, I’d rather we go back to the Palace.  It’s no fun if you’re going to only think of the baby.”

“Mianhae” Chae Kyung said sadly.  It’s just that this is the first time we’ve left our baby and he’s still so little.  I know someday, we will have to leave him, but I didn’t think it would be this soon.”

Shin got up from the chair and sat next to his wife on the bed.  Shin spoke softly, “I really do know how you must feel, Bingung.  Truly, I do, but I…” Shin couldn’t finish his sentence because he started to get teary eyed himself.  “Bingung…I didn’t want to tell you this until we see the sunrise on Sunday, but…” and then Shin started to cry very quietly.

Chae Kyung immediately turned to face Shin and held him in her arms.  Shin held Chae Kyung tightly and was sobbing just like the time that she said she would leave the Palace because it was what she wanted to do for his family. “What’s wrong Shin?  Tell me…please.  If something is wrong, please tell me.  I’m right here for you.


It took Shin awhile to stop crying and then he looked into his wife’s eyes and quietly spoke, “You know I love you and Young-ah with all my heart.  Well…I truly understand how you must feel about leaving our little Young-ah.  Just like you left the Palace for my family, I will be leaving the Palace for you and Young-ah. I’m sorry Bingung.  I am so heartbroken that I have to leave you and Young-ah in the Palace without me.”

Chae Kyung wasn’t sure if she heard Shin’s words correctly.

“What did you just say?  Did you just say that you have to leave Young-ah and I in the Palace?  What!? Wae? (Why?) Odiro kashim nikka? (Where are you going?)”  Chae Kyung couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

To be continued…

  1. novchime permalink

    Another suspense ending! You really know how to keep the interest of your readers. Nice chapter again. I also like it that Shin loves his wife a lot; also like the times when they tease or “quarrel” with each other.

    • Hi Novchime, I really appreciate how you give a comment for each chapter because it helps me to see what was interesting to you and what I could change if I have to edit. I do edit my fanfic every once in awhile. I will probably go back and re-edit once I learn how to add music and gifs. Thanks again for each of your comments. They bring me smiles and can help me with future writings.

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