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Always In My Heart – Chapter 5

Chapter 5

 Second Honeymoon


       Chae Kyung wasn’t sure if she heard Shin’s words correctly.

“What did you just say?  Did you just say that you have to leave Young-ah and I in the Palace without you?  What!? Why?   Where are you going?”  Chae Kyung was shocked by his words.

Shin tried to explain to Chae Kyung why he had to leave her and Young-ah.

“Yul and I had a meeting with the Elders earlier this week.  They brought up the issue on what we planned to do for our military service.  As you know, all Korean men have to serve in one of the armed forces for our country between the ages of 18 and 35 years of age. *  I was planning to do my service when I turned twenty years old.  Having the baby sooner than I had planned will make it even more difficult for me to leave you and Young-ah.  I’m sorry, Bingung…but I have to go sooner or later.  I am scheduled to leave at the end of this month.”

Chae Kyung was still in shock as she looked sadly at Shin. She still couldn’t believe what he was saying.

Shin continued to explain, “Being the Crown Prince doesn’t give me an excuse not to serve in the military.  In fact, being a Royal means I am required to serve more than the average citizen.

If you look at the Royals in England, both Prince William and Prince Harry served in the military for their country and they continue to go on trainings. Royals must make a commitment to be in one of the armed forces as part of their careers.  I must do the same as the Crown Prince. Even though we do not make the final decisions in political issues or laws, I am still a representative of this country.  I must show the highest regards towards leadership for our country by also having a military career.”

“Why must you go now?  Can’t you wait until Young-ah is a little bit older?” whined Chae Kyung.

“I thought about it, believe me, Bingung…but I think it would be best to get my two years out of the way now, while Young-ah is still very young. I’d rather be away while he can’t remember that I was gone. Can you honestly say you remember anything when you were one or two years old?  ”  Shin said with sadness.

“No…but I can’t imagine you’re not being here either with me and Young-ah.  You will miss all his baby milestones, such as crawling, talking and walking,” cried Chae Kyung.

Shin put his head down, “I know…so will you write to me as much as you can and tell me everything that he does and send pictures of Young-ah?”

“Of course I will.  But, you promised me when you came back from China that you wouldn’t leave me ever again.  Did you forget your promise?  Chae Kyung was very upset.

“I know…I’m a bad guy because I knew I had to do my military service, but I didn’t want to bring up that issue and have you become more upset.”  I admit, I lied to you…Mianhae. (I’m sorry). Shin said this with remorse in his voice.

So, is this supposed to be a farewell trip?” whimpered Chae Kyung.

She was about to cry uncontrollably, and then suddenly, Shin grabbed Chae Kyung and hugged her tightly in his arms while he whispered tenderly in her ear.  “This is why I really, really wanted to go away with you, Bingung.  This will be our last trip away from the Palace.  Just the two of us…alone to relax and enjoy being together with no one to ask anything from us. So, please…let’s make this our second honeymoon…for me?  Araeso? (Okay?)

Chae Kyung was so heartbroken to hear about Shin’s leaving that she realized that Young-ah wasn’t the priority right now.  She just wanted to spend as much time with Shin before he had to leave.  The time they spent together this weekend became more precious than she could have imagined.

“Now that you told me that you have to go into the military, I want to stay here with you.  Shin goon, let’s just stay in our room tonight.” She grabbed Shin’s hand and brought it to her cheek as a tear rolled down her face. She couldn’t imagine not being able to hold his hand for months at a time.

Shin kissed Chae Kyung’s tear on her check and then he kissed her lips.  They started kissing slowly and then their kisses became more forceful. As they were kissing, they naturally fell on the bed with Shin on top of Chae Kyung.  He began to kiss her as if it was his last time and Chae Kyung kissed Shin back with more passion than she had ever thought she had.  They became very excited from kissing each other that Shin began to unbutton his shirt and threw it on the floor. Then he went to unbutton Chae Kyung’s blouse. It didn’t take long for Shin and Chae Kyung to be undressed and under the covers.  Their lovemaking made them both breathless.

Later that evening, Chae Kyung and Shin lay in bed facing each other.  Chae Kyung was so glad that Shin made plans for them to take the trip to Jeju Island. These moments were the memories that she wanted to treasure for the rest of her life.


“Taeja…” Chae Kyung said sweetly.

“Yes…Bingung Mama?  Shin said with his own sweetness.

“Beh go pa (I’m hungry).” pouted Chae Kyung.

“Aish…you’re always hungry.  Just like Young-ah,” teased Shin as he got up to get a drink of water.

“Yah!  I haven’t eaten anything since we left this morning.” complained Chae Kyung.

“Neither did I!  And I’m the one who had a big workout just now.”  grinned Shin.

“What?  Do you think I was just laying here?”  Chae Kyung grabbed a pillow to throw it at Shin’s head.

Shin was able to dodge the pillow before it could hit him.

“I’m just joking with you Miss Airhead.  What shall I order from room service for you my Crown Princess?” laughed Shin as he bowed to her.

“I feel famished. Let’s have steak and lobster.?” she said excitedly.

Shin was willing to do anything for Chae Kyung to make this trip a memorable one for his Crown Princess.

While they waited for the food to come from room service, Chae Kyung said she wanted to take pictures of each other.


“Hana, tul, set (one, two, three).”  said Chae Kyung.


After the Royal couple had eaten, they decided to go for a walk around the hotel.  It was nice to be able to walk hand in hand with nobody really noticing them.  Although, the thought of Shin leaving her and Young-ah was depressing, Chae Kyung decided she needed to live in the moment.  Being with Shin made her so happy because he was enjoying spending time with her and being away from the Palace was very relaxing.  They were both having a wonderful trip so far.

The next morning, Chae Kyung and Shin both spoke to Lady Choi to hear how Young-ha was doing.  Lady Choi again had to reassure the Royal couple that the baby was not even aware of their absence.  They decided to have a quick breakfast at the hotel’s restaurant and then drove to a private beach to frolic in the sand and ocean.

Shin was really fun to be with when he was in a good mood.  Sometimes, Chae Kyung couldn’t believe that this man was the same man who gave her so much trouble and heartache in high school and at the Palace.  Shin had a very serious side to his personality whenever he had work to do for the Palace, it seemed he was always in his own world following the rules and responsibilities that the Elders expected from him. He was even more serious whenever he became jealous.  Chae Kyung knew that sometimes she couldn’t even calm him down whenever he became angry. She also knew that when Shin makes a commitment, whether it is for work or marriage, he is loyal to the very end. Right now, their relationship was in a good place.  They were both so in love with their baby and each other.  She was thinking that maybe, love does conquer all.


The warm summer days at Jeju made it especially nice to play and swim in the ocean.  Before heading to the beach, Chae Kyung and Shin went by a local market close to the hotel to buy sandwiches, snacks and drinks for their lunch.  They wanted to have a picnic on the beach. Once they got to the beach, they decided to cool off in the ocean waters before having their lunch.

When Chae Kyung jumped into the water, she said, “Chuwo! (It’s cold!) Shin and Chae Kyung were having fun splashing water at each other, but after just a few minutes, Chae Kyung wanted to go back to shore. “I think I’ll just watch you from the sand Shin goon.”

Shin was having fun swimming and cooling off that he was fine with swimming by himself.  After awhile, he decided to go sit with Chae Kyung on their beach towels.

As they sat eating their lunch, Chae Kyung was wondering whether Yul had to do his military service at the same time.

“Shin goon…if you have to leave for your military service, what abut Yul?  Did the Elders ask him to join the military too? asked Chae Kyung.  “I feel sorry for Eun-Hee if he has to go.  They just got married.”

“Ani (No).  Only one of us can serve at this time because the other has to be in charge of the Royal duties.  I felt that since Yul just got married, he should stay in the Palace with his wife and soon to be baby.”

“What?  Is Eun-Hee pregnant?  Did Yul tell this to you and the Elders? How come it seems that I’m always the last to hear about important matters?”  Chae Kyung was stunned.

“Don’t tell anyone, Bingung…it’s a secret.  Yul and Eun-Hee haven’t told anyone just yet.  I think they’re waiting just a bit longer to make sure the pregnancy is going smoothly.  I don’t know if you remember the day of my birthday celebration.  I overheard Yul and Eun-Hee talking.  Eun-Hee told Yul that she was already four weeks pregnant and wanted to have their wedding in June instead of July because she was afraid that she might be showing her pregnancy if she waited too much longer,” said Shin.

“Oh, that’s why you wanted me to leave.  You didn’t want Yul to find out that you heard them talking.  Now, I remember,” said Chae Kyung.

“Don’t think that I’m going to join the military first only for Yul and Eun-Hee’s sake.  I want to do my service as soon as possible, so that I can get it out of the way and spend my time with you and Young-ah,” replied Shin.

“So, are you saying that Yul and Eun-Hee’s pregnancy was not planned?  I hope they are still happy about having a baby.  I think babies are wonderful!”  Chae Kyung and Shin both loved children. When they heard the news that Chae Kyung was expecting, they were both so happy.

Shin agreed with his wife.  He had hopes that Yul and Eun-Hee would be just as happy with their baby as he and Chae Kyung were.

After spending some time lying in the sun, Chae Kyung and Shin decided to walk along the beach.  Shin saw a local resident playing his guitar to people who passed by.  Shin asked the man if he could borrow his guitar.

Shin spoke to the man with the guitar, “I’d like to play a song for my wife.  Can I borrow your guitar for one song?  Gomsamnida. (Thank you.)”

Chae Kyung was touched by Shin’s gesture.  People gathered to hear what the young man was going to sing to his wife.

“This is for my wife, who means the world to me,” smiled Shin.  Shin sang the song, “Yellow” by Coldplay.


Chae Kyung was grinning from ear to ear because she couldn’t believe that Shin was serenading her in front of other people.  She thought he was a private person, but he seemed to be bolder the more she got to know him.

“Chang pee hae (I’m embarrassed).” Chae Kyung said with her hands in front of her mouth.

“I should be more embarrassed than you, Bingung.” chuckled Shin.

Then someone from the crowd said, “Are you the Crown Prince and Crown Princess? No way!  Can I take your picture?”

Shin grabbed Chae Kyung’s hand and said, “We’re not who you think we are.  Thanks again for letting me borrow your guitar, Ahjusshi (Mister). Bye!”  They ran back to grab their things they had left on the beach and headed back to the hotel.  Shin wanted to rest before going out to the seafood restaurant that he planned to take Chae Kyung to for dinner.

That evening, they decided to dress a bit more formally for dinner.


The Royal couple looked so beautiful together as always.  Whether they were hanging out at the beach or at a formal engagement with dignitaries, they indeed were the perfect couple.

The restaurant overlooked the ocean and made the evening quite romantic. Shin and Chae Kyung had chosen to eat some of the local seafood from the island and drank wine with their meal.   There were white roses and candles on the table.  Shin made sure that they had a private dining room so as not to be noticed by the media or locals.

“Are you enjoying our little getaway, Bingung?” asked Shin.

“Very much, Saeja,” smiled Chae Kyung.  “I’d better not drink too much wine.  I won’t know if I’ll pass out from drinking or act like a crazy drunken woman.  I’ve never really had wine before.”

“Yah!  You had no problems drinking so much champagne at Yul’s birthday party.  Can I get you to drink more wine to see what happens? laughed Shin.

“Shin goon, I don’t like thinking about Yul’s birthday party.  Whenever I think about it, I believe all our fighting and miscommunications started at his party.  It really hurt my feelings when I thought you were thinking of going to Paris with Hyo Rin.”


“And I told you that I was telling Hyo Rin that I wanted to go to Paris with you.  You left before you could hear the whole conversation.  I had fallen in love with you already when we went to Yul’s party.  That’s why I was so jealous when I saw Yul kiss you.  Sometimes, when I see Yul, I still want to punch him in the face again,” Shin was seething while saying this.

“Let’s not think about the past.  I am with you now and I am the happiest I’ve ever been.  Let’s have good memories together from now on.  I love you, Shin.”  Chae Kyung went to grab Shin’s hand from across the table to reassure him.

“Mianhae (I’m sorry).  I love you too, Chae Kyung.  If your done eating, Gaja! (Let’s go!) Let’s go make more babies together,” smiled Shin.

“Omo…I’m not going to be pregnant with another baby while you’re off doing your military service.  Baraedandae! (No way!), yelled Chae Kyung.  “We will take precautions, Shin goon.”

Shin and Chae Kyung were in a good mood.  After they drove back to the hotel, they walked hand in hand all the way back to their room.  When Shin opened the door to their room, he said he wanted to carry Chae Kyung to the bed.

“This is our second honeymoon, so I think it would be fun to carry you to the bed like I did on our wedding night,” said Shin.

Chae Kyung was enjoying every minute of his affections and attentiveness.  She was really going to miss Shin with all her heart.

That evening was just as special as their first night in Macau.  She was really too happy for words.  They fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Shin tried to wake up Chae Kyung at 4:00 in the morning.  He promised to show her a sunrise, so he had to wake her up while it was still dark outside.  Actually, he wanted them to hike to Seongsan Ilchulbong also called “Sunrise Peak.  It is a peak made when an underwater volcano erupted in the middle of the ocean.  To get to the peak, it takes many steps.  Visitors go to the peak to see the spectacular view at the top every year.

Chae Kyung was whining in bed. “Wae? (Why?).  I’m okay with not going to see the sunrise.  Let’s just sleep in, Shin goon.  Please?”

“You can’t!  I wanted to show you a beautiful sunrise and this is the place to go to see one.  It will be the best!  Let’s go!”  Shin was pulling on Chae Kyung’s arm to get her out of bed.  Then he spanked her bottom to get her to wake up.

“Andae! (Don’t!) Okay, okay…I’m getting up!”  Chae Kyung dragged herself out of bed and got dressed warmly.  It was still dark and cold in the mornings.

Shin drove to Seongsan Ilchulbong as quick as he could.  Chae Kyung and Shin started hiking from the bottom of the peak to the top.  There were hundreds of steps.  Other visitors were going up to see the sunrise too.  Seongsan Ilchulbong was a very popular visitors attraction on Jeju Island.

Chae Kyung was starting to slow down and gasp for air.  The elevation was high, so it was getting harder to breath due to the thin air.

“Shin goon…how much longer do we have to climb?  I don’t think I can make it,” gasped Chae Kyung.

“Don’t worry, Bingung.  We are almost at the top and your going to just be so surprised when you see the view.  Here let me help you.”  Shin had Chae Kyung jump on his back so he could carry her to the top.

“Omo…I will just think of you as my military backpack as if I’m doing my basic training,” huffed Shin as he kept climbing up to the top of the peak.

“Put me down if I’m too heavy Shin.  I think I can make it the rest of the way,” demanded Chae Kyung.

“No worries, Bingung.  I can see that we are almost there.  Aja! Aja!  Fighting!”  Shin spoke with a whisper since he was getting tired himself.

Within a few minutes, they made it to the top.  The sun was already rising off to the East side of the peak.  Chae Kyung jumped off of Shin’s back and was amazed at the view. Shin had his head down with his hands resting on his knees huffing and puffing from being out of breath.

“Shin goon!  Look the sun is already coming up!  Oh my God!  The view is to die for!”  Chae Kyung screamed.

Shin was thinking, “I think I am about to die!”  He walked slowly to where Chae Kyung was admiring the view.  He was still breathing heavily, but he had the biggest smile ever because he was able to promise Chae Kyung a view of a sunrise over an awesome view of the island.  He hugged Chae Kyung from behind and looked at the most spectacular view he had ever seen in his life.


They stood there for a good fifteen minutes just looking all around them.  They tried to point out the hotel that they were staying at and the airport.  They stayed at the peak until Shin and Chae Kyung could catch their breaths from making that long trek up the peak.

Going down the peak wasn’t as difficult or long.  When they drove back to the hotel, they had a big breakfast and decided to go to the spa to relieve their sore legs.  For Shin, he was sore all over from carrying Chae Kyung, but he wouldn’t tell her that.

Since, they got up so early to see the sunrise, Shin suggested they take a nap before leaving to go back to the Palace.  Chae Kyung was in agreement.  She was still tired from waking up early and making the long hike up to the peak.  Also, the Jacuzzi made it relaxing so she was ready for a nap.

When they woke up from their nap, they both looked at each other sadly.  They had to pack up and get ready to head back to the Palace. Shin drove the car back to the car rental place at the airport. Once they were at the airport, they called Lady Choi to let everyone know at the Palace when their flight would be coming in.  Lady Choi said that Young-ah was visiting Queen Hye Myeong and all the adults for lunch. Everyone enjoyed babysitting Young-ah and was actually hoping that the Royal couple could go away on more trips in the future. The Palace would have a limousine ready to pick them up by late afternoon at Incheon airport.

While in the plane, Chae Kyung and Shin were reminiscing about all their adventures on the island.  Chae Kyung again was so thankful that Shin made the plans for a second honeymoon.  She probably would never have thought of doing something so nice.

“Gomawo, Shin goon.  I had the best time ever.  Now, I can have good memories of Jeju Island with you instead of sad ones.  Although, getting stuck in the mud with the old beat up truck was funny.  I couldn’t believe how loud Halmoeni Tae Hoo Mama snores,” smiled Chae Kyung.

As soon as Chae Kyung and Shin got back to the Palace, Lady Choi knew to have Young-ah in her arms ready to pass him over to the Crown Princess.  Queen Tae Hoo Mama and Shin’s mother were there to welcome them back home too.

“Young-ah!  My baby Young-ah!  Did you miss me?  I missed you so much!  Here’s all the kisses I promised you! (Kiss, kiss, kiss…)” Chae Kyung said excitedly.

“Yah! (Hey!)  Give me a chance to say hi to my son too!” Shin had his arms extended so that he could hold Young-ah and give him kisses too.

Queen Tae Hoo Mama was so pleased to see how affectionate Shin was to his son.

She nudged Shin’s mother with her elbow.  “See, how cute Shin is with his newborn son.  I think Chae Kyung was the best thing that happened to him and our family.  My husband, the late King Sungjo made the right decision in having her marry the Crown Prince.  Luckily for Shin, he was the Crown Prince at the time.  I think they suit each other best.”

That evening at the family dinner table, Shin and Chae Kyung shared their adventures at the beach and at Seongsan Ilchulbong.  The family was so thrilled to hear that they had a nice time.  They all agreed that Shin and Chae Kyung should go away more often when they have the chance.  They said they enjoyed babysitting Young-ah and were happy to do it anytime. Before, Shin left with Chae Kyung for Jeju Island, everyone knew that Shin had to leave for his military service at the end of the month.  Shin requested that no one tell Chae Kyung about his leaving.  He wanted to be the one to break the sad news to Chae Kyung himself.

Privately, after dinner, Queen Tae Hoo Mama asked Chae Kyung to sit with her in the living room of the Palace.  She asked if Shin gave her the sad news about his military service.

“Bingung…Gwen chan ah yo? (Are you okay?)  Did the Crown Prince tell you that he has to leave at the end of the month?”

“Ne Halmoeni. (Yes Grandmother)…I was shocked to hear about it, but I understand that it is his duty as the Crown Prince.  I will do my best to support him even though he will be gone.  I promise this with all my heart,” Chae Kyung whispered in sorrow.

“Try not to worry too much, Bingung Mama. We will always be here for you, so please don’t be sad.”

Chae Kyung and Queen Tae Hoo Mama both cried in each other’s arms.  Chae Kyung and the Queen had a special bond since she came to the Palace and she thanked the Queen for always being so understanding and loving her from the first day she met her when she first agreed to marry Shin.

After dinner, Chae Kyung and Shin were giving Young-ah his bath.  Chae Kyung realized that Young-ah’s Baekil (100 day) celebration was coming up soon. One hundred is a number symbolic of completeness and maturity; therefore, baekil is an occasion for congratulating a baby on completing this phase and wishing him or her continued growth and good health for the future.  The Baekil celebration is 100 days after the birth of the baby.  It is believed that if the baby’s family shares 100 rice cakes with others, the baby will be blessed with good health and longevity.  In turn, the families that received the rice cakes give a bundle of thread or rice.  The thread represents longevity and the rice is health. *

“Shin goon we have to have Young-ah’s Baekil celebration before you leave,” said Chae Kyung.  “I’d like it to be no more than 125 close friends and families at the Palace.  Just on my side alone there will be 50 relatives.  I am only close to my three girlfriends from high school.”

Shin was trying to think whom he would invite as far as friends; it was also only his three male friends from high school and Hyo Rin.  His family counted as only twelve (Queen Tae Hoo Mama, his parents, his noona, Yul, Eun-Hee and Eun-Hee’s immediate family).  Well, we should also invite all the employees and Elders of the Palace.  Now, we have over 125 people definitely,” replied Shin.

On the day of Young-ah’s Baekil, the Palace was busy as ever getting ready for the 125 guests. The summer weather made it nice to have it outdoors.

cute asian baby boy

Young-ah was a very happy and healthy baby.  All the guests were so glad to see Shin and Chae Kyung happily married with their cute baby boy.

Shin decided to make a toast and to thank the guests for coming to Young-ha’s Baekil celebration.

Shin and Chae Kyung both stood up at their table.  Chae Kyung was holding Young-ah in her arms while everyone had their champagne glasses raised.


“Welcome everyone!  Bingung Mama and I would like to thank everyone for joining us in celebrating Young-ah’s 100th day of being with us in this world.  Let’s raise our champagne glasses to wish Young-ah a long and healthy life.  Here’s to my son Lee Young Min!  Geonbae! (Cheers!)”  Everyone raised their glasses and said “Cheers!” and then drank their glasses.  Then everyone gave a round of applause to end the toast.

Eun-Hee started nudging Yul to remind him to get up to make their announcement on her pregnancy.  Yul didn’t think it was the right time or place to make the announcement, but she kept insisting.

Yul stood up and asked for everyone’s attention.  “If it’s okay with the Crown Prince and Crown Princess, I would like to say a few words on behalf of my wife and I.”

Of course neither Shin nor Chae Kyung wasn’t going to deny Yul’s request.  Shin just nodded his head and made a gesture with his arm to say, “Go right ahead.”

Yul began by saying, “Eun-Hee and I as Young-ah’s second cousins would like to give our best wishes to Young-ah for a long and happy life too.  We thought that since all our friends and families were already here, we are happy to announce that we will be expecting our own little one next January. We don’t mean to take away from Young-ah’s celebration, but it just seemed to be a good time to let everyone know all at once.”


Eun-Hee’s family all screamed with excitement.  Her sisters didn’t know of her pregnancy and were very elated.  Everyone was very happy for the Royal Prince and Royal Princess of course.  Everyone gave a round of applause for Royal Prince Eui Sung and Royal Princess Eun-Hee.  Eun-Hee’s father already knew because he asked Eun-Hee to trap Yul into impregnating her.  His plans for having Yul become King were becoming more of a reality.

Queen Tae Hoo Mama was so delighted to hear about another baby because that meant the Monarchy was growing, as she had wanted for so long.  Yul’s mother of course was not invited to Young-ah’s Baekil, but once Yul has his own child, she will be able to come to the Palace more often for visits and parties for her own grandchild.

Shin wasn’t too pleased that Yul and Eun-Hee used Young-ah’s party to announce their pregnancy news, but it was already done. Now, everyone was going up to the Royal Prince and Royal Princess to congratulate them on their good news.  Tomorrow’s newspapers were definitely going to be filled with the baby announcement.

Shin and Chae Kyung were happy to see their high school friends yet again at another one of their functions.  Hyo Rin was due to have her baby next month.  Her and Kang In came with bags of rice for Young-ah.  Shin and Chae Kyung already told their guests that the rice would be donated to Children’s orphanages and the spools of thread would be donated to a factory that would trade it for clothing for children at the orphanages.

Jang Kyeong was already stationed with the Republic of Korea Marine Corps (ROKMC).  He was not able to attend Young-ah’s celebration.  Shin decided that he would also be joining the Army.  Ryu Hwan came with his girlfriend from college.  Everyone was actually surprised that he had a girlfriend, since he always seemed to have his face in a camera.

Hee Soong came with Soon Yeung.  Both girls were still very close.  Hee Soong was excited about getting an internship with SM entertainment.  She would be doing the make up for the up and coming KPop idols.  Soon Young was still working on her degree in education at a women’s college.  Kang Hyun couldn’t attend the party because she was busy with her premed studies at Seoul National University.  Chae Kyung would be going back to college in the fall, right after Shin leaves for his military service.  She would be graduating from Hansung University Design Campus before Shin, if everything goes as planned.

Both Hee Soong and Soon Yeung ran up to Chae Kyung as she came walking with Shin.  Shin was holding Young-ah in his arms.  He was being the proud appa (dad) showing everyone his adorable son.

“Anyeonghaesaeyo, Saeja. (Hello, Crown Prince). Could one of us hold Young-ah?  He has grown so much since the last time we saw him.  Babies sure grow up fast,” said Hee Soong.  “Let me hold him after you,” whined Soon Yeung.  Shin carefully handed Young-ah to Hee Soong.

“Gomsamnida, Crown Prince.  I will be careful with your son,” she said.

“Yah!  Hee Soong, you don’t have to be so formal with Shin goon.  He is your friend too,” said Chae Kyung.

“But he is the Crown Prince.  I should speak to him formally.”

“Then why aren’t you speaking to me formally too? Tehsoe (Forget it). Chae Kyung was annoyed with her friends being so infatuated with Shin.  Maybe, she was becoming jealous.

Soon Young was pinching Young-ah’s cheek and saying, “Kiyeopta! (He’s so cute!)”  This made Young-ah to start crying.

“Yah!” yelled Chae Kyung.  “Don’t touch him like that!”  The bodyguards came rushing when they heard Young-ah crying and the Crown Princess yelling at her friends.

Hee Soong immediately handed Young-ah back to Chae Kyung.  “Mianhaeyo! (I’m sorry!)”   She kept bowing and bowing to Shin and Chae Kyung.  “I didn’t mean to hurt the baby Crown Prince.” She was about to cry because she made the baby Crown Prince upset.  Shin just shook his head back and forth as if to say, “Whatever.”

“Aish…I’m just joking with you.” Chae Kyung shooed the bodyguards away.  “It’s only a misunderstanding.  You may leave us alone.”  It was funny seeing her friends get flustered.  Just like old times in high school when she played tricks on them.

Shin was talking with Kang In and Hyo Rin at their table.  Chae Kyung came to say hello and to find out how Hyo Rin was feeling.  As soon as Chae Kyung arrived, Hyo Rin spoke.

“Shin can you watch the baby while I have a private conversation with Bingung Mama?  We won’t be gone for long.  Is that okay with you, Bingung Mama?

Chae Kyung was curious why Hyo Rin wanted to talk to her.  It was probably about what to expect with the baby being due to arrive next month.  She said, “Sure…no problem.”

Shin took the baby from Chae Kyung and the two women went for a walk around the Palace grounds.

As they were walking Hyo Rin was talking about how happy she was for Shin and her.

“I just wanted to let you know that I am truly happy for you and Shin.  You both were meant to be together.  You compliment each other and with the birth of Young-ah, I know you will have a wonderful life together with more children to come in the future.  I want to thank you for being so patient and kind to me when I was being so rude to you.  I thought I could get Shin back, but he knew that we were never meant to be and so what I’m trying to say is…I’m sorry for what happened in the past.”

Hyo Rin continued by saying, “I don’t know if you remember when you came to visit me in the hospital. I know you were trying to be nice, but I was only trying to cause trouble between you and Shin.  Well…what I’m trying to say is…if you are willing, I’d like to be your friend.  It would be an honor if you accepted me as one of your closer friends.  I’d really like that.”


Chae Kyung was not a person to hold grudges.  She took one of Hyo Rin’s hands and smiled at her.  “I’d like for us to be friends very much.  I think we will be much closer, now that you and Kang In will be parents like Shin and I are.  We can have play dates with our little ones.  Wouldn’t that be nice to have our own children become close friends too?  Gruego (And), please call me Chae Kyung from now on.  All my friends call me Chae Kyung.”  Chae Kyung was very happy that the two would become friends rather than enemies.  That is all she ever wanted.

Hyo Rin smiled back at Chae Kyung. “I would like that very much indeed.  Thank you… Chae Kyung.”  And the two women tried hugging each other, but it was a bit difficult with Hyo Rin being pregnant.  They started to laugh at the situation.

Young-ah’s Baekil turned out to be a nice occasion with everyone enjoying their rice cakes and pictures being taken with the Crown Prince, the Crown Princess and Young-ah.

That evening when Shin and Chae Kyung gave Young-ah his bath, Chae Kyung told Shin how Hyo Rin and her were going to be good friends.  Shin was happy to hear that there were no hard feelings between the two.

“I’m feeling sad right now, Shin goon,” sulked Chae Kyung.

“Wae? (Why?)” asked Shin.

“Because, I’m going to miss you and our conversations when I give Young-ah his bath. “I feel like this is the only time we get to share how our day went with each other.”

“Please, Bingung…don’t make it more difficult for you and I by bringing up my leaving.  I will get to come home on my 100th day of service and I will get a few days at Christmas time.  I will have other days over the two years of service. I know it doesn’t seem like much and so far away, but the days will pass.”

Chae Kyung finished washing Young-ah and then put his pajamas on him.  Lady Choi had his bottle ready for her, so Shin asked if he could feed Young-ah every night since he wouldn’t be able to once he’s gone. They brought Young-ah to their big King size bed and had him lying between them while he had his bottle.  Once he fell asleep, Shin would burp him and then put him down in his crib.  He made sure to kiss Young-ah goodnight, as did Chae Kyung. This was the ritual since they got back from Jeju Island two weeks ago.

On the evening of their last night together before Shin had to leave for his military service, Shin had his arms wrapped around Chae Kyung’s waist from behind while they were lying in bed on their sides.

“I’m dreading tomorrow so much. Jebal gajimal! (Please don’t go!)  cried Chae Kyung.  Chae Kyung turned around to face Shin.  Tears were streaming down her face as she was crying hysterically in Shin’s arms.  She kept saying, “Please, don’t go.  Please don’t leave Young-ah and I.  I can’t bear to be without you.”

“Aww…Bingung.  If I could I wouldn’t leave the two of you, but that’s not possible.  Just remember…you’ll always be in my heart.  Young-ah and you will always be in my heart…forever and always.  Don’t you forget that, Miss Airhead.  I need you to be strong for Young-ah and me.  Arachi? (Got it?)

Chae Kyung just kept crying in Shin’s arms with her head in his chest.  Finally she whimpered, “I will try…Saeja.”

The next morning, everyone gathered for breakfast as a farewell meal for Shin. Shin, Chae Kyung and Young-ah had breakfast with Halmoeni Queen Tae Hoo Mama, his parents and noona. Yul and Eun-Hee were also present to say their farewells.  All the staff, including Secretary Kong, Lady Choi, Lady Park and Lady Kwak said their goodbyes after everyone was done with breakfast.

Chae Kyung, Young-ah and all of the family members were saying their last goodbyes in the Palace living room.  Chae Kyung was holding Young-ah in her arms with tears streaming down her face. Shin began his goodbyes by hugging his grandmother, mother and noona first.  He then shook his father’s hand and Yul’s hand last.  He even hugged Eun-Hee goodbye.

The night before, Chae Kyung told Shin that she wouldn’t walk out with him to the limousine.  If she saw him leaving that way, it would remind her of the time, he was leaving her to go to the Police station on the false charges of arson.  She couldn’t bear doing that again.  So, instead, Shin gave a quick kiss to Chae Kyung on her lips and kissed the top of Young-ah’s head.  Then he walked out the door to get into the limousine.


Chae Kyung couldn’t stop crying while holding Young-ah.  Her crying started to upset Young-ah, so Lady Park gently took Young-ah from Chae Kyung, so that she could calm the baby down.   Chae Kyung fell to the floor crying hysterically.  Halmoeni Tae Hoo Mama held Chae Kyung in her arms as they both sat crying on the floor.  Halmoeni stroked Chae Kyung’s head and kept saying, “It’s okay, Bingung… I’m here for you.  Please don’t cry.  Saeja, will come back in time.  Please, don’t cry.  It hurts me so much to see you cry.”  This time, instead of Chae Kyung leaving, it was the Crown Prince.


As Shin was walking to the limousine, he kept seeing Chae Kyung’s anguish and the tears flowing down her face.  He couldn’t stop his own tears from flowing because his heart ached from loving her so much.  When she was deposed from the Palace, he still remembered how his heart ached for her every minute of the day.  He didn’t know if he could bear it all over again, but he had no choice.

Shin told the driver to wait just a few more minutes.  He ran back to the Palace and found Chae Kyung still crying in his grandmother’s arms.  He picked up Chae Kyung and carried her out of the room to another room next door.  Chae Kyung hung onto Shin and wouldn’t let him go.

Shin sat her beside him on a couch in the room.  Shin spoke between his own tears, “Promise me, Bingung…that you will be strong and wait for me.  Remember, you will always be in my heart.  So, don’t you forget it.  I’ll be back as much as I can to see you and Young-ah.  Now, give me a proper kiss goodbye.  Shin held Chae Kyung’s face tenderly and they kissed each other just like it was their first passionate kiss.  This was the kiss that Shin wanted to remember Chae Kyung by.  His last words to Chae Kyung were, “Bingung, Sarangahe.” Then he smiled at his Crown Princess and  ran out the door to get to the limousine for his press conference for his enlistment into the Army.

When Shin left her, Chae Kyung  laid her body down on the couch and cried for a very long time.


To be continued…

  1. novchime permalink

    Very nice chapter. Very warm. You have given enough time for the two to spend their last time without any hurry with each other. And it is nice to read how much they love each other, and how much they love their son. I hope this happens in real life.

    You also showed how matured and responsible Shin and Chae Kyung are now in dealing with being away from each other..


  2. Thanks for your nice comment. I actually put movement. Now, all I need to learn is how to put music. I’m still taking classes for my new iMac. It’s been educational and its going to take a lot of time and practice.

  3. novchime permalink

    Yes, I forgot to say about the last video (kissing scene). I saw a similar video in the internet but the movements were made slower than normal. I thought it was better.

    • esigh permalink

      the slower one is better, right? i think the video above looks more lustful, because of the speed, but then again maybe bingung meant it this way (hahahahaha)?

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