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Always In My Heart – Chapter 6

Chapter 6

My Heart Grows Stronger Even With Distance


Shin ran to the limousine to make sure he wouldn’t be late for the press conference for his enlistment into the Army.  He was only a few minutes late as the limousine drove up to the front of the filming area.  Reporters, TV crews, fans and bystanders were waiting to see the Crown Prince and hear his brief speech before being escorted to his military training camp.

         Shin’s military press conference was big news and since it was being telecast live, everyone in the Royal family decided to watch the news except for Chae Kyung.  Chae Kyung didn’t have the heart to see Shin’s face knowing that he wasn’t coming back home to the Palace for quite some time.  Seeing him on television would only break her heart and she would start crying all over again.  She decided to put Young-ah down for his nap and then go to her own bedroom to rest.

Meanwhile, at the press conference, the Crown Prince stood on a podium so that he could be seen better from afar.  He thanked everyone for coming to see him and he promised to do his best during his training.  The reporters had a few questions they wanted to ask the Crown Prince.  He requested to answer only a few questions before he had to leave for his training.

One reporter asked, “Why did you choose to serve in the Army and at such a young age?”

“Well…I chose to enlist in the Army because I think I am best suited to be on the ground.  I have been trained in archery, fencing and have been an avid equestrian rider.  Besides, my eyesight is not good enough to be a pilot and I get seasick very easily, so I think staying on the ground best suits my strengths and personality,” replied Shin with a smile.   “To answer the second question as to why I joined at such a young age.  Well, I thought it would be best to get my military service done quickly so that I can focus more on being a better Crown Prince.  Also, I want to spend my time with my son while he is at an age when he will be able to do things with me like camping and fishing.  Right now, he is an infant, so I think logically it would be best now while he doesn’t really understand why his father isn’t home.”  Shin was smiling ear-to-ear thinking how much fun it would be to do those simple things in life with his son.

Another reporter asked, “All young men who join the military have to get used to being away from their families, but as the Crown Prince I’m sure it’s more difficult with the young Crown Princess and a baby at home.  How will you and the Crown Princess cope with the separation?”

Shin made a face of deep thought and was thinking how to answer the reporter’s question before he spoke.  “I’m sure I am not the only young man to have been married at a young age and some men may have had to leave behind a young child, like myself, but leaving loved ones behind to serve our country is a man’s civic duty and I am no different than any other Korean male citizen.  I will serve my country to the best of my abilities with pride and I will come back to my family and country a better man because of my service.  The Crown Princess understands my duties not only as the Crown Prince, but also as a citizen of this country.  We will write to each other and she promises to send pictures of Young-ah as much as possible.  I will deeply miss my wife, child and the royal family, but I think my military service will pass by quickly.  At least I am hoping it will.”  Shin gave a big smile and laughed to himself after speaking.

“I will answer one last question before I have to go,” said Shin.

The next reporter asked, “Does this mean that Royal Prince Eui Sung is in charge of all Palace duties?”

“Yes, while I am doing my military service, Royal Prince Eui Sung and Royal Princess Eun-Hee will take over most of the royal duties.  The Crown Princess will help continue with charity work when possible and she will be returning to Hansung University Design Campus with a degree in Fashion Design.  Unfortunately, I will have to put my college degree on hold for the time being.  Now, I really must go.  Thank you everyone for coming to give me your support and well wishes.  Aja!  Aja!  Fighting!”  Then Shin gave a salute before he left.

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A military car took shin to his training camp.  It was the end of his press conference and everyone started to disperse.  The reporters and TV crews went back to their offices to type up their stories for the newspapers and the many female fans went home crying for their Crown Prince.

Back at the Palace, the royal family turned off the television and they were already missing Shin.  Halmeoni Tae Hoo Mama and Shin’s omeoni were both crying.  The mood was somber in the living room of the Palace.  Shin’s parents continued to stay at the Palace to help Queen Hye Myeong with her recovery.  They walked quietly with Queen Hye Myeong back to the Palace that she lived in with her parents.

When Eun-Hee heard Shin tell the reporters that Yul and her were now in charge of most of the royal duties, she felt a sense of power and was excited for Yul.  She really wanted Yul to become the next King.

Tomorrow evening was the opening of a new art museum in Seoul.  Yul and Eun-Hee were invited to attend a private showing of the paintings and sculptures of famous Korean artists.  Eun-Hee told Yul that she would be going back to their Palace to decide what to wear for the event.  Yul told Eun-Hee that he wanted to work on the trade agreements that Shin had started with China, but never got to finish because of Queen Hye Myeong’s tragic car accident.


As Yul was walking back to his office in another part of the Palace, he saw Chae Kyung sitting on one of the benches outside on the Palace grounds.  He was looking at Chae Kyung and was remembering how much the Crown Princess had touched his heart to the point of anguish.  He felt sorry for Chae Kyung because he knew she was heartbroken with Shin being gone.  He decided he should try to cheer her up, so he walked up to where she was sitting.

Chae Kyung saw Yul approaching her.  Even though his mother caused so much heartache for Shin and her, she still was not angry with Yul.  They were both young when they met each other in high school.   She understood that the way she loved Shin, was probably the same way that Yul loved her.  She couldn’t forget about Shin even though he was a jerk to her at times.  Yul couldn’t forget about Chae Kyung even though she couldn’t return the same feelings towards him.

Yul spoke first, “Annyeong, Bingung Mama.  Would it be okay if an old friend sat down with you to chat?”

“Sure…I could use some company right now,” said Chae Kyung with sadness in her voice.

“I noticed you weren’t in the living room watching Shin’s press conference.  I guess it’s too difficult for you to see him go.  Mianhamnida. (I’m sorry).  If you ever need someone to talk to…I’m here for you.”

Gomawo. (Thank You). With Shin gone…my heart hurts so much.  He’s only been gone for a couple of hours and I’m already missing him terribly.  Chae Kyung started to cry and Yul put his arms around her.  She was too sad to think about the consequences of what others might think if someone were to see the two of them.  Luckily, nobody did see the two talking together.

Chae Kyung did miss Yul’s friendship.  He always seemed to know what to say or do to make her feel happy.  His smile and his friendship always made her feel comfortable.  He was really just a good friend.

Chae Kyung tried to switch her thoughts to something other than Shin.  So she asked Yul about Eun-Hee’s pregnancy.  “How is Eun-Hee feeling?  Does she get morning sickness?  I really had a terrible time the first three months with Young-ah.”

Yul just chuckled, “Eun-Hee did have morning sickness, but now she’s in her fourth month, so she feels much better these days.  I am very excited about becoming a father.”

“Chukahaeyo! (Congratulations!) I didn’t really get to congratulate you and Eun-Hee properly.  Are you and Eun-Hee going to try to find out the sex of the baby?” asked Chae Kyung.

“As a matter of fact, Eun-Hee wants to know so that she can get the baby’s room all ready before he/she arrives, but I’d like to be surprised,” said Yul.  “Eun-Hee will probably get her way, so we will find out on her next sonogram.”

“Shin and I wanted to be surprised, so we both agreed not to find out the sex of the baby.  I’m so glad we waited.  It was more exciting to find out naturally.  I’m so happy for you and Eun-Hee.  The babies will get to play with each other when they get to be a bit older.”

“Did you think of any baby names yet?”  Chae Kyung was getting very excited about babies.  So, talking with Yul turned out to be a good thing for her.

“No…we haven’t had a chance to think about names just yet,” laughed Yul.  I’m so glad to see you smiling again.  You look so cute when you smile.” grinned Yul.

Chae Kyung realized that she might be getting too friendly with Yul.  She started to feel a bit awkward towards him and decided that she should excuse herself.  “Well, I better go check on Young-ah.  It’s almost time for his next feeding.  It was nice talking with you, Yul.  Let me know if you have any questions about pregnancy.  I’m not an expert on the subject, but I do have some experience.”  Chae Kyung left Yul a bit dumbfounded as she left him in a hurry.

Another tradition as part of serving in the Korean military for an enlisted man is having his civilian clothing sent in a package to either his mother or wife.  Once the enlisted man receives his military clothing, from that day forward he becomes a soldier and is only allowed to wear military issued clothing.

A few days after Shin had left the Palace, it was another heartbreaking day for Chae Kyung when Secretary Kong brought the package of Shin’s clothing to her.  She had heard about this tradition and was already crying when she saw the package.  She decided to open it in front of Halmeoni Tae Hoo Mama and Omeoni Wang Hoo Mama.  All the women gathered in Halmeoni’s living room.  Chae Kyung opened the package and slowly brought out Shin’s pieces of clothing.  First, she brought out his blue cap that had the word CLIFFS on the front.  Next was his blue sweatshirt and plaid shirt.  His jeans, undershirt tank top, socks, and shoes were also placed in the box.  The last item she pulled out was his underwear.  She immediately threw them back in the box, but it was too late. Shin’s grandmother and mother giggled when Chae Kyung pulled them out of the box.  It reminded her of the time she pulled out his Dolce & Gabbana underwear at Yul’s birthday party.  She was embarrassed in front of Shin’s grandmother and mother, but she just laughed it off.


Chae Kyung realized that everything that Shin was wearing now were all military issued clothing.  She was feeling sad all over again.  She couldn’t stop thinking whether Shin was eating well and had enough sleep.  At night, Chae Kyung couldn’t fall asleep easily.  She kept looking at Shin’s side of the bed and would start to get teary eyed from missing his smile, talks while bathing Young-ah and especially his passionate kisses.

Chae Kyung decided to write as often as she could for Shin on how Young-ah and her were doing.  She planned to send a letter at least once a week, which included pictures of the two of them.  She took photos of her to let Shin know that she loved him and was thinking of him.

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Just two weeks after Shin left for the Army, Chae Kyung received a frantic phone call from Hyo-Rin.

“Chae Kyung!  I think I’m going to have the baby right now!  Can you pick me up and take me to the hospital?  Kang In is out of town on a business trip.  My mother can’t drive.  Can you please pick us up and take us to Seoul University Hospital?  Please…my contractions are coming too close together,” screamed Hyo Rin as she started to feel one of her contractions coming.

“Omo…I will be there as soon as I can.”  Chae Kyung got Hyo Rin’s address and looked it up on the computer.  She was able to print a map on how to get to Kang In and Hyo-Rin’s house and from there to Seoul University Hospital. Luckily, Hyo-Rin didn’t live too far from the hospital.

Chae Kyung’s driving skills had improved, but not by much.  She was driving fast to get to Hyo-Rin’s home.  When she arrived, Hyo-Rin and her mother were already outside the front gate waiting for Chae Kyung.


Chae Kyung said a quick hello to Hyo-Rin’s mother by bowing and then she helped Mrs. Min in the back of her little Volkswagon Beetle with Hyo-Rin’s suitcase.  Chae Kyung then helped Hyo-Rin buckle into the front passenger seat and then ran to the driver’s seat.

“I will try to get you to the hospital as soon as possible, so hang on Hyo-Rin!” yelled Chae Kyung.

Chae Kyung drove faster than she usually does because she was so nervous about Hyo-Rin and the baby.  She started swerving through the rush hour traffic in Seoul, which made Hyo-Rin and her mother scared for their lives.

“Yah!  Chae Kyung!  Watch where you’re going!  You almost hit the car in front of us!  I want to get to the hospital alive,” screamed Hyo-Rin.

Hyo-Rin’s mother was speechless because she was too scared to talk.  Every once in awhile she would just close her eyes because she couldn’t watch Chae Kyung’s driving.

Chae Kyung knew how to get to Seoul University Hospital because it was the same hospital that Young-ah was born at.  As soon as she drove up to the hospital, she got out of the car and helped Hyo-Rin unbuckle her seat belt.  She was so concerned with Hyo- Rin that she left Mrs. Min in the back seat helpless as to how to get out of her car.

“Yah!  Crown Princess!  I can’t get out!” yelled Mrs. Min.

Chae Kyung asked a nurse walking by to help Hyo-Rin get to the maternity ward.  She ran back to her car, to help Mrs. Min out of the back seat.  Mrs. Min ran to follow the nurse and Hyo-Rin to the maternity ward, while Chae Kyung went to park her car in the hospital parking lot.

Next, Chae Kyung was able to find Hyo-Rin’s room number in the maternity ward.  Hyo-Rin was in her hospital room crying in pain.  Her doctor was able to see her and told her that she was too far along to have any type of painkillers.

“Please, Chae Kyung…please stay with me until Kang In comes.  He is on his way to the hospital, but I don’t think he’ll be able to make it in time.” cried Hyo-Rin.

“Of course, Hyo-Rin.  Don’t worry.  I’m right here.  Just think in a short while you will be able to see your beautiful baby.” smiled Chae Kyung.

“You are such a good friend, Chae Kyung.  I will be forever grateful to you for being here in my time of need,” Hyo-Rin winced as her stomach started hurting from another contraction.

“Gwen chan ah. (It’s okay.)  I’m so glad that I could be here to help you.” smiled Chae Kyung.

Hyo-Rin’s mother was also in the room, but she was too upset seeing her daughter in so much pain.  She asked Chae Kyung if it was okay if she waited in the visitors’ waiting room instead.  Chae Kyung nodded and reassured Mrs. Min that Hyo-Rin would be just fine.  She told Mrs. Min that she had her baby at the same hospital and that the hospital had excellent doctors and nurses.

The doctor came in again to check on Hyo-Rin and said it was time for her to go to the delivery room to have her baby.  The baby’s head was crowned and he could tell with just a few pushes, that the baby would arrive.

Hyo-Rin asked the doctor if Chae Kyung could stay to support her.  The doctor said it was fine, so Chae Kyung held Hyo-Rin’s hand while she was told to push.  Chae Kyung now understood how Shin must have felt when she was squeezing his hand during her own labor.  Every time Hyo-Rin had a contraction or had to push, Hyo-Rin was crushing her fingers.

Suddenly, Chae Kyung could see the baby’s head crowning.  The doctor had to do an episiotomy on Hyo-Rin.  (An episiotomy for those who do not know what it is – The doctor makes an incision to make the opening bigger for the baby to come out.  Very painful to have done and to recover from.)

         Poor Hyo-Rin was screaming in pain.  In an instant, the baby’s shoulders were out and then the baby quickly slipped out.  The doctor held up Hyo-Rin’s baby up so that Hyo-Rin could see that the baby was healthy.

“Chukahaeyo! (Congratulations!) Mrs. Hwang, you have a beautiful baby girl!” said the doctor.

“Hyo-Rin…she’s so beautiful!” Chae Kyung said excitedly.

“Gomasseumnida (Thank you), Chae Kyung for being here for me and the baby,” Hyo-Rin sighed as she was tired from just giving birth.  Hyo-Rin was so happy to finally see her baby and to have the whole ordeal behind her.

Within a few minutes, Hyo-Rin was back in her hospital room chatting with Chae Kyung.  Just then, Kang In ran into her room with a terrified expression and his clothes were disheveled from running.

“Mianhaeyo. (I’m Sorry) Hyo-Rin.  I should have planned to stay close to home with you being so close to your due date.” Kang In said with tears in his eyes.  Chae Kyung excused herself so that Kang In and Hyo-Rin could speak privately.

Kang In kissed Hyo-Rin softly on her lips and held her hand.  He sat beside his wife and kept sweeping her bangs out of her eyes.

Just then, a nurse brought in their baby and Kang In and Hyo-Rin were smiling as soon as they saw their beautiful daughter.

Both Kang In and Hyo-Rin were so happy to finally see their baby up close and they were amazed at her beauty.  “What shall we name her?” asked Kang In.  “She’s so beautiful.  She looks just like you Hyo-Rin.” Kang In said with tears of joy.  “How about Hye Su?  It means grace and beautiful.  She will be as graceful and beautiful as you are.”

Hyo-Rin liked the sound of her name and the meaning of her name.  Hyo-Rin was so happy that Kang In never gave up on loving her.  She was so grateful for having him in her life.  Now, with their beautiful baby girl, she felt her life was complete.  She already was thinking how much fun it was going to be to teach her ballet.

Chae Kyung peeked her head in to say goodbye to her friends and to see their baby girl before she left.  Hyo-Rin told Chae Kyung the baby’s name and thanked her again for helping her through her labor.  Kang In also bowed and thanked Chae Kyung for all that she did for him, Hyo-Rin and the baby.  They told Chae Kyung that they would invite her, Shin and Young-ah to their home as soon as they got settled in.

“Maybe when Shin gets one of his furlough days, we will come and visit each other, okay?  I must go home to take care of my own baby.  Congratulations to the both of you again.  Jal gayo (Goodbye).”  smiled Chae Kyung as she waved goodbye.

Chae Kyung drove home with a happy heart knowing that she helped Hyo-Rin with delivering Hye Su, but at the same time seeing Kang In and Hyo-Rin together with their baby also made her miss having Shin home.  She drove home crying knowing that her and Young-ah would be without Shin for quite some time.

By the end of August, Chae Kyung was back at Hansung University Design Campus in Seoul working on a degree in Fashion.  She decided to go part time to school so that she could spend more time with Young-ah.  Also, this way, she wouldn’t be as far ahead in her studies as Shin.  She was hoping that he would still get to pursue his dream of becoming a movie director.  Shin planned on continuing his studies at Korea National University of Arts majoring in Film, TV and Multimedia.

The days seemed to pass quickly being in college and taking care of Young-ah.  On the days that she wasn’t in class, she spent her time with Young-ah or studying and preparing different projects for her fashion assignments.  Every Sunday, she made sure to have dinner with the royal family. Twice a month she worked at the Seoul orphanage to teach art to the children who were interested.

It was now early November and Shin was going to be released for a weekend furlough for having finished his 100 days of training.  The Royal family and staff were so excited to hear about his upcoming visit that his family wanted to have a special dinner with the royal family and both Eun-Hee’s and Chae Kyung’s families together at the Palace.  That morning, Chae Kyung made sure to look her best and she had Young-ah dressed warmly.  Shin was due to arrive by Friday in the late afternoon.

Chae Kyung was holding Young-ah and stood waiting at the front entrance of the Palace even though it was a bit cold outside.  The royal family thought it would be best if Chae Kyung and Young-ah greeted the Crown Prince by themselves for more privacy.  They knew Chae Kyung and Shin would feel more relaxed if they could be alone.


The limousine pulled up to the front entrance of the Palace and Chae Kyung started to have tears in her eyes as soon as she saw the car.  Once Shin stepped out of the limousine, Chae Kyung ran to Shin. Shin was so happy to see his wife and son that he also had little tears of joy.

Chae Kyung was crying when Shin bent down to give her a kiss on her pouting lips.  “Yah!  Bingung…I’ve seen you cry more than Young-ah.  Shin liked to tease his wife whenever she cried.  He hated to see the Crown Princess sad, but he knew that her tears were happy tears.  Shin smiled seeing Young-ah in Chae Kyung’s arms.  He couldn’t believe how much the baby Crown Prince had grown.  He grabbed Young-ah from Chae Kyung’s arms and gave his son a big kiss on his chubby cheeks.

“It’s too cold to be outside.  You should have waited for me inside.  Gaja! (Let’s go!) He had his arm around Chae Kyung as they walked to where the families were waiting. When he walked inside the Palace living room, everyone was sitting on the couches.  They immediately stood up to greet Shin.  Halmeoni Tae Hoo Mama and Shin’s mother both walked up to Shin to give him a hug; his grandmother on his left side and his mother on his right side. He started calling his mother, “Eomma” (mom) since the time his mother asked Chae Kyung to call her Eomma.  Shin’s mother realized that it was best to be less formal with family. “I missed you all so much,” Shin said to his family as he was hugging his grandmother and mother.  “Saranghaeyo, Halmeoni and Eomma,” said Shin. He shook hands with his father and Yul and all the other guests.  He became more comfortable with Chae Kyung’s family and gave them all hugs too.

Queen Hye Myeong recognized Shin and said, “Annyeong, Oppa!”  Shin was so happy to see his noona and hugged her tightly.  Queen Hye Myeong was actually recooperating at a very fast rate.  She still had a lot to learn such as reading and writing again, but her recognition skills on new learning was very good.

“I am recognizing and remembering everyone’s names now, Shin,” said Queen Hye Myeong.  “Aren’t you happy for me?”

“Of course…I’m so happy to see you and everyone else!” said Shin.

After their hellos, the family wanted to know how Shin was doing with his training.

Shin briefly talked about how the training was difficult at first, but it was nothing that he wasn’t able to handle.  He said sometimes he had issues with other soldiers because they wanted to know whether the Crown Prince could handle the stress and difficulties of the training exercises, but Shin held his ground and proved to everyone that he could do his share of hard work.

“Yul…you will be next to go, once I have completed my military service.  Be prepared for hard physical challenges and minimal sleep.  Oh yea…and the food is not Palace quality.  It’s edible, but I guess you will get used to it.  You have no choice,” laughed Shin.

Eun-Hee’s face had a frown because she didn’t want Yul to leave her in the Palace alone with their baby either.  She had already spoken to her father if he could work something out so that Yul wouldn’t have to do his military service. The one Elder that was working with Eun-Hee’s father, Kang Dae was trying to get the others in the group to make an exception for Yul, but the Elders were not accepting of the idea.  How could one Prince do his military service and not the other?  That was quite ridiculous and unfair.

Yul was not afraid to do his military service.  He was actually looking forward to it.  He was interested in joining the Navy and to work on an aircraft carrier or a nuclear submarine.  He loved the ocean and being on ships.

“I am hoping to join the Navy and be the captain of an aircraft carrier or work on a submarine,” said Yul.

“Eottoke?” (What do I do?) cried Eun-Hee.  Royal Prince Eui Sung, what am I going to do while your doing your military service?  I can’t take care of the baby and do my royal duties.  I will be all alone and have no one to help me.”  whined Eun-Hee.

Chae Kyung tried to cheer Eun-Hee by saying, “Eun-Hee, you will have your Court Ladies and I can help you with the baby when I am not busy.  Have you thought of going to college once the baby is on a bottle?”

“Why would I want to go to college?  I am the Royal Princess.  I don’t need to go to college.  I will be busy taking care of the baby and I have to fulfill all my duties as the possible future Queen of this country,” huffed Eun-Hee.

“Well…an education is the power of knowledge.  You can learn about things that you are interested in.  The reason I am going to college is because someday, I would like to have my own clothing store with some of my designs for sale.  I know I don’t need the money, but it’s what I am interested in doing.  I can use the money that I earn to help others that are less fortunate,” explained Chae Kyung.

“Well, I still think that being the Royal Princess is enough work as it is.  Sometimes, I am just too tired to deal with people who are asking me to go here or there.  I know I sound like I’m complaining too much.  I’m sorry, I think it’s because I’m pregnant and the thought of Yul being gone is very upsetting for me, right now.  Mianhae. (I’m sorry),” Eun-Hee said this to no one in particular.

The conversation ended when Shin told everyone that he wanted to change out of his military clothing and into something more comfortable around the Palace.  He asked Lady Choi to watch Young-ah while Chae Kyung and he went back to their own Palace to catch up on what has been happening with their lives.

Chae Kyung was being dragged by Shin as they left everyone who had smiles on their faces because they knew that they weren’t probably leaving just to talk.

Chae Kyung’s father yelled at them as they were walking out the door, “Saeja, don’t forget to come to the royal dining room for your special dinner at seven o’clock!”  Chae Kyung’s mother just slapped her husband’s arm as if to say, “Leave them alone for goodness sake.  Can’t you see they want to be alone?”

As Shin and Chae Kyung were walking back to their Palace, Shin stopped at one point to kiss Chae Kyung and swing her in his arms because he was so happy to be back home with his Crown Princess.

Chae Kyung was laughing and enjoying their walk to their bedroom.  Shin couldn’t wait to spend some alone time with Chae Kyung.  He quickly made a run for the bedroom and did a body plop on the bed.  Then he slapped the bed with his hand and told Chae Kyung to lie down next to him.

“Iliwa (Come here), Bingung.  It’s been way too long.  You know I’m still in my prime, right?” smiled Shin.

“Ne…dangsin malimaja (Yes…your right.) You’ve been in your prime for how many years now?” laughed Chae Kyung.

“I’ll be in my prime till the day I die!” chuckled Shin.

Chae Kyung lied down next to Shin and they had their heads propped up using their arms.  They just smiled at each other and started laughing.

“How much did you miss me, Bingung?” asked Shin.

“I missed you every minute of the day.  I cried myself to sleep sometimes just thinking about you.  Some days I didn’t eat very well and I thought some days I didn’t want to do anything but cry, but I kept telling myself that I had to be here for you and Young-ah.  I waited for you patiently to come home to me,” Chae Kyung said sadly.

“Awww…my poor Bingung.  I also thought of you every day.  During the day, when I had to do the strenuous and tough drills I thought of your pretty face and Young-ah’s sweet smile.  And at night, I would dream that Young-ah and you were sleeping next to me.  I couldn’t do anything without thinking of you and Young-ah.  Saranghae, Bingung.”

Shin touched Chae Kyung’s cheek with his fingers and said, “I missed touching your soft skin.”

Then Shin started kissing Chae Kyung’s neck and said, “I missed the scent of your body.”

He then started moving his kisses down the middle of Chae Kyung’s chest and started to unbutton her shirt.  Chae Kyung started to breathe heavily with excitement.

“I missed making love to you,” said Shin as he continued undressing Chae Kyung.  In return, Chae Kyung undressed Shin slowly and seductively.

Both Shin and Chae Kyung’s lovemaking was very intense and passionate.  They were so focused on each other that they seemed to be in their own world.

They lied together on their bed hugging each other and ended up falling asleep because they both weren’t getting enough sleep at night from missing each other.

Luckily, Chae Kyung woke up not too long after they fell asleep.  “Shin goon…we better get ready for the dinner or else it will be a bit embarrassing coming late to eat with the family.”

I don’t think you have to worry about that.  I think they have an idea of why we ran out of the room,” laughed Shin. “Wae? (Why?), are you embarrassed to be in love with me?” asked Shin.

“Ani…(No).  I just don’t want to walk in the room and see everyone staring at us with grins on their faces.  I bet that is what’s going to happen.”  said Chae Kyung.

“If it happens, then I’ll give you a kiss in front of everyone.

Geolae? (Deal?) laughed Shin.

“Ani (No)…you’ll just embarrass me even more!” cried Chae Kyung.

Within the hour, Chae Kyung and Shin walked into the royal dining room holding hands.  They were only a few minutes late.  As they walked in, everyone was looking at the Crown Prince and Crown Princess with big smiles on their faces.


Shin kissed Chae Kyung on the cheek and then said, “Doesn’t the Crown Princess look pretty in her new outfit?”

Again, everyone just smiled happily at the affections that the Crown Prince was showing to the Crown Princess.

Everyone was having a wonderful time talking and eating the elaborate dinner in the royal family dining room.  Even baby Young-ah was able to sit in his high chair and eat some seaweed soup broth.

Shin was happy to see Chae Kyung eating a lot like she usually does when she’s happy.  The banquet on the table was delicious compared to the military food.  Shin definitely missed the luxuries of living in the Palace.

That evening, Chae Kyung and Shin gave Young-ah his bath.  Chae Kyung was so happy to see Shin beside her just like it was before he left for the military.  She just smiled to herself as she washed Young-ah’s hair and Shin was helping her hold Young-ah’s head to make sure the soap wasn’t getting in the baby’s eyes.  They talked about some of the things that were happening in their lives as they continued to bathe Young-ah and then put on his pajamas.

“So, what are you doing with your days, Shin goon?” asked Chae Kyung.

“Well…I am enjoying learning how to shoot a rifle.  I’m actually pretty good at shooting,” said Shin.

“Omo…I’m afraid of guns.  I hope we will never have to go to war with North Korea.  It’s just so scary,” whimpered Chae Kyung.

“Hopefully, it will never happen Bingung, but at least our country will be prepared,” explained Shin.  “Let’s not think about that right now.  I’d like to give Young-ah his bottle in our bed like we used to do and watch him fall asleep in between us.  Arasoe? (Understand?)

“Arasoe,” said Chae Kyung as she lifted Young-ah from his changing table and handed him carefully over to Shin, while she went to get his bedtime bottle.

For Chae Kyung and Shin, they felt so much love for each other, but their love for Young-ah seemed even greater.  Seeing Young-ah happy and healthy gave the young parents much joy and happiness.

When Young-ah fell asleep, Shin stood up and held Young-ah against his chest.  While he was patting Young-ah’s back to make sure that the baby didn’t have any air in his tummy, Chae Kyung hugged Shin from behind and put her head on Shin’s warm back. She missed hugging Shin from behind.  She couldn’t resist touching his beautiful back.  Shin continued to pat Young-ah’s own back until his son fell asleep in his arms.  Shin and Chae Kyung walked to Young-ah’s room to put him to bed.  Shin gently put Young-ah in his crib and gave him a kiss on his tiny head.


Shin and Chae Kyung held hands as they walked back to their bedroom in a somber mood.  Shin couldn’t stop thinking about his little baby son without his father.  His heart hurt from being separated from his son and his wife.  He was grateful that Chae Kyung was such a loving and patient wife and mother.

Chae Kyung was sad because she didn’t want to be separated from Shin.  She also knew that it hurt Shin to be away from her and Young-ah.  She was not looking forward to having to say goodbye again.

That evening they both slept together in each other’s arms and were happy just to be together as a family.


The next day was Saturday. Chae Kyung and Shin woke up with feelings of happiness and joy after spending a nice evening together.  They decided to have a quiet breakfast in bed and then Shin called Kang In and Hyo Rin to see if they were available for a visit.

“Yeobesaeyo (Hello) Kang In!” Shin said over the phone.

“Hello Shin?” answered Kang In.

“Hello, my friend.  Would you like to get together to visit each other?”  asked the Crown Prince.

“Of course!  Please come to our home and visit us.  We are so anxious to see you, Chae Kyung and Young-ah.  Hye Su is already three months old.  We were hoping that you would come and visit us on your furlough day.  Let’s have lunch at our house,” Kang In said with excitement.

When Shin, Chae Kyung and Young-ah came to visit Kang In, Hyo-Rin and Hye Su, the Royal couple made sure to bring some wine for the parents and a new dress for Hye Su from a cute baby boutique store.  Everyone had a nice time talking about their lives as new parents.  They liked to compare notes on how difficult it was to get any sleep at night and how their babies kept them so busy with feedings and all the things that babies need. Hyo-Rin didn’t have to do everything alone because she had a maid to do the laundry and cleaning.  It was the same for Chae Kyung.  She had all her court ladies to help her and she didn’t have to do laundry and clean the Palace, so they did have some luxuries that other women didn’t have.  Both women appreciated the help and knew that they were fortunate.

Young-ah was seven months old and was trying to crawl.  When they were talking about their adorable babies, Chae Kyung just brought up the idea that their children could end up going to the same school.

stock-photo-a-baby-lying-on-the-ground-29694109cute smilling asian baby

“Wouldn’t it be funny if our two little ones went to the same school and ended up becoming such close friends that they might actually fall in love when they get to be teenagers?” said Chae Kyung.

“Andae!” (No way!) yelled Kang In.  “My little girl is never going to marry.  Even if your son is the Crown Prince!  She’s not leaving me…ever!”

“Wow…nongdamieyo! (I’m just kidding!)  I just thought that it would be the funniest thing,” said Chae Kyung.

“Bingung!  Don’t joke about those things,” Shin gave her a stern look.

Hyo-Rin came to Chae Kyung’s defense and said, “I think that would be the cutest thing.  We could end up being family.  What’s wrong with that?”  Chae Kyung and Hyo-Rin gave each other a high five to show that they were in agreement.

By late afternoon, Shin and Chae Kyung had to say their goodbyes to their friends.  Young-ah was falling asleep in Chae Kyung’s arms and the Crown Prince and Crown Princess needed to get back to the Palace. The royal family wanted to have another family dinner because Shin had to leave to go back to his Army camp early the next morning.

Both couples agreed that they would get together again when Shin and Chae Kyung had another chance to visit.

Back at the Palace, the royal family had another delicious meal together. The men talked about politics, while the women played with Young-ah and talked about Eun-Hee’s upcoming labor. Chae Kyung talked about how she helped Hyo Rin deliver her baby and how it was the most unforgettable experience. Chae Kyung told Eun-Hee that if Yul was away for business, she could go with her to the hospital to help her with her delivery. She tried to become friends with Eun-Hee, but Eun-Hee didn’t like Chae Kyung.  Especially when she found out that Yul liked Chae Kyung before they were married.  Her actual due date was late December, but since she was married in early June, she told everyone that the baby was due at the end of January.  Eun-Hee’s tummy was quite huge, so everyone felt sorry for her when she complained of her backaches and her swollen feet.

“I heard that you found out the sex of the baby.  So, tell us what are you and Yul having? Will it be a Royal Prince or Princess?” asked Princess Hye Myeong.

“Oh, yes!  I was going to surprise everyone when the baby was born, but I can’t wait to tell everyone.  Yul and I are expecting a boy!  We haven’t picked out a name yet.  I told Yul that I have to see the baby before I can think of a name,” Eun-Hee said excitedly.

“Congratulations Eun Hee!” all the women were saying at the same time.

Halmeoni Tae Hoo Mama was giggling with happiness.  I am so excited to see that the Royal family is growing by leaps and bounds.  It won’t be long before you and Shin will be having a second baby,” smiled Tae Hoo Mama.

“Oh no…Halmeoni Tae Hoo Mama!  I’m not going to have another baby while Shin is away doing his military service.  It’s hard enough as it is with Young-ah.”  Chae Kyung was shaking her head no.

“Well, don’t wait too long because Young-ah will need to have siblings to play with.” Halmeoni Tae Hoo Mama smiled.

Later that evening, after everyone went to bed, Shin and Chae Kyung were in their own bedroom hugging and talking to each other about their weekend together.

“I had such a wonderful and pleasant time with you, Young-ah, our families and friends,” said Shin.  “Of course, I wish I didn’t have to leave you, but try to be brave, Bingung. I will be back again at Christmastime.  Some of the men get a few days at Christmas and some get a few days around New Year’s.  We all have to take turns because they have to have a group of men always at the military base camp. So, please try not cry for me tomorrow.  It breaks my heart every time, I see you cry.”

“I’ll try Shin goon.  I really will try to be brave like you.”  whimpered Chae Kyung.

When Shin tried to comfort Chae Kyung by kissing her soft lips, he couldn’t resist making love to her. Just touching her, excited him.  That evening after they made love to each other, Shin fell asleep in Chae Kyung’s arms.  Unfortunately, for Chae Kyung, she couldn’t stop thinking about Shin being gone by early morning.  She cried herself to sleep while Shin slept soundly.

to be continued…


  1. ajeng.kurniasari permalink

    Yey..thx for updating, I’m so excited…
    I loved a part “both Shin and Chae Kyung’s lovemaking was very intense and passionate”..can’t u imagine how it happened?! LOL

  2. novchime permalink

    Nice chapter again. I had to laugh at the place when Chae Kyung looked at the underwear of Shin.

    The lovemaking, their talks and how they dealt with each other was very nice. There was enough detail and attention given in each scene. Actually I liked more time for their conversation, but I can understand, you have to write about other things as well.

    You can also see the “conflict” starting to happen with Yul’s wife.

    The pictures were nice.

    Congratulations again!

    • I learned how to add music. If you want to listen to a song while reading the chapter or just go back to listen to the song, you can do that. I’m still learning what I can do to make this really entertaining for the reader by adding music and gifs. I hope you enjoy this.

  3. novchime permalink

    The music works, but I had to figure out how. Maybe you can say “Right click here…” (where “here” is the place where the link is to the music). I first tried clicking everywhere else and did not get the instructions right. Another thing: I do not know if it was my settings or yours, but when I played the music, the initial volume was at the highest. If it was your original setting, maybe better to start in the middle (not too loud and not too soft). Anyway, you succeeded in adding music! Good work!

    • Thanks for letting me know about the music. Yes, I will say click on the title of the song. Also, I will check my volumes. See…this is good that you let me know about these things. Chapter 6 was my trial run.

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