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Always In My Heart – Chapter 8

Chapter 8

Love Is Never Having To Say Sorry


After Chae Kyung threw up in the toilet, she washed her mouth out with water and put the toilet seat down to rest awhile.

“I think I’m pregnant, Shin goon,” Chae Kyung said with anxiety in her voice.

“What!  How?  When?  Shin was surprised and in shock when he spoke.

“Omo…shin goon…I don’t need to explain how it happened, do I?”  Chae Kyung said sarcastically.

“Chae Kyung!  You know what I mean.  I thought you were taking birth control.”  said Shin.

“Well…since I hadn’t seen you for over three months, there were some days that I just forgot to take the pill.” Chae Kyung knew that it was irresponsible and thought Shin would start yelling at her.

“Yah!  I thought you didn’t want to get pregnant for another year?” yelled Shin.  “Why didn’t you stop me from…you know?”

“Aish…I can’t help it if I can’t say no to your advances.  When you came home for your 100th day of service, I was just as anxious as you were to…you know.  Besides, I didn’t think I could get pregnant from not taking the pill just two or three times,” explained Chae Kyung.  “Are you upset with me?”

Shin just shook his head back and forth.  “Aigoo…Ms. Airhead, what do we do now?”  Shin said this as if they made a mistake.

Chae Kyung started to cry with a big tear streaming down her face.  “Mianhamnida (I’m sorry)”

Shin just looked at her with a big smile and gently said, “Bingung Mama, I’m not mad at you.  I’m just teasing you.  Come here, crybaby.”  Shin took Chae Kyung in his arms and was hugging her tightly.  Then he took her chin in his hand and lifted her head so that he could give her a soft kiss.  He loved Chae Kyung so much.  He gave her a passionate kiss next. He remembered their first passionate kiss when Chae Kyung reciprocated her feelings towards him.  She was crying at that time too.


Shin was actually very excited and happy that Chae Kyung was pregnant.  “Bingung, I am really happy about having another little one in the Palace as long as you are.”  He wasn’t sure how she felt about expecting another baby.

“I’m happy too, but I really didn’t want to do this alone.  It would have been nice to have you next to me.  I liked how you were able to go to the doctor visits with me when you weren’t busy.  It just isn’t the same here at the Palace without you beside me.”  Chae Kyung said sadly.

“You will always be in my heart, Bingung,” said Shin as he touched his chest where his heart was. “Even if you don’t see me, you must believe me when I say that I will never love anyone, but you.  Please be patient for me…I love you and Young-ah and the little one that is growing in your tummy too.”  Shin held Chae Kyung in his arms again.

They walked hand in hand back to the living room where everyone was almost done opening presents.

“Are you okay, Bingung Mama,” asked Jeungjo Halmeoni Tae Hoo Mama as soon as Chae Kyung walked in with Shin.

“I’m fine.  Don’t worry.  It was probably something I ate,” said Chae Kyung.  Shin and Chae Kyung agreed that they wouldn’t make any announcements until they were certain that Chae Kyung was with child.

Halmeoni made a face as if to say, I think you two are lying.  I know that Chae Kyung is pregnant.

 Shin grabbed a gift in a small bag that was underneath the tree.  He held it behind his back to give to his wife.  Chae Kyung was sitting on one of the couches with Young-ah in her arms.

“I know I wasn’t able to go shopping, but I specifically asked Secretary Kong to buy this for you,” smiled Shin to Chae Kyung as he handed her the gift.

Chae Kyung took a small box out of the gift bag.  Inside the box was a Cartier Love bracelet.

“This bracelet is to show you that I am committed to our marriage, now and forever,” said Shin.  He put the bracelet on Chae Kyung’s left wrist.

Chae Kyung smiled and thanked Shin.  “Gomsamnida, Saeja.”  Even without the bracelet, Chae Kyung knew Shin loved her dearly.

“Saeja, your gift is still under the tree.” Chae Kyung asked Secretary Kong to give Shin the huge gift-wrapped box.  When Shin unwrapped his gift and opened the big box, he was surprised to see the latest video camera with a tripod and a camera case to hold everything.

“Now, you can start video taping and making movies of Young-ah and I,” grinned Chae Kyung.

“That’s exactly what I’m going to do every time I come back to the Palace.  I should have been doing this sooner.”   Shin forgot how much he missed filming Chae Kyung and little Young-ah.  “Let’s start right now.  Wave into the camera Crown Princess and Young-ah.”


The evening was a pleasant one.  Yul was trying to be cheerful with his newborn son, Ji Woo sleeping in his arms. Eun-Hee’s parents and Yul’s mother were very supportive and tried their best to comfort Yul.  This Christmas Eve was a sad one, but having both baby Princes gave a sign of hope for the future of the Royal family.

The next morning was Christmas Day.  Shin and Chae Kyung spent their time together to be alone as a family.  They went outside and played in the snow with Young-ah all dressed and bundled in a snowsuit.  Christmas day was very cold, but beautiful.  The Palace looked stunning with snow capped roofs and a thick white blanket of powdered snow on the ground. They had fun frolicking in the snow with Young-ah.  They used his sled they bought him for Christmas to push him around in the snow and they made a snowman, snow woman and a snow baby.  Shin enjoyed filming their time together.  Little Young-ah was just watching his parents have fun with each other.

Running and playing in the snow was similar to the time Shin and Chae Kyung went to the beach to see the sunrise. This time the scenery was not sand and surf, but snow and barren trees with snow leaving a white, glistening powder on the branches and everything around them. Shin and Chae Kyung had a snow fight while Young-ah watched his parents as he sat on his sled giggling with happiness. Shin held Young-ah as if he was a super hero flying in the air.  Young-ah’s cute giggles brought smiles to his parents.  Chae Kyung filmed father and son having fun together in the snow.

Early the next morning, Shin had to leave to go back to his military service.  After saying his goodbyes to his parents, his grandmother, his sister and staff, Chae Kyung and Shin said their goodbyes as usual in a separate room from the family.  It worked out best to have their own space away from the family when they had to say their tearful goodbyes.  They could be more intimate without worrying about what they said or did in front of their family members.

Shin told Chae Kyung that he probably would not be able to come back for another two months.  He already used most of his days for personal leave when he returned for Eun-Hee’s funeral.  He promised to definitely be back in time to make a formal announcement if Chae Kyung was pregnant.  He also promised to be home for Young-ah’s first birthday or Dol.  *Dol or doljanchi is a child’s first birthday celebration.  The first birthday is a big milestone for a Korean child because from years ago in the past, many newborns were known to have died because of childhood diseases or because of the extreme differences in temperature in Korea.

After Shin left, the following day, Chae Kyung went to see her doctors to check whether she was pregnant for certain.  She was asked to give a urine sample.  It didn’t take long for the results to come back.  She tested positive as being pregnant.  The doctors figured that she was probably six weeks pregnant.  Chae Kyung and Shin agreed before he left that they wouldn’t make a formal announcement until he could come back on his next visit.  Chae Kyung would probably be close to four months along.

Chae Kyung was actually very happy to be with child again.  She enjoyed watching Young-ah grow up and she knew it would be good for Young-ah to have a sibling.  She also knew Shin was very happy to have another son or daughter on the way.  He told Chae Kyung that he was actually wishing for a daughter as beautiful and cheerful as she was.

For Chae Kyung, this pregnancy wasn’t as difficult as Young-ah’s.  She felt nauseous at times in the morning, but she rarely threw up.  She was more careful on what she ate and she tried to stay away from unpleasant odors around her.  No one really suspected her of being pregnant.

One day during a break from school, Chae Kyung decided to go horseback riding.  Before Shin left for his military service, he and Chae Kyung would go riding together at the equestrian club.

She was becoming an expert at riding her own horse at the club.  Shin bought her a horse as a birthday gift almost a year ago.

As she was getting ready to go to the equestrian center, Yul had seen her in her equestrian clothing.  He asked if he could join Chae Kyung.  He thought it would help him get his mind off of Eun-Hee and to be able to relax a little.  He told Chae Kyung that riding horses could be therapeutic for both his and Chae Kyung’s loneliness.


Chae Kyung agreed with Yul because she was definitely missing having Shin beside her, especially in the evenings when she would give Young-ah his bath and then at night she was very lonely sleeping in the huge bed by herself.

When Yul and Chae Kyung arrived at the equestrian center, they found the Royal family’s horses ready for their jaunt.  They rode around the grounds of the club where members and guests could ride on nice trails not too far from the club.  Chae Kyung named her horse Bambi. (Bam also means chestnut in Korean)  Bambi had a beautiful dark brown coat like chestnuts.

Yul and Chae Kyung were enjoying their time riding their horses on the trails.  After awhile, Yul asked Chae Kyung if she wouldn’t mind taking a rest along one of the trails to talk.  They tied their horses along a fence and let them eat the surrounding grass.

Yul and Chae Kyung sat on a bench along the trail.

“So how are you and Young-ah doing without Shin being in the Palace?  I’m sure you miss him very much, as I miss my Eun-Hee’s sweet smile.”

“I do miss Shin very much.”  Chae Kyung’s heart ached every time she thought of Shin.  “Whenever I see Shin’s smile, then I can feel at ease and fall in love with him all over again.  Yul goon, I feel guilty talking about missing Shin, when you don’t even get to see your Eun-Hee.  Mianhamnida. (I’m sorry).”  Chae Kyung said softly with sincerity.


“Sometimes, I feel as though I am back to when I first came to the Palace.  I didn’t feel like I fit in and I missed my family.  I didn’t feel loved so I was lonely.  I know Shin loves me now, but he’s not here so I am feeling miserable and lonely again.”  Chae Kyung was feeling very sad that she wanted to cry, but she didn’t feel she had the right to after everything that poor Yul had to go through with the loss of his wife.  He was probably more upset and lonelier than her.

“Chae Kyung, I am slowly getting through each day and I know I have to live for my son Ji Woo.  Being with you and talking with you as a friend makes me feel less lonely.  Would it be all right to visit and talk with you now and then like we used to?” Yul asked with hope.

“Of course, Yul.  You helped me so much when I first came to the Palace.  Also, I couldn’t have entertained Prince William all by myself.  You made me feel less stressed and your English is so much better than mine.  I will never forget how you helped me with his visit,” replied Chae Kyung.  “You will always be my friend as well as my cousin-in-law.”  Chae Kyung was trying to stress the fact that Yul was her cousin-in-law.

“Well, I think we should be heading back to the equestrian center.  I think our sons will be missing us.  I know Ji Woo will be up from his nap soon.  How about we have a race back to the center?  Whoever gets there first can buy drinks from the soda machine,” suggested Yul.

“Sure.  I believe my Bambi can beat your horse, Beongae,” (Beongae means lightening in Korean) smiled Chae Kyung.

Both Yul and Chae Kyung got on their horses and Chae Kyung counted to three.  “Hana, dul, set! Ga! (One, two, three! Go!) yelled Chae Kyung.

Yul and Chae Kyung were racing for the equestrian center with lightening speed. Both horses were side-by-side galloping back to the equestrian clubhouse.  Chae Kyung used the crop to get Bambi to go faster.  The crop worked as she had expected.  Bambi was a horse’s length ahead of Yul’s horse.  She stopped right before the entrance gate to the horse’s stalls.  Yul was right behind her and  congratulated her on winning the race.

“You’ve become very good at riding the horses, Chae Kyung. We’ll have to go riding again someday soon,” replied Yul.

Just then, out of nowhere, one of the guests of the equestrian club brought their pet Doberman Pincher.  Members of the club knew not to bring dogs to the premises because horses are known to be skittish with dogs around, especially barking dogs.

Bambi heard the dog barking just outside of the fence.  She became so frightened that she started to neigh loudly.  She then brought her front legs up in the air in an attempt to scare the dog.  Chae Kyung couldn’t get her horse to calm down in time and was thrown off the horse.

Yul immediately got off Lightening and ran to help Chae Kyung.  Chae Kyung had hit her head from the fall and was lying unconscious.  Yul yelled for someone to call 911.

“Chae Kyung!  Crown Princess!  Are you awake?  Are you okay?  Please, say something!  Someone, please call 911!” screamed Yul.

After a few hours, Chae Kyung found herself lying in a hospital bed with a sore back and a huge bump on the back of her head.  Yul was sitting beside her.  She remembered that her horse had thrown her off, but after that she couldn’t remember what had happened.

“Yul goon…where am I?  What happened?”  Chae Kyung was in a fog.

“Bambi got scared from a dog barking and threw you off of her,” Yul was very concerned.  “Gwen chan ah? (Are you okay?)”

“I think I’m okay, but my head really hurts.” Chae Kyung said as she rubbed the back of her head.

“They did a CAT scan on your your whole body just to be safe.  Your head is fine and you don’t have any broken bones, but you do have a huge bump on the back of your head.  The doctor wants you to rest for at least a few days here at the hospital.  I don’t know how to tell you this Chae Kyung, but he said that you lost the baby.  Did you know you were pregnant?”  Yul was uncertain on whether he should have been the one to tell her, but the doctor assumed that the Royals knew that she was with child.

Chae Kyung just stared at Yul and had him repeat what he said again and again.  “What did you say?  What about my baby?  Tell me again on what the doctor said.”

“Chae Kyung…the doctor said you were with child and because you fell very hard…I’m sorry, but you are no longer pregnant.  Did Shin know that you were pregnant?” asked Yul.

Chae Kyung couldn’t believe what Yul had told her.  She was in shock.  She started to cry and she was asking Yul to get Shin to come to her.

“Yul…can you call Shin to come see me.  I need to see Shin.  I need to tell him that I didn’t mean to lose our baby!  Yul…I need to see Shin…please…I want to see Shin!“  Chae Kyung was crying and yelling for Yul to get Shin.  She missed seeing Shin and she wanted to be the one to tell him that she was sorry for losing the baby.

“Your lucky that you didn’t break your neck or any bones, Chae Kyung.  The doctor said that you would be able to have more children.  It was an accident.  It’s not your fault that you fell off the horse.”  Yul tried to comfort her with words, but it didn’t seem to help.

“I’m sorry, Yul, but I just want to see Shin.  Can you leave me alone?  Please, just try to get Shin to come see me.  I want to see Shin,” pleaded Chae Kyung.  Chae Kyung turned her face away from Yul and put her face in the pillow and heaved big tears of sorrow.  “I want to see Shin goon.  I need to say I’m sorry.  Oh God, why did I have to lose our baby?”

By late evening, news got to the Crown Prince that Chae Kyung was in the hospital.  No one had the heart to tell the Crown Prince that Chae Kyung had lost the baby.  Secretary Kong told the military if they could give the Crown Prince an exception to come see his wife in the hospital.  Shin’s military superior, General Hyun told Shin that the Crown Princess went horseback riding and fell off her horse, but that she was very lucky that she didn’t break any bones and that she was only going to be in the hospital for two days just to make sure that she had no other complications.  General Hyun said he would make an exception for Shin to visit his wife, but that he would have to be back within twenty-four hours.  That meant that Shin had to drive through the evening in the General’s personal car, but would have to be back by the following evening or he would have a punishment such as night watch for an extra week.  No one liked doing night watches in the cold evenings with no sleep.

When Shin arrived at the hospital it was just before sunrise. Shin walked into Chae Kyung’s hospital room.  She was sleeping soundly, so he walked quietly next to her bedside.  He was so relieved to see that she was okay.  She looked beautiful sleeping.  He gently kissed her on the forehead.

Chae Kyung woke up as soon as she felt his kiss.  When she saw Shin, she couldn’t help but get teary eyed.

‘Yah…Ms. Airhead, I heard you went riding on your horse and got a huge bump on the back of your head.  I hope it brought more sense to your brain.  You know I’m just kidding. I’m just glad that you’re okay.  Gwen chan ah? (Are you okay?)

Chae Kyung sat up in her bed slowly and winced because her head still ached.  She knew that she would have to be the one to tell Shin the bad news.  She began to cry uncontrollably.

“Why are you crying, Chae Kyung?  I’m just glad to see that you’re okay.  Did the doctors tell you that the baby is okay too?  Please, don’t cry. I heard you missed me.  I missed you too.”  Shin brushed her bangs off her face as he spoke to her.

I’m sorry…I’m so sorry.  It’s all my fault,” cried Chae Kyung.  “I miscarried the baby.  I lost the baby from falling off the horse.”

Shin wasn’t sure if he heard Chae Kyung correctly, so he asked her again.

“What are you telling me?  Did you say you miscarried?  You’re no longer with child?”  Shin was confused.

For some reason, Shin thought that as long as Chae Kyung was okay, that the baby would also be fine.  Shin wasn’t thinking straight at this point.

“Why would you go horseback riding by yourself?  You know you should never go riding by yourself, right?  Besides, you shouldn’t have even gone riding if you’re pregnant.”  Shin said angrily.

“Shin goon, I said, I’m sorry.  It’s my entire fault.  I didn’t go horseback riding by myself.  I went with Yul and we decided to race and there was a dog that started barking.  The last thing I remember is my horse, Bambi throwing me off.  Mianhae,” whimpered Chae Kyung.

“What?  You went horseback riding with Yul?  Why did you go with Yul?  You know I don’t trust Yul!  I’m going to have to talk with Yul.”  Shin started to breathe heavily with anger in his voice.


“Please, don’t blame Yul.  He is having a hard time getting over Eun-Hee.  It’s not his fault.  I’m just glad that he was with me when I fell.  Since he went riding with me, he was able to get help,” pleaded Chae Kyung.

“Why do you always protect Yul?  Do you have feelings for Yul?”  Shin was saying things that were making him and Chae Kyung upset.  He was mainly angry about the loss of the baby and at himself, but he was taking it out on Chae Kyung.

“Please, Shin goon…I’m trying to accept the loss of the baby too.  I’m sorry. It was an accident.  It wasn’t my fault or Yul’s. The doctor said we could still have more children.   I just wanted to see your face to tell you in person that I’m sorry and that you would at least forgive me and tell me that it’s okay. You could at least tell me that you still love me,” Chae Kyung was now crying and pleading with Shin to forgive her.  “Tell me that you forgive me.”

Shin was too upset when he heard Yul was with Chae Kyung and that he knew about the baby before he did.  He knew it was irrational, but his pride got in his way.

“You and Yul can spend as much time as you want together.  I have to go back to do my military service.  I am too upset to even think about what to say to you.  You know I don’t trust Yul, but yet you spend time with him and he is the one to find out about the baby before me!”  Shin left Chae Kyung crying by herself in her hospital room.  She would have followed Shin out the door, but she wouldn’t know what else to say to be forgiven.


Shin walked back to the car that he drove in. He sat in the car thinking about the loss of his unborn child.  He was upset for not being at the Palace to be with Chae Kyung and Young-ah.  He was upset about Yul.  He was upset that he had to do his military service.  Poor Shin could only be upset with himself, but he took out his anger on Chae Kyung, his wife.  He wasn’t even thinking about how much Chae Kyung was hurting too.


He didn’t have much time left.  He was expected back at his military camp by nightfall.  He couldn’t bring himself to go back into the hospital to see Chae Kyung.  He needed time to himself.  Whenever, he was sad or stressed, he liked to think to himself and be alone.  He drove all the way back to his military camp crying to himself and upset at himself.

Chae Kyung was back at the Palace the next day and she was grief stricken over losing the baby and now she felt as though she had lost Shin too.  She knew he was upset over losing the baby, but she didn’t think he would leave her feeling as though it was all her fault.  He couldn’t comfort her.  She just wanted to crawl into her bed and cry, but she missed seeing Young-ah and went to his room to cry while holding him close to her.

Within a few days, Shin received a letter from Chae Kyung.

Chae Kyung wrote a letter telling Shin that she still loved him and she was thinking of him every day.  She asked for his forgiveness again about the baby.  Chae Kyung felt so much guilt even though she knew deep down that falling off the horse and losing the baby was an accident.  Unless, Shin forgave her she could never forgive herself.  She included pictures of her and Young-ah to remind Shin how much they loved and missed him.

Shin knew that he was wrong for leaving Chae Kyung in her time of need, but he was so upset over the miscarriage and Yul being with Chae Kyung that sometimes he only thought about himself.  He knew he would have to make it up to Chae Kyung.  But how could he?  He didn’t have any more days left to leave.

He went to his barracks captain, Captain Kim Jae Im.  He had to think of a way to see Chae Kyung and let her know in person that he was sorry for not comforting her in her time of need.  Captain Kim told him to speak with General Hyun.

Shin went to see General Hyun in his office. General Hyun’s secretary was able to convince Gneral Hyun to see Shin.  The secretary was so happy to see the Crown Prince.  Ever since she could remember she had a crush on the Crown Prince that she was able to convince General Hyun to see him even with his busy schedule. As soon as Shin walked into the General’s office, he gave a military salute.

“Corporal Lee Shin asking for permission for a military leave.”

“And what makes you think that I’m going to let you leave this camp?”  growled the General as he looked up from his paperwork at Shin.

“I heard from the other men that you sometimes give as a reward one or two days leave,” said Shin.  “I’m wondering how I can get one of your rewards?”

“Ha!  Just because you are the Crown Prince, don’t think you’ll get any special treatment from me.  But, as a matter of fact, next Friday is a military skirmish against Captain Park’s camp.  If our team wins in the paintball skirmish against Park’s camp, I’ll give all the men a two-day’s leave.  Do you think our camp can win against Captain Park’s team?  They have won the paintball skirmish for the past three years.  So, I really want to win it this time.  Do you think you can do it?” yelled General Hyun.

“We’ll try our best!” Shin said with robust.

“You’d better or else I may just give a punishment instead!”  yelled General Hyun back at Shin.

Shin gave a salute to the General before he left his office.

Shin then walked out of the office with a huge grin on his face.  He only had to think of a way to win the paintball skirmish.  He was a very good sharp shooter and some of the soldiers in his camp were excellent sharp shooters as well.  It was the soldiers in Captain Park’s camp that he was worried about.  Captain Park’s team was one of the best in shooting.

Shin went back to his barracks that evening to talk to his comrades.

“Yah, guys!  How many of you want to go back home to see your girlfriends or wives?” asked Shin to the men as they were getting ready for bed.

“I spoke with General Hyun and he said that if we win the paintball skirmish next Friday, he would give us all a two-day leave as a reward.  If we lose, then we will get a punishment instead.  He really wants to win next Friday’s skirmish.  So, how many of you are willing to practice harder in shooting until next Friday?” yelled Shin with excitement.

One of the men grumbled how Captain Park’s team was one of the best or if not “the best” in shooting.

“How are we supposed to beat a team that has won for the past three years?” asked another soldier.

“Yah!  I really need to see my wife.  I made a huge mistake when I left her last time.  If you guys do your best to win, I as the Crown Prince of the Republic of Korea will treat everyone to an all you can eat Korean BBQ dinner the next time we get out to do one of our military duties in the small town by our camp,” encouraged Shin.

“Ah, how sweet.  The Crown Prince wants to see his Princess.”  One of the men batted his eyelashes and made an aegyo face. (Cutesy face).

“Yah!  I know you guys want to see your girlfriends and wives too!  Think of this as a way to get back at Park’s team too! We can win this guys.  We have a really good team and we’re just as good as they are in shooting.” Shin was trying to get the men fired up.

“All we need to do is practice and think of a game plan,” replied Shin.  “Does anyone have a map of the area that we will be fighting at?”  When Shin was given something that he was interested in, he was very good at finding solutions to problems.  He also liked warfare tactics.  He read many books on the subject, especially during the history of  all the wars that Korea had been in.

For the next seven days, the men in Captain Kim’s camp worked on their shooting and practiced running through obstacle courses for agility and strength, besides doing their other duties at camp.

On the day of the skirmish, both camps were given their paintball guns and had equipment that could detect whether they were just injured or dead.  In order to win the skirmish, they had to have their flag at the other teams designated camp.  It didn’t matter how many men were still dead or alive.  The flag was the deciding factor in who wins.

Both teams started at their camps and had to get their flag at the other camp.  Shin made friends with everyone in his camp, but he became especially close to a comrade named Song Min Joon.  Min Joon was one of the best sharp shooters just like Shin.  They went together as partners.  Min Joon rolled the flag around its stick and stuck it in his backpack.

As they went through the rough terrain of the military training facilities to practice mock skirmishes, Shin and Min Joon kept a close eye out for the enemies.  As they walked or crawled on the ground, they shot one by one the other team members from Park’s camp.

Min Joon was shot in the leg, but it was not considered fatal, so he was able to continue on their path to the other teams camp site.  Min Joon and Shin were hiding behind a rock where they could see Park’s camp.  There were at least seven men keeping an eye out for enemies.  They needed to kill from a distance, and not get caught as snipers.

Shin and Min Joon were able to shoot and kill six of the men except for one who was hiding in the campsite building.  They couldn’t wait too long for the man to come out because they could hear on their earphones that their camp was also being ambushed.  They needed to get their flag up before the other team.

Shin captured one of the other’s team members and tied his mouth closed to make sure he wouldn’t yell to let his comrade know that Shin was hiding behind the rock ready to shoot.  Min Joon and the captured soldier from Park’s camp went out in the open of the campsite so that the one soldier in the building could see them.  Min Joon had their hostage at gunpoint. Min Joon yelled out to the man in the building, “Yah!  I have one of your teammates here as hostage.  Should I kill him?”

The soldier in the building came out to talk to Min Joon. “You think having one of my team members is going to stop me from shooting you?  Go ahead and shoot him, then I’ll just shoot you,” laughed the soldier.

Shin wasn’t able to get a clear shot, but he couldn’t wait any longer.  He took his shot and he hit the soldier right in the back of his head.  The soldier fell to the ground in pain.  “Awww…who the hell hit me?”

Min Joon then pushed his hostage to the ground and shot him in the heart and then ran to put up their flag in the designated area.

Shin yelled in his microphone to Captain Kim, “We put up our flag!  We won the skirmish!”

Captain Kim, Captain Park and General Hyun could see from the CCTV cameras around the training area that Shin was telling the truth.  General Hyun told everyone to stop the game.

“Captain Kim’s team won the skirmish.  Game Over!” yelled General Hyun.

Everyone on Captain Kim’s team was screaming at the top of their lungs, “Yes!  We won!”

Min Joon and Shin hugged each other and Shin was jumping up and down with his hands in the air yelling, “Daehanmingug!” (Republic of Korea!).

After their skirmish, the news media heard that the Crown Prince had won the game by shooting the last man at the campsite and his partner Min Joon put up the flag.  They were interviewed on television with Captain Kim’s whole team.  Everyone was excited because General Hyun announced that he would be letting the men have a two-day leave.


The Crown Prince said he wouldn’t have been able to win without all his team members.  He was very excited about his upcoming leave.  He waved to the cameras and gave a peace sign to let Chae Kyung know that he was thinking of her.

Halmeoni Tae Hoo Mama told Chae Kyung to watch that evening’s news.  It was being shown many times throughout the day on different news channels about the Crown Prince’s excellent sharp shooting skills. Halmeoni Tae Hoo Mama had heard that the Crown Princess was indeed pregnant, but had lost the baby from falling off her horse.  She could sense that Chae Kyung was still mourning the loss of their baby since her miscarriage. The Queen had hoped that by seeing Shin on television, Chae Kyung would realize that Shin still loved her.

Chae Kyung was happy to see Shin smiling in the cameras and she especially liked that he gave the peace sign.  She knew that he was thinking of her when he did this.  She was also surprised to hear that he was going to get a two-day leave.  She still was sad from the last time she saw him in the hospital.  Although, he wrote back to tell her he was sorry, she didn’t feel it in his letter.  He was probably still upset with her.

The next morning, Chae Kyung didn’t realize that it was Valentine’s Day.  Secretary Kong told Chae Kyung that the Crown Prince had already planned to give her roses for Valentine’s Day. Chae Kyung was in her bedroom writing another letter to Shin to wish him a belated Valentine’s Day.  Her back was facing Secretary Kong so she couldn’t see the flowers.

“Bingung Mama, the flowers are here where would you like me to put them?” asked Secretary Kong.

Chae Kyung was thinking if Shin was as lonely as she was on Valentine’s Day so she spoke with sadness in her voice.  “Oh, please, just put them on the table by the window.”

“Are you sure you want them by the window and not in your hands?” said a familiar voice.  It was Shin goon’s voice that Chae Kyung heard.  When she turned around, she saw Shin holding two dozen roses. He looked so handsome in his red uniform.


“Mianhamnida(I’m sorry), Bingung Mama,” Shin put the flowers down on the table and he walked towards her.  Chae Kyung ran into Shin’s arms.  Shin hugged Chae Kyung tightly.  “I’m so very, very sorry for hurting you.  I didn’t mean to, but I was being the selfish jerk that you know I can be at times.  Please forgive me, Bingung.  Saranghaeyo.”  Shin had a small tear in his eye as he spoke to his wife.  “I know it wasn’t your fault for losing the baby.  Don’t ever think that.  I was not thinking about your feelings.  I was only thinking about myself.  Can you ever forgive me?” Shin said this with true sincerity.

Chae Kyung felt his pain and she knew she would always love Shin.  In her eyes she could never stop loving him no matter what.

“I’m sorry, too.  I shouldn’t have gone horseback riding.  I wasn’t thinking about the baby.”  Chae Kyung was crying.

“Aniyo (No).  You didn’t know that you were going to fall.  It’s not your fault.  You should be able to ride your horse anytime you want.  Kunde (But), the next time your pregnant, please go riding with me.  I want to be the one to see your big tummy bouncing up and down,” laughed Shin.

“Yah!  If I were to go horseback riding, I wouldn’t go while I’m showing.  I’m sure it would feel very uncomfortable.”  Chae Kyung knew Shin was back to his old self again because he was teasing her.

Shin and Chae Kyung made up.  They kissed each other and it felt like he had never left her.  She was just happy to have him beside her again.

“Why did you give me two dozen roses?” asked Chae Kyung.

“One dozen from me and the other dozen from Young-ah” smiled Shin.

“Let’s go see our little rascal.  I miss him so much,” smiled Shin.

That evening, while Shin and Chae Kyung were giving Young-ah his bath, Shin told Chae Kyung in detail how Min Joon and him were able to win the skirmish against Park’s team.  It was like old times talking and listening to each other’s daily lives.

That evening, Shin and Chae Kyung talked about how they would wait until Shin was done with his military service before they would try having another baby.  It would be best if he were home in the Palace before she became pregnant again.  But it didn’t stop them from making love since they both agreed to be more responsible.


To be continued…

  1. novchime permalink

    It is a nice chapter: the pregnancy, the giving of gifts, playing in the snow, Shin being upset by the miscarriage and could not forgive her right away (very true that one needs time), the skirmish against Captain PARK’s team, and the reconciliation. You gave realistic details, and explained or described well the right emotions for the happy or sad happening. I like also the “routines” that they have when they are together: giving Young ha bath, lovemaking, saying goodbye alone and Shin’s teasing. It is a lively and interesting chapter. Congrats!

    Question: Would you allow your readers to download a copy of a chapter of your fanfic? I ask this because sometimes I am in a place without internet and would like to spend time reading. It would be nice to still be able to read the fanfic in such a situation. There could be some piracy problems of course, but people who want to steal ideas from your fanfic will do it anyway even without downloading. If you think this is a good idea, maybe a download button can be put in each chapter?


    • Hi Novchime,
      You have so many good suggestions and comments. I never thought of a download option. I will try to see if there is one for you. I’m glad you are enjoying the story. I will rewrite to explain more about the reasons for giving up the bear and Shin doll. I didn’t explain in more detail why this is so. Also, I will rewrite to make sure that Yul’s mother is still crippled. She deserves to be. Plus, it will make the story more interesting for sure. Thanks again. I am starting chapter 10, but still trying to learn how to use my new imac. I was used to Windows word program. Now, I have to learn how to use apple’s word app.

  2. esigh permalink

    here goes. bingung, i already had the premonition from chap 7 or even before that that things are going to go this way – ck becoming dumb and stupid and getting involved with yul. what pregnant woman in her right mind would go horseback riding? even without the accident, the ride alone can cause a miscarriage esp. in the 1st trimester, and racing? so dumb, dumb, dumb! i didn’t even finish this chapter. i think this is where i get off. i’m sorry bingung. this is not a knock on you. it’s just that i got so mad at ck’s character in goong and blamed her for all the misunderstanding that i don’t want to go through it again here. i was expecting her to have matured and learned her lesson, but … anyway, i’m sure there are a lot others who like this story. congrats!

    • I’m sorry if the story does not suit you. Remember, though sigh, this is only a story. Besides, CK’s character is that she is pabo (dumb) at times. That’s the whole point. Well…take care, I hope to see you in other threads.

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