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Always In My Heart – Chapter 9

Chapter 9

 You’re My One And Only


         After Shin went back to his military duty, Chae Kyung focused on taking care of Young-ah, design school and charity work. All three things kept Chae Kyung very busy and whenever she had free time, she tried to visit her friends as much as possible.  All her high school friends were also busy with work, school and family life.  She was able to visit Hyo-Rin more often because Hyo-Rin didn’t have to go to work.  This didn’t mean she wasn’t busy.  It just gave her more free time and flexibility.

         It turned out to be a blessing that Shin and Chae Kyung became good friends with Kang In and Hyo-Rin.  They seemed to have a lot in common nowadays with the babies. Kang In’s parents loved Hyo-Rin and baby Suzy so much that they became very close to her and the baby. Kang In already decided to join the Army right after Suzy was six months old.  Kang In knew he could count on his parents to take care of Hyo-Rin and Suzy when he would be gone for his military service.


One day, Chae Kyung went to visit Hyo-Rin because Hyo-Rin was feeling lonely without Kang In being home. She knew Chae Kyung would understand how she felt to be left at home without a husband to help with the baby and to be alone during the evenings.

Chae Kyung and Hyo-Rin became quite close because they had their babies and their husbands to talk about. The young women decided to meet at a children’s restaurant that had a playground inside so their little ones could play and socialize while they talked and tried to watch their babies.  Since Chae Kyung was the Crown Princess, her bodyguards were required to be with her and baby Young-ah at all times outside of the Palace.  One of the bodyguards was in charge of watching Young-ah and Suzy.  Her bodyguard wasn’t too thrilled about having baby duty.  (Chae Kyung had female bodyguards that were experts in Tae Kwon Do, not so much in babysitting).

Chae Kyung and Hyo-Rin bought coffees and a dessert while they talked at one of the tables nearby.

“So, when did Kang In join the Army?” asked Chae Kyung.

“Oh, he left a few days after Suzy’s six month milestone. It’s been about a month since he left.  I can understand how you must feel without having Shin beside you.  You are doing so much more than I am, so your life keeps you busy.  But, I’m sure you still miss him even with your busy schedule.  There are times when Suzy is taking her nap and although I have chores to do, I find myself crying because I miss Kang In so much.  I know exactly how you must feel Chae Kyung.”  Hyo-Rin said sadly as a tear ran down her cheek.

Chae Kyung touched Hyo-Rin’s hand across the table to give her emotional support.  “Don’t worry, Hyo-Rin, Kang In will be fine.  I’m sure he joined the Army just as Shin did so that he could get his military duty done quickly and spend the rest of his life being with you, Suzy and his parents.  It’s a sacrifice that all Korean men have to abide by for their country. The time does go by quickly.  It’s already been eight months for Shin.  He will be coming home at the end of next month for Young-ah’s Dol (first birthday).  I hope you can make it.”  Chae Kyung said excitedly.

“Of course, I will come.  Kang In’s 100th day of service will be around that time.  Maybe, it will fall on one of the days that he will be home.  It will be so nice if he can join the party.  We always have so much fun being with you and Shin.  I can’t believe that we’ve become such good friends.  I’m so glad that everything worked out for the best for the both of us.  You and Shin really look good together.  I know he loves you so very much.” Hyo-Rin was smiling now, which made Chae Kyung feel happy.

“I will tell you a little secret. There were many situations where Shin made me feel that I wasn’t worth the time of day.  He wasn’t thinking of me, but only of you,” Hyo-Rin was speaking honestly.  “He really is a true Prince.  He is a gentleman and is very responsible, Chae Kyung.  He knew from the day that I refused his engagement that he would take responsibility for marrying you.  I thought of only myself and he may not have liked that, but at the same time he thought he was saving me from being “locked up” in the Palace.  He actually was thinking of both of us, Chae Kyung.  He tried to let me know in so many ways, that his heart was not mine.  He tried to let me down nicely, but I kept trying to steal his heart.”  Hyo-Rin smiled as she remembered their rendezvous in Thailand.

“Jin Cha? (Really?) said Chae Kyung.

Hyo-Rin continued her story as she was reminiscing; “I thought we were falling in love all over again by having our little adventure around Thailand.  I gave him a kiss goodbye at the airport, but you know what?  He didn’t reciprocate the kiss.  He just stared straight ahead as if a stranger kissed him.”

Chae Kyung remembered seeing that picture.  She felt like such a fool for thinking that Shin was actually  beginning to have feelings for her.   She kept listening to Hyo-Rin explain her story further.

“I’m sure you knew, he wasn’t too thrilled about getting married to you, but he took full responsibility for marrying you.  He tried his best to protect you and tried to be faithful only to you.”

“What do you mean?” asked Chae Kyung.  “I thought he only thought of you while he sulked in his room and whenever he talked to you on the phone.”

“No, I could tell he was uncomfortable talking to me and seeing me privately.  He never approached me.  I was the one who always wanted to talk to him.  He didn’t want the students at school to think that we were together, so he ignored me as much as possible.  The truth was, we were never together like you may have thought.  He was married to you and he took responsibility for that decision.  I tried to get his attention by asking him to come back to the equestrian club.  He hated it when his friends made fun of you.  He told them off when they tried insulting you.  You really didn’t know that, did you?”  said Hyo-Rin.

“No, I thought he was embarrassed by me and he seemed to ignore me.”  Chae Kyung said sadly as she still remembered the feelings of heartache when Shin stayed in his room to sulk.  Chae Kyung really thought that Shin was only thinking of being with Hyo-Rin.  Maybe in the beginning he did, but he eventually realized that Hyo-Rin and him were not a good match after all.  Neither Shin nor Chae Kyung knew their true feelings for each other at first.

Hyo-Rin continued, “I even asked to meet him in private outside of the Palace at a bookstore, but when I saw him, he just told me to forget about him.”

He basically said, “It’s over Hyo-Rin.  Don’t try seeing or talking to me.  His exact words were, “Chae Kyung asked me what my dream was and I heard a loud thump.  I thought my life was already planned for me, but now I want to have a dream. Consider the trip to Thailand as a farewell gift.  I can’t give you anything anymore.”  I know he was trying to tell me nicely to leave him alone.  He wanted to be honest and truthful only to you.  You gave him hope to live with a dream and he wanted you beside him. I knew in that instant that you already had crept into his heart,” Hyo-Rin smiled at Chae Kyung as if to say she was happy that Shin was honest to both of them.


Hearing Hyo-Rin’s confession made Chae Kyung wish she could see Shin and give him a big hug and a kiss.  Chae Kyung wished Shin could be more open with his feelings towards her.  Sometimes he still would leave her whenever he was upset over his duties or with personal matters.  Like the time when she miscarried the baby, he just left her alone when she was hoping they could console each other instead.

All of a sudden, they heard little Suzy crying out loud.  Chae Kyung and Hyo-Rin immediately got up to see what was the matter.

Chae Kyung asked the bodyguard what had happened to baby Suzy.

“Museun iliya? (What’s wrong?)” asked Chae Kyung while Hyo-Rin picked up Suzy in her arms.  Little Suzy was bawling big tears.  Hyo-Rin tried calming Suzy down by bouncing her up and down in her arms and giving her kisses on her chubby cheeks.

Chae Kyung looked at Young-ah, but he had a look on his face as if he didn’t know what was going on.  Chae Kyung asked her bodyguard what had happened again.

“Why is little Suzy crying?” she asked the bodyguard.

“Bingung Mama, it seems that little Young-ah crawled up to Suzy and pulled her hair.  I tried to pull his fingers apart from her hair, but he has strong fingers.  Mianhamnida, Bingung Mama.”  Her bodyguard bowed as she finished talking.

Chae Kyung picked up Young-ah in her arms and made a mad face at Young-ah and told him to bow his head to little Suzy.  I will say, Mianhamnida for you, Young-ah.  Chae Kyung pushed Young-ah’s head down as if he were bowing to Suzy.

“Young-ah is sorry for pulling your beautiful hair, Suzy.  Mianhae.” Said Chae Kyung while holding Young-ah.

Young-ah knew that his mommy was upset with him, so he started crying.  The noise between the two babies made all the customers look their way.

“Gwen chan ah (Are you okay), little Suzy?” asked Chae Kyung.  She told Young-ah, “Don’t cry…you’re not in trouble, little Young-ah. Mommy’s not mad at you.  Mianhae, Young-ah.” Chae Kyung had to console Young-ah with kisses on his chubby cheeks too because he didn’t like having his head pushed down.

Both Chae Kyung and Hyo-Rin were laughing while their babies were crying.

“Omo…did the baby Crown Prince upset his future Crown Princess?”  Chae Kyung was laughing.

“Chae Kyung, I don’t know if little Suzy is going to fall in love with Young-ah if he keeps pulling her hair,” joked Hyo-Rin.

“Aigoo…little Young-ah is just like his appa (Dad).  Shin goon acts like a caveman sometimes too.  Shin thinks he can woo me by grabbing my hand and dragging me around like a rag doll,” laughed Chae Kyung.  Chae Kyung also remembered the time when he thought he could just force kiss her because he was so jealous about Yul giving her a kiss on her forehead.  Yul and Shin were both wrong for kissing her.  Yul overstepped his boundaries and Shin was wrong for thinking that he could force himself upon her.


Both Chae Kyung and Hyo-Rin decided it was time for the babies to have their naps.  They packed up their things and gave each other hugs.  Chae Kyung gave little Suzy a kiss to help her feel better.  Young-ah was still whimpering while little Suzy smiled at Chae Kyung.  She liked Chae Kyung’s smile.


“Jal gayo (goodbye), Hyo-Rin and little Suzy,” waved Chae Kyung.  Young-ah says good-bye too.  Hopefully, I’ll see you at Young-ah’s Dol.”

Hyo-Rin said goodbye to Chae Kyung and Young-ah also.  “We will be there for sure whether Kang In is home or not.  Take care my friends.  Bye!” said Hyo-Rin.

Chae Kyung’s bodyguards drove her and Young-ah home in the Royal limousine.  Young-ah was sucking his thumb and immediately fell asleep in his car seat.  Seeing Young-ah sucking his thumb reminded Chae Kyung that she was a thumb sucker as well. The play date wore him out.  Chae Kyung was thinking about how Hyo-Rin said that Shin had never tried to be with Hyo-Rin when he married Chae Kyung.  Shin was an honest and devoted husband, even if he didn’t love her at first; he took responsibility for making the decision to marry her.  Luckily, for the young couple, the arranged marriage turned out well.  They both ended up falling in love with each other, but when did Shin truly fall in love with her?  She decided she would ask him the next time Shin came home.

It’s a Korean tradition to celebrate milestones such as a child’s first birthday called Dol or doljanchi. Young-ah’s first birthday was at the end of April.  The Palace was making plans for Young-ah’s Dol.  Shin was planning to have a four-day leave so that he could spend time with the whole family.  Chae Kyung was so excited about Young-ah’s birthday party, but she was especially excited about having Shin home again.

The Royal family decided that Shin shouldn’t take any chances since the attempted assassination.  If Secretary Kong knew ahead of time when Shin’s days off were, he would be escorted by his bodyguards in the Royal limousine.  Shin called Chae Kyung on her cell phone to let her know that he was on his way to the Palace.  It was already late in the evening by the time Shin was picked up by his bodyguards.    Shin couldn’t wait to see his beautiful wife and son.  He knew Young-ah was probably fast asleep in his crib, but he wanted Chae Kyung to meet him at the front entrance of the Palace.  He promised to call her when he arrived closer to the Palace entrance.

When Chae Kyung saw the limousine pull up to the front, she ran to the car to welcome Shin home.

As soon as the door opened, Chae Kyung ran up to the limousine to give Shin a big hug and kiss.

Shin whispered in her ear as he hugged her tightly.

“I’m so happy to be home, Bingung Mama.  Thank you for waiting up for me.  I missed you and Young-ah so much.  Saranghae.”

“Taeja, Jeonah, saranghae, (Your Highness the Crown Prince, I love you.)” said Chae Kyung lovingly.  Chae Kyung started crying tears of happiness.  She truly missed seeing Shin so much.  It had been over two months since he came to surprise her with the roses.

Shin and Chae Kyung walked hand in hand back to their Palace talking about the past events that they weren’t able to share in their letters.  Shin promised his family that he would visit them the following morning.  It was already late in the evening to see them.  Chae Kyung and Shin would be able to spend some time alone.

Shin wanted to see Young-ah even if he was already asleep.  He gave his young son a light kiss on top of his sweet smelling head.  He missed helping Chae Kyung give Young-ah his bath at bedtime.  Tomorrow would be their son’s first birthday.  Shin and Chae Kyung couldn’t believe that it had already been a year since little Young-ah came into their lives.  They still remembered how overjoyed they were when he was born.

When they arrived in their bedroom, Shin and Chae Kyung were both tired.  Chae Kyung was tired from helping to plan Young-ah’s Dol.  Shin was tired from the long day at camp and the long drive home in the limousine.  Shin’s military camp was more than four hours away. He was able to sleep for most of the trip home, but he was mainly tired from the military workouts and studies on military warfare.

The young couple put on their comfortable pajamas and climbed into bed.  As they settled under the blankets, Shin held Chae kyung in his arms.  Chae Kyung told Shin that Kang In had enlisted in the Republic of Korea Army (ROKA) too.  He was stationed in a different camp from Shin’s, but they would still have much to talk about whenever they got together.  Luckily, Kang In and Hyo-Rin would be able to attend Young-ah’s Dol. Kang In’s 100th day of service happened to be the around the same day as Young-ah’s party.

Talking about Kang In and Hyo-Rin reminded Chae Kyung about her conversation with Hyo-Rin.  She wanted to know from Shin’s own mouth when he began to fall in love with her.  Shin had already closed his eyes and was half falling asleep.

“Hyo-Rin told me something that I want to confirm with you Shin goon,” smiled Chae Kyung.  “She told me that you had always took responsibility for marrying me by not paying attention to Hyo-Rin’s advances and that you told her to forgot about you because you didn’t have feelings for her anymore.  Is that true?”

Chae Kyung looked at Shin’s face as she asked him this next question.  “So when was it that you began to have feelings for me?  When exactly did you fall in love with me?” asked Chae Kyung sheepishly.

Shin’s eyes were closed as he was talking to Chae Kyung.  He felt like he could fall asleep in her arms.

“Aish…Jol lyuh (I’m sleepy).  I don’t want to talk about that right now.  Besides, why am I always the one you two ever talk about?  I didn’t know I was so popular,” laughed Shin with his eyes still closed.

Chae Kyung poked Shin’s cheek to get his attention.

“Yah…when was it when you started falling in love with me Shin goon?”  Chae Kyung kept pestering Shin.

“I’m tired, Bingung.  Can we talk about this later?  Just go to sleep, okay?”  Shin was not in the mood to talk.

“Please, tell me, Shin goon.  I want to know when you started to fall in love with me.”  Chae Kyung said while pouting her lips in disappointment.

Shin opened his eyes to see Chae Kyung’s sad expression. He decided he should just talk with Chae Kyung because she wasn’t going to let him sleep unless he did.

Shin was staring at the ceiling as he was thinking about the past.  He spoke softly, “It wasn’t just one incident or something that happened overnight, Ms. Airhead.  I fell in love with you over time.  It didn’t help when you kept paying attention to Yul.  I thought at first that you liked being with Yul instead of being married to me.  I know I was acting like a jerk to you at times, but that’s because you kept paying so much attention to Yul. I thought you liked him more than me.” he said.

“I only talked to Yul because he helped me adjust to Palace life.  You didn’t want to talk to me, so I had Yul to lean on, but I never, ever liked him more than as a friend.  You know that now, right Shin goon?”  said Chae Kyung.

“Ne (Yes) Bingung, I know you have eyes only for me.  That’s because I’m so much better looking than Yul,” laughed Shin.

“Aigoo…now you’re being vain.” Chae Kyung scolded Shin.  “But then again, you’re right.  Chae Kyung smiled as she touched Shin’s cheek lovingly just like the time they reconciled after their confession of love for each other and Shin gave her a passionate kiss that Chae Kyung would never forget. “You are much more handsome than Yul.  That’s one of the main reasons why I started liking you.”  Chae Kyung agreed.


Shin just laughed at Chae Kyung’s comment.  He was trying to joke with her, but she only agreed with him.

“I will be honest with you too, Bingung.  I noticed your beauty the evening that we had the party for the dignitaries and reporters. You looked stunning in your dress with your hair pinned up.  You took my breath away.  But the thing that made me love you even more was your loyalty to your own family and my family as well.  As I married you to help my family because of my father’s illness, you married me to help your family’s financial situation.  At first, I was a bit upset with you for marrying me for the money, but then I realized that you did it to help your family.  It wasn’t because you wanted to be married to a Prince.  You were only thinking of your family.  I respect you for that decision.  You’re not a selfish person; in fact I realized you usually thought of others.  So, Bingung Mama are you satisfied with my answer?” smirked Shin.


“Ne! (Yes!)”  Chae Kyung was enjoying Shin’s compliments that she started to blush. Chae Kyung felt that her doubts about Shin not loving her were definitely gone.  “But do you know when I started liking you?” asked Chae Kyung.

“Well, let me think…I knew you liked me when I heard you confess that time when you thought I was listening to my CD player.  You said that you felt sorry for me because you thought you were in the way of my being with Hyo-Rin, but then you also felt relieved that I had married you.” replied Shin.

“Then I was right!  You did hear me!  Omo…how embraassing.”  pouted Chae Kyung.

“Gwen chan ah. (It’s okay),” Shin smiled. “I realized then that maybe, I chose the right girl to marry, because you were happy to be with me and Hyo-Rin must not have loved me enough to want to be with me.  But at the same time, I don’t blame her for not wanting to marry me.”


“Wae? (Why?)  What do you mean?” Chae Kyung was surprised that Shin said that he didn’t think Hyo-Rin loved him when everyone at school knew she was trying to take him away from Chae Kyung. “Why do you think Hyo-Rin didn’t love you?”

“If I tell you, can we go to sleep?” Shin said with annoyance.

“Yes, this will be my last question.  Then I promise we can go to sleep.” nodded Chae Kyung.

“Araeso, araeso. (Fine, fine.) The reason why I don’t blame Hyo-Rin for not wanting to marry me was because when I proposed to her, I was just trying to marry someone to please my parents and do what was asked of me. To her it wasn’t a real proposal of someone asking another person to marry him or her for love.  So, I don’t blame her for refusing to marry me.  I asked her to marry me as a friend.  Not someone that I was seriously in love with.  I think our marriage would have been fine, but it would have been boring too.  You make my life more interesting and I love your cheerful personality.  Now can we go to sleep?”  Shin asked as he closed his eyes to finally fall asleep.

Chae Kyung smiled and then she kissed Shin on his cheek.  She was satisfied with his answer.  Then suddenly Chae Kyung got up and poked Shin in the arm.

“Yah!  Don’t you want to know why I started liking you?” asked Chae Kyung.

Shin kept his eyes closed and replied, “Does it really matter?  We’re together now, so I’m happy.” Shin was really feeling like he wasn’t going to get to sleep at all.  In the Army, everyone was happy when the lights went out because by evening everyone was tired from working all day long from all the physical and mental work.

“Yah!  You promised one last question and your asking me another.  Go to sleep for the last time Ms. Airhead or else I just might ask my bodyguards to drive me back to my military camp.  At least I can get some sleep.”  grumbled Shin.

“Aresoe, (Fine)…I love you Shin goon,” Chae Kyung giggled and then she pulled the blankets over her and snuggled up next to Shin’s warm chest.

Shin opened his eyes to peek at  Chae Kyung smiling with her eyes closed.  Seeing Chae Kyung happy brought joy to Shin’s heart.  He was so grateful that Hyo-Rin refused his proposal.  He was definitely happy being married to Chae Kyung. It had to be fate that brought the two young teenagers together.


The next morning, the Palace was up early getting preparations ready for Young-ah’s Dol.  The birthday party was a huge event for the Royal family, so everyone was in a cheerful mood.


One of the traditions in Dol is to have a blessing before the guests eat a banquet of foods. Behind the Toljabee table is a traditional Korean background, but with modern times, the first birthday has become theme oriented. Chae Kyung and Shin opted to have Young-ah’s background to represent a princely atmosphere.

On the Toljabee table there were many types of rice cakes or ddeok (the main food).  Along with ddeok, fruit is also served.  The types of fruit on the table depends on the season.

Many of the guests were VVIP from the Korean government and special guests of the family.  Shin and Chae Kyung had only wanted to invite close friends and family members, but Young-ah was the first Royal baby in a long time and the government wanted the citizens of Korea to join in on the festivities.  Eun-Hee’s father Kim Kang Dae still was given the rights to televise the party through his company SBC (Seoul Broadcasting Corporation).  Since, there were many important guests, the security at the Palace was on high alert for any suspicious persons or activity.

Shin still asked Secretary Kong to keep him informed on Korea’s CIA which was called NIS (National Intelligence Service), about the attempted assassinations on him and his sister, Queen Hye Myeong.  The last time he got a report from Secretary Kong, the NIS was close to getting the name of someone who was connected with the assassin.

Chae Kyung and Shin were able to greet some of the guests before the festivities started.  One of the tables had all their high school friends sitting together.  Hyo-Rin and Kang In sat with little Suzy.  Ryu Hwan and his girlfriend, Seo Bi was there.  Chae Kyung’s friends Hee Soong and Soon Yeong were also in attendance.

Everyone was enjoying talking about the past and his or her present lives.  Kang Hyun was still busy as ever working on her doctorate in medicine and Jang Kyeong was still working in the Republic of Korea Marine Corps.  (ROKMC), so they both were not able to be at Young-ah’s first birthday party.  The funny thing about these two though is that they kept in touch with each other through letters.  Jang Kyeong was smitten with Kang Hyun and maybe because they didn’t get to see each other, they felt closer through writing letters to each other.

The festivities were held in the banquet room in the main Palace.  The Royal Prince, Eui Sung (Yul) was the Master’s of Ceremony. Yul stood behind a podium and a big screen TV  on one side of the room so that everyone could see the stage area with the Toljabee table.  The festivities started with Jeungjo Halmeoni Tae Hoo Mama (Great-Grandmother, Shin’s grandmother) giving the blessing for Young-ah’s first birthday.

“Welcome everyone to Crown Prince Young Min’s first birthday or as we like to call him, Young-ha.  Thank you for attending this joyous occasion with us.  We would like to begin by having the blessing given by Young-ah’s Great-Grandmother, Jeungjo Halmeoni Tae Hoo Mama,” said Yul.

Jeungjo Halmeoni Tae Hoo Mama smiled at everyone.  She looked so tiny next to Yul, but she had a huge presence that brought smiles to everyone.  She always had the cutest smile and was very cordial to all she met.  Shin was standing beside his grandmother holding Young-ah showing all the guests his adorable son wearing his dol-bok.  Chae Kyung was close by admiring father and son.


Jeungjo Halmeoni Tae Hoo Mama began by saying; “Let’s all pray for the little Crown Prince to have a long and happy life with our family and as he grows up, we hope that the citizens of South Korea will be as loving and supportive of our little Young-ah as we are.  We pray that he will be a loyal and honest Prince who will someday become the future King that you can be proud of.  Thank you for sharing this wonderful joyous occasion with us.  The Royal family cannot thank everyone enough for your love and kindness.”  Everyone bowed for a minute to pray and then Jeungjo Halmeoni Tae Hoo Mama lifted her head and said one last thank you before leaving the stage area. “Gomsseumnida (Thank you).”

Everyone clapped after hearing Jeungjo Halmeoni’s speech.  Yul then held the microphone to announce that the food will be served shortly.

“In the meantime, anyone who would like to vote on the item which you think Young-ah will choose from the Toljabee tray, please place a counter in the glass with the item name to match the items on the tray.” said Yul.


The Toljabee tray is a tray of items that when the baby chooses a particular item, it is considered a prediction of their future.  The items that were on the tray for Young-ah to choose from were a pencil, which represents being a scholar, a 10,000 won note represents wealth, a spool of thread represents longevity, and a bowl of rice represents food and shelter.  With modern times families have placed items that represent a future career or a talent that the child has been born with.  Chae Kyung placed a paintbrush to represent an artist while Shin placed a toy camera to represent a photographer/film maker.

All the glasses for the voting were close in numbers of counters for votes.  The glass with the pencil may have had a bit more than the others. After most of the guests ate their meal, it was time for the taljabee tray.   Chae Kyung placed Young-ah in front of the tray.  The television crew had their cameras focused on Young-ah so that all the guests could see on the big screen television what the baby Crown Prince had chosen.

Young-ah sat in front of the tray and looked up at his omma and then he looked at his appa.  Chae Kyung was rooting for Young-ah to pick the paintbrush.

“Young-ah will you be artistic like your omma?  Pick the paintbrush,” said Chae Kyung.

Shin encouraged Young-ha by saying, “Young-ah you will be creative in photography or films like your appa.  Pick the camera Young-ah.”

Young-ah smiled at both of his parents and then he started to reach for the bowl of rice.  But then Chae Kyung yelled, “No! Not that!  You will have plenty of food all your life!” yelled Chae Kyung.  Young-ah stopped to look at his omma as if to say, “Did you say something?”

“Yah! You will scare Young-ah, Bingung Mama!”  Argued Shin.

Then Young-ah was about to pick up the 10,000 won note, but Shin said, “Don’t pick that!  You will have plenty of money in the future.  Pick the camera!”

Great-Grandmother Tae Hoo Mama then stepped in and said in her very soft, sweet voice, “Young-ah darling you make your own choice.  In life, you will have to decide ultimately the things that interest you.”  Then she grinned at Shin and Chae Kyung as if to say, “Just be proud of your son.  He will be just fine.”

Young-ah loved his Great-Grandmother and it was as if he could understand what she was telling him.  He immediately crawled to pick up the…  Suddenly, there was a grenade on the stage area where Young-ah, his parents and Great-Grandmother Tae Hoo Mama were watching Young-ah.

Shin saw the grenade and so did all the bodyguards.  The bodyguards immediately went to grab it.  Shin quickly picked up Young-ah and had passed Young-ah to Chae Kyung to hold so that he could wrap his arms around his wife and grandmother.   They ran out of the building with another five bodyguards shielding the Royal family to find a safe place away from the stage area.

The grenade was actually a smoke bomb with sleeping gas.  There was one quick thinking bodyguard who grabbed it and threw it outside of the Palace banquet room.  Luckily, he grabbed it in time so that the smoke didn’t have an affect on anyone in the room. But, unfortunately for this particular bodyguard he had inhaled enough of the sleeping gas to fall to the ground right after throwing it.  His comrades who followed him were able to carry him to the Palace doctor who immediately called 911.  All the guests were screaming and running outside using a separate door from the one the bodyguard went out of.

Many of the bodyguards ran to each of the Royal family members to take them to a safe and secure area in the Palace.  Another group of five or more bodyguards ran to chase down the suspected man who threw the smoke bomb.

By instinct, Shin asked his bodyguards to keep an eye on his family while he went out to help grab the suspect.  Shin was in military mode and was only thinking of protecting his family.

“Jeonah! (Your Highness!)”  yelled Secretary Kong.  “Come back here!  Let the bodyguards handle the situation.  You are not in the position to get hurt.”

Chae Kyung was holding Young-ah and feeling very scared.  Young-ah could sense that everyone was upset, so he began to cry out of fright. When Chae Kyung saw Shin run out of the security room, she wanted to chase after him, but she knew she had to stay with her baby and the Royal family.

“Shin goon…(Gajima!) Don’t go!  Stay here with us!” screamed Chae Kyung.

Shin was too furious and his instinct was to get revenge at the man who tried to hurt his family.  He wanted to grab the man and hurt him for causing such chaos and turmoil.  Especially since it was Young-ah’s first birthday celebration.  Shin grabbed one of the antique swords that was used during the Joseon Dynasty of one of his ancestors off the wall of the Palace living room.  He was so mad that he was out to get blood.

Kang In saw Shin running after the intruder right behind his bodyguards.  He joined Shin in the pursuit.  The intruder was running, but there were too many bodyguards for him to avoid.  He wasn’t able to jump the Palace walls because they were too high.  He was immediately  caught with his back to the wall.

Shin and Kang In caught up to the scene with the bodyguards holding the intruder trying to escape.  Shin ran up to the man holding his sword and pointing it to the man’s neck.

Shin was furious.  “Who are you?  Why do you want to hurt the Royal family?  Who are you with?  Tell me or you will be going to hell for sure!” screamed Shin.


The man just smiled and calmly replied, “I’m sworn to secrecy.  I will never tell you and I could have killed your child, but I was sent just as a warning to tell you Royals to watch your backs.”  The intruder then started laughing insanely.

“What did you just say?  You’re being very bold and arrogant!”  Shin was breathing heavily with anger.  Shin wanted to kill the man in front of everyone, but he knew that it wouldn’t solve the problem.  The man was better alive than dead.  Maybe one of the NIS agents could get some answers.  Shin was so mad at the intruder that he used his expert skills at fencing to leave a scar on each side of the intruder’s face along his cheek bones.  The intruder winced, but kept laughing like an insane man that he was.

“Take this scumbag to the authorities who can get some answers for me, right now!”  Shouted Shin.

“Yes, Jeonah,” said all the bodyguards as they bowed before they left to take the intruder to the police who would then take him to the Korean government for questioning.

Shin gave the bloodied sword to one of the other bodyguards as he walked back to the Palace with Kang In beside him.

Kang In could see Shin was still boiling mad.  He tried to calm Shin down with words.

“Shin, you need to calm down so that you will not scare your family.  When we get back to the Palace, don’t tell them that it was a warning.  They will always feel frightened if they knew it was just the beginning of things to come.  Let them think that the situation is under control,” Kang In spoke calmly.  “Let the authorities figure out who is behind this terrorist attack on the Royal family.  You still have to go back to the Army for your last year of training.”

“I can’t leave my family knowing that someone or some terrorist group wants to harm my family” Shin said angrily.  “How can I leave them knowing that they are in danger?  I will have to figure out a way to get out of my military duty.”


To be continued…

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    • Hi Angela,
      Does this mean that you are enjoying the story? If so, I’m glad someone is having fun reading it. I try to upload each chapter as soon as I am done writing it. I usually write one chapter every two to three weeks. I write during my free time. I will try to get chapter 10 done by the first week of April.

      • Angela Cheng permalink

        Yes, I really liked the story, its has been fun. I´ll be wating for the next chapter

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    When I read ur story chapter by chapter like I watch the real goong session 2. I loved it.

    • Your Welcome ajeng. I miss this couple so much that I decided to think of my own continutation of Goong. They ended the first season with such a cliffhanger, that I thought…what the heck!!! I can think of my own second part, so here I am. I’m glad you are enjoying the story. I can only work on this when I have free time. I will try not to leave you in suspense. Lol. Maybe, Chap 10 will be done in a couple of weeks. I am actually busy right now. Thanks again for your comment. I feel that I am not wasting my time when I have you to tell me to keep going.

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    By the way, I like the pictures you used. They are appropriate to the story and they keep the reading lively. I had to laugh at the sight of the angry Shin.

    • Hi Novchime. Thanks again for the nice comment. I try to entertain. Hehehe…I am still working on chapter 10 little by little. It does take a lot of thought as to how I want the story to turn out and also how to make it come alive. Hopefully, in a couple of more weeks. I am definitely busy with work.

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    • Look next to chapter one. For some reason WordPress put chapter ten right after one. I’m sorry for the confusion.

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  7. Thank you for your interest in my fanfic. I am working on chapter 11. Hopefully, it will be done by the end of next week. Gomawo.

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